Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel Must Not Be Dragged Into Soleimani Killing

Now that Donald Trump has assassinated Qasem Soleimani and assumed all the responsibility for dealing with the fallout, where is OUR GREATEST ALLY?


“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Security Cabinet ministers Monday that the killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani was carried out solely by the U.S. and that Israel was not involved in any way and must not be dragged into the escalating conflict, two ministers who attended the meeting told me.

Why it matters: Like other countries in the region, Israel is concerned that Iran will retaliate against it in order to avenge the killing of Soleimani.Since Soleimani was killed last week, Netanyahu’s office ordered Cabinet ministers not to speak to the press about the issue in order to prevent public statements that might create the impression Israel was involved in the operation.

Details: According to the two ministers who attended the meeting, Netanyahu said, “The killing of Soleimani is a U.S. event, not an Israeli event, and we should stay out of it.”

Isn’t this f***ing rich?

Israel isn’t just any ally. It is OUR GREATEST ALLY.

After its network of warmongering Zionists succeeded in fomenting yet another war in the Middle East between the United States and its leading regional enemy, Israel now wants to “stay out of it.” It was an “American event.” Israel had nothing to do with any of this!

Note: Donald Trump himself has said that Israel is the sole reason we even have a military presence in the region. We don’t need the oil. Why are we so committed to the interests of Israel? It is because of who controls the American media and who is buying both major parties.

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  1. The arrogance, hubris, and treachery of the kikenvermin truly knows no bounds.

    Every-one in the WORLD knows this is ONLY about Israel.

    • “I hope Trump takes note of this.” Dude, he knows. Blompf knows the jew was gonna’ say this…
      Apparently you misunderstand both Plausible Deniability and the nature of Proxy War.
      FUSA does the dirty work, the heavy-lifting…the jew sits, like an effendi, and reaps the rewards.

  2. So many good things happening; the movement is rallying to the death of Soleimani and getting out of our doldrums.

    I think it would be fun to just destroy Trump politically over the next 10 months.

    “Ritualistically humiliate” him politically, get his support down into the 30s.

    I’m personally sick of him, Jr, Ivanka, Kushner and don’t want to see them for 4 more years or ever.

  3. Just because Trump is pro-Israel doesn’t mean Israel assassinated him.

    I support Honda Civics. If I hack a website, it doesn’t mean Honda hacked the website.

  4. It’s being said Soleimani was on a diplomatic mission that the USA set up. The PM of Iraq sent for the General to ease tensions between the USA and Iran that the USA wanted. Trump told Israel before he told his congress what was going to happen to the General and bang they snared him. Now Israel is shitting in their pants basically disavowing this action calling it an American action. Can you believe these disgusting jews? I hope people find the truth about zionists and blood sucking jews they really are the scourge of our planet. I just shake my head at the stupidity of the American people who can’t think on their own but let jewish media think for them.

  5. I’ll have to ask my bishop for forgiveness, but “That God-Damned son of a bitch Jew asshole!”


  6. Ciaphas States that Judah must not be dragged into Pilate’s decision to execute Jesus.

  7. Haha. Zion Don got conned by his BFF bibi. That wasn’t very kosher of bibi, especially after rabbi blompf gave Israel the best hanukkah gift.

    Remember when your “Damien Thorne” son-in-law and the jewish billionaires shook your hand and slapped you on the back in 2016 for claiming “there won’t be any daylight between the United States and Israel?” You just got jewed in the most embarrassing way possible. That has to hurt.LMAO

  8. Hunter has provided information that I, someone who reads widely on the subject, that I did not know.
    Also the commenters have supplied additional information that I did not know, despite intense research into the topic. How Hunter and the posters do it is beyond my ken but I am SO grateful to you all.

    Qassem was quite a man, and a good father and husband. He believed in God, whether most Christians would believe that or not. I thank Hunter and the posters for their information.

    I believe that the Iranians may be the brave front that ends the war on whites.
    How can the enemy continue if they are defeated?

    • “Hunter has provided information …… that I did not know.”

      The very reason THEY want to shut down all intelligent/aware media.

      Yes, HW does a very good job. Amazing, for a one man operation.

  9. Trump is doing a great job of discrediting Americanism world wide
    A excellent thing would be a war with Iran to accelerate the collapse.

    America has lots of weapons but no knowledge of the world. Even the Jews that run that golem seem clueless.
    The sooner this sh*t dissolves in the septic tank the better for humanity, especially good for Europe and Europeans world wide.
    So the assassination of the Persian gentleman was a positive development.
    American president is clearly very arrogant and stupid, a good combination. Let’s hope that his handiers take the right decision and he don’t back down.

    • General Soleimani really was a warrior against a cancerous force – international Jewry. A great man. May no Jew rest until his death is avenged.

  10. I am reading that Israel’s biggest colony– the USA — is violating a treaty yet again by denying Iran’s foreign minister a visa to enter the country in order to address the UN Security Council.

  11. Iran leaders are not stupid they know damn well Weimerica is a proxy military state for Israel. They have been calling for general Quassim’s death for almost 20 years now. Its unbelievable how they are trying to walk this back and not get directly involved but thats tikkun olam for you

  12. What typical jew behavior, to abandon their most subservient gentile flunky just when he needs their support the most. Serves Trump right.

  13. Meh. Moslems are no friends. If we had to walk on egg shells this much for Iran then it is inevitable problems would happen.

    What I care about is less Moslem immigration. Democrats are now viewed as the party of abortion, homosexuality, illegal alien invasions and now terrorist supporters. Iran, the lovely nation people vanish from. The nation of great repression who throws women in jail for 15 years for not wearing a headscarf.. I laughed when I read 32 of those tards were stomped to death at one of the stupid funeral processions for Solemani, the Arab looking version of George Clooney.

    While leftist Jews in America are deceitful and control our media and other things, Moslems are no friends. People like Omar and others along with their friends are reminders of that.

    So while hopefully there will be no protracted war, Solemani killed many Americans. He was droned to hell along with four of his buddies.

    While people have no issue speaking of the fact the Talmud is ok with lying to non Jews, the Koran is ok with the same thing for Moslems.

    Obama dropped about 1700 drones on the middle east and Democrats said nothing. Trump drops one and the same evil party suddenly has a problem with it? Spare me.

      • Lol. No Jew here. Your blind hatred is hysterical. We need to put Burkas over the two of you muzzie warmers. Are the Jews to blame for your favorite sports teams losing, too?

        So I guess you think Moslem immigration is great, eh? As long as das Jews don’t interrupt your dreams? Lol. I love it. Now suddenly the Moslems who can barely get a country running, are great friends of whitey!

        • Jeff Epstein or Jeff Garlin,

          General Solemani looked like Sean Connery as the Soviet submarine captain in “The Hunt for Red October.”

          Does your yarmulke hide your horns?

  14. Israel and their Neocon proxies have wanted this war for years. Now they have it and put all the blame for it on Trump, their most loyal chump. Apparently our “leaders” learned nothing about Israeli treachery even after USS Liberty and the Pollard case.

  15. Highly recommend the movie “The Report” with Adam Driver. No fan of Feinstein or McCain, but at least they spoke out on this one (not enough to rein in the CIA rogues, though, or bring accountability to anyone – surprise, surprise).

  16. Trump is hopeless on the Jewish question-it undermines and outweighs everything else he might do for his base in flyover country.

  17. The hand of Saud is greater than the hand of Israel in this. Israel and Iran have already been whacking each other in Syria for some time now. Saudis and Gulf Arabs have more money than all the world’s Jews combined: they basically prop up our debt-ridden economy. This kind of base treachery is far more of an MBS move. Israeli media is hailing the killing as a “masterstroke” by Trump – why wouldn’t Netanyahu obliquely take credit, rather than deny? The Saudis were more afraid of Soleimani than Israel were.

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