House Votes To Curb Trump’s War Powers

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This is the first thing that the Democrats have done since winning control of the House that I agree with. I supported the Iran Deal and strongly oppose Trump’s march to war with Iran.


“The House voted on Thursday to halt further U.S. military action against Iran, in a powerful rebuke of President Donald Trump’s use of force overseas without congressional approval.

The mostly party-line vote on a symbolic, non-binding resolution came days after Trump ordered the killing of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani — a move that instantly threatened to rope the United States into a wider conflict with Iran. …

The War Powers resolution, which passed by a vote of 224 to 194, limits Trump’s ability to go to war with Iran without first seeking congressional approval. And while the measure does not require a presidential signature, it comes amid what critics contend has been a decades-long abdication of Congress’ authority to declare war. …

The measure will now head to the Senate, where several more Republicans are expected to break with Trump in a vote expected as early as next week.

A similar resolution from Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) already has support from GOP Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky, but Kaine will need at least two more Republicans to back the resolution for it to pass the Senate. …”

It is a symbolic, non-binding resolution that changes nothing.

The whole point of this is to position the Democrats as a check on Trump’s warmongering and to frame Republicans as the party of warmongers. In that sense, it is working by forcing them to go on the record. I voted for Trump in 2016 in spite of his policy on Iran because his “positions” and “policies” on so many other issues that I cared about were better. In the end though, he has brought us to the brink of war with Iran without delivering on the rest of his agenda.

How am I going to vote in 2020? I now believe that a vote for Trump in 2020 is a vote to drag us into a war with Iran. I believe he will deliver a war with Iran for his Jewish donors, but he won’t deliver on any of his other populist and nationalist campaign promises. Trump has delivered on Marco Rubio’s foreign policy which I thought I had voted against in the primary.

Note: Did you see the heckler with the antiwar sign who was booed at the Trump rally in Ohio last night? That was one of our activists.

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  1. I first registered as a Republican when Rep McCarthy was two years old and could never have imagined the treason posing as patriotism coming from his and Dobbs’ mouths in anything but a dystopian novel. Israel did 9/11 and were it not for 9/11 and this country’s subservience to Israel since its inception, ME oil production would still be under Western control and prices reasonable.

    How dare those two whores mention the mothers of our soldiers who’ve died so good Israeli boys can get on with their lives. The Dems are evil, for sure, so I’m guessing they’ll play the President’s threat to destroy civilization’s cultural heritage—which the Dems themselves would blow up if they could—over and over until even his base believes he’s unfit for the office.

    • @Anonymous

      It is precisely America’s cowardly refusal to face the truth about 9/11 that got us into this mess.

      Even Donald Trump himself knows about 9/11 – he knew it the day of, said so on live radio. My guess is that the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell/NXVIM child sex trafficking blackmail ring is far more wide-spread than anyone wants to believe.

      I challenge anyone to read David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor for a comprehensive, mainstream take on it, or anything by Christopher Bollyn.

  2. I believe he will deliver a war with Iran for his Jewish donors, but he won’t deliver on any of his other populist and nationalist campaign promises.

    This was easy to predict when Trump first started running in 2015, because of Trump’s actions. Trump spent the entire Obama administration attacking the Iran deal and spreading Israeli conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate. Trump hardly said a word about immigration, legal or illegal, until he needed an issue to get white votes.

    The fact that Trump’s entire personal, business, and political network is Jewish and Israeli and that his online campaign was coordinated by the Israeli propaganda outfit suggested it as well.

    Trump was Likud’s Hail Mary pass, and even if he gets a second term – and I suspect he will – a full war against Iran will spell the end of Israel which will be good news for the whole world.

    Russia, China, Germany, and even India are just ignoring US soft power and ignoring sanctions. So the US had to resort to hard power which lessens its influence. The entire world – except for white American conservatives – can see that the Israeli tail wags the American dog and that America isn’t really up for a real war. The US Empire is over, maybe they can push around some Latin American country but that’s about it.

    The way forward is to attack Trump on ending immigration. Coulter’s latest column has the right idea.

    • Thanks for mentioning Ann Coulter’s latest, which is excellent—Mexicans kill ten times more Americans every year than died on 9/11.

      Normally I wouldn’t bother with her after witnessing her and Sean Hannity fantasizing on the air about Netanyahu simultaneously serving as president of the United States when, as Christopher Bollyn clearly demonstrates, Netanyahu was a principal architect of 9/11 going back to the relevant and predictive events set in motion by him in Israel in 1988.

      She also repeats the official fairytale about 9/11, implicating her, as a lawyer trained in the evaluation of evidence (affirmative action excepted), as a knowing participant in the elaborate efforts of 9/11 concealment.

      • Anonymous,

        Ann Coulter includes 27,000 deaths a year in her statistic due to illegal drugs from Mexico which I have no way of knowing is true or not. I will assume so. She is correct in that around 2000-3000 Americans every year are killed by illegals from ALL countries. And evidently around 2000 Americans are killed by homicide each year by ALL illegals not just Mexicans.

        So her figure of around 30,000 a year might be correct.

        The Drug Cartels however only became strong by getting their firearms primarily from the United States, especially in the beginning. So Americans due to those guns kill thousands of Mexicans every year, usurp lawful authority, and has allowed the Cartels with their drug trade to thrive.

        I am using the same logic as Ann Coulter here. Illegal drugs to the United States kill thousands a year and illegal firearms from the United States to Mexico kill thousands of Mexicans every year. Since 96-98% of people killed by the authorities and the Cartels are soldiers and Cartel members you need not try and say that Mexico needs more guns. It would only mean more dead Mexicans.

        How many firearms each year are smuggled into Mexico from the USA? Depends on which source you wish to believe.

        Because of the United States both Mexicans and Americans are killed by guns and drugs by the thousands every year.

        So it works both ways. I am willing to admit that so I wonder why the Ann Coulters will not do so.

        And I wonder why people like Ann Coulter take swipes at the National Socialists and Hitler when the article by her did not have anything to do with Germany. They must think that bowing to Jews gets them a Hall Pass like in school.

        • Agreed. It’s not the Christian right that publishes Ann’s books, has her on Fox News to promote Jewish interests and her books, or who pays for her posh lifestyle. I feel sorry for her, coming from patrician New Canaan and becoming a toadeating shill for her townspeople’s worst enemy.

          • Anonymous,

            I might also state the obvious. Weak border controls between the United States and Mexico kill thousands of citizens from both countries every year.

            It is to the best interest of both countries morally and temporally to have strict border control. Whoever believes otherwise not only wishes to destroy national sovereignty. but also must believe in more human misery on both sides of the border.

        • Slight clarification.

          Illegals kill 2-3000 Americans every year due to Drunk Driving and around another 2000 Americans are murdered every year due to Homocide by illegals. Other sources vary on the numbers.

        • The fact is, thousands of Americans die each year directly at the hands of Mexicans and other hispanic lowlifes who should never have been allowed into the country in the first place.

          How many Mexicans die at the hands of Americans each year?

          This isn’t an argument you can win.

          • Silver,

            Your comment is under Anonymous response but it seems to be addressing me.

            Of course when it comes to direct murder Mexicans kill way more Americans than the opposite.

            However my firearms comment was true. Illegal American firearms kill thousands in Mexico every year and illegal Mexican drugs kill thousands of Americans every year. My argument does legitimately counter An Coulter’s argument on the illegal drug deaths.

            If you disagree then so be it.

            My comment was not meant to counter the murders, rapes, etc. No one can/should defend those crimes.

            I believe I read somewhere that since 2010 that Hispanic crime is lumped into the White category therefore disguising the amount of crime both racially and due to illegals.

            And I agree that no country should allow themselves to be invaded.

    • “The fact that Trump’s entire personal, business, and political network is Jewish and Israeli and that his online campaign was coordinated by the Israeli propaganda outfit suggested it as well.”

      What I found suspicious is a movement that is obsessed with jews, went all in for a dude who is obsessed with surrounding himself with jews. Logically you would think a philosemtic billionare would be a non-starter for so called anti-semites, regardless of the promises he makes them.

  3. That protest was really good! Go after Trump hard! The movement needs this. After blowing the 2016 post-election phase, folks hunkered down in the 2018 “trust the plan” “tilt / lean republican” mode.

    No, this is a geo-historical earthquake, nothing less. Going after Trump allows us to rebrand and start over. We used to be a Ron Paul – Gold movement, we became a Trump – Bitcoin movement, now we can rectify that and go beyond.

    PS How dismaying is it to see the target audience still not get that their own demographic annihilation should arouse more emotion than what they pour into “USA USA” chants? I get that most people are stupid, I really do. I get that there is a biological dimension to rallying around the flag, I really do. But are folks really that stupid? Is it that we haven’t reached them or that they cannot be reached?

    PPS Judas the Galilean 2020!

    • “But are folks really that stupid? Is it that we haven’t reached them or that they cannot be reached?”

      Without a moral base in culture, grounded in a valid religion with a Law code given by the Almighty, administered by men who are saints, overseeing the ‘hoi polloi,’ the MOB will descend to a snarling, grouchy beast, ready to devour all in its path- witness the French Reign of Terror…. then (1791) and now (Micron’s lousy regime).

      This is why I have completely given up on the concept of DEMOS rule (Democrazy)- Oligarchic rule is what we have now, and what we NEED is MONARCHIC rule, with a strong dash of religion and state SYMPHONY. This nation is in its death throes, PRECISELY because we let JEWS in, with their amoral, Talmudic pilpul.


  4. Any of those stupid boomers who support Trump’s belligerence against Iran are welcome to volunteer themselves and their brown grandchildren for military service.

    I’ll probably vote for Miss Tulsi, even though I know she won’t win and voting is a waste of time. But symbolic acts of defiance have their value.

    • That’s about where I am. I would like a Yang/Tulsi ticket…. only because I believe a man should rule. But yes, Spawn, I mostly agree.

  5. “We love our law enforcement don’t we?”

    No, not really.

    Under your DOJ’s supervision you have let the police all across the country ignore the rule of law when it comes to protecting white people and throw the book at white people when protecting themselves.

    We have black athletes serially raping white women at college campuses all across the country, and nothing.

    Mexican cartels operate within the unified states.

    Tell me again why I should love law enforcement???

  6. That guy is awesome.

    Not taking anything away from him, but if in the future there’s more people who are willing to protest the best way to do it is have many different people all spread out all over the stadium and unveil your banner at different times.

    It takes about 3-5 minutes to kick the person out and if you have 5-10 people onboard you grind his rally down to stretching halt.

    After someone gets kicked out the other guys should wait for trump just to get back into flow and then bam another protestor interrupts and and all the stating and stopping knock trump off of his game.

    Obviously this guy can’t snap his fingers and make people appear and protest with him and one person protesting is better than nobody protesting.

    Protests movements need consistently. Lots people hate protestors even though they end up giving into their demands.

    The goal of a protest movement is to either make something so expensive its not worth doing, and/or normalizing things that aren’t yet in collective conscious.

  7. Democrats in VA want to limit their citizens’ “war powers” as well…

    Likely the most prominent debate this year will be on gun control, an area where Democrats have promised significant changes.

    Democrats want to mandate universal background checks, ban assault weapons and pass a red flag law to allow the temporary removal of guns from someone who is deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others.

    Guns became a major issue in last year’s legislative elections after a gunman killed a dozen people in Virginia Beach in May. A gun-control group backed by former New York City Mayor and 2020 presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg spent heavily to help Democrats win a majority.

    Ahead of this session, gun-rights groups have pledged stiff defiance. The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a prominent pro-gun group, said it plans to have “enough citizens armed with handguns to take over a modern mid-sized country” at its annual “lobby day” later this month.

    …plans to have “enough citizens armed with handguns to take over a modern mid-sized country”…

    Might be a showdown coming in VA … maybe it will spread to the rest of the country …

  8. I’m voting for whoever becomes the candidate of the Constitution Party. Damn this two-party dictatorship. The Democrats openly hate me, and the Republicans have stabbed me in the back for the final time. The Constitution Party stands for everything we stand for, so why not vote for them and encourage others to do the same? If it leads to Trump losing, then good. Tough crap for him. I’d rather have an open jew commie like Bernie Sanders than a closeted one like Trump.

  9. When I was in college, there was candidate running for student body president who called himself “Mystery Politico”. He wore a black ski mask to hide his identity and had a notary verify that he was student in good standing at the university and qualified to run for office. No one knew who he was. His campaign manager was definitely anti-Semitic and hated the Jew(s) his man was running against (I remember he mocked one of the candidates name which was definitely Jewish.)

    Mystery Politico would carry a plumber’s helper with an accompanying pledge that he was going to “clean the s**t out of student government.” I think he placed almost second or I guess third and maybe caused a run off between the top two.

    He would probably do very well in the 2020 elections.

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