The Political Cesspool: Looking Ahead, 2020-2030


I will be joining James Edwards tonight on The Political Cesspool at 8:30 PM CST to discuss my predictions for the 2020s.

Note: The show begins at 6 PM CST.

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  1. Haxo predicts: by 2030

    ‘Murka – one way or t’other –

    will no longer exist. In related news,

    ZOG military bases all across Iraq were

    this AM hit by Hezbollah rocket and morter attacks.

  2. James Edwards is one of my favorite people in the pro-white movement. He’s completely solid on all the issues and he’s done more than anyone to help Kevin MacDonald.

  3. I hope all the best, in the discussion.

    The discussion to be successful ity must end with certain acknowledgements and produce very probable solutions for acknowledged legit/real obstacles in the Nationalist/European Americans have to endure.

    Otherwise it will nothing more then a mothers club meeting with plenty of …. “woe is us!”

    Maybe I’m biased, but having J Taylor in the discussion, I have to say that will certainly without a doubt give a dynamo affect to the discussion…….(sarcasm)….hehehehehe

  4. Listened to you live last night. Very seldom miss the Political Cesspool.

    I’m just getting over the terrible flu-cold that’s going around too. Try those Airborne tablets. I like the lemon-lime flavored Airborne tablets. Worked for me.

    I got the heavy duty flu shot in October—so this flu-cold thing is terrible.

    I’ve often wondered why the Germans didn’t launch large scale commando raids against the US in retaliation for our bombing of Germany. The Germans had the commandos and the submarines to bring them here? Could have done a lot of damage and caused a large number of civilian causalities until caught.

    • I understand how you feel – I’ve had the same virus/illness/?? since the day after Christmas, and I’ve still got the nasty rasping cough that I just can’t shake.

      But I think a lot of it was the need to keep as many men as possible in Europe, as well as the fact that the Germans didn’t even go full Total War until months after Stalingrad.

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