The Iran War Begins

Thanks for nothing, Donald Trump.

As I said on Twitter, supporting and voting for Donald Trump in 2016 was the biggest mistake that I ever made. He told me what I wanted to hear about ENDING these wars in the Middle East. He told me the Iraq War was a huge mistake. That’s the Donald Trump that I voted for in 2016, not the one who simultaneously wanted to tear up the Iran Deal. In the end, we got nothing we wanted from the 2016 election and now we have a bigger disaster than Iraq on our hands. I won’t make the same mistake again in the 2020 election.

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  1. What a disgrace. I have been monitoring Fox news (in other words I spent the day with my mom).. WOW… What a non stop parade of “the greatest exporter of terror” and “President Trump is displaying an American First policy in the Middle East”. The delusion and dishonesty in these people is beyond belief. Too use a tired analogy, it is 1984 come to pass. This is terrifying, AND HERE IS THE RUB. If you dare criticize this, NOW you will be met with a legion of Boomer and drooling “MAGAtards” calling you an unpatriotic Libtard who is disrespecting our legion of vibrant diversity and armed forces

    • “What a disgrace. I have been monitoring Fox news (in other words I spent the day with my mom)..”

      Haha! You, too, eh?

      • Yes sir brother… It is worse than a root canal, and making it even more painful is the fact when I drop even a portion of a red pill about the “who”, “why” and “where”, I get that look which basically states “where did I go wrong raising my child”.

        But in all seriousness i can’t believe these people get away with this nonsense. A blonde bimbo in a mini skirt flanked by two talking heads with quaffed hair discussing about the evil terrorism and evil Sulemani and Iran have committed, and why Emperor Blormpf is bringing strength and “AMERICA FIRST” back…


    • You are so right. I have Fox on and cannot believe the crap coming from the mouths of every shill for Israel that Fox News’ directors have so far been able to parade before the cameras. I would not be surprised to learn that Fox News’ content is now being remote directed from Israel itself. In any case, there’s some Jewish clown coming on and off, who you can bet, if he’s worn a uniform, it hasn’t been ours, who’s factually speaking as a spokesman for Netanyahu.


      But getting that going would take Spirit filled geniuses with balls. We have NONE of those anywhere in independent media.

  2. I urge everyone to listen to Jason Jorjani on Red Ice, who predicted all of this in great detail just three days ago.

    Jorjani, half European-American, half-Iranian, is anti-Muslim and pro-Persian and has worked with the domestic opposition to the Islamic regime in Iran, but nevertheless is pro-Iranian people. He knows more than anyone about the situation and his interview with Heinrick was absolutely illuminating.

    • It was simply fantastic. I am well versed on the region and he went in directions that I haven’t even considered. Great recommendation. Thank you

  3. This is repulsive. America First turns out to be The Big One for Israel. And make no mistake about it– Trump started this war. I cannot wait to see Trump ousted. What a disappointment. What a fiasco.

  4. From The Guardian:

    Stephanie Grisham
    We are aware of the reports of attacks on US facilities in Iraq. The President has been briefed and is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with his national security team.


  5. Same clowns who led us into this mess will now expect to command us. HOW ABOUT FUCK OFF AND RESIGN EN MASSE?

  6. West Point turned out a bunch of negress officers. You can’t create human weapons like that and not use them.

    Plus, The Economy, it demands war and infinite Mexicans and Amazon drones. And if you don’t support war with Iran the ADL will add you to a domestic terrorist watchlist.

  7. Not guessing there is going to be the usual faggotry about this all being a false flag.

    Now folks here get to make excuses for Iran killing troops in Iraq that were staked out like Judas goats for the bloody shirt ZOG needed to justify an all out war. If they want an excuse, they probably have it now.

    This was uncharacteristically stupid for Iran. A symmetrical military retaliation against a superior opponent. Its going to end badly for them I’m guessing.

    How many White men died there tonight?

    Now, go ahead and tell me how Iran are the victims, how its all the Jews fault, etc. so on and so forth. We shouldn’t have been there to begin with, blah blah. So what. The world doesn’t work on oughts and shouldn’t. Only kids and women think in those terms. Men don’t have the luxury.

    I’d trade any number of dead brown people to protect those White soldiers there tonight.

    Would you?

    • Anyone who signed up since 2005 knows what they are getting into, knows the nefarious shit our government is up to. If not, they’re too irredeemably stupid to wipe their own asses. Nobody’s enlisting to “protect freedom” or any of that tosh. Military offers a wide range of benefits, good pay, low chance (until now) of getting killed, chance of adventure…many appeals to many different people.

      But nobody can seriously claim ignorance.

      • The military markets itself to vulnerable young White men so it can use them as cannon fodder.

        How many of those young White men actually have any sense before they get roped into service to meet family expectations or pay college and put food on the table?

        You are ok with them dying and being maimed because they were naive, and got decieved by the greatest propaganda machine ever created?

        Every generation of my family has served, but never served in a good war. There haven’t been any good wars.

        • Do you feel sorrow at those (presumably White) American mercenaries who were just killed in Kenya a few days ago, along with the American soldier? Come to think of it, what the F**K are we doing in Kenya? If you sign up, you should know that you could end up somewhere like that. It’s very sad, but they’re big boys and girls. Signing up is a choice at this time. People sign up despite knowing about the dreadful possibilities – they figure it’s worth the risk.

      • Let me make this clear again. I don’t give a flying fuck if we screw Iran over. They aren’t my people, my country or my faith. They aren’t White.

        I don’t care if the White troops there are mercenaries there to help steal oil from brown people.

        As White people, only we get to judge our own. Its our responsibility to, and well past time. Its our job to oppose ZOG.

        Brown people, don’t get to judge us. They don’t rate. I would trade for the safety of every dead/wounded White soldier from the last generation of pointless military adventures for as many brown lives as it would take to keep them safe from the hell they’ve gone through.

        Your affectations and moralization about the inequity of it all is pointless and gay. Loyalty to tribe is everything. The Iranians will teach us that, if nothing else. You won’t find any of them acting like faggots, countersignaling the safety of their own to support White soldiers, or mourn White hero generals.

        I don’t support ZOG. But I don’t wish harm on White soldiers, which is the majority of who is in our armed forces, for now anyway.

        Conflicting reports are claiming dozens of casualties or 0 casualties depending on the source.

        Here is hoping for Zero. Then, I hope we obliterate Iran for even trying.

        I won’t wrap myself in the flag, or make appeals for muh principles and freedom.

        I want only whats in the 14 Words. Supporting brown enemies against White troops, is against that goal.

        Go ahead and side with brown people.

        Israel is a scourge on our country. But its been allowed to be by misguided and corrupt Whites. I don’t care if Israel is destroyed. But I am no slave to my hatred of Jews, such that I would make sacrifices of young White people to try and get revenge for the Perfidy of ZOG.

        You think you are on the moral high ground? Fuck your morality. I care about saving White lives, because they are the only ones worth bothering with.

        Go live with the brown team. See if they want you.

        Spoiler alert, they don’t care about your moral high ground either.

        • You think you are on the moral high ground? Fuck your morality. I care about saving White lives, because they are the only ones worth bothering with.

          Many who don’t want the USA to invade Iran are trying to save White lives. A ground war in Iran would result in a lot of dead White Americans and millions more migrants moving to Europe.

          Here is hoping for Zero. Then, I hope we obliterate Iran for even trying.

          I won’t wrap myself in the flag, or make appeals for muh principles and freedom.

          I want only whats in the 14 Words. Supporting brown enemies against White troops, is against that goal.

          On the off chance you’re serious & not LARPing :

          Will another victory for the American Empire benefit Europe (where most Whites live)? No. The American Empire is the lynchpin of the Liberal International Order. The UN has its HQ in New York and is dependent on American funds. The World Bank & IMF are based in DC. The headquarters of the International Jewish Lobby is the USA. The USA has been incremental in turning Europe into what it now is. The same is starting to happen in South Korea.

          Long story short: if you really want to help White people then you should stop cheering for a giant multicult empire that doesn’t care about you and focus on waking up actual White people to how the world works.

          Go live with the brown team. See if they want you.

          Ahh, the classic ‘snarky hyperbolic statements that have nothing to do with what your opponents are saying’ tactic, nice choice mate.

          No one here wants to live in Iran.

        • Onwards Christian Soldiers. Fight to defend drag queen story hour, globohomo, gender transitioning of seven year old boys and girls, online censorship, anti-BDS executive orders for college campuses, regime changes that cause the indigenous populations death, destruction, disease, and chaos, wide open borders, the Great Replacement, international banking and zionism, and of course, our greatest ally.

          Poor White men and women can join the Peace Corps, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, U.S. Border Patrol, ICE, or their local fire department or police department. They DO NOT have to voluntarily enlist in the jewnited states armed forces.

          If White Americans get killed in combat fighting for Israel’s interests, they should be buried in Israel. No sympathy for ZOG ‘s ‘muscle’ that enables (((their))) agenda on the West and elsewhere where it’s not wanted.

    • Those white ZOG mercenaries you are so enamored of would not give it a second thought if they were ordered to shoot you and your whole family, Randy Weaver style.

      • Spot On, Spahn! A point that I’ve been attempting or make with my Neo-Con, MAGA, “Support Our Troops” friends, family and acquaintances for years. They just can’t seem to grasp the concept.

        I try to put it into terms that they can relate to. Such as the use of the 101st Airborne to integrate Little Rock High School. I tell them to look at the composition of the ranks of the R.O.T.C. and count the Homosexuals, Feminists, Negroes, Hispanics, Muslims, Hindus and Transgenders; all of whom have been taught from birth that the White Man is their enemy. And, as you noted about Weaver, and I observed with Little Rock, even our own young White men are used as Janissaries. But, the Neo-Cons in my circle just repeat the same silly platitudes about “good and bad in everyone” and “America is still the greatest country on Earth.” Neither of which addresses, or even acknowledges, the true magnitude of the problem and how it will ultimately pertain to us in ways that most of them cannot fathom.

  8. The amount of restraint that Iran has shown against decades of insults, threats and provocations from ZOG is remarkable. Of course Washington was attempting to antagonize them into making the first move, thus providing a justification / pretext for war. But the Iranians refused to walk into the trap, which has obviously driven the kikes and their shabbos goyim into a frustrated rage. The world community is going to side with Iran. Only the Hannity, Hagee and Limbaugh boomers will side with the bad guys.

  9. This Iraq attack is going to provide some new plots for future Rambo movies. Or maybe Ernst P. Worrell…

  10. I’d assume that the US and U.K. will bite off the oil rich territories and sit there to wait for counter attacks

    • The UK is preparing to pull forces out of Iraq. Part of it is that Britain is simply too divided due to Brexit to fully throw its weight into anything like this.

  11. Right on cue, all the boomers and cuckservatives in my social circle are cheering for America to kill the “greatest exporter of terrorism”…as if they learned nothing from the last 15+ years. What a joke. I don’t want to see White lives lost unnecessarily in a conflict like this, but it’s inevitable now. I just hope that Iran can fight back creatively and do some real damage to this bloated, degenerate empire. It’s the only good that can come of this.

  12. no, Because those “white” soldiers don’t belong in the Middle East, doing dirty work for Zion.

    they belong on America’s borders, stopping the shitskin invasion.

    now go collect your hasbara shekel.

  13. Yea I just couldn’t vote for him. He talked a good on being a Populist / Nationalist and the other Republicans fought hard against him. However since he won the Primary and the General Election…99% of Republicans are for him. The only Republicans against him are the Bush family and a few Republicans with future goals of being in the White House some day. He’s delivered nothing for Americans and now has gone hardcore Neocon on foreign policy. He’s doing it probably as a distraction because he’s being Impeached. The Jews in Israel have even spoke negative about him and a War with Iran. He’s a nut and has no self control. He’s desperate with the Impeachment going on. Now he’s delivering for the Donor Class full of Jewish Supremacists, the Military Industrial Complex, Oil Companies, the New World Order, and Zionists. Deo Vindice !

  14. All night they’ve been landing galaxy transports into Brize Norton all night so there’s already massive casualties from something in Iraq

  15. All the jews in media are yelling we defeated the NAZIs and bringing up the the fake holocaust that we can defeat radical Islamists. Wait a second, Trump took out a popular General and Iranian diplomat, it was first blood in my book.

    If this kicks off and disrupts our life, I know where my loyalty stands. Maybe in the end we’ll get the 110 and never again because I’ll fully endorse it with my own blood!

    There isn’t an American news station that isn’t beating war drums. Just maybe when the stupid fat Americans can’t buy soda pop, twinkles, pies and cakes anymore they’ll rise up. To be honest I’m not holding my breath.

    Thank God I learned young how to survive with minimal supplies and where to go just in case. Yes I knew it was coming. God bless you all!

  16. Now that Zog’s war with Iran has started, be on the lookout (BOLO) for ‘dancing Israelis ‘ in your vicinity.

  17. Those guys shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Iraq should not have been invaded(WMD lies), and they should have been out of there by now any which way.

  18. Welp. What can I say anymore. What a disgrace. After Trump told Israel about his cowardly drone attack while shoving ice cream in his bloated face, Bibi turned around and said to leave Israel out of this… It’s a US affair… Trump is a con-man, liar & a shill. He can’t begone soon enough. 25th.

  19. Looks like reports are saying zero American casualties. How is that possible? All 30 missed their targets, or was this a face saving move by Iran?

    If they intentionally missed the targets, this is huge win for Trump.

  20. It appears that Trump did not respond.

    Was it Iran’s (and Hezbollah’s) promise to fire missiles at his beloved Israel if there were US retaliatory strikes??

    • be patient. It takes a few hours to coordinate the sort of “retaliation” that Zion-stooge Trump is going to administer. Right now it’s it’s mid-day in Iran. The first “Shock and Awe” (aerial) attack will begin at night, as per usual. Another indicator: 82nd Airborne Division troops now flying into Kuwait have been told by their officers that “this is for real”.

      when you think about it from the ZOG viewpoint, it’s actually impressive:

      the ZOG got its War of Choice…by murdering the opposition’s best military leader.

  21. “As I said on Twitter, supporting and voting for Donald Trump in 2016 was the biggest mistake that I ever made.”

    It was like you were all hypnotized. Not even pictures of Donald Trump as Grand Marshall of New York’s Israel Day Parade, would snap people out of it. There was a mega-thread on Stormfront that detailed all the shady things in Donald Trump’s past, but not even Stormfronters would listen. If you vote for it, whatever evil they do has your backing until they are removed from office. That is how fake Democracy works.

    I was one of the few that campaigned for Bob Whitaker, and am proud of what I did every day. If Pro Whites had a chance of winning, they wouldn’t need to run!

  22. HW, you really didn’t have any choice, it was Trump or the female vampire.
    You were sincere, you were deceived and cheated.

    • Actually that’s not true. He had a choice – to sit the election out or write in a candidate. Alabama was going to go Trump with or without HW’s vote or support. You just have to follow voting patterns in the various states to know what the results will be ahead of time. This is why I have sat out the last several presidential elections in Oklahoma: our guys (Romney, McCain, Trump) have been crap, almost as bad and worse in certain respects than the Democrat crap candidates. But they (the Republicans) were going to win by a landslide in Oklahoma in spite of that, which I knew all along with every single one of them.

      Now, voters in “swing states” are another matter entirely; in their cases it really is an “either-or,” “lesser of two evils” situation. Gotta feel for some of those folks; it’s perfectly understandable that some of them feel compelled to hold their noses and vote for shit heels like Trump, McCain, et al.

  23. “I predict that Obama will at one point attack Iran in order to save face” Sept 16/13 blumpf tweet wag the zog

  24. No confirmed reports of dead U.S. personnel.

    Only dead confirmed as of now were on the civilian airliner.

    Let the false flaggotry commence.

    We will know more when Potatus talks later this morning after having closely monitored the situation.

  25. “all is well…” sez potatus…tens’ of ballistic missiles fired and “no casualties”…Iran claims 80 killed, hundreds wounded…medevac helicopters in the air…more to come.

  26. All kinds of Public Babblers are babbling how “We’re the GREATEST!!! No one can kick OUR asses hurr durr huur MURKA! MURKA! MURKA!!” etc…

    The Public Jews have gone radio silent.

    The TalmudVision Babblers are largely the Goyim slaves.

    And now the ENTIRE Shia Muslim world is united against us.

    The ENTIRE Shia world.

    Our job, We Remnants, is to just stay out of the way.

  27. It’s a war, don’t think they are de escalating things. There are combat air patrols circling previously sleepy air bases.

  28. Jews and Israel will always be Trump’s first and foremost allegiance and priority. His base-gentile whites from flyover country- will always come in second, which in practical terms means coming in last, since we are the primary targets of Jewish power and influence. We elected him, but like Rodney Dangerfield, get “no respect” we are not served by him and are often targets of punitive policies launched by his administration-Why? Votes apparently don’t count-money does! Jewish donors give millions to candidates for national office-Congress, Senate and President-and get trillion dollar wars fought on behalf of Israel in return, as well as top jobs and appointments in Trump’s administration, despite the fact that many of these appointees were “‘Never Trumpers “. Trump comes to flyover country to hold rallies to buck up his spirits but gives all the jobs and power positions in his administration to coastal elites, mostly Jews and gentile elites slavishly devoted to Jewish interests. The fundamental talent needed to succeed in politics long-term is the ability to distinguish friends from foes-a quality Trump lacks more than any politician in memory. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the classic definition of insanity. Trump is apparently spellbound with the vision of the The managerial elite”-he thinks only insiders can run the machinery of government.. He better hope he’s wrong, otherwise his presidency is doomed to failure, since all the bureaucrats in the Washington and in the federal government elsewhere seem to hate his guts-meanwhile those who elected him are left out in every way imaginable.

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