Gov. Bill Lee Gives An Impassioned Defense Of Continuing Refugee Resettlement In Tennessee

Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee, our 2019 Traitor of the Year, is being heavily criticized for his controversial decision to continue to support refugee resettlement.


“Continuing to face pushback for his recent decision to allow refugees to resettle in Tennessee, Gov. Bill Lee offered an impassioned explanation Tuesday about the federal initiative while facing scrutiny in front of a group of Republicans in Nashville.

During an appearance at First Tuesday, a GOP-centric monthly gathering in Music City, Lee was asked about immigrants who may be entering the U.S. using falsified documents. …

“There’s a real big difference between immigrants and refugees,” he said. “When you start talking about this topic, you need to be informed about the difference between illegal immigration and legal refugee settlement.” …

After the woman explained her understanding of the president’s order, the governor noted refugees placed in North Carolina could simply drive to Tennessee.

“And we will not know who they are, we will not have any ways to engage in their assimilation, and we will have no control over this process,” he said. “You may like not having control over who comes into this state, but I don’t.”

His response was arguably the most fiery public comment about any subject since he became a gubernatorial candidate in 2017.

Lee said while he shares the safety concerns that people across the state have about people who enter Tennessee, he has a philosophical belief that refugees should not be rejected.

He pointed out that first lady Maria Lee works with Kurdish refugees who live in Nashville. He said the refugee women came to the U.S. because their husbands, who served as translators for U.S. soldiers, were killed. …”

Lee isn’t alone in his philosophical commitment to refugee resettlement. 18 out of 27 Republican governors support continuing the program in spite of Trump’s executive order allowing them to opt out. There isn’t a single Republican governor who has rejected refugees.

Note: Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas is passionate about fighting anti-Semitism and starting a war with Iran on behalf of Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer. The Republican Senate did virtually nothing last year except pass the anti-BDS bill for their donors.

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  1. All white Christians either have him arrested and removed from office and replaced by a patriot, or … move out of Tennessee to another southern state. Alabama and Georgia come to mind.

  2. Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina have been lost. Within the past 20-25 years these states have been ruined by shit skin immigrants, Jews, and Yankees. Georgia is next on the list and so it continues. If something does not radically change within the next decade we will have nowhere left to go.

    • You are so right.
      We are nearing an avalanche point, where just a little more and the entire country suddenly turns into a brown cesspool, with a brown electorate that will never be dislodged. It’s only path will be ever downward. VERY DANGEROUS !

      • Yes the next decade will be crucial for Whites in America particularly the south and midwest. ZOG has already flooded the coasts and northeast with shit skins and now they’ve turned their attention to the midwest and south.

        • Yet, the vast majority are oblivious to our immediate fate. They don’t realize there will be a sudden drop in their living standard, a really steep drop. Just like rents skyrocketing in places.” Duh, why is my rents 3000/mo and I makes 2000?”.

          ……..just watch sportsball, rah rah rah , go niners.

          • Yeah it’s going to reach a breaking point very soon no matter how much ZOG attempts to cover things up.

  3. It really upsets me that there are so many creeps, cowards and cucks like this asshole Bill Lee lurking among us, people who would gladly sell their own daughters into white slavery in exchange for wealth, fame and the trappings of power. A brutal and protracted civil war/ race war / revolution would have a great cleansing effect on our race.

    • “brutal and protracted civil war/ race war / revolution would have a great cleansing effect on our race.”

      And it could be the end of our race, like the Haitian rebellion, or the Congo Crisis or the many Arab/ Moslem conquests.

  4. We know there’s a nominal difference between immigrants and refugees you f@ggot — we still don’t wan the refugees.

    Someone should examine his latest/next political/campaign finance statement to see if he’s receiving money from resettlement contractors.

    • “We know there’s a nominal difference between immigrants and refugees you f@ggot ”

      WE DO, but the average person is bedazzled by games with words, integration, gay, diversity. Call s**t fudge, and the average person will swallow it.

  5. The part you always leave out, your blind spot, so to speak: he is doing this out of his allegiance to Hellenistic Judaism (aka Christianity).

    The article has numerous companion articles showing how evangelicals and “faith groups” support him, while others dont.

    Same goes for Trump, Pompeo and Cotton. They adhere to Hellenistic Judaism (aka Christianity) and it drives their actions in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    Is the right as blind about religion as it claims the left is about race?

    PS were I alive at the time I would have supported the stoics, or possibly the magi, or even and judas the galilean, but opposed Saul the Herodian.

  6. Refugee resettlement, aka importing more 3rd worlders, always comes with forced assimilation thru forced integration, aka White Genocide.
    Lee looks like us but has no loyalty to us.
    Traitors are more despicable than open enemies.

  7. I know this sounds really lame, and it probably is. But please make those phone calls to Tennessee representatives to express your outrage that this supposedly rural, Conservative White Southerner Tennessee Governor is openly bragging about flooding Tennessee with 3rd world, predominantly Islamic refugees. He’s bragging about defying Presidential Trump’s initiatives that Governors can refuse to sponsor mass refugee migrants.

    So often it does feel as if all our activism has no results, that the system keeps grinding us down and our enemies and cuckservative traitors go on working for the Great Replacement – we get abused, or worse, beaten, raped and murdered and they get… nothing but wealth and the adulation of the anti Southern, anti White media.

    “Look at that PROGRESSIVE GOP governor of Tennessee, he’s standing up to all the racists and tearing down Confederate statues and he’s sponsoring refugees who just want to be safe and put food on the table for their families”.

    But, as Ann Coulter just said, regular Americans beat back half a dozen to a dozen full out illegal alien amnesties. And I note with great satisfaction that 2013 Amren traitor of the year Sen. Rand Paul has not been prostituting himself to BlackLivesMatter or calling for welcoming 600 million plus 3rd world immigrants, provided these immigrants all want to get some job. Rand hasn’t been saying this treason. We made him stop.

    If any of our readers have or had any connection to Tennessee please make those calls to TN State reps, Congressional staff members. I can give you instruction on who, what, where?

    Stay strong, stay possitive.

    • Our governor in NC(Roy Cooper) is even worse than Bill Lee! Since being elected to office he’s ramped up refugee resettlement, he encourages shitskins and Yankees to move here, he supports tearing down Confederate monuments, and he sucks jew and corporate cock.

  8. We need to flood Tennessee with street posters depicting this Fag*#&$ traitor Governor Bill Lee – have him playing golf while he floods Tennessee with Somalian Bantu Muslims infected with AIDS.

  9. And yet, we continue to vote republican. Conservative Inc says democrats take the black (minority population) vote for granted. Republicans have taken the White majority vote for granted for decades and it’s why we are here. No excuses. Democrats aren’t worse. Immigration has always been higher with republicans, we just thought it would be different under Trump. It’s not. At least Democrats are honest about Israel.

    • People vote Republican because they see it as the lesser of two evils when constantly faced with an evil of two lessers kind of choice — the problem is there is normally no one to vote affirmatively for — the US needs an AfA = Alternative for America party, similar to the AfD in Germany — the AfD was started less than 10 years ago, and everything considered, including how they are demonized by the establishment, has been very successful.

  10. “He pointed out that first lady Maria Lee works with Kurdish refugees who live in Nashville. He said the refugee women came to the U.S. because their husbands, who served as translators for U.S. soldiers, were killed. …”

    This is the most important line. The reason we have all these refugees is interventionist foreign policy. Refugees are not random like other kinds of immigrants, they are selected by the government to serve imperialist geopolitical goals. Most whites in TN strongly supported the neocon wars that got these refugees sent to them.

    • Atbotl,

      So these Kurds were killed in war fighting for their people while the US was helping them and that somehow gives them the right to come to the United States forever? The Americans were in Kurd territory to help them. It does not help the USA in any meaningful way.

      Their wives have abandoned their people that their husbands died for.

      So if I marry a Mexican policeman/soldier who dies fighting the drug War against the Cartels while Mexico is receiving aid from the United States then I should be able to come to the United States and get further aid? I actually laughed at that thought.

      The only justification for a refugee is that they lack the basic necessities of life and have used up all their resources. If that occurs then they just go temporarily to neighboring territory like Syria. Pledge allegiance to their lawful government and continue to work for their people and themselves.

  11. Lee was born in TN. Northam the Gun Grabber – VA.


    You’re own people are screwing you over, and always have been. Because of greed for Sheeney Gelte Which is a centuries old nightmare. .




  13. Just from that photograph alone, you can sense that he’s the type of corrupt politician that would do anything, as
    Long as you slide him an envelope filled with unmarked $100s under the table.

  14. Jaye Ryan,

    Are you delusional?

    Pelt the governor’s wife with rotten fruit and vegetables and/or pigs blood will get you thrown in a Tennessee jail without the option of bail real fast.

    A petition drive to have the governor recalled would be the best option. If people in Tennessee are as pissed off by the refugee resettlement taking place, this could do the trick.

  15. Fortunately many Tennessee Counties are strongly opposing traitor of the year TN Governor Lee and his virtue signaling rich bitch wife:

    “Loudon County commissioners this week went against Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee and unanimously passed a resolution saying they want no more refugees in their county.

    “Loudon County does not want to be forced into resettling additional poor and under-educated peoples who lack job skills and do not speak our language,” according to the language of the resolution.

    “These refugees will stay on unemployment for several years after their arrival and compete for the same jobs as our already large number of SNAP recipients.”

    In September, U.S. Republican President Donald Trump issued an executive order that enabled state and local governments to refuse resettling any more refugees in their states or localities.

    As reported, Lee cited his Christian faith as one of the reasons he decided to continue taking in refugees.

    Commissioner Van Shaver, who put the resolution forward, told The Tennessee Star Wednesday that Lee is wrong from a religious standpoint.

    “I would say I am as Christian as Bill Lee is, in my opinion, and I have an entirely different view of it,” Shaver said.

    “We help other countries enormously with our tax dollars. That doesn’t mean we have to bring in all the refugees here to try to accommodate their needs before we accommodate the needs of our local population.”

    Commissioner Gary Whitfield, meanwhile, said Lee and members of his staff should have done a better job communicating with the state’s local elected officials.

    “I just feel like the governor’s office didn’t provide me with a lot of information from the governor’s office about what he was thinking,” Whitfield told The Star.

    “I would very much have liked to see the governor’s thoughts and the reasoning as to why Tennessee should allow refugees to continue to come.”

    The Loudon County resolution also says the area has a high population of illegal immigrants who have overcrowded their schools and their jails.

    “English as a second language teachers are very expensive and have been added to our schools to accommodate Spanish speakers,” according to the resolution.

    “We do not want to be forced to add more teachers speaking perhaps much rarer languages.”

    County officials said in their resolution that they also fear the spread of contagious diseases such as tuberculosis.

  16. The real ” Sybil” war will show up when whitey is the certified minority in America. We now see hordes of white people voting for or white counties declaring themselves ” second amendment sanctuaries.” in Virginia. This situation has occurred due to massive change demographically in the state. Tons of blacks and Hispanics/ Indians vote Democrat in droves. Then throw in Jews and brainwashed leftist whites and this is what happens. This is how Democrats win. It is heavily racial.

    This whole refugee thing only started in about 1980 and now is being used to replace whitey through the backdoor. There is no doubt much of it is based on warped Christian teachings to sway these Republican governors. JESUS never taught entire cultures should be replaced by other cultures. Helped? Yes. But certainly not replaced, given voting rights, etc.

    I just saw on Tucker Carlson, the lunatic Joe Biden saying America can right now take in 2 million more people and then dramatically increase general immigration. This old man is an extreme danger to this nation and will say and do anything to get elected president in the increasingly non white party called the Democrat Party.

    So despite some folks here ” mad” at Trump, the opposing side makes Trump look like the greatest nationalist ever.

    Any Democrat will sink America with extreme speed. They are now rabidly Anti White. No more wall, more funding for Hud, a huge increase in refugees, all illegals become legal, second amendment gone, more chipping away at the first amendment and on and on.

    So while some here yell at Trump for his money moves from several very rich Jews, it will be shocking what you will see if any Democrat gets in. People here even admit right now the Republicans have not much after Trump. So that is why I am voting for him and giving more money to his campaign.

    As far as the cuckservatives go like this governor, he will change his tune if the people rise up as the one county, Loudon county, is doing against the governor. One county stepping up often leads to many others following as we see in the second amendment battle.

    The governors in general also need to keep hearing about the millions of White South African refugees needed here. Because Democrats 100% do not want white people coming here…or as few as possible. Immigration and refugees are now a very big part of the Great Replacement. So is paying welfare people to have tons of kids instead of allowing two kids tops.

  17. I agree Jeff.

    But I also extremely warn regular White Southern and other voters not to put all of their time, effort, fears in the US Presidential race – it’s not a be all and end all. The US President doesn’t have dictatorial powers to deport every illegal, put back in jail every Black criminal. The Kritarchi – misrule by judges is a terrible. problem. Some Leftist judge in Hawaii can stop the entire immigration enforcement apparatus.

    Also, in Presidential elections White Americans vote on all kinds of other issues while all the other groups, including the most hateful Jews vote on increasing their groups’ power or else vote on working to replace us.

    So the enemy is going to go to retirement homes in Florida and Arizona and try to scare the old Whites that mean Republicans are going to end Social Security and Medicare, throw everybody out in to the streets to fend for themselves or else look for help from the Churches.

    Ron Paul actually did this in his last 2% losing Presidential Campaign.

    So look for strong men who are Red pilled on our issues, The Great Replacement, Black Crime, alien control of the media, endless Neo Conservative Zionist foreign wars that don’t help us.

    There are some tough White guys in your local area – find them and if necessary educate them about racial realities and the JQ.

    Don’t give in to despair.

    There are always other places to go if you get take very bad, long winters.

    Kill your cable TV

    Get the best ever self defense weapon TV-B-Gone the ZOG buster.

    Get your political, crime and sports news from Russia Today – it’s great.

    I’m so proud to be 25% Russian – ZOG ain’t running Russia Today.

    Have some fun out there.

  18. Also understand that there are lots and lots of idiot, cuckservatives down in Tennessee speaking earnestly about “Right to Work” legislation, vouchers (for ghetto Black kids to attend our private schools and terrorize our children in private schools), support the troops in Neo Con wars.

    Please stop by this idiot Nashville TN Cuckservative’s blog:

    This guy is posting brave comments that he supports TN Governor Lees position welcoming Kurdish and other ME Refugees because….

    “It’s the right thing to do”, “Racism – that’s not who we are”.

  19. If I was back in the metro Nashville TN area – doing some Vanderbilt alumni event I would track down this idiot local guy:

    Disgruntled Republican

    This guys’s posting typical Cuckservative wonk Sh*& like “Right to Work” , tax reform, term limits and like #*$&@ RINOs like Paul Ryan, Mike the Huckster Huckabee, Cliven Bundy, Rand Paul (back before we shamed him to stop it) coming out against White Racism and backing OD’s Traitor of the Year TN Governor BIll Lee’s strong support for flooding TN will Kurdish and Somalian and other 3rd world Islamists “Refugees/Rapeugees”. Whe does he – the disgruntled Republican and other RINOs support the Great Replacement? Because he/they tell us….

    “It’s the right thing to do”

    M’thinks we have to have folks near there that can change his mind.

    Have some fun out there. We’re on the Titanic – the ship is going down, don’t waste your/our time rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. Instead, have some fun making sure our worst traitors get to take that cold plunge.


    I did a duckduck go search for Conservative blogs in Tennessee – didn’t find much of anything.

    What are our people doing down there? SEC College Football season is over. Oh I guess The Tennessee Titans Negro Felon League is still going on.

  20. I noticed his tie is Tennessee orange after the Vols. Arkansas has a governor just like him in Asa Hutchinson. (R) He brags about being a DA in the Fort Smith area in the late eighties whereby he arrested “White Supremacists” for sedition. They were all acquitted in court but he brags about how he went toe to toe with “dangerous white supremacists” every time he runs for office. He also has declared Arkansas’ willingness to take in refuges and once opposed Gay marriage and considered passing a bill recognizing traditional marriage but the Acxiom Corporation in Little Rock threatened to leave the state on behalf of its LGBTQ employees and he caved and cried and begged forgiveness like little girl! CUCK…CUCK…CUCK!

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