Marvel Movies Will Soon Include Gay and Transgender Characters

The first black superhero …

The first deaf superhero …

The first gay superhero …

The first Asian-American superhero …

The first transgender superhero …

Such is the liberal project which is about novelty seeking, subverting norms and social hierarchies and mainstreaming perversion in order to extend the boundaries of freedom and equality. This ideal is reflected in its comic books and Hollywood movies.


“The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to get its first transgender superhero.

“And very soon. In a movie that we’re shooting right now,” Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said during a Q&A at the New York Film Academy.

Asked by a fan whether there were any plans for more LGBT characters in Marvel’s films, “specifically the T, trans characters”, Kevin said: “Yes, absolutely. Yes.”

This year, The Eternals will introduce Marvel movies’ first gay character.

There have been reports since 2019 that Phase 4 of the MCU – the films following the Avengers Infinity saga – would star a trans character.

Marvel has also said it will introduce its first deaf superhero in The Eternals and its first Asian-American superhero, in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. …

She exists very much in Thor’s world – being kept inside a temple in the realm of Heven before meeting Thor’s long-lost half-sister Angela, going on a bunch of adventures and eventually becoming her romantic interest.

The next Thor film, Love and Thunder, is scheduled to come out in 2021.

Tessa Thompson’s character Valkyrie – who was made the King of New Asgard by Thor in the last Avengers film – revealed what the “first order of business” would be for her in the film.

“As new king, she needs to find her queen,” she said.

In the comics Valkyrie identifies as bisexual. “

In the latest Thor movie (I haven’t seen any of the previous ones), Valkyrie is the new bisexual female King of New Asgard. Because, of course … there has to be some subversive social justice angle in order to nudge our culture further along the path of wokeness.

Note: In the Viking Age, women who wore pants and subverted gender norms was grounds for divorce.

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  1. Does anyone today even doubt that social engineering is rampant?

    Our ancestors warned us about the “boob tube” back in the 1950’s but we didn’t listen. We’ve been “programmed” by it ever since. That is why it’s called programming. The words and symbols used are deliberate.

    They choose certain characteristics in celebrities so this way, when your child’s favorite singer turns out to be gay, he/she learns not only to accept it but to embrace it. The next thing you know is he/she is out on the streets demanding equal rights for fairies and you can’t stop it.

    So, who is it exactly that influences your offspring the most? One thing’s for sure, it’s most likely not you.

    By the time you meet your maker, don’t be surprised if public copulation isn’t rampant either. It’s coming. After all, who ever expected people to be shitting in streets, grocery stores, or on courthouse steps in the 21st Century? Personal Note: For those of us who have survived our third branch of government, that last one is often misplaced and should always be deposited in the judge’s chamber, the arbitrator’s office, or the jury box where it rightly often belongs.

    Big Gay is not only here, it looks permanent to me. Any push-back is minuscule. After all, is it worth losing your job?

    Do you still think you’re free? Maybe it’s time you finally consider the possibility that you may live in a matrix after all.

    1% make things happen
    9% watch things happen
    And the rest don’t even know anything is happening

  2. I can now understand why adults opposed comic books in past generations.
    It’s a fantasy format that can easily slide into a distorted perception of reality. Especially the genre of comic bk that is most common in America.

    • Yep. I am getting tired of it. “Liberalism” never did a damn thing to anyone. It’s only a set of ideas that were propagated by both jews and an explosion of technological-advancement. Those two are at least real material things that exist and do us harm. I do understand, that “liberalism” is easier to type, but people need to know the real drivers behind it and it’s not exactly obvious to most people.

  3. This will lose money too, all the woke franchises are financial busts that cannot make it on their own. Make Big Fag spend every dime they have supporting their money losing perversions, when the money fails all this bullshit will fail too.

  4. I know both franchises have their fair share of jewish writers and artists, but I’d say DC is way better universe then marvel in almost everyway. Better heros,villians, stories and plots. Marvel became even worse after being sold to disney too

  5. Whats the deal with Indian pale ale getting associated with bugmen and soyboys? Whats the reason for that exactly?

  6. I remember when these MCU films started being churned out. I thought it was weird and overwhelming, and I anticipated people would get tired of them long ago. Boy was I wrong.

    Little fun fact: I joined a southern baptist young adult bible study last year and I shit you not it was full of Christian bugmen that loved these films. They were meeting up regularly to binge watch this shit in anticipation for captain marvel and infinity war. DEUS VULT!

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