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  1. If you would have stood with Judas the Galilaean (aka Jesus) against the Roman Empire, then you ought to stand with the modern Judas the Galilaean against the New Rome.

    Just saying…

    • Jones is both an idiot and brilliant. You have to be ready to discard about 1/3 of what he says because he doesn’t have the whole picture. Trump is somewhat brilliant and somewhat of a kiss ass. Fortunately for us, GOD is guiding him through what is almost certainly the tribulation … or God hit the pause button for a short time ???

      See the YouTube channel : Mark Taylor Official. He’s not an eloquent speaker like Spencer, but unlike Spencer, he IS Spirit filled and DID give prophecies that have come to pass 100 %.

  2. I haven’t yet watched this current interview with Jones, but I will say that I’ve listened to a lot of his interviews over the years, and will verify (if he brings it up, which I imagine he probably will) that he has warned about something like this happening with Trump ever since Trump got into office. Jones says (in earlier interviews) that Trump is a foreign policy disaster in general, and in particular when it comes to Iran and the Iranian people. Just thought I’d put that out there for all the naysayers should they rear their heads.

  3. I think it was after the third time that Trump ordered a withdrawal from Syria that he backtracked and said that we’re staying “for Israel.”

    I would like Trump to say or tweet that he ordered this hit “for Israel.”

    Make it clear.

  4. The timing of this during the NFL playoff many folks tuned out of deceit from dual loyalty personal from CIA an Pentagon.

    • If you’re watching the NFL playoff, you’re a useless idiot, pure and simple.

      P.S. I love football, which is why I hate the NFL, and am acquiring a hatred for college football too.

  5. Did Nick fuentes recently get a check in the mail? He went full neo con yesterday and is now okay with war on Iran he thinks bombing cultural heritage sites are fine and nuclear war/drone strikes all long as troops are not on the ground

    • If Nick Fuentes did that then that is all I need to know about him.

      Iran never had a military nuclear program and Iran will never have one. For two reasons: first, nukes were officially declared “haram” by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

      And they are STILL working with the IAEA also said that they will resume compliance if US sanctions are lifted.

      How many “Christians” are like the Shia?

      ” Iranians want to live and they do not seek death. HOWEVER, they also know that death in defense of Islam or in defense of the oppressed is an act of “witness to God”, which is what the Arabic word “shahid” is (and why the Greek work ?????? “martis” means). What does that mean? That means that while Muslim soldiers should not seek their death, and while they ought to do everything in their power to remain alive, they are NOT afraid of death in the least. To fully understand this mindset, you need only become aware of the most famous and crucial Shia slogan “Every Day Is Ashura and Every Land Is Karbala” (see explanation here). If I had to translate this into a Christian frame of reference I would suggest this “every day is Good/Passion Friday and every land is the Golgotha”. That is to say, “no matter where you are and no matter what time it is, you have to be willing to sacrifice your life for God and for the defense of the oppressed“. So no, Iranians are a joyful people (as are Arabs), and they don’t seek death. But neither do they fear it and they accept, with gratitude, the possibility of having to sacrifice their lives in defense of justice and truth. This is one more reason why threats by terminal imbeciles like Pompeo or Trump have no effect whatsoever on Muslims.’

  6. This is all true, but you/we/I won’t have much luck trying to get large % of regular White folks in fly over Red States to start going for this, starting “naming the Jew” trying to work with Iranians, Palestinians, Labs etc. And the thought of getting outed as an American White racist Jew hater will send most White Americans in to terror that they will never be able to work a regular job again, go to church, have a wife or girlfriend.

    There are certainly going to be terrorist attacks against White Americans, it won’t be the top Sheldon Adelson Jews., or just against White Western European tourists in Egypt, Turkey anybody that looks like a White American, looks like Donald Trump.

    My advise when dealing with White American normies is to go something like this:

    “We have 27 years of American invasions, occupations, regime changes in Iraq, Syria, Libya – it’s been a complete disaster. Shiite Iranian Muslim mobs all hate us – Al Qaeda and ISIS Sunni Islamists all hate us – they want to torture and slaughter us, rape our wives and daughters. We can’t travel anywhere in Iraq, Iran or related places. OK. That’s reality. So the simple thing to do in this terrible reality is to end mass immigration, migration of these Islamists that hate us in to Tennessee and Minnesota.”

    Restricting immigration of Muslims that hate us is always very popular with regular White folks, good ol boys, any kind of Christian.

    It’s practically impossible to try to explain the whole ZOG thing to normies. Plus normies actually like most all the things of ZOG – like stupid Hollywood movies, Negro Felon League Football, porn. And all the successful Christians that they know just love all things Israel, all things Jewish. They want to be successful, they don’t want to hear the warnings from losers.

    So keep it simple. We only have like 2 people in the US Congress Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard who will come out of the closet to oppose these Neo Conservative attacks. Everybody else is a patriotard or Lib Leftist Dems will just blame everything on Trump, racist Trump supporters and we’e now hearing the same old, same old:

    “This is all about Oil. White racists trying to steal brown people’s oil. No blood for oil”

    That as* Hol* Collin Kirkpatric is being presented making this charge:


    And regular White redneck working stiffs will “Rally Around Our President, Support the Troops” against Leftist, Black Lies matter celebrities like Colin Kirkpatrick , I’m sure the Jews media will give Michael Moore lots of airtime to make the same charge – “These wars are all by Trump and his RACIST Supporters”.

    Folks, this fake wrestling act has been going on since ~ 1991 when I tried a one man, America First anti War campaign in Tennessee. I was not able to sway the masses when the powers that be got Hank Williams Jr to crank out some paint by the numbers “Let’s go to war, kick Saddam’s Ass”.

    “Don’t Give us a Reason”….

    Nah, just try to get folks to turn of the ZOG pro war propaganda, focus on immigration restrictions.

    Or else try to Black propaganda. Pose as an actual Muslim migrant to Red State, start putting the word out that locals are going to pay for all this shi* plus say Christianity is a false religion, all the priests and Pope are mostly fags.

    Have some fun – but just believe you’re going to WAKE UP huge %s of White Americans to the Neo Conservative, ZIonist program.

    • The Iranians really ought to knock off prominent Jews who are gloating over this assassination: Dershowitz, Batya Ungar Sargon of “The Forward”, Seth Mandel, John Podhoretz, Ben Shapiro. That’s the best message that could be sent

  7. The Trumpites and Qtards are cheering this stupid move by the X game show host president acting exactly like a dictator like it was the best 3D chess move ever. These jews and ziomaniacs have no love for these people who cheer and praise for their own stupid demise. What happened to our country and its fat lazy population who are being duped by ziomaniacs and disgusting jews?

  8. A great presentation. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the death of an Iranian General precipitated an awakening and a reaction against Jewish power?

  9. In the 6.50 is the good point and good lesson about social psychology.

    “” there was a 300 billion program to send weapons to those……Nazis…… in Ukraine…”.

    Even the best and brightest are nazitrapped. Nazis bad, we won the good war. Person who claims that he fights against Jewry, using Jew propaganda words and pushing Jew narrative.

    I did not listened more but I am sure that he is also not “racist” and not “homophobic” and not whatever. It is good example how strong this psychological lock is.

    Bad people are Nazis. Or racists. Or witch. Tell a word and the high IQ Anglo mind switches off. This is the problem, not Jews or whoever want to manipulate.

    Anybody else using this trick too. Have you ever had proper overview what is really going on in Ukraine ? No, because Anglo reacting to word Nazi. . Ukronazi is bad and must be killed.

    Ukrosadistists Ukroterrorists, Ukroserialkillers are just part of the society and nobody cares. They had hard childhood and we all make mistakes after all. Shit happens.

    Problem is not Jew but smart high IQ white people, who will switch off their thinking when somebody says a magic word. Witch, racist Nazis or whatever Jews or anybody else figuring out.

    For general information, when Iran win the war, they are not our friends. They will control the society with the word Islamophobia. And white genetic liberals are more than happy to root out those evil creatures. Jew may be gone but command word and commanders are still here. Just other people will use those words to control high IQ Anglo.

    • Bad people are Nazis. Or racists. Or witch. Tell a word and the high IQ Anglo mind switches off. This is the problem, not Jews or whoever want to manipulate.

      Sir, I respect your thoughts but I must disagree with your final conclusion. I’m an Anglo-Saxon and what I’ve noticed is that, while my people are among the most inventive people on the planet according to rate of invention per capita, we also have a very strong tendency to virtue signal.

      We don’t like being cut out from the group or socially shamed. Pathological altruism (White liberals reacting against ‘magic words’ – aka you slander someone with a slur and suddenly he’s the devil) is more common in Scandinavia & Germany than in the Anglosphere.

    • Juri,

      An insightful comment on your part. There is information here that is worth remembering. E. Michael Jones toes the political correct line in some areas even if he is not aware of his conditioning.

    • I chalk it up to “boomer mindset”, which is one of many problems I have with EMJ.
      OTOH, there are some anarcho-natsoc larpers out there who are good with arming the ukrops cuz’
      they’re “killing commies”, using NatSoc symbols, who are paid by and working for shlomo.
      It ain’t just boomers who haven’t broken the conditioning…

  10. Some interesting facts on Iran South Africa relations:

    Reza Schah was in exile in South Africa after being toppled by the British and replaced with a British stooge.


    Iran was one of the most important oil supplier to South Africa during the boycott years.

    “Ties between the Iranian government under the Pahlavi dynasty and South Africa’s predominantly white government were close during apartheid. After Reza Shah abdicated in 1941, he exiled himself to South Africa then he died there in 1944. His son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi visited the country during the 1970s where he was received by B J Vorster.”


    The Natref refinery was a joint project with Iran:


    My late father, an important S.A. researcher, was a Sasol employee.

  11. Hi Christina,

    I cancelled my Spanish immersion course/trip to Chile this December because Communists were rioting in the capital Santiago. But, my contact there says things have settled down, plus things are much better in places outside the capital – very few people want Chile to go the way of Venezuela or Cuba. She- my contact there sounds very practical, but also nice and a bit fun like you.

    I have to get out of this City/State/Country. Get off the internet.

    Take care.


    • Jaye:

      Give it a little time, it’ll heat back up.

      I once wrote a book about the life and times of Matthew Fontaine Maury (the fella who discovered/invented the Science of Oceanography). Not a very good book that most anyone outside my little circle would be interested in, but the idea for it came from my older kids to begin with, and all they were really interested in in any case was my sharing or passing down that knowledge to their kids, my grandchildren. The reason I mention the book in this connection is because during Maury’s extensive travels as a young U.S. Navy Lieutenant, he spent a lot of time in South American ports. In his letters to friends and family back home he talks at length about how the Chileans and other South Americans tend to be extremely fickle minded and prone to go from one extreme to the other in the twinkling of an eye, so to speak. I of course included some of this in the book so that my grandchildren could look at “current events” as they are happening in South America and go “welp, par for the course I guess” with scenes very similar dating back almost two-hundred years. …

    • Mr. Ryan,

      That was a nice letter you wrote me. Why get off the internet? I am glad your Chilean friend is practical and fun.

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