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  1. Drumpf is – as a few of us pointed out before the 2016 election –

    the Jews’ and (((neo-conz))) wet dream. As for Iran, I doubt

    they’ll do much in response to the ZOG-stooge’s latest outrage:

    the Mullahs made a serious mistake back when they refused

    Russia’s request for military basing rights.

  2. Rick Wiles is the true conception of what Christianity is unlike the Catholics who bow down to their White nigger pope endorsing sodomy and other unhealthy lifestyles. The pope is just an extension of secret societies that started with the sodomite Knights Templar who looted and ransacked ancient sites world wide for gold and othe riches whilst killing in the name of Jesus.

    I really do feel sorry for you Catholics, you’ve been duped by the false history of true Christendom. The Vatican holds more wealth and information that only true Christians can comprehend.

    • The Catholic church is hated by people like yourself because it is the true Church that Christ and his disciples founded years ago. Hate on Catholics yet white evangelicals in America literally gargle the balls of Jews.

      • Croat0517,

        You have stated the truth. He probably is just an agent provocateur.

        Right now I am envisioning having him burnt at the stake while I eat my grandmother’s home made chicken mole.

        There are a lot of anti-Catholics on this website. Some are prot. fundamentalists, some are pagans, and some are just here to disrupt.
        Which one is he? Take your choice.

        • @Cristina Romana Alva. H It appears Citizen 0 is a protestant more than likely some form of Baptist or Evangelitard.

        • My envisioning him at the stake is only if this was a different century and in a historical context/imagination only.

          My brother suggested i add this in order to over comply with Occidental Dissent rules just in case.

      • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

        I just recently returned from Mexico and I just barely caught this thread.

        Citizen O is just trying to cause trouble. His comments are ridiculous. Sodomy is a mortal sin in Catholic belief and Francis obviously is a heretic and apostate who violates basic Catholic principles.

        As for killing in the name of Jesus? Of course we can kill in his name. If the cause is just then God obviously allows just wars, executions, self defense etc.

        If you could not kill according to the will of God then you could not kill at all.

        Comrade O is just looking for disruption. But I will not bite. I only engage religiously when someone is sincere and has at least an IQ equal to their age. Such is not the case here.

        • Frances is an anti-pope, Benedict XVI is still Pope, check out Ann Barnhardt.biz for details, she is all over this like a bad rash. Ann is also a convert to the Faith, they make the best warriors for Truth. Frances’ actions have no more or less legitimacy than your actions as Pope, HW’s actions as Pope or my actions as Pope – because we aren’t the Pope. The difference is we don’t pretend to be the Pope.

          • 12AX7,

            I will add the information from Ann Barnhardt in order to research. I thank you for this. I currently am not sure if Francis is an evil Pope or an evil man who is not the Pope.

            I do lean toward him not being validly elected. As always my beliefs are based on my current level of knowledge.

      • Flaxen,

        I do not read all the articles much less all of the comments even when I am here so it was only luck that I caught your comment.

  3. Persia/Iran is a beautiful country full of beautiful people, they don’t mind fighting face to face either… I can’t say the same for Israel.
    Iran refuses to have a Rothschild central bank in their country because they know it will enslave Persians, that’s what all this is really about…jew banks..IMO this will not end well for Israel this time, Iranians are tough as fk and they know who the enemy is.

    • Those not wanting a central bank or currency connected to international cartels (like the BIS) tend to die: Ghaddafi, Mean Mr. Mustache (AH), etc. Only Old Hickory had the spine to stand up to the (((money powers))) here, and there were assassination attempts against him while he was in office. The devil controls the mint, and gets upset when people don’t want to use the approved shekels. Moloch is a jealous little demon, as are his servants in the Rothschilds, the Fed, and so on.

      • JFK is another example of people they’ve killed to preserve their swindle, JFK started issuing US Treasury notes..the man was a hero, a martyr and 1 of the men I admire most in all of history..this jewish control over our currency will end eventually as nothing lasts forever, I just hope I live long enough to be a commandant at 1 of the prison camps that houses these fkn animals, I promise you I would make their “death camp” stories sound like a trip to Disneyland.

  4. Please do not engage in slandering Catholic or other Christian Church denominations. The reality is that the tops of pretty much all American tax exempt Christian Church denominations have been infiltrated and taken over by the worst open borders, globalists, feminist, homo cultists, Christian zionists.

    The Southern Baptists do not denounce and ex communicate anyone who spies for Israel, presents lying Zionist Neo Conservative propaganda for new bombings, regime changes in Syria, Iran, Russia etc, instead the Southern Baptists denounce and ex communicate any of our people who resist Confederate statue/grave desecrations.

    The Lutherans have longs since renounced Martin Luther. The Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints that I’ve tried to work with are now as bad as the Jews on mass migration invasions of USA< the West, The LDS are literately trying to convert sign up every Black African in the Congo. And guess where these converts want to go?

    So it's useless to point fingers at some Catholics (the current Catholic Pope is the worst ever) or Protestants, or Baptists etc.

    Instead try to find someone, some group that is working for the interests or our people and resisting, yeah.


    • Jaye Ryan,

      A good comment by you. I very much appreciate it. Needless Christian conflict with each other on this website is self destructive. The article is not even about Catholics anyway.

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