United Methodist Church Announces Split Over Gay Marriage


Liberalism and Christianity are irreconcilable.

New York Times:

“Leaders of the United Methodist Church, the second-largest Protestant denomination in the nation, announced on Friday a plan that would formally split the church after years of division over same-sex marriage.

Under the plan, which would sunder a denomination with 13 million members worldwide, a new “traditionalist Methodist” denomination would be created, and would continue to ban same-sex marriage as well as the ordination of gay and lesbian clergy.

A separation in the Methodist church had been anticipated since a contentious general conference in St Louis last February, when 53 percent of church leaders and lay members voted to tighten the ban on same-sex marriage, declaring that “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” …

These people who claim to be Christians who support gay marriage and homosexual clergy because it is fashionable to do so won’t be Christians a decade or two from now. Appeasing them will only continue to poison and destroy the church like it did with the Church of England.

Note: I was raised in a vaguely Methodist household and was alienated from Christianity because of this liberal garbage.

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  1. Any church adopting the nihilistic individualism of the world deserves to die. It serves Satan when it becomes worldly, not God.

    • Amen amen amen

      Its about time we got another Denomination! 6grln sects of divided Christians was hardly enough.

      But seriously,
      Revelation 17:15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

  2. The Methodist Protestants and the Methodist Episcopal Church South should never have merged with the Methodist Episcopal Church, the northern church, back in 1939. That’s how I feel about. A big mistake!

    • The Traditional members that break away also need to ditch the left wing committees the UMC has such as the Church and Society which stands for practically everything I am against. Let those committees go with the muff divers and the rump rangers that are lead by preachers that are more interested in social work rather than preaching the gospel.

      • I’m sure they will. Already, a lot of Methodist Churches are strictly spending charity money in their own community, or on those helping their own community.

        The Methodist press needs an overhaul too.

  3. I was baptized a Methodist, and I remember the wonderful we had, in my childhood. He was fantastic! A sparkling eyed elf of a man – he was every thing a minister should be. He held a fractious arrogant congregation together (my family’s church congregation, in it’s heyday, was far more about woman sporting their furs, than the ministry of the Gospels), and was a truly wonderful Guide and Advisor. The congregation kept the poor fellow on long after he wanted to retire. We went through a series of ministers, including a Negro who attempted to bring a Baptist Holy Roller style, into the UBER WASP congregation (he lasted less than a year) a magnificent Scotsman (he didn’t last long either. He wanted to build a new building, and the congregants didn’t want to pony up the dough) We finally got a strict Prussian type, who ruled the flock with an iron fist (they needed this) until his affair with one of the Lady Church members knocked him off his literal podium. He got booted up the chain of command. He was a brilliant scholar, and a classically trained musician, and his SUBLIME musical arrangements ruined me for life. I cannot tolerate the TRASH one is subjected to, in “modern” services. Really. My hubby has made several attempts to get me back to church, and the second the inane, mindless caterwauling synthesized JEEZUZ “music” starts – I’ve walked out the door. And stated “why”. Anyway – I’ve watched the Methodist Church dissolve into babbling idiocy over the years. FYI – the hubster dragged me to a local Lutheran church a few years ago, for a Midnight Christmas Ever service, and the minister began babbling about “welcoming the stranger in” re invading mestizo trash, and he caught my Death Ray eyes, and shut up fast. Which his Goth teenaged daughter thought was a hoot. She was sitting off to the side, and saw the whole thing. I made pointed remarks to the idiot afterwards. I told my Hubs that if I was ever subjected to such disgusting treachery again – I’d storm the podium and deliver a REAL sermon. He’s dropped the matter ever since.

    I did go to a local mainstream service this past Christmas eve. It was fun. The minister did focus on the meaning of Christmas, and the church was filled with locals. Traditional carol music videos were played. Every one sang along. It was Community Karoake Christmas, aka Sing Along with Jesus! – but the community feeling was terrific Perfect for a teeny little church in the middle of nowhere.

    I’m glad some alleged Christians are beginning to allow some testosterone to flow again. Let’s see if it actually works….

    • We are seeing a return to more strong/masculine religions in general – for obvious reasons. I am sure church attendance is skyrocketing within orthodoxy and SSPX churches among right wing youth. Neo-paganism is rising too though and my money is on that winning in the long run.

  4. Was there not a split in the proto-church between circumcisers (Jesus and James) and non-circumcisers (Saul the Herodian)?

    Between a church that was for Jews only (Jesus and James) and one for Jew and Gentile alike (Paul)?

    Between kosher and non kosher?

    This is what Christianity is: a way to seduce followers of the Law to Hellenism / Globalism.

    • Jesus, never spoke in favor of circumcision—he always spoke strongly against the Jew’s law of which circumcision was a key element and ritualist taboo.

    • @Afterthought

      Of course you are correct, but don’t cast your pearls before swine. Just let them have their toy, as long as they don’t support the Zionist entity.

      Good for the Methodists for supporting family values and I say that without the slightest bit of irony. The Church is only good for one thing: that is getting young white couples together in marriage to have children. They are typically pretty good for that, and useless for anything else.

      Christianity is how Roman Stoicism and their sexual morality survived. Sad it had to drag all this Oriental Jew garbage along with it, but no sense crying over spilt milk.

      • “The Church is only good for one thing: that is getting young white couples together in marriage to have children”

        This is pretty spot on. Even as an ardent supporter of neo-paganism, I’ll admit finding a white wife is difficult without dealing with Christianity. It’d be the one thing that could get me to back going to church.

  5. Anal is anti-God. Moshiach is anti-God. The Jews are anti-god. You can not be with God if you support anal rights. But you are with the Jews and their anti-Christ.

  6. This seems to be the trend in Mainline Protestant Denominations. The dissenters are given a “Children’s Table” while the dildo and poz marches on.

  7. This is not hard. The Bible is clearly against dung hole man on man sex or two women pretending to be men going at it. I do not believe all go to hell because of it. Those who repent of such actions can be saved. There are many straight people who consistently support such actions like every political member of the Democrat Party. It always goes hand in hand with abortion. So they are just as complicit.

    The fact this is even an issue is comical. Homosexuality is clearly condemned in the Bible. The fact some so called clergy have been so corrupt or want the pats on the back from fake news and the Hollyweird crowd shows that even “leaders” of churches want nothing to do with the Bible because it actually takes a true stand on many issues. Time for ( un) united Methodists and other cucked sects to split up.

  8. The Methodist Church that my family has belonged to since George Washington was a young man has been closed for well over 20 years. Maybe now it will be re-opened? Although, it is a small rural church, and would have a hard time paying even a part time minister.

    The Churches graveyard has some interesting legends buried in it. The earliest tombstones that can still be read are from the early 1790’s, and there are no written records of the early burials.

  9. I hate that word “traditional” it’s worse than the misuse of the word “heritage”. Why not call it Methodist Protestant—even if the word Protestant is a hard word with a hard edge to it!

    That will be my suggestion.

  10. Just a reminder the city on seven hills mentioned in Revelation is assumed to be Rome but Jerusalem also sits on seven hills and when the Bible refers to the great city it always means Jerusalem not Rome. The Antichrist will be Jewish and rule from Jerusalem in a new Jewish temple. To put it bluntly Jewish Messiah=Christian Antichrist. Therefore Christian Zionist are enabling the Antichrist and doing the devil’s work.

  11. That’s a great step in the right direction for the Methodist Church. Other church denominations should follow this example and split. Tradition should be the goal and following Yahweh’s Laws. Deo Vindice !

  12. Perhaps what was most poignant in all of this is that the White Liberals, who constantly incur laryngitus screamingabout the need to elevate and respect minority voices, got to hear non-White voice loud and clear on the matter of same-sex union within the UCMJ last year.


    When the Africans combined with the Filipinos and the minority conservative rural White Southern & Midwestern Methodist Churches to deny the LGBTQ ‘reformers’ in the Methodist Denomination, ‘the reformers’ refused to accept it.

    I agree with Mr. Wallace that there will come a time when the LGBTQ waves will have crested, at which point the tide will begin to recede.

    In fact, I think that a tide of retraditionalization of the Christian Faith has already got under way, though, it is 20-30 years out from it’s first peak.

    In fact, it’s interesting watching the growth of the Detransitioning Transgender movement, as reported today by the CBN News, online.


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