Donald Trump Retreats From Targeting Iranian Cultural Sites

I was horrified by this.

It is bad enough that Trump is going absolutely out of his way to try to start a war with Iran after promising to end our existing wars simply to spite his predecessor.

It is bad enough that he is trying to create a problem – Shiite terrorist attacks on Americans – where no such problem existed before his administration.

It is bad enough that we know he is doing it all for Israel and his Jewish donors who are the reason we tore up the Iran deal. They hated Obama because of the Iran Deal which reduced tensions with Iran. It was one of the few good things Obama did during his presidency.

It tells you all that you need to know about Trump that he is threatening to blow up Iranian cultural sites in the midst of Soleimani’s funeral where he is being cast as a Shiite hero and martyr and woven into a religious narrative about Husayn. What kind of message does that send at this highly charged time? Is the message “I want peace, believe me” or does it sound like I am a barbarian savage who is determined to destroy your country?

I don’t believe anything that Donald Trump says anymore especially about his foreign policy. His actions speak louder than his words. Even his words also now speak volumes about his intentions. He is a liar and a con artist who told us what we wanted to hear in 2016.

Note: The message it sent to me is that Donald Trump is determined to plunge us into a war with Iran. If he doesn’t succeed in doing it before the election (due entirely to Iran’s restraint), he will do it in his second term because that is what his bloodthirsty Zionist donors want. When Trump starts a war with Iran, we can forget about anything else ever getting done.

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  1. We aren’t getting anything with Trump anyway. They took his measure early on and saw that he was a fraud. He has to go.

  2. Of course that utter piece of marrano shit, (((Nick Fuentes))) wanted Trump to be an even bigger Zionist and bomb Iranian cultural sites.

    I unironically hope that something horrible happens to that filthy sephardic ape. He hates Pagans, “Wignats” and Nazbols, is anti-Palestine, and tries to undermine support for Palestine among nationalists. Now he is openly supporting war with Iran and saying America bullying people is a good thing

    Under National Bolshevism, Charlie Kirk and Nick Fuentes will both get the bullet. So will anyone who tolerates such filth.

    My tolerance for anything other than Nazbols and Strasserites is reaching a breaking point. I am not a liberal who believes that my enemies deserve free speech and that I can “respect opposing viewpoints” on issues this vital. Fuck all Zionists, and anyone soft on Zionism, and fuck their freeze peach.
    At the very least, the so-called dissident right needs to make it an ABSOLUTELY NON-NEGOTIABLE rule that if you don’t unconditionally support the heroic Palestinian Struggle, FUCK YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT. YOU ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. If you don’t unconditionally support Iran against Judeo-America, FUCK YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT. FUCK YOU YOU ZIONIST PIECE OF SHIT.

  3. I support Trump killing general salami and confronting Iran in all their nastiness. They have been asking for it for a long time. I don’t think we should purposely attack so called cultural sites but making them think we might blow up some of their so called holy mosques while they are in there praying to their demon god with their stinky butts up in the air is almost too good to resist!

    • How have they been “asking for it for a long time”? Name one single Shiite terrorist who has killed an American in the United States or Europe. Three Americans were killed by al-Shabab in Kenya the other day. We’re not on the verge of war with Somalia.

      • Iran has been at war with us since the revolutionary mullahs took over in 1979. We didn’t declare war on them. Regardless of how right or wrong our foreign policy may be, we can’t let other nations threaten and attack our sovereignty, much less kill our soldiers. No matter how wrong, stupid and evil our government may sometimes be, we can’t let other nations continue such attacks. I doubt many nations would. Whether we like it or not-and until King Jesus comes-that is just the way the world works. We are citizens of the United States of America. It is not really in our interest (either short or long term) to be on the losing side of any war or conflict, regardless of whether we should have gotten involved in such a conflict. Anyway, that is just my opinion. Thanks for letting me comment.

        • 1.) No, it hasn’t.

          A week ago, we weren’t at war with Iran. Soleimani and the U.S. fought against both the Taliban and ISIS. Tensions had cooled with Iran until Trump became president and pulled out of the Iran Deal because AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson hated it.

          2.) How has Iran attacked our sovereignty? All the terrorist attacks on American soil have been carried out by Sunni terrorists like 9/11 where the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

          3.) The only reason we have any issue at all with Iran is because of our foreign policy which is controlled by Jewish donors loyal to Israel. There wasn’t a problem with Iran for centuries before they bought our foreign policy. Why doesn’t any other country in the Western hemisphere have a problem with Iran? Because there is no reason for there to be any conflict.

          4.) We are deliberately trying to crush Iran’s economy with sanctions in order escalate tensions. Because of those donors.

          5.) If troops weren’t in Iraq, there would no reason for them to become targets. Trump promised to bring our troops home. He hasn’t.

          • 1) Yes, I think they have. From the takeover of our embassy in Iran in 1979 to their apparent attacks on our embassy in Iraq in 2019, they have been physically as well as verbally assaulting our property and more importantly our people. For forty years, ever since I was in high school, I have heard them call us the Great Satan and chant, “Death to America!” Sorry, but despite our many great faults and problems, I still consider myself an American. I can’t help but take their attacks on us personally. Maybe I am too sensitive.

            As far as Iran fighting the Taliban/ISIS, I don’t think that the enemy of our enemy is necessarily our friend (e.g., as in Stalin/the USSR during WWII). I think that they can still be very much our enemy. Perhaps we can agree that the Middle East is a very complicated mess.

            The reason we pulled out of the Iran Deal was because many of us thought it really was a bad deal (and not just because Obama gave them $1.3 billion dollars to sweeten it with). We thought it just gave them more time and access to more funding for their nuclear program. We didn’t believe that they wouldn’t develop nuclear weapons. The fact that some Jews in the USA and Israel felt the same way does not mean we only believed this way because we are tools of the Jews. I believe it is possible for a Gentile and a Jew to have a common interest. Same for the United States and Israel.

            2) Iran and their proxies have assaulted our sovereignty by attacking our embassies, ships, planes, barracks, sailors, soldiers, airmen, intelligence agents and citizens visiting overseas as tourists. I believe that an attack on these is an attack on our nation even if it doesn’t take place on American soil.

            There also appears to be some evidence of connections between Iran and Al-Qaida (murky it is true). This includes possibly some type of operational assistance or training of the 911 terrorists. Most experts in this field may deny this but I don’t think this possibility should be entirely dismissed.

            3) The only reason we have an issue with Iran is because they are a revolutionary Islamic so-called Republic controlled by totalitarian minded mullahs. They are the ones who have destabilized the Mideast by their promotion of Shia Fundamentalism via terrorism and their threats to annihilate Israel. The reason we are the ones who confront Iran is because we are the world’s main power, at least for now. The rest would rather rely on us to do the dirty work, and/or just pay off Iran if/when they have to.

            4) The real reason we should be trying to crush Iran’s economy (as well as confronting them militarily when necessary) is to contain their influence, limit their ability to turn their threats into reality and to hopefully in the long run cause their regime to be overthrown and replaced with a true republic more favorable to Western and Christian values. If American Jews and and even the state of Israel want to help us reach these goals, why shouldn’t we accept such aid? That is what allies and supporters do.

            5) The US and it’s allies should determine if/when our troops should come home. I would prefer -and think it is in our best long term interest-if our enemies are not allowed to make this decision for us.

            I appreciate your allowing this exchange of ideas and opinions on your website, however wrong-headed mine may appear to you!

    • Yeah, they’ve really been asking for it. Like when the US shot 290 of their people out of the sky on a civilian airliner. Or that time we overthrew their government which directly led to a group of religious hardliners taking over.

      • Our Navy said that the airliner did not respond to our communications. Only a year earlier one of our ships had been attacked by the Iranian air Force, resulting in the deaths of 37 of our sailors. There had been other attacks from Iranian gunboats and mines. We were there to protect the real threat to international shipping during the Iran-Iraq war. While refusing to acknowledge legal responsibility, Reagan sent our deep regrets and later we sent financial compensation. I wonder if Iran would have acted the same in similar circumstances.

        I think the story of the CIA overthrowing the prime minister (Mosaddegh) of Iran is an exaggeration. Britain wanted to retain control of Iran and opposed the oil nationalization policy of Mosaddegh. We reluctantly sided with our old ally because of WW2, we needed their help with the war in Korea and because we were afraid of losing Iran to the Soviet Union during the heart of the Cold War. Mosaddegh lost the support of the ayatollahs because he refused to turn Iran into an Islamic Republic but gained the support of the communists (which he apparently didn’t ask for). After Mosaddegh lost support from some of his own people he dissolved the parliament and tried to crack down on his opponents. The Shah then had him removed from office (which was apparently allowed under their constitution). It was then that our CIA actively stepped in to help the Shah and his loyal generals take firm control of the government. Mossadegh was arrested, tried and imprisoned for three years then placed under house arrest until his death in 1967. Some of
        his allies were executed. We negotiated with Iran to guarantee access to their oil fields for our oil companies. This gave Iran more revenue than they had under the old British oil monopoly. This greater revenue enabled Iran to become a more modern and industrialized nation, while providing great wealth for the Shah, his family and cronies. Unfortunately the Shah only became more corrupt and dictatorial and his secret service Savak more cruel. With the alliance of the mullahs with the international left (and no real support from good ol Jimmy and the USA), the regime fell to the ayatollahs. I would venture to guess that most people who lived under both regimes would tend to say that the ayatollahs are worse, or at least not any better. Sorry to be so pedantic, but I get tired of hearing the CIA always portrayed as the big villain all the time, when there is plenty of villainy to go around (I also recall reading somewhere that Tehran was crawling with KGB agents around the time of the 1953 coup but can’t find any verification for that though I tend to think that it is probably true). Plus the full story is quite often much more complicated.

        • The bottom line is that the Iranians deeply resented the CIA’s 1953 Operation Ajax and that resentment culminated in the 1979 revolution. Not difficult to understand.

          • Ultimately, the failure of Iran to develop into a just constitutional republic is the fault primarily of the Iranians themselves. Of course, if your country was once the center of a great empire but then perceived as a quasi-colony of Great Britain then the United States, why not blame all your troubles on the Great CIA Boogeyman? Not difficult to understand.either.

        • Sons of Forrest,

          Is that the essay you’re going to submit to be a clandestine agent for “the company?” When do you report to “the farm” for tradecraft 101?

          FYI, the CIA is the villain that we know it to be. Ask all the citizens of the countries they’ve destabilized for the empire. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman ” to see how the game is played.

          Of course, the KGB weren’t choirboys, but that doesn’t make the CIA innocent alter boys either.

          Remember that pawns in this Talmudic endgame aren’t victims of chance.

          • November,

            Are your comments part of your essay that you are going to submit to the next Friends of the Mullahs of Iran Convention? When do you report to Tehran?

            I never said the CIA were altar boys. Just that the actual history seems to be more complex than “The CIA overthrew Mossadegh”.

            However, if we are going to compare the KGB to the CIA, then I think when it comes to assassinations, mass killings, torture, and even brutal takedowns of other nations’ governments, the Soviet version still has our intelligence agency beat.

            Not for sure what the Talmudic endgame is. I can only try to have faith in God and our Constitution. Otherwise, don’t trust too much in any man be it Jew, Moslem, Catholic, Protestant, Pagan or Atheist. Or even trust too much in oneself. And don’t trust too much in any type of government, even our Founders, as they are all made by men.

            But thanks for the reference to the book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. I will try to check it out. If I am not recruited into the CIA first. If I am, maybe I will get to meet you before your rendition!

  4. I think threatening to obliterate Iran’s history and cultural monuments is the real Trump. He backtracked only because it horrified people.

    • This threat to commit genocide will be played over and over again by the Democrats, burying any chance DJT had for reelection later this year. He is probably now realizing that he was set up as much as the Iranian general.

    • They don’t want to admit that they literally put the biggest Zionist freak in history in the White House. They have devoted the last 5 years to putting their faith in the Orange Zionist to save them rather than organizing a mass movement among the White working class.

      Anybody who was still supporting Blormpf after the FIRST Syria strike should have been shamed and driven out of the movement.

  5. That tweet about threatening to destroy 52 Iranian historical sites, one for each American hostage held by Iran 40 years ago, wasn’t written by Zion Don. It was the work of one of jewish “handlers”. Trying to determine the authenticity of a Trump tweet is reminds me of the New Testament, where there are numerous gospels, epistles and revelations ascribed to famous saints but they are written in a very different style.

    • True. There’s no way that the pentagram would have released the exact number of sites they’ve targeted. Everyone in the “Beltway ” knows that Blompf has diarrhea of the mouth and cannot be trusted with classified information, especially if the loose cannon is talking in front of the cameras.

  6. Targeting cultural heritage sites, sculptures, et cetera for destruction is Taliban level grug think. Not even the arabs in Egypt in Egypt destroyed the Spinx or Pyramids, and Christians didn’t demolish the Roman Colosseum.

    Tangerine brain Blompf is a clear and present danger to world peace and a war criminal. In a just world, Blompf and his MIGA administration would be confined to a desolate atoll (preferably one that is still radioactive from H-bomb tests)in the Pacific Ocean with no means of escape.

  7. He’s probably got us into a War with Iran because he’s being Impeached and he’s dusting off the old Republican propaganda game of distraction…..the Islamics are gonna get us. President George W. Bush played that game over and over and over again. His never ending Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and high Gas prices as a result caused Obama’s election 100%. Nobody likes stupid foreign wars especially when we have Zero objectives. All that does is cost money and lives for nothing. Now he’s in a conflict with Iran for nothing when the US literally had a peaceful agreement with Iran! Now look…Iran has ended the Nuclear Deal! Some people in this country are scum of the Earth and love War. The Jews even distanced themselves from Trump over Iran! I think this is just another reason why Trump should be voted out of office. You really care about the future? Stand up for our People….be a Nationalist. It’s not just about White Nationalism but all races having Nationalism and peace in the World. Deo Vindice!

    • Donald Trump ended the nuclear deal, Iran didn’t. They would be smart to now produce nuclear warheads as soon as possible if they want to secure their sovereignty. America broke yet another treaty, so they have a right to do it.

      • Powell,

        Until Iran can put a nuclear warhead on top of one of their missiles, in the meantime, they can use chemical and biological weapon payloads as a deterrent to israhell and Zog-USA.

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