Donald Trump Threatens To Destroy Iranian Cultural Heritage Sites

Iran is vowing military retaliation and he was refused mediation:

Blompf is threatening further strikes on Twitter:

… and so, the downward spiral begins. Trump has started a war with Iran for his Jewish donors.

If I am not mistaken, Khameneni declared three days of national mourning for Soleimani. They are parading him around as a martyr in Iraq before they bury him as a national hero in Iran. The war with Iran should be on next week or within the month.

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  1. pro-Iran (Hezbollah) militias in Iraq this AM launched

    low-intensity rocket and morter attacks on various ZOG ‘Murkan

    military bases around the country. Not quite Game On yet….but

    will be if Iran closes the Straits. Evidently Jew-stooge Drumpf thinks

    he can liquidate Iran before the election….maybe so. We’ll soon know.

    • well, that didn’t take long….already heroic

      ‘Murkan Zio-imperialist stormtroopers are heavily engaged against

      the Iranian man-beasts near the holy city of Al-Esknadar:

    • No, Donald can not liquidate Iran. They learned their lesson long ago and like Serbia in 1999, everything down there is scattered and hidden. There is no important targets there anymore , what enemy can take down with precision strikes. And of course entire population is prepared for war .

      US and Europe are much less prepared for full 4Gen war. What if 10 Hezbollah fighters take down electric grid from 10 metropolis full of diversity ? Within 24 hours those metropolises are war zones.

      I think that Donald just finished the Jew World Order. And when I compare this murder with previous Jew services, I think that this was the plan for draining swamp from very beginning.

      • What you suggest, was just detailed on 4chan:

        “Trump 4D chess: Give zionists-neocons all they ask – which destroys them

        Trump has lit the match to end US-Israeli hegemony in the West, give Trump his due
        – It’s easy to accuse Trump of being a Zionist neocon stooge, or stupid, but consider:
        – Donald Trump has been involved with Jewish mafia ever since his early days with Roy Cohn, Trump knows them inside out, and especially how they are tempted to over-reach
        – Trump is under threat every day, 45% of all US presidents in last 60 years were hit, 2 with bullets (Kennedy, Reagan), 3 with impeachments (Nixon, Clinton, Trump)
        – Trump has exactly ONE TOOL of power he can use, the judo reverse move of giving Zionists, neocons, military-industrial complex warmongers all that they ask … to the point they blow themselves up
        – It’s already working – Iraq has voted to kick all US military out of Iraq … who else could have achieved this but a super-clever Donald T.?
        – News media already say Trump ‘surprised’ the Pentagon by approving the ‘most extreme’ option
        – This cannot be bloodless, innocents and brave great people are being killed, but a world with diminished USA-Israeli power is a better place, with fewer dead in the long run
        – Qassem Suleimani was a brave, great man – but consider that Trump maybe knew this and secretly honoured him, and that Trump is maybe a brave man himself … The fire has started and it will now rage and burn, maybe unstoppable … due to DJT waiting for the right moment, with motives maybe better than most think”

      • Hello Juri;

        You have some very interesting perspectives on things. Your mention of disrupting the electric grid is very perceptive, it’s probably the single biggest vulnerability in the U.S. This has been noticed and acted upon within the last seven years in Metcalf, California, about 15 miles from San Jose, California.

        In April, 2013 someone fired .30 cal. rifle rounds into radiators on several large transformers at an electrical substation. Before opening fire from at least 100 yards distant they cut AT&T fibre optic cables which prevented an alarm from being immediately sounded. As hundreds of gallons of coolant leaked out of the transformers they overheated and shut down.

        This could have caused widespread blackouts except that temperatures were mild, about 75 – 80 deg. F and electrical loads were off peak. Some minor blackouts did occur but PG&E rerouted power quickly to compensate. The damage was reported as about $15 million.

        The people who shot the transformers were never caught, no one was arrested. DHS blamed the attack on someone called “insiders”, whatever that means. To this day the attack at Metcalf, California is still the most serious attack on the U.S. electrical grid and unsolved, similar to how the anthrax attacks after 9/11 are still “unsolved” in spite of several bungled FBI/DHS investigations.

        The lesson to be drawn is one you no doubt are well aware of: Don’t count on everything working correctly and be as self reliant as possible. Things will go wrong and the magical, infallible, omniscient government will fail or worse, go after you for being prepared. Keep a low profile.

        One of the wonders of diversity White people will enjoy if there is a war with Iran is, no doubt, large scale sabotage from Iranian agents and sympathizers. These sleeper agents aren’t stupid and will strike when they see on TV that a war has started. The U.S. Government will be more interested in salvaging diversity than in protecting lives and will mercilessly go after White people who notice who is doing the sabotage, that’s what happened after 9/11.

        Once again; prepare and keep a low profile.

  2. Trump is going to get us all killed.

    David Axelrod on ABC News This Week, June 28, 2009—-

    AXELROD: I think the president’s sense of solicitude with those young people has been very, very clear, and we’re very mindful of that.We are also mindful of the fact that the nuclear weapons in Iran and the nuclearization of that whole region is a threat to that country, all countries in the region, and the world. And we have to address that. We can’t let that lie

  3. Trump should say nothing if he’s going to kineticize this situation because talking via twitter looks and sounds lame

    • Oh, for God’s sake, Captain, I’ve come to expect better comments than that from you. Of course, talking via twitter looks and sounds lame. Ninety percent of what Trump does looks and sounds lame, as I more or less pointed out here, at Occidental Dissent, during the 2016 presidential campaign (not that you or almost any of the other commenters here were glad to hear it from me). Either you recognize that, somehow, what he does works (which is what I’ve recognized), or you write him off. There’s no point in expecting him to start behaving differently.

      • RaHoWa is the only way out of this mess….sadly, our people lack fortitude and testosterone and could basically care less about anything but their jew provided vices.

  4. Have you noticed how “Conservative Inc.” keeps talking about “gay rights?” They are trying to distract from the Israeli/Jewish nature of this war against Iran.

    Notice they did the exact same thing when President Obama appointed Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. The Jews hated Chuck Hagel – a conservative Republican – because Hagel had pushed back against the Israel lobby and the Jewish control of US foreign policy. Chuck Hagel was one of the few conservative Republicans to do so. Which is exactly why Obama appointed him, to give him some defense against the Israeli lobby on his Iran deal.

    Of course, the Jews couldn’t admit it. So they went after Obama for appointing a conservative and attacked Hagel as “homophobic” because he was against gays in the military. The Jews complained that Obama didn’t appoint a woman or a non-white.

    It was all, of course, a cover because the Jews didn’t want Americans to know the real reason they hated Chuck Hagel. Kevin MacDonald pointed this out a few times, and I wrote about it many times.

    The same thing is happening here. The Jews don’t want people noticing that Trump is attacking Iran for Israel, so they blather about “gays” to distract from the real agenda: Israel.

    • Have you noticed how “Conservative Inc.” keeps talking about “gay rights?” They are trying to distract from the Israeli/Jewish nature of this war against Iran.

      Which will work/is working because the average Joe and Jane out there is too stupid and ill-informed to understand that the Jews are the biggest advocates for homosexual degeneracy who have ever existed, or ever shall exist; (s)he is too ignorant and self-absorbed to notice that e.g. “The Folsom Street Degenerates” of San-Francisco are mild by comparison to the degenerate population of Tel Aviv, which is saying something indeed. I know this to be the case becuase I inform people of these facts all the time, and almost invariably they are (or had been) oblivious, and stand in total jaw-dropping disbelief when I do. They get their eyes opened wide whenever I send them to a link like this, however:

      • BH and Morris – parents have been organizing AGAINST Homo Degenerate Story Hour: The attempt at distraction be whining about homos isn’t garnering the pearl clutching reaction they are going for. I think the general reaction runs along the lines of, “The Muzzies are doing that to homos…..hmmmm….perhaps they’re on to something…”

        They overdid it, this time. As always.

        • Denise:

          I’m aware of some “pushback” on this issue, and am certainly very happy to see it and support it 100%. I’m not as sanguine as you seem to be about it, how extensive it is or where it will eventually lead, but I hope beyond hope you turn out to be right and turn out to be wrong on this one.

      • Banned Hipster and T. Morris,

        I was listening to Keith Woods on JF’s show this evening, and he said those photos that ZOG and their propaganda ministry in the (((msm))) are claiming to be homosexuals that were executed in Iran are in fact pedophiles. Either way, Iranian policy towards globohomo and child molestation is leaps and bounds better that Zog-USA.

        • Oh, I don’t doubt that in the least. Pictures like that one are powerful propaganda tools that have been used to gin up broad support for stuff like this current situation dating back to that single photo of “Whpped Peter” floated around during the WBTS.

          It’s quite amazing (and not a little disturbing) when you think about it: with regard to “Whipped Peter” in particular, nothing to this very day is really known about the man and his temperament other than what is written on the back of the card by the doctor who examined him, stating that he didn’t seem to possess any violent proclivities and appeared to be intelligent and peaceful and so on.

          Whatever may have been the actual case with “Whipped Peter” – whether he was a serial wife and child abuser, a rapist, a thief, and/or a combination of all of the above and then some (which of course is far from outside the realm of possiblities) to this very day that single image retains the power that it always had to elicit purely emotional reactions divested of any semblance of reason or rationality in the majority of its viewers.

          A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. With a little help from an explanatory caption (“this is what Iran does to homosexuals”; “this is Peter – an intelligent peace-loving negro with no proclivities to violence”), true as it may be or utterly falsified information for nefarious purposes, a picture is not just worth a thousand words; it is worth destabilizing an entire country and region, carpet-bombing the shit out of entire countries while wholesale murdering their people by the hundreds of thousands, or otherwise leaving them in complete destitute and to die from general starvation or disease.

  5. I think Suleiman IS a figure of MANHOOD. Whether we agree with his religion or not.
    That he was blown to pieces by Drone fired missiles shows one how the USSA works.
    He fought through EIGHT YEARS of war against Saddam Hussein who was equipped with poison gas and other weapons that are banned by international law, by the US.
    Unlike that prince in Saudi Arabia, Suleiman was a real man, and a godly one.
    However that means nothing in America today.
    Trump, our first Jewish president? I mean genetically…

    • Trump is the true king of the conservative inc buttgoys. The jews in America hate him for phony gay reasons that don’t even make sense so not really.

      You are right tho Quassim was a true man of god, had more honor and integrity then most he killed Islamic sunni terrorists like ISIS who illegally invaded Lebanon, syria installed from alphabet agencies like CIA and IDF

      • Do you think as I do that Blormp may be ZOG’s last president, madam?

        After this shitstorm is over and the empire collapses I’m gonna have everyone at Fox Jews marched into the forest at bayonet point, Katyn style (Except for our own Tuckah, of course).

  6. A war against Iran? Not without reinstatement of the draft. It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.

    • not what the ZOG is planning. It’ll mostly be a stand-off airwar, with US planes and missiles ranging freely over the whole country once the pathetic Iranian AF is disposed of. The Mullahs made a terrible mistake a few years back when they refused Russian basing rights…that’s what saved Assad’s regime in Syria from the ZOG assault. May be too late now. Iran has a few asymetric options – suicide boats, closing the Straits, ordering Hezbollah in Lebanon to attack Israhell – but that won’t stop the ZOG. And

      there will be no draft necessary. This isn’t Vietnam: Drumpf and his Jew owners’ objective is pure destruction.

      • What you say is no doubt true, but would ZOG have enough boots on the ground to hold enemy territory without resorting to the use of mercenaries?

    • Spahn,

      Maybe IronicSockAccount will enlist so he can kill “hate whitey” brown people in the desert for Israel and his favorite jew Jesus.

    • If there is a draft all able-bodied men between the ages of 21(could vote in ’16) and 95 that voted for Trump in 2016 should be the first ones selected and pressed into any war that Israel has chosen for Trump to engage the US in.

    • That will never fly. It might even piss off enough boomers to make them back off on wars for Israel. Whatever evil they have planned they’ve planned it without a draft.

  7. Trump has become deranged under jew influence. Now he threatens to obliterate Iran’s cultural heritage (for Israel, of course)– a war crime.

  8. Carrillo wants to wage war against Iran for gay rights?

    But not Saudi Arabia, I’m sure. What frauds. All this hand-wringing over human rights and religious freedom is a crock. Some of the worst offenders are clients of the Empire.

  9. “Trump is gonna get us all killed”

    We necessarily simplify narratives in order to not go mad!

    Creating a ‘narrative’ that allows us to maintain some sort of coherence and sanity amongst the relentless onslaught of agenda-driven deception and lies that bombard us from CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc. We are clueless about what went into Soleimani’s killing and can only deal with the initial media narrative and begin to connect it to our previous paradigm and then go out and ‘critique’ and ‘deconstruct’ from there. It’s almost as if we are always a few steps behind the agenda that is out to destroy us! Always reactionary!

    One thing I’m sure of is that the intensity is going to be raised to another level over this next decade and a culling process will begin!

    “I only want those fit for my war” – Nietzsche

  10. The President of the Jews….Trump will never do anything good for the White Race. This action is 100% directed by the Jewish Supremacists and the Oil Companies and the Military Industrial Complex will support a War in Iran. These people are all crazy and Love War! Oh but the Jew makes others fight his battles. That being Americans….brainwashed Americans that have never heard of ZOG. I say No War For Israel…’s time we secure our own borders and stay the heck out of the Middle East and instead advocate for Peace and Trade in the World. Deo Vindice !

  11. Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews.’
    – Ezra Pound

    When a Jew is telling you to stand up for the right to buttfuck and a fat WOP starts talking about freedom – assume it’s a trick.

    Not that I have any particular fondness for Muslims, I just don’t have any unbridled animosity towards Iranian Shiites. Some of which I’ve shot the shit with and actually like. Unlike everyone from the Persian Gulf, who I’ve found to be idiot sand-niggers.

  12. What I’m hearing from mu military and ex-military contacts is that basically Soleimani had it coming and Iran is too cowardly to go to war with us. The vibe I’m getting is nonchalant overconfidence on a par with Israel in 1973 before the surprise attack by Egypt and Syria.

  13. Here is steve scalise setting up the strawman i mentioned the other day. We are going to be boxed in on this iran thing as iranian sympathizers.

    I for one could give two shits about the Persians, and certainly won’t pull a muh conservatism and stick to some abstract principles of fairness and honor regarding brown hero man.

    My family has been in the military as long as we’ve been on this continent. I won’t side with anybody against them and their safety. Iran is most definitely a threat to those troops who are in the region. The embassies, contractors, even the mercs, all of whom are more likely than not, whiter than snow.

    Y’all need to consider who’s lives you value. I would side with a wrongheaded white before I would side with a brown person withban honest beef against them.

    This said, I hold Israel in the same contempt for manipulating this situation to put our military, emissaries and contractors/mercs in serious harms way.

    I wont be upset if we drone a few of their generals either.

    I dont want white folks getting hurt, even if they are over there helping steal oil and stuff from the brownies. Fuck them, its ours for the taking. Same as my ancestors were when the brownies sold their Irish asses into slavery by the zillions.

    Are you all white chauvanists, or just antisemites? Its not the same thing. One is a positive worldview with definite logical conclusions, all of which so far I can live with.

    The other is a negative worldview yhe logical conclusions of which very quickly, like in this example, end up with you supporting brown people against people pretty likely to be not just your own race, but from your same region. It is still the case that the majority of the military comes from the Midwest, Appalachia and the South.

    You can be a White Chauvanist and oppose ZOG. the two aren’t mutually exclusive. But if the only thing you care about is opposing Jews no matter what? You are lost already.

    This whole movement is lost. The only unifying theme for years now in it has been a near absurd obsession with the JQ.

    This is making us Myopic and easily out maneuvered. Its also why we are rightly percieved to be incoherent in our worldview. Anybody with sense can see that irrational hate for hates sake of the Jews is self destructive. Its also detrimental to our stated goal which is supposed to be the 14 words.

    I’m pretty sure there isnt any handwringing implicit in the 14 words equivocating about droning brown hero or muh principles.

    Just pure White Chauvinism.

    Its ok to be White.

    The 14 words are good. Words to live by.

    • White men and women who voluntarily signed up to fight for ZOG’s agendas are working for the enemy plain and simple. Those boys and girls in uniform are not protecting our “freedom,” and they’d just as soon launch Hellfire missiles at Southern Nationalists protesting the removal of Confederate statues, as they would pulling the trigger on a Reaper drone to assassinate an Iranian general.

      Death to ZOG and to hell to those who choose to fight for the jew world order.

  14. We are already at war with Iran. There’s no way troops aren’t going into Tehran now. Iran will have to hit back hard and that response will not be ignored.

    The fake and gay “anthrax letters” and WMD’s are already being spread around

    The cyber attack on the government website was so obviously fake. If/when Iran hacks the gov why wouldn’t they want valuable information? Why hack a website to post a stupid meme?

    Itd be way more of a flex to simply steal some extremely valuable information than to only hack a website to post a meme.

    They’re already talking about tightening up “cyber weaknesses” which exist but they’re talking about expanding their control over the internet

    I hope Iran graps how much Israel controls the us and not the other way around.

  15. “We have desegnated 52 sites that represent 52 hostages… ” old testimate jew for sure.

    Our world on Jews… Eberytime!

    • Rose McGowan is in on the kabbalah number scheme….“Dear #Iran, The USA has disrespected your country, your flag, your people. 52% of us humbly apologize. We want peace with your nation. We are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us.”

  16. The evil from Pompeo’s mouth in that video clip is staggering, that we’re bringing the Iranians freedom by bombing them back to the Stone Age if they don’t accept Israeli suzerainty enforced by American incineration. Obviously, everything that lying bastard is offering the Iranians would already have been achieved through trade and exchange decades ago—and our country would be trillions richer for it with lower oil prices. Furthermore, for every dollar spent on the military for Israel, three dollars are sucked out of the civilian economy. We are dying for Israel whether we die in the fields of the ME or right here in the US. Evil liar!

  17. So Bonacoursi is down with a thunder bolt assassination that rivals the Princip effort but razzing Khan Bush Clinton was declasse and disqualifies.

    Oh okay. Hur dur.

    The Iranians are serious people who’ve been doing the Empire thing for 3000 years. Trump just zapped their folk hero. This was a fuck up.

  18. If you want to understand how we got here today, go back to 1953. The US and the British, together, created this mess. This has nothing to do with Israel, or the Jews, or any other nonsensical racial or culturally charged conspiracy theory. It is directly the result of a long line of foolish men who think short-term. who lack the capability and vision to think long-term, to provide real leadership and to create sustainable societies.

    I am in full agreement that the state of Israel should never have been created. Again, a foolish decision by ignorant men who presume to know, and be enacting “Gods” will. There is a politically correct term for those men “narcissists”.

    Another thing I will point out, when it comes to Donald Trump, most Jewish people, outside of the highly conservative Orthodox groups, do not support him. Even within those groups, that perceived support is highly questionable. After all, why would you support someone who incites violence against you both directly and tacitly?

    As for a war with Iran, we could not handle Iraq, or even Afghanistan. We “won” nothing in both cases. We lost far more than we gained. Iran is a far different beast. There is no way the US can handle Iran. We will fight using a conventional Army and Iran will deploy asymmetrical warfare. While the US clearly has conventional superiority, Iran has the asymmetrical superiority. If the US was to invade Iran, you are looking at attempting to deploy over 1.5 million troops. We simply cannot do it effectively, not to mention the vast unintended consequences of attempting to do so. When you consider this, that conventional superiority beyond the initial stages of war offers no real advantage.

    Just chaos and a mess for several generations.

    The smartest thing the US could do is completely withdraw from the Middle East and elsewhere around the world, use diplomacy to engage the world and stand firmly on neutral ground. Yet, we can’t do that, because economically it would kill us. Currently, we have no sustainable energy sources, nor any economic alternatives that would create economic sustainability.

    And, that is our own fault. Period. A long line of foolish men relying on military might, geopolitics and short-term thinking, rather than using holistic thinking to secure the future for the generations who will follow, both domestically and abroad.

    Hard power does not last forever. Soft power, however, can stand the test of time.

  19. Ivanka and Jared better start looking for designer fatigues.

    The United States has been publicly toying with Iran since 1953. 1953 was just the start of the public relations program.

    GEN. WESLEY CLARK: “Well, in a way. But, you know, history doesn’t repeat itself exactly twice. What I did warn about when I testified in front of Congress in 2002, I said if you want to worry about a state, it shouldn’t be Iraq, it should be Iran. But this government, our administration, wanted to worry about Iraq, not Iran.

    I knew why, because I had been through the Pentagon right after 9/11. About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me, and one of the generals called me in. He said, “Sir, you’ve got to come in and talk to me a second.” I said, “Well, you’re too busy.” He said, “No, no.” He says, “We’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq.” This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, “We’re going to war with Iraq? Why?” He said, “I don’t know.” He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do.” So I said, “Well, did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?” He said, “No, no.” He says, “There’s nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” He said, “I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.” And he said, “I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.”

    So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!””

    A Public Service Announcement that pretty much went unnoticed.

    We pay more attention to the Middle East than to Africa but they’re victims of the same evil cabal.

    Is another rich man’s war and poor man’s fight about to start? Resist. If it does, every US troop should go AWOL. Let the Zionists – and their tools – fight their own war.

    • Snowhitey,

      Jared, Ivanka, and the entire will now know what life is like for Salman Rushdie.

      They played and adults’ game and must accept the consequences.

  20. Hopefully, the Iranians will target the real people who started the conflict instead of business-as-usual innocent civilians.

    Does anyone question why the people with the most wealth and power the world over are ALWAYS immune to war. No matter where the conflict and no matter who the players?

  21. WWI was started by one man killed,Serbia monarch.Don’t how far the Iranians are willing to go full scale war,it’s going to be small scale retaliation.

    • Jews started Jew War I. The Black Hand were kikes. Did you see the funeral procession for General S? I don’t think they are going small…….

  22. Iranians are fund raising $80 million dollars ($1.00 per Iranian) to pay for a fatwa on Blompf’s dotard orange head. Iranians are wise enough to know that jared kushner is in charge of zog’s foreign policy in the Middle East, and therefore puts a fatwa on all the zio-bitches with that eighty million dollar bounty.

    • November,

      That is some interesting information. It caused me to look up the official definition of fatwa. Moslems know more about the European/North American world than we know about them.

  23. The scale of the funeral for Suleimani is like nothing I’ve seen before. A spontaneous folk state funeral. Is there anything like that in the books?

  24. Let’s see if Fuentes’ groypers stick by him, after he tweeted very neo-con comments about targeting cultural heritage sites. In one he said it was just a bunch of whining babies that were worried about cultural heritage sites. In another, he told those that didn’t like cultural heritage sites being targeted for destruction to “stfu” and that they were gay. In yet another tweet that could have came directly from Blompf’s Twitter account, Fuentes wrote that “we are America, so we make the rules and don’t need to follow international laws.”

    I alway sensed that Fuentes was an opportunist looking to be an edgier charlie cuck for the GOP.

    • November,

      Fuentes is sounding worse and worse with this new information. I never really put much faith in the man. He acted like junior high boys I know/have known in combination with a salesman’s slick tongue.

      A lot of Americans are going to “rally around the flag” no matter what the cause it would appear.

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