2019 Traitor of the Year: Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee

Thanks to our readers who made excellent nominations for our Traitor of the Year award. Many readers nominated President Trump.

Trump hasn’t delivered much of anything he promised for us during his 2016 campaign. The border wall didn’t get built. American troops are still in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. President Trump hasn’t gotten South Korea or European nations to pay for their national defenses and the fake news media has preserved its monopoly. Even worse, social media monopolists like Twitter and Facebook have seriously taken away our free speech. The worst blacks in the criminal underclass are still getting away with murder and mayhem in our cities.

Chicago’s final 2019 murder and mayhem stats:

Total Shot: 2754

Total Homicides: 513

Over 90% of Chicago murders go unsolved. The worst black criminals are literally getting away with murder.

I think this is more our own disappointment that Donald Trump wasn’t our messiah or the game changer some of us thought he would be. Trump didn’t actually betray us. It’s more like he couldn’t do much against the power of our Zionist Occupational Government and the Deep State. Letting his cursed son-in-law Jared Kushner play the role of Grima Wormtongue adviser was rather treasonous, but it wasn’t unexpected. Donald Trump foolishly allowed his beautiful daughter Ivanka to betray our people by becoming a shiksa whore bride to Jared Kushner. Now Kushner is whispering in the ear of Trump that he is the Moshiach. It was once said that the Rothschild bankers preferred to be the court Jew of the King rather than the King of the Jews. Jared Kushner is the court Jew of our King.

Donald Trump is very similar to other bygone television and movie celebrity false conservative messiahs: Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. We shouldn’t expect deliverance from Hollywood.

Some readers suggested traitor organizations and groups like Conservatism, Inc. and the Republican Party, but this goes against Saul Alinsky’s strict rule that conflict must be personalized. We must identify specific enemies and traitors and channel our people’s just anger and hatred of what they do and find specific effective ways to fight and punish individual traitors. On the positive side, we must identify, support and reward important men and leaders who are on our side.

The main reason our traitors do what they do is because they are personally rewarded and rarely if ever punished or even discomforted for betraying our people. The worst Lib-Leftists, Antifa, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, Muslims and anti-White, anti-Christian Jews inconvenience, harass and punish their enemies or just anyone that doesn’t do their bidding. In contrast, our side mostly bitches and moans about supposedly all powerful institutions like like the media or conservatives.

The winner of the 2019 Traitor of the Year award is …

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee

Tennessee should be a great state for us, but for some strange reason its conservative congressmen, senators and governor never seem to get much of anything done. They go along to get along and play nudge, nudge, wink, wink. In spite of massive opposition in Tennessee to refugee resettlement. Gov. Bill Lee recently turned down the opportunity to end the practice and for that he has been named the 2019 Traitor of the Year.

1985 – GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

1986 – Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

1987 Joint Prize – Government informants such as Glenn Miller

1988 – US Secretary of State George Schultz

1989 – Lee Atwater

1990 – George Will

1991 – Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

1992 – Conservative TV talking head Fred Barnes

1993 – Hillary Rodham Clinton

1994 – Jack Kemp and William Bennett

1995 – OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

1996 – Fidel Castro

1997 – Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

1998 – Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame.)

Amren 2013 – Rand Paul

Amren 2014 – Bill Gates

Amren 2015 – I couldn’t find it.

Amren 2016 – Glenn Beck heading toward well-deserved oblivion.

Amren 2017 – John McCain


    • You have chosen wisely, madam. My nomination for 2019’s Traitor of the Year would be either “Small Face Charlie” Cuck or his boyfriend Dan “The One-Eyed Scumbag” Cuckshaw.

    • It’s hard to see treason when everyone is a traitor. I agree on Trump if for no other reason than that he occupies the highest public office in the land.

    • Right again, Denise. With the signing of that idiotic, blasphemous piece of crap Judaic ‘legislation’ (which is no legislation at all) attempting to silence honest critique of the Deicides on College Campuses, Trump has clearly taken on the mantle (and covenantal curse) of Julian the Apostate.

      If you can’t name a JEW, (they are all guilty) and you can’t name a serial Antichrist (Franky the Apostate) about the only one left…. is DT.

  1. Haxo nominates

    Ann Coulter’s next wild enthusiasm. Cf. her book,

    “In Trump We Trust”. Before that it was

    some fat guy from NJ, and before that

    Mitt Romney, etc. etc.

    • Ann surely does have a tendency to go screaming teenybopper groupie over some politician and then see her hopes dashed. A very poor record. Her NY resolution should be to maintain a cynical attitude towards these traitorous gangsters.

      • I would say, she has, based on recent two hour long interviews (Eric Metaxas). She’s merely asking DT to be held to his campaign promises… which, in a normal world, would only be…. well, NORMAL.

  2. Donald Blompf. Who has done more damage to the cause, or done more to persecute its believers? Of course, there’s also David French — just because HW has put his effeminate, creepy and self-hating mug in about a hundred posts. French is like the Shmoo of White Identity. He likes nothing more to be kicked, especially if you’re doing it because he’s White.

  3. There are many easy choices. For example, Merkel for trying to destroy Germany. But I’m going with Donald Trump for raising our hopes so high in 2016 and then becoming a puppet of jews and Israel once in office.

    • if Drumpf “raised your hopes high in 2016” then

      you are a complete idiot. And

      deserve exactly what he has dished up. Drumpf

      has been “a puppet of Jews and Israel”

      his entire adult life. You

      were just too lazy too look it up.

  4. Trump is the biggest and most dangerous, because most people believe him. Why aren’t his enemies in jail yet? Answer; they’re all working together.

    • Oh, yes. He was responsible for one of the most obnoxious quotes of the year– ” The US is the greatest country founded by man. Israel is the greatest country founded by God.” Screw that bastard.

  5. It’s cliché, but Donald J. Trump. He promised so much to us just a few years ago and look at what he’s done. I was a day 1 supporter and that was 6 months shy of 5 years ago. This man deserves not only traitor of the year but traitor of the last half of the decade.

  6. Jeff Bezos because he is a White man. Bezos was an adopted name. Amazon is destroying small businesses all across America, and tax payers have to foot the bill when they build a new distribution center.

    • I like where your head is at. The CIA’s computer systems are hosted on Amazon’s Cloud Server. Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post a couple of years back to spread positive propaganda about the Amazon monopoly. Amazon Basics copies a rival’s product and sells it for ten dollars cheaper – with free shipping.

      But, he’s not a traitor. He never promised to help Americans or America in the first place. 100 percent Globohomo and bugman consumerism from the get-go. The man was always beholden to the board.

  7. Domestically, Trump is the most powerful anti-White force. He simultaneously is appeasing Whites into inaction, while demonizing Whites, giving jews everything they want, and permanently sealing the fate of America with his immigration cuckery. Even if you don’t think our votes matter, which i don’t, as a symbol he has done everything i mention.

    Internationally, Macron and Merkel, and definitely one of those brits.

  8. Joe Rogan.

    Massive underground following initially due to comedy/MMA/Truther movement. Now, controlled opposition gatekeeper for Judaism uber alles to discredit and criticize anything remotely threatening to the Khazar diaspora.

    He’s a shill that is hard for normies to spot – unlike Charlie Kirk. Anyone unaware of the JQ considers him to be a genuine Truther. Rogan is a Kosher collaborator par excellence.

  9. Has to be rump. Gun control “laws” via Imperial fiat without the advise and consent Congress. The Jarvanka/Israel Imperial presidency. Throwing loyal Americans under the bus and replacing them with deep state operatives. Bombing a Christian Syria while while doing pagan seances with the Saudi Royals. His refusal to name the British secret service and PM May as co-conspirators in the attempted overthrow of his own Presidency. Not a single conspirator participating in the coup has been arrested/tried/jailed. His statements after the election that 1)the Clintons would be let off the hook because they had “suffered enough” and 2)in so many words telling the rightwing base that elected him that they could go suck eggs. When I see pictures of those rallys I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I will stop here because the list is endless and I’m feeling my dinner coming back up.

  10. I thought rather then go down the individual naming and shaming route, I would like to speed things up and do some worthy whole-sale selections. In groups, if you like, of people with European lineage.

    So here goes:
    White liberals with proven European lineage
    – through out the 5 continents and those we know & even care for in our immediate and extended family/social circles.

    These people have no place among NORMAL and DECENT European/Western men. The faster we PURGE them, the better we’ll be !!

    tomorrow take turn our beloved and lovable conservative inc’s………

  11. Conservatism Inc, for having conserved nothing over seventy years of cultural warfare, putting legalisms over people and culture for the purpose of empowering the left to transgress and transvalue our culture to the point our children are transgendered and brainwashed in the schools they attend. Seventy years proves it was no fluke. Jetez-les dans les toilettes.

  12. This question is as easy as the $100.00 questions on the game show ” Who wants to be a millionaire.”

    The answer has been the same since January 20, 2017. Donald J. Trump

  13. Giuseppe Conte.

    I suggested him to AR for the 2019 Renegade of the Year.

    While I was in Rome for most of the week of Christmas, yes, I did as the Romans do, but it also occurred to me that he would be a good AR 2019 ROTY.

    Note: I e-mailed both Hunter and Jack about my coming proposal (and, of course, she said yes, so it’s now an upcoming marriage) — Did you two get it? I fear for many people I sent it to via BCC, it got snuffed out in the spam filters, because my writing style is easily mistaken for spam.

  14. Well, I don’t remember if this all occurred this year but there seemed to be some huge momentum with the Heel Turn networks constellation and concentration of big personalities/thinkers, etc.

    It actually was a huge white pill for many. And then what happened?

    Conservative, Inc. is going to betray us regardless. That’s projection to just focus on them.

    What did we do to ourselves this year? A LOT of shady stuff happened this year.

    Shady AF……

    Prison Gang Nationalism could be a good descriptor for a lot of it. Certain sins can be forgiven but certain crimes can’t and won’t ever be forgiven.

    And the whole time, Antifa and the Jews were laughing at us while we did it to ourselves. That’s probably the worst part of it.

    But, the Universe does work in mysterious ways and even forest fires are needed to seed new life.


  15. Countenance writes:

    “Note: I e-mailed both Hunter and Jack about my coming proposal (and, of course, she said yes, so it’s now an upcoming marriage) —”

    I respond:

    I don’t think I received a personal e-mail from you expressing this great news. Though I did hear of your engagement, thought it was from a comment.

    But congratulations – well done.

  16. Sad to say,but after the late,ungreat,John McCain;Mitt-sh*t Romney & that ball less,pencil-neck geek,Paul Ryan,come to mind as the MOST obvious culture/civilization/race traitors of recent years,(with Don the Orangeman coming in a very close second!?!).

  17. The #1 pick should be Trump 100%. He said everything that Conservative White People like hearing. However he’s really done nothing but deliver for the Donor Class which are the enemy of us White People. He’s been the Big Business / Money President which makes some people happy because people like working for others. However that Job in the Factory don’t matter when this country is flooded with Mexicans that become legal citizens / voters and take those jobs. Heck….the Mexicans have already took those jobs but work for little of nothing. When those Mexicans become legal citizens those Mexicans will be looking for $10 an hour and many of those Mexicans will be bosses at the factory or job site. You think about it…..we can either have White Power or become the minority in the former White America. Trump didn’t get it done. We’ll get it done with White Nationalism! Deo Vindice !

  18. Shouldn’t it go to Gop leader Bitch McConnell majority leader of the rino shill zog party and der ewige buttgoy? Or do you think theres a better traitor candidate?

  19. Jews and darkies can’t be punished too severely for doing all the terrible, destructive things they do to us because it’s their nature. But when a white male authority figure betrays the public trust and turns against his own people to serve the interests of a hostile alien race? Nothing short of impalement or burning at the stake will do. And I am not speaking hyperbolically.

  20. Let us not forget Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) who also agreed to resettle refugees in Arkansas.This is the same Hutchinson who was once a DA and arrested a whole slew of right wing political dissidents for “sedition.” It ended in a mistrial and a huge embarrassment for Hutchinson. Never the less in his state campaigns he brags that he tried to put White Supremacists in jail! Hutchinson once was about to proclaim his support for traditional marriage and was about to propose a state resolution in support of such but the Acxion corporation in Little Rock threatened to leave the state if he did and he caved like a frightened little girl. Look him up! His smile and demeanor practically radiate weakness and just begs to be anointed with the title CUCK!

  21. It’s an emblematic choice. Lee is one of the many establishment toadies in the Recucks that back whatever the C of C and the Kochsuckers want.

    I would also like to remind certain people that the Golden Gophers feasted on War Eagle in the Outback Bowl, which I understand tastes like a gamy chicken. Minnesota rules, Auburn drools.

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