The American Led Liberal World Order Shakes

It has been a big news day on multiple continents. BIGLY.


Juan Guaido, the American neocon puppet in Venezuela who Trump and Marco Rubio tried to install in power last year, has been ousted from the Venezuela legislature.


“Earlier, the opposition leader announced his bid for reelection as speaker of the semi-defunct National Assembly legislature, as the Venezuelan political crisis he helped initiate approaches its one year anniversary.

Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed ‘president’ Juan Guaido has been removed from his post as chief of the National Assembly, multiple Venezuelan media outlets have reported.

According to reports, Guaido was succeeded by lawmaker Luis Parra with support from the pro-Maduro Bloc of the Motherland and multiple opposition MPs, with Franklin Duarte and Jose Gregorio Noriega elected as first and second vice presidents of the assembly. …”


The first body of an American soldier just dropped in Kenya in a terror attack by al-Shabab:

ABC News:

“One U.S. service member and two American Department of Defense contractors were killed in a terror attack on a military base in Kenya that houses some U.S. military personnel. The Somali terror group al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack that Kenyan authorities said had been repelled with four militants killed in the fighting. …”


Erdogan is invading Libya now after occupying northern Syria.


“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said troops are arriving in Libya after parliament authorized the government to back Libya’s internationally recognized administration against rival forces.

“The mission of our troops will be coordination and establishing an operation center,” Erdogan told CNNTurk television in an interview on Sunday. Turkish forces in Libya will be led by a lieutenant general, he added.

The parliament on Thursday voted 325-184 to give Erdogan one year to dispatch troops at the request of Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj. …”


The Iraqi parliament voted to ask the Iraqi government to expel American troops from Iraq. Meanwhile, rockets are landing in the Green Zone. We also learned from the Prime Minister of Iraq that Trump had asked him to mediate the conflict with Iran and that Soleimani had been invited to Iraq to deliver the Iranian response when Trump assassinated him at the airport after luring him to the country under false pretenses.

The Hill:

“Iraq’s parliament reportedly voted on Sunday to expel the U.S. military from the country after an American airstrike killed top Iranian military commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.

Last week’s attack, which came on the heels of a number of other incidents between the U.S. and Iranian-backed militants, ratcheted up tensions in the region as Tehran threatened retaliation and Iraq protested the strike within its borders.

The nonbinding resolution passed Sunday demanded an end to foreign military presence in the country, with the aim of forcing the U.S. to withdraw 5,000 troops, according to The Associated Press. It declared an “achievement of victory” in stopping the Islamic State’s advancement in the country and ended its “request for assistance” from the U.S. in the fight. …”


Iran has completely withdrawn from the Obama era nuclear deal and has vowed military retaliation against American targets.


“TEHRAN, Iran — Iran said Sunday it would no longer abide by any of the limits of its unraveling 2015 nuclear deal with world powers after a U.S. airstrike killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad, abandoning the accord’s key provisions that block Tehran from having enough material to build an atomic weapon.

Iran insisted in a state television broadcast it remained open to negotiations with European partners, who so far have been unable to offer Tehran a way to sell its crude oil abroad despite U.S. sanctions. It also didn’t back off of earlier promises that it wouldn’t seek a nuclear weapon. …”

Needless to say, any of these stories would have been big news last year, but events are quickening and all sorts of interesting things are popping off around the world now that Trump has plunged us into a war with Iran. Obviously, the calculation here is that we have our hands full at the moment. Don’t worry though about where this is going. Your favorite president will solve!

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  1. The lesson here? nothing lasts forever. The Elites of two and three generations ago would be appalled at the recklessness of their descendants. Poppy Bush, for instance did not topple Saddam. Reagan got the heck out of Lebanon. The elites of today feel invincible – whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad*.

    * See also the Alt Right.

  2. This is how real “drain the swamp” looks like. Entire system comes down. And this is also good example how the real war must be fought. Donald got this not by resisting Jews but by serving Jews. I will not put this Russian beginner steamroller operator video another time.

    But is honestly ask that some of the proper English speaker would be so kind and make a short brief for younger readers what the thing “Samson Option” really means.

    What happens next is the Great Heathen Army moment. Entire Middle East will jump on board and sooner or later the use of nuclear weapons will be the issue.

  3. Hail the revolutionary struggles of all peoples of the earth against the dying, decadent, capitalist, imperialist empire of Yankee-Judea!

  4. The X game show host president just kicked a giant hornets nest. I’d bet every Israeli in occupied Palestine is shitting their pants. What a stupid move on ZOGs part, but the Qtards think otherwise. Stupid humanity!

  5. ” The American Led Liberal World Order Shakes “


    I don’t know how one can come to that conclusion.

    By all measurements of the political and social landscape throughout the West & Europe, liberalism is still running the show and holding the reigns.

    I think HW, that we should be careful not to enter in to presumptions and wishful thinking that may lead people down the primrose path of delusion and complete bondage.

    The only way that liberalism will retreat and wither away is if it faces OPPOSITION – FORCE FULL opposition.

    the overton window moves ONLY by sacrifice and projected fear – reason and conversations are useless preludes.

    I pray hope that people like J Taylor & R Spencer are not influential in such thinking as this article is based on.

  6. People forget that America was a Republic founded in order to spread Democracy and build Starbucks’s in the Middle East that African Americans can do heroin in.

    With any luck they’ll all have Modern Art/Holocaust Museums in no time!

  7. not to rain on the Armageddon Parade, but:

    other than a few pinpricks, Iran & allies have done nothing so far. Meanwhile,

    various sources are reporting a large number of heavy US transport aircraft heading for the M.E.;

    Denninger and VoxDay think they’re going to pull out US troops, but most likely they’re

    bringing in more troops. On a related issue, her is current deployment of all US Carrier Battle Groups:

    USS Reagan: Sea of Japan
    USS Lincoln: Arabian Sea
    USS Eisenhower: US east coast
    USS Roosevelt: US west coast
    USS Truman: US east coast
    USS Nimitz: US west coast
    USS Vinson: US west coast but drydocked
    USS Bush: ditto
    USS Washington: ditto
    USS Ford: uncertain, may be available?

    so, one in war zone & one a few days away. Unless Drumpf and the Pentagram are even stupider than we already know, (((they))) won’t go to all-out regional war until at least 4 BG are on station.

    and here’s what Haxo saw during today’s bike ride….I live on a west coast city about midway between Vandenberg Air Force base and Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station. Normally I see 1 or 2, some days none, high altitude contrails laid down by Navy fighter-bomber aircraft on training flights heading out toward Bakersfield and back. Today I saw about a dozen.

    • Haxo Angmark,

      This how the false flag will play itself out in the Persian Gulf. An American or some other ZOG nation’s naval vessel(s) will hit a mine, and ZOG-USA will immediately blame Iran with zero evidence that they were the culprit. Maybe a few sailors will be sacrificial lambs for greater israhell to goad AmNat’s into supporters a ‘Persian Gulf Resolution.’ Just like that, world war jew chapter three will commence.

    • VoxDay is a moron that is wrong in just about all of his predictions.

      I agree, that troop movement is for a reason, it’s not posturing.

  8. This should be noted as one of Trump’s biggest failures as President. However we shouldn’t be surprised because he’s done nothing positive on foreign policy his entire time in the White House. His debate with China on trade has done nothing but increase prices and that’s been bad for consumers. Farmers are still mad at him over all the Tariff talk. His new NAFTA is nothing but NAFTA on Steroids and will fast forward the creation of a North American Union. Having somewhat peace in the Middle East has been good for all involved and we have lower gas prices as a result. His stupid War on Iran will spike Gas prices probably at $5 plus a gallon. He’ll answer with more oil drilling on public land that will be a disaster for the environment. He’s a nut and is becoming more and more a Neocon by the day. All because he knows more than anybody who runs this country… Big Corporations, the Jews, Military Industrial Complex, Oil Companies, the New World Order, and it’s all combined in ZOG. Deo Vindice !

  9. Worldwide awareness of the jQ and their death grip on the human condition is reaching epidemic proportions, the jews use big wars to kill the worlds bravest and smartest under the cover of “international conflict” so they can start the cycle of ignorance again…I don’t think this worn out plan will work out well for them this time.

  10. You are aligning yourselves with these people, in the eyes of everyone that matters. White people.

    Its not right, I don’t disagree with what you are saying. But your timing, and your approach to the problem are purely wrong headed.

    Dumb kids act like this. Idealistic like the world turns at the whim of your conscience and your “principles”.

    It doesn’t. There are consequences to your actions. Siding with the enemy against your own people, will get you hurt.

    Our people, middle class white folks are caught in the crossfire of this. More will be shortly.

    Don’t go down this road. Take a step back, and reconsider how you approach this and why.

    The shit hasn’t hit the fan yet.

      • It won’t be women bleeding in a war in the sandbox, anymore than it ever has been. I haven’t got anything to say to you on the matter.

        This whole thing might blow up any minute. Men will pay for the consequences with their lives. White men and brown men.

        My only concern is that as few White ones get hurt as possible. Nothing you or this site are doing right now is going to accomplish that.

        All of this, fringe dissident movement has become so marginalized and isolated. It serves no real purpose. Worse now, its beginning to make itself a liability to anyone near it.

        There’s little love of White people left. Just hatred of Jews. It all stinks of despair and desperation.

    • While mostly American Southerners will be on the frontlines of the actual combat/firefights with an asymmetrical enemy that will blend in with non-combatants. Expect a whole lot of ‘green on blue’ fatalities for White Christians fighting for ZOG’s empire. When they come home in body bags made in Mexico or China, if there was a shred of honesty, their coffins would be covered by the Israeli flag.

      On a positive note, while ZOG is fighting in several countries and on multiple fronts, this might be a good a time as any to put together a secessionist movement and activities that push in that direction. This talmudic house of cards may have run out of wild cards.

    • Our people were sold out long ago by this same cabal of traitors and open enemies. Our people are only starting to slowly wake up to the fact. There is no loyalty without trust.

    • Did you say “Gateway pundit” ???
      There is a reason they named that site “Gate Way “!!

      You could not find a more pro zionist, pro israel rag this side of ttel aviv !!!

      What’s the matter with you ???

    • We don’t want middle class white people sent off to fight and die against these people. Iran may be Israel’s enemy. They are not America’s enemy. But Israel controls America’s foreign policy. We are not against Americans, we are against the people who have too much influence over us.

  11. Moscow is in charge in that place. They will drive ZUS out of Iraq and Syria. It will be a long and bitter war. The result will be the same as Vietnam, the Russian proxies will defeat ZUS.

    • 1. Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdl Mahdi has now officially revealed that the US had asked him to mediate between the US and Iran and that General Qassem Soleimani to come and talk to him and give him the answer to his mediation efforts. Thus, Soleimani was on an OFFICIAL DIPLOMATIC MISSION as part of a diplomatic initiative INITIATED BY THE USA.
      2. The Iraqi Parliament has now voted on a resolution requiring the government to press Washington and its allies to withdraw their troops from Iraq.
      3. Iraq’s caretaker PM Adil Abdul Mahdi said the American side notified the Iraqi military about the planned airstrike minutes before it was carried out. He stressed that his government denied Washington permission to continue with the operation.
      4. The Iraqi Parliament has also demanded that the Iraqi government must “work to end the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil and prohibit them from using its land, airspace or water for any reason“
      5. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said that Baghdad had turned to the UN Security Council with complaints about US violations of its sovereignty.
      6. Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said the parliamentary resolution to end foreign troop presence in the country did not go far enough, calling on local and foreign militia groups to unite. I also have confirmation that the Mehdi Army is being re-mobilized.
      7. The Pentagon brass is now laying the responsibility for this monumental disaster on Trump. They are now slowly waking up to this immense clusterbleep and don’t want to be held responsible for what is coming next.
      8. For the first time in the history of Iran, a Red Flag was hoisted over the Holy Dome Of Jamkaran Mosque, Iran. This indicates that the blood of martyrs has been spilled and that a major battle will now happen. The text in the flag says “Oh Hussein we ask for your help” (unofficial translation 1) or “Rise up and avenge al-Husayn” (unofficial translation 2)
      9. The US has announced the deployment of 3’000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne to Kuwait.
      10. Finally, the Idiot-in-Chief tweeted the following message, probably to try to reassure his freaked out supporters: “The United States just spent Two Trillion Dollars on Military Equipment. We are the biggest and by far the BEST in the World! If Iran attacks an American Base, or any American, we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way…and without hesitation!“. Apparently, he still thinks that criminally overspending for 2nd rate military hardware is going to yield victory…

      More from the same source:
      UPDATE2: RT is reporting that “One US service member, two contractors and two Department of Defense personnel injured in an Al-Shabab attack, which just goes to prove my point that spontaneous attacks are what we will be seeing first and that the full retaliation promised by Iran will come later.
      UPDATE3: al-Manar reports that two rockets have landed near the US embassy in Baghdad.
      UPDATE4: Zerohedge is reporting that Iranian state TV broadcasted an appeal made during the funeral procession in which a speaker said that each Iranian ought to send one dollar per person (total 80’000’000 dollars) as a bounty for the killing of Donald Trump. I am trying to get a confirmation from Iran about this.
      UPDATE5: Russian sources claim that all Iranian rocket forces have been put on combat alert.
      UPDATE6: the Russian heavy rocket cruiser “Marshal Ustinov” has crossed the Bosphorus and has entered the Mediterranean.

      This is from the Saker’s blog.

  12. If I’m the leader of the Shiite population in Iraq this is the exact time I’d make a full press on American targets in Iraq.
    I don’t know if such a boss exists in that population, it was Suleimani maybe?… Besides that now is the time to galvanise the Shiite population in Iraq and if they play it right the Iranians can defeat the US by proxy by besieging the US assets in Iraq. Trump will be faced with scenes like the evacuation from Saigon. He led with the chin here.

    • I certainly hope so.

      I want to see ZOG invade Iran, and get CRUSHED and HUMILIATED. This could easily happen since the people of Iran actually have strong values and willpower, and something to fight and die for. They won’t get weary of fighting a genocidal US invasion, but fight it this finish.

      I want to see as many of those who CHOOSE (there isn’t any draft, and most US terrorist troops come from bourgeois families – there is no “economic pressure” to join the imperialist killing machine) to fight in ZOG’s war who are usually Evangelicals fighting for the glory of Israel to come home in body bags.

      But if ZOG is able to pulverize Iran because the Jews gave them superior military power, Russia and/or China better step in.

  13. very unreadable and uninteresting format. disappoint. zero people care about a bunch of tweets. we want narratives from you. more.

  14. A few weeks ago while driving along the PCH into Point Magu I saw an unusually tall old man, rather silly in appearance, riding an old bicycle that was meant for women and had recently been spray painted in mauve. On the front it had a wicker basket with flowers in it. “I’ll bet anything that’s Haxo, I said loud enough for the person I was speaking to on my Bluetooth to hear me. “Haxo? Haxo Angmark? That guy on Occidental Dissent who posts his nutty messages in couplets?”, the voice at the other end asked. “Yes, I believe so”, said I.

    The curious old man kept looking at my KIA as I slowly passed him. Then he gave me a ghastly grin, which revealed a number of missing teeth.

    This was not going to end well……

  15. What the hell are the Empire’s troops doing in Kenya? Lining up a few million more resettlement refugees?

  16. Carrier battle groups are only effective if the elevators that raise the fighter jets to the launch platform are working. This seems to be a problem in their latest design. As Boeing found out with their latest space launch, the design engineers may be good but the “diversity” mechanics installing the equipment proved that with affirmative action you take what you can get and hope for the best.

  17. This is Clinton post-impeachment redux. But Blompf is worse off than Dollar Bill. He has betrayed friends and supporters, so due to his own laziness, ego and stupidity, he is isolated in terms of power alliances he could call on. Through his own idiocy, he is left with the Joos, and they will always demand blood as payment for friendship. Clinton only bombed a pharmaceutical factory, but the Orange Stable Genius has gone and done something much more reckless and dangerous. We’ll be paying for this insane crotch-grabbing gesture for years to come. Getting involved in other people’s business isn’t smart, whether it’s neighbors or countries.

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