Trump Speaks After Starting World War Jew

UPDATE: There has been a second airstrike on Shi’ite militia leaders. World War Jew has begun.

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  1. This is what you get when you allow that “shitty little country” to determine your foreign policy.

    • Small point, but the real power whose interests are being served to our destruction resides outside Israel, mainly in Western Europe and the United States as an enemy within.

  2. On One hand,
    You do have to be willing to absorb being called an antisemite if it happens. We’re against these wars and that’s not going to change.

    On the one hand,
    People don’t want to hear Jews discussed a pro-war monolithic group. There are Jews on both sides of these issues, most Jews opposed the Iraq war. A small number of Jews may take the neo-con view.

      • INDEED!

        Just like a subversive to come up in here and give us “both sides of the story”

        These are agents of confusion nothing less!

      • Exactly.

        The only reason some Jews pretend to be anti-war, or even “anti-Zionist” is because they are trying to undermine the anti-Zionist movement from within. The vast majority of those “anti-war” Jews would be the most fanatic Zionists on earth if their precious Zionist entity were actually threatened.

        Never trust a “good Jew”.

    • “most Jews opposed the Iraq war. A small number of Jews may take the neo-con view.”

      Come on, now. Joe Budweiser might be that stupid. But we aren’t around here.

      • I’m not exaggerating, you can google it. Jews opposed the Iraq war more than the average American. And this doesn’t account for race. Meaning the non-Jewish group contains blacks and other non-whites, who are also against the war.

        It’s only a small number of elites who teamed up with the gentile neo-con elites.

  3. Who didn’t see this coming from miles away when Trump started walking back his campaign promises during the campaign? His daughter converted to Judaism, and his mentor and many of his colleagues are Jewish. Trump didn’t make it in NYC real estate by swimming against the Jewish stream. He just supports some Jews against other Jews, which makes no real difference since both groups are hostile to Whites, and largely have the same goals in the end.

    As the son and grandson of immigrants, and a New Yorker, did anyone really believe that Trump would side with a Traditional America that he never identified with in the first place?

    • I think people were really desperate for a way out of this mess and were willing to look past a lot of now-obvious red flags. None of it matters though. Hillary would’ve been shit too.

      At least we now know it doesn’t matter who gets elected. We know what needs to happen. America has to burn and that’s our only way out of this hell.

  4. At least the neocons have a sense of grinning mockery toward us, putting that incomparable jackass “Dr G” on the radio claiming that taking out the general means the plans to kills Americans won’t go through. The logical conclusion should be that it’ll encourage such attackers tenfold and cause the war the reaction is supposed to prevent.

    They obviously don’t care if we believe them when they use mouthpieces like Dr G and now openly show their hand, which we can’t help noticing is snugly inside the DJT puppet. It’s all eyewash for the sort of imbeciles whose thoughts about the world are the antithesis of deciding and authored by Fox News, and this at the same time a study shows Fox Entertainment is the worst purveyor of filth in children’s TV programming. Such willful ignorance entails divine retribution.

  5. Netanyahu and his bitch Blompf are the number one and two terrorists in the world. The great and little satans joining pointed tails for international jewish hegemony.

  6. The jewish mind is insane and needs retraining like a rabid dog

    It’s OK to be antisemetic

    It’s no wonder in the 30s a man called Hitler was elected but too bad he didn’t finish the job or did he even start the job?

    • Citizen 0,

      Don’t blame Hitler. Blame the Jews shabbos goyim WASPs in the uk and usa for WWII in Europe and destroying perhaps Western Man’s last hope at salvation from satan’s offspring.

      • I don’t blame Hitler and you are right for the downfall of Europe. My question is if the holocaust were true why so many survivors claiming being gassed, turned into soap/lampshades, masterbated to death ect… That’s the boot on our necks, the fake holocaust and so many people buy it because they seen it on TV. It’s like a cruel joke on us.

        If Iran is going to fall, I sure hope they take down Israel first. These parasites are a menace to humanity.

  7. “Is hatred a Jewish virtue”

    Foolish question by Jones.
    He obviously knows little to nothing of judaism.


    It is a Devine commandment.
    Hasn’t Jones read the bible, or is he so steeped in Catholic doctrine he can’t see?

    • That was a rhetorical question by EMJ. He knows perfectly well that hatred of the goyim is a Jewish virtue; he was just being ironic responding to little Jew man Ben Shapiro.

    • Arian,

      I hope he was being rhetorical. I give E. Michael Jones reasonably high scores on courage and being aware of the Jewish influence. Perhaps not so high a score on other matters.

      Reading those tweets by conservatives was nauseating.

      • Christina,

        You know they conserve nothing but jewish homogeny over Western countries and cultures.

        The “con” in conservative today means ‘confidence game,” or in other words a big scam on the American nationalist morons.

  8. Muh low taxes and reduced regulations, muh stock market, muh wars for Israel. No closed border, no drained swamp, no ended senseless Mideast involvement. White nationalists censored, persecuted and prosecuted. Potatus Blompf is a lying failure for everyone not sucking on the teat of the military-industrial complex. Blompf is also setting up more gentile American kids to serve as blood sacrifices for the goal of a Greater Israel, the evil bastard.

  9. Daryl B is wrong, most Jews DID SUPPORT the war against Iraq. Over 90% of the Jews , if not 100% of the Jews, wanted the United States to invade Iraq. The Jews supported the war against Iraq, including Jew Hollywood, including all the Jews in Washington. The Jews very much supported the war against Iraq — including the low-level middle-class Jews. If there were any Jews who were against the war with Iraq, such Jews were very silent. But Jews are NEVER silent about what they support and what they don’t support. Jews are always very vocal as to what they support and don’t support. With the Iraq war all one heard is the Jews fully supporting the war against Iraq and not one Jew voice in opposition to the war against Iraq. Daryl B is totally wrong.

    • Joe,

      If you’re not familiar with the commentary of Daryl B, he’s ALWAYS way off base on his statements. Daryl B is worst than a broken clock in that he’s not even correct twice a day. That’s the unfortunate truth. Picture “Lenny” from “Of Mice and Men.”

  10. I am not a Kim and DPRK fan but my memo to them would be: You would be very stupid to give up your nukes, even with attractive terms and US promises. The US has a very long history of violating and abrogating treaties and breaking promises. Their word is worthless.

  11. I don’t care how many brown folks get droned. I also don’t care to have our resources and manpower used to drone brown folks on behalf of Israel or anybody else.

    If we want oil, we should just take it. We don’t owe them a justification. They certainly wouldn’t bother giving one to us.

    We don’t need the oil though. We need nothing there. Its all about Israel. Israel has no inherent value, and no practical value to us.

    None of this is good for us. We should drone them all and take the spoils, or gtfo and let them do what they like.

  12. Holy crap, that video of Adelson. And isn’t that Bret Stephens of the NYTimes agreeing with him 98%?!?

    • I wasn’t super wise on the JQ back in 2016 when Blumpf looked promising. Never again will I trust anyone who speaks well of the Jews or has them in his inner circle or has a daughter who converts.

      Any self-respecting Jew who studied the history of his people and his religion would immediately change his name, leave that religion, and never look back.

  13. Don’t be fooled by Satan. He’s very clever. He wants us to hate ALL Jews and hate Israel. Instead, hate the bad possessed Jews, and deep state Israel, just as we hate those components of American government. There are a LOT of doors to Hell but only one to Heaven.

  14. Lads. It might be a good time to start prepping and stocking up. If this is only 3 days into 2020 the rest of the year is not looking good.

    • Excellent and eminently practical advice. Please pay attention people, this is something concrete we can all personally do to make ourselves and those around us resilient in the face of adversity. The wogs will be helpless, they count on White people aka real Americans to bail them out, a strategy proven to work over many years, – until it doesn’t.

      Yes, have protection but most likely food, clean, drinkable water, medicines as needed, warm clothing as appropriate and common sense things will go many miles in preparing for adversity. War will disrupt everyday life, it’s better to be ready early than full of regrets later.

  15. Be honest, HW – in your wildest dreams did you ever imagine that Trump’s presidency would turn into the Absolute Shitshow that it is now?

  16. It’s possible that Seulemani might be a thorn in the side of various clerics in Iran and removing him off the board could be useful to someone in the Iranian regime.

    But that’s just a very thin silver lining to what looks likes an ominously black cloud formation.

    Trump I hope you realize how dominant Seulemani was in the region. This killing unleashes hell if history is anything to go by.

  17. Hunter and others,

    Please work a bit harder to find some, any positive news as this nonstop posting of Trump betrayals, Wizard of ZOG controlling everything, Neo Conservative war mongers being back in the saddle, New York City descending to David Dinkins early 90s racial/criminal anarchy with Zio Media denying everything and hating on our people for creating a climate of hate – this is a bit overwhelming.

    I confess I am not doing well and do not see much hope on the horizon, at least not in the USA or the English speaking Anglo Sphere.

    All we seem to have are a few hecklers at Turning Point USA college show tours, and that’s all ended by ending the Q&A sessions.

    So it’s back to Negro Felon League and dunk the basketball distractions,

    Radio Derb is particularly depressing albeit in a classic stiff upper lip way.

    I suggest detoxing and focusing on positive Southern and other European sports and culture where things are just, well normal and our people are doing well.

    I highly recommend switching from American Negro Felon league and SEC (college in name only) American football to the sport of ice hockey. Ice hockey does very well in the South – Nashville Predators, Dallas Stars, Vegas something.

    International juniors hockey is very, very good – it’s Russian, Finland and Swedish lads with good looking Canadians and Yanks (sorry Rebels, we haven’t got youth hockey going yet in Dixie) squaring off in rough but not urban gang style sport violence.

    We need to develop the personalities of ice hockey – publishing who hockey stars are dating that sort of thing. That’s what women readers, viewers like.

    Russia Today does a good job of mixing sport, celebrities and Euro culture in with their populist/nationalist anti Zionist Globalist perspective.

    We simply will depress and burn out most all of our readers if we only publish stories of gloom and doom, Zio Media, Zio Neo Conservative all power.

    • Focusing on distractions is a self-contradiction. If you think ice hockey is purely white anymore, you haven’t been watching recently, btw. Are facts black-pilling, or is the interpretation the black pill? Culture and history are important to know and understand if we’re to move ahead, and HW does quite a bit on those topics here. Blompf is on the warpath to distract from impeachment, but that’s still important news, isn’t it?

      My main complaint is that comments are held back for far too long, so reader participation is not in continuity. Moderation rules aren’t paid attention to, either. HW is protective of his baby in a censorious time, which is understandable, but he doesn’t operate this blog in a time-sealed vacuum.

    • I know what you mean and I sympathize but look at it this way: Right now we are at ‘peak everything’ bad, including foreign affairs. No doubt things will turn worse quickly because of the idiot in chief dancing to his owners’ tune but out of all this will come failure of the the post WWII liberal/conservative order, they are all played out.

      Out of this chaos will come rebuilding a sane country for the future and all of this will just be a bad memory. The “liberal” order will fail and usher in a new era of normalcy but we have to go through this change first. The “liberal” order is at its high point now and its about to fall, that’s what’s happening. The liberal/conservative ruling class doesn’t even know it’s already toast, events will consume them, just stay out of their way and let them crash.

      Their epitaph:

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