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  1. Democracy is why.

    You can live for about 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. But you try and make it 3 picoseconds without Democracy and you’re a gonner!

    Luckily, Israel believes in Democracy as much as America. So much so, that we have politicians with dual Israeli-U.S. citizenship as Senators and Representatives. Coincidentally, the best way to spread Democracy is through white phosphorus or dense-inert-metal munitions.

    Purge the Fascism from the hearts of the nonbelievers and “Rock the Vote!”

    • to ‘Lycurgus’

      the following video a group of israeli children that are being ‘orientated’ in to the ways of the IDF – that school excursion is state government sanctioned and financed by the israeli department of education:

      This is the “morality” of jews:
      Netanyahu Wont Show You: Israel kids write hate messages on rockets to Palestine kids

  2. All I heard was blah blah blah and nothing new that we already knew from the boomer suspected child lover with the child army following.

    Come on HW

  3. If God blesses the United States because we bless Israel and the Jews then how do you explain how we made it till 1948 which is the year Israel was established? If it that be true how come America has gone downhill fast in the last few decades when American support for Israel is stronger than ever especially since the rise of Neo-conservatism and George W. Bush.

    How can God bless a nation that is so pro-homosexual? Likewise how can God look on in favor on a nation whose aborted babies now reaches several millions? You can’t have it both ways.

    • Heartland Separatist,

      Depending on the source there have been 52-62 million babies legally aborted in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control has the lower figure because it only reports on certain areas and probably wishes to pretend the figure is “only around 52 million”. Other sources say the figure is over 60 million. Take your choice.

      Evidently the annual abortion rate has been dropping. Perhaps the readily available condoms and birth control pills/devices are responsible for the drop.

  4. Ramzpaul:” Why Are We In The Middle East? “

    Are you asking us, non – zionists & Western/Europeans or are you making a rhetorical question ??

    Maybe you need to go to your local jewish temple and pose that question to your local “rabbi”…maybe you need to do that.

  5. not really relative to this article….

    In memory of a great hero for all Western European men.

    Genocide prevention by one condottiere
    ? Rafa? Gan-Ganowicz
    (Polish Anti-communist mercenary)

  6. having seen the ramzpaul video, I have to say that he is spot on in regards to the New Testament and the Covenants God made with man.

    First was with the Hebrews, to which the Hebrews by their non belief ANNULLED
    Second was made with the ‘ethnics’ (mostly European men) & Hellenes which today’s Christians ….so far…. continue to honour.

    And that is why orthodox Christianity does NOT follow the bible i.e. Old Testament!!!!!

    We follow exclusively the New Testament and from the Old testament only the book of Genesis the book of Ecclesiastes and the book of the Prophets.

    The rest we consider Hebrew/Jewish mythology !

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