Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Mike Lee Back Democrats War Powers Resolution

What is worse?

The fact that Donald Trump lured Soleimani to Iraq to assassinate him?

The fact that he has pushed us to the brink of war with Iran a second time for the sake of Israel?

The fact that the “imminent threat” described by Mike Pompeo that was used to justify the assassination of a foreign general in a neutral country who was invited to be there by the Prime Minister of Iraq was pure bullshit and lies just like the intelligence that led to the Iraq War?

At least on foreign policy, we have common ground with libertarians. This whole episode was an absolute disgrace to our country. In normal times, this would be a real scandal.

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  1. What is worse? Having these IDIOTS in charge of our nation, and fomenting war as ISRAEL’S BITCH, that’s what’s worse.

    Death to the Jew World Order.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Agreed. And well said.

    Has anyone else noticed that Sen. Rand Paul has been making a complete as* out of himself on immigration, demanding open borders immigration, telling us we must welcome any person in the entire world, unlimited numbers provided that person or 20 million 3rd worlders want to work a job, any job?

    Rand Paul hasn’t been doing a lot of photo ops with the Rev. Al Sharpton embracing Black Lies Matter mobs in Ferguson MO or embracing Soros funded BlackLiesMatter DAs like my Chicago’s Kim Fox.

    So, I do think our/my work has had some positive results. A lot of time it feels like nothing we do has any positive results, but, we can and do shame our representatives to stop being anti Southern, Anti white traitors at least for awhile.

    Glad to see Rand Paul isn’t running for President of the USA this year.

  3. The more I think about it the more outrageous it seems that Trump ordered a hit on Soleimani. If this is the way the empire does things now I guess it’s ok if others play this game too. Call your target a terrorist and off you go! Frank Church tried to stop this back in the ’70s; did they repeal his amendment?

    • Oh, no. Amerikans are the exceptional people. We can do whatever we want, to whomever we want. But if other nations do those same things, or even do them on a smaller scale, they are bad if we say they are bad.

  4. Imagine if the NeoCohens started noticing the race of people calling for war in Iran.

    Luckily, I’m Celtic and don’t hold inordinate reverence for a Judaic desert god or “Our Greatest Allies.”

    • Yes, you and madam still possess that fierce, pagan, warlike spirit that your Celtic ancestors had when they were fighting Julius Caesar in Gaul and Britain.

      • One wonders if Caesar had made a deal with some Jewish lender in Rome or if Brutus had taken the geld somehow

        • No but Vespasian did, his predecessor Nero was assassinated by Jew Epaphroditis who was secretary to Nero.

          Vespasian’s son titus was engaged to Herodian Princess Berenice.

          Vespasian rallied at Alexandria before taking the throne: the NYC of the empire.

          And yes, Vespasian et al created Christianity.

          Here is the real kicker: Tiberius Alexander (Titus’s buddy) may have crucified “jesus” aka Judas the Galilean as he did his two sons. They rewrote the story to blame it on Julio-Claudian Pilate.

          • Awesome! Have you read Caesar’s Messiah?

            The only thing you forgot was the adopted Flavian Josephus Bar Mathais – aka Flavius Josephus. And the very first Pope, Flavius Clement.

            You can’t get anymore obvious than the Aquila and the United States eagle. And the Fasces prominently displayed on legislative buildings and monuments in Washington.

            Add to the fact that Roman Aristocrats were obsessed with secret societies like The Saturnian Brotherhood, and the Mithraic Brotherhood. The Deep State is the remnants of Rome, Babylon, and Phoenicia. For example, the owl effigy at the Bohemian Grove is one of the avatars of Ishtar. And the giant bull statue on Wall Street is Moloch.

            Rome just rebranded as America.

  5. America’s Islamic State allies are praising the killing of Qasim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis as “God’s act and revenge for the believers.”

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