Mike Pompeo: American Troops Are Staying In Iraq

The Iraqi Parliament has voted to expel American troops from Iraq.

The Prime Minister of Iraq has requested that America withdraw troops from Iraq.

Iran has vowed to drive U.S. troops out of the region while Iraqi militias have vowed to kill the American troops occupying their country.

Is it a good time to wash our hands of Iraq after its democratically elected government demanded than we leave and before we plunge back into war there? Couldn’t we just declare that we have defeated ISIS and succeeded in transforming Iraq into a stable democracy after all these years and that it is time for it to step up and manage its own affairs? Of course not.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — The State Department on Friday rebuffed the Iraqi government’s request to begin discussions on pulling out troops, saying that any American officials going to Baghdad during a state of heightened tensions would not discuss a “troop withdrawal,” as the Iraqi prime minister had requested. Instead, discussions would be about the “appropriate force posture in the Middle East.”

The statement from Washington was a direct rebuttal to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi of Iraq, and was certain to add to the friction between the two nations.

The prime minister said earlier on Friday that he had asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to send a delegation from the United States to discuss steps for the withdrawal of the approximately 5,200 American troops from his country, in the aftermath of a deadly American military strike ordered by President Trump that many Iraqis say violated their country’s sovereignty. …”

We’re hearing a lot of people saying today that Donald Trump isn’t an “isolationist.”

The “isolationist” position is that we never should have invaded Iraq in the first place, that we don’t need Iraq’s oil because we have plenty of our own, that the neocons who took us into Iraq lied us into war with dubious intelligence, that it ended up costing us trillions of dollars and the lives of thousands of American soldiers, that it led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis which spawned ISIS and that even if we transformed Iraq into a democracy that its Shiite majority would inevitably end up strengthening Iran in the region. Fundamentally, isolationists reject the American Empire and the burden of upholding the liberal world order.

If we were in power, we would be pulling all American troops out of Iraq and Syria tomorrow. We’re not in power though. Donald Trump does not share our views on foreign policy. It is not even close. He wants to continue to occupy Iraq and Syria and to maintain the American military presence there to uphold the American Empire in the region. He is less critical of Israel and Saudi Arabia and more inclined to starting a war with Iran than the previous administration. In 2016, Trump made a lot of noises on foreign policy that sounded isolationist and were designed to confuse swing voters, but now he has a record that is firmly within the conservative mainstream.

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    • I have news for you. Judas the IDUMEAN was the same race as Herod the EDOMITE.

      “In Luke 11:45-52 Yahshua Christ speaks of a race – of fathers and sons both near and remote – which was responsible for the blood of all of the prophets from Abel unto Zechariah. Only the descendants of Cain can be held responsible for the blood of Abel. In later Scriptures, we see Edomites such as that Doeg of 1 Samuel chapters 21 and 22, who follow down that same path. As it is manifest from the history of Josephus, the Gospel of John, the prophecy of Malachi, and the letters of Paul, many of the priests and leaders of Judaea whom Christ addressed were actually Edomite converts, subsumed into Judaea from circa 130 BC, who had come to think of themselves as Judaeans (see Josephus’ Antiquities Book 13). From these the jews of today are descended in part. In John Chapter 8 Yahshua told them “You are the sons of a father: the False Accuser [or Devil]! And you wish to do the desires of your father! He was a murderer from the beginning and did not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him! When he speaks a lie, he speaks from of his own devices, because he is a liar and the father of it! ” So indeed we see that He is talking to descendants of Cain, since only Cain was a murderer from the beginning. Also, Cain could not have been an Adamite, being a devil. Judas Iscariot, who can be shown to have descended from Edomites, was also called a devil by Yahshua.” – Christogenea website

      Also this older site. http://www.oocities.org/heartland/estates/3511/kerioth.html

        • The following quote is even MORE troubling. David Cole (a Jewish ‘holocaust denier’ once upon a time) outlines the Jewish self-destruction scenario in this column. Here’s the pertinent quote:

          “Don’t ask, “Why are urban thugs attacking Jews?” The more important question is, why is it being allowed to continue—and why is it being defended—by Jews? If the motivation of the perps is easy to decipher, the motivation of the defenders and enablers isn’t.

          Unless you look at it from the perspective that there are matters more important to leftist Jews than the safety of their own people.

          Leftist Jews are holding out their hands like a scale. In one palm is the well-being of their community. In the other, the war against the white Christian West. Permanent revolution, perpetual war. That’s the hand that wins; the war comes first. There may be a leftist Jew or two who’ll do a Bill Bullitt about-face as the collateral damage continues to mount in Jewish communities. But by and large, Jews will stay the course, advocating the importation of millions of people like Ilhan Omar and Monsey slasher Grafton Thomas (the son of an illegal immigrant). They’ll continue to advocate for the dismantling of the criminal justice system, and they’ll continue to use their presence in the media to shield nonwhite and immigrant criminals from responsibility and prosecution.”

          What kind of VERRÜCKTEN JUDEN are these AshkeNAZIS?!?!?

  1. The United States has lost all moral legitimacy now. The mask has come off and we are are an occupying power. I tire of this constant dichotomy of either total isolation or constant international interventionism as if there is no other way and only two choices. We constantly hear the powers that be claim Isolationism led to WWII.No Globalism led to WWII. Have we forgotten we imposed sanctions of Japan and sent the Flying Tigers to China with America planes (P-40s) and pilots, albeit with Chinese markings, to engage the Japanese air force? Did we not send massive numbers of P 39s to the Soviets long before WWII to help Stalin? How is any of that “Isolationism?”

  2. A sovereign country has asked a foreign army to withdraw from their country and the United States has refused. You would think the United Nations would at least pretend and condemn the aggression and continuing occupation of Iraq. The UN is just a mouthpiece of the USA.

    I am not aware of any other country in recent history with the arrogance that the American government has in it’s foreign policy. That arrogance could not be sustained without tens of millions of Americans who believe in the moral superiority of the United States no matter what it does.

    The United States had the Manifest Destiny belief in the 19th century and now it has it’s Globalist Destiny in the 21st Century. I liked America better in the 19th century. You were land grabbers but you did it for yourself and made things nice in the Southwest. Back then at least everyone ultimately benefited from the conquest of the American West.

    As for now?

    Now the United States is just as aggressive but it makes things worse and it’s policy does not benefit Americans.

      • November,

        Okay. That is true. But then the USA and Israel are united. The United States runs interference for Israel. Israel could do nothing without the power and wealth of the United States behind them.

        • Cristina,

          No truer words were ever written.

          The problem is that so many gentiles are unaware that 2% of the population exert so much influence on America’s domestic and foreign policies. Their ignorance is the jew’s power. When a host population finally sees the kosher hands pulling the strings, that when the inevitable backlash will occur. This has been the continuous cycle between host nations and the jews throughout history.

          This article by the same jew that accompanied Ernst Zündel to Auschwitz is MUST READING BY ALL those that need to know WHAT DRIVES THE JEW IN THE WEST.


          Spoiler Alert: They hate us more than they love their own children or fellow jews.

          • November,

            Thank you for the link. I have often thought that they do hate European peoples more than they love themselves since currently their biggest supporters are white people.

            Yet they are trying to destroy white countries. Logically it does not make sense. Oh well. That is why we Catholics have traditionally called them the Synagogue of Satan.

            I believe the source of their hatred is because they hate God.

          • from the article…
            ” something he detailed in an April 20 (hmm…why’s that date so familiar?),”

            Oh shucks…. that damn Austrian again……..hehehehehehe

            David Cole is very perceptive and intelligent guy … and he carries a mean comedian trait, very Monty Python like!

          • Eksothen,

            David Cole is a good writer who provides an insider’s insight into the JQ that’s quite unique. I have to admit that I was surprised that their hatred for us was greater than their affection for their children and fellow jews. Now we have been warned, so there are no more “ifs, ands, or buts.”

    • Yes, Cristina, these uber-self-righteous Amerikans are probably the majority. They believe we can do no wrong and that we and only we are above the law. I know the American government no longer represents or gives a damn about me or my people, so I find it all very disgusting.

      • Powell,

        Thank you for your nice comment. It is disgusting that Americans keep voting for your enemies and what is clearly not in your best interests.

    • “The United States had the Manifest Destiny belief in the 19th century and now it has it’s Globalist Destiny in the 21st Century. I liked America better in the 19th century.”

      The difference (as small as it may appear to some) was that in the 19th Century we were still a racially homogeneous country, under the Law of God, and therefore, heir to the promises of Deut. 28-30, as Christians.

      Now, we are a polyglot, blasphemous, JUDAIZED antichrist state, and the CURSES of Deut. 28-30 are coming home to us.

  3. What country is between Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria?

    Yes, Iran. Which was always the final goal, as leaked by General Wes Clark over a decade ago. Ten days after 9/11, this was the plan:

    “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

    Every single country on that list has been invaded and/or subject of a successful or attempted regime change, with one exception: Iran.

    It’s taken them nearly 20 years instead of five but the plan hasn’t changed. It also took longer than ten days to come up with this plan, so you know it was in the works long before 9/11. They just needed an excuse.


  4. Look at what Trump is doing with Syria. He has, despite protests by the duly elected President of Syria, invaded that country. The US armed, funded and trained ISIS. Trump GAVE Syria’s Golan Heights to Israel.
    Now he has taken over with troops Syria’s prime agricultural and oil lands.
    This is War Crimes.
    Iraq, war crimes.
    What he is doing to Iran more war crimes.
    America is NOT what Washington and Jefferson created.

    Just as with the Big Lie from Iraq war:
    Iraq war: NOT OIL BUT ISRAEL by Stephen J. Sniegoski PhD

  5. This will end badly and may cost Trump the 2020 election if things go awry. He has a fixed number of troops to use for his filthy owners, no more. When they are all committed, there ain’t no more. The MAGA types aren’t volunteering for the military any more than Rush, John Bolton, DJT and millions of others did. Conscription ended in Jan. 1973 when the Vietnam War ended for the U.S.

    This is different from Vietnam although there are similarities. The vast majority of combat troops were gone from S. Vietnam by Jan. 1st, 1972. The U.S. Air Force stayed to provide support for the S. Vietnamese. There were never any U.S. troops in N. Vietnam.


    N. Vietnam invaded S. Vietnam with a WWII, blitzkrieg attack in the Spring of 1972. Their military was destroyed by a combination of the S. Vietnamese Army and U.S. air power. N. Vietnam also suffered massive destruction from the combined effects of U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy bombing for the first time in the Vietnam War.

    Pres. Nixon also ordered the U.S. Navy to mine Haiphong Harbor, N. Vietnam’s only deep water port where all their fuel and military equipment was landed from the USSR. From the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (thanks LBJ) in Aug. 1964 until May, 1972 N. Vietnam had suffered very limited bombing and no military blockade. This foolishly allowed N. Vietnam to continue fighting on S. Vietnam’s territory in spite of repeated severe defeats on the battlefield by U.S./S. Vietnamese forces.


    The corrupt, cowardly and incompetent LBJ had been negotiating with N. Vietnam since 1968 in Paris to end the war. N. Vietnam demanded that U.S. troops immediately leave S. Vietnam, recognize N. Vietnam as the rightful government of all Vietnam and pay reparations. Separate negotiations would then commence regarding the return of U.S. POWs. They never moved one inch from those positions until Dec. 1972.


    After the severe beating N. Vietnam suffered at the hands of the U.S. Air Force and Navy as well as the annihilation of their army in the south the N. Vietnamese agreed to U.S. terms for ending the war. This left S. Vietnam intact and returned U.S. prisoners in Jan. 1973. No reparations were paid by the U.S. and no fault for the war was acknowledged either.

    It wasn’t like Germany in 1919 at Versailles where blame and reparations were assigned to Germany and their allies entirely. Anyone who claims the U.S. was defeated in Vietnam cannot name one major battle lost (including TET, 1968), any military units surrendering (unlike Korea, 1950 or WWII, 1942) or terms being dictated to the U.S. (Japan, Sept. 1945). If there had been an actual military defeat of the U.S. it would be an annual day of celebration in much of Europe and on U.S. college campuses, you would know all about it.

    President Nixon’s 49 state landslide in Nov. 1972 then a massive, Dec. 1972 bombing campaign against N. Vietnam (which had no air defense by then) coupled with a completely effective naval blockade forced N. Vietnam’s hand in Paris. The USSR wasn’t about to go to war for N. Vietnam and China had been cleaved diplomatically from the USSR by Nixon’s trip to China in Feb. 1972 leaving N. Vietnam alone.

    After Nixon was forced to resign in Aug. 1974 the Democrats cut off all U.S. aid to S. Vietnam and abandoned the country to its fate. The N. Vietnamese military was rebuilt from the ground up by the USSR then overran S. Vietnam in the Spring of 1975 after it was cut off from help by the scumbags in Congress and abandoned by the U.S. The images of the helicopters taking people off of roofs is of S. Vietnamese who had worked with the U.S., not U.S. military being evacuated.

    Trump is risking a chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq if there is an uprising against U.S. forces, there are casualties then reinforcements are necessary. This would invite China to risk an invasion of Taiwan if trump were to commit most of his troops and Air Force to bail out Iraq. Much of the Navy is already committed to the Persian Gulf area, there isn’t much slack.

    Trump is playing with fire inviting a genuine defeat unlike Vietnam and he doesn’t even seem to know it. He will probably manage to displace GWB II as the worst President in history by the time we are done with him. I’m tired already of all this winning.

  6. the moment Zio-‘Murkan trops troops leave Iraq,

    Iraq will follow Iran and drop the petrodollar. That, when

    other nations follow suit, will collapse ‘Murka’s domestic

    debt-drowned, dollar-monetized ponzi’conomy. Which

    in turn would mean no more goodies for Israhell.

  7. The elites’ war machine needs the Fed’s printing press to make more money out of zeroes and ones in the computer. Banks and Wall Street now get constant QE in order to keep artificially pumping up the markets. When interest is at or near zero, the only way to keep maintaining the lie that there’s anything of value being created in the economy is to double down on the illusory value of the markets through flooding it with money. This is another way to keep dollars flowing from one pocket of TPTB into another. Little peons in a nothing country like Iraq or Iran can’t be allowed to interfere with that process.

  8. Here is another after thought….

    What about the narrative that a rogue section in the State Dept. Pentagon organised the killing of this Iranian General, for the sole purpose to force President trumps hand, and, follow the natural flow of consequences that will be born from such a killing ??

    And, thus, starting a conflict (might not be a hot war…at least for now) with Iran that will get Israel some, if not all of that it craves for, from a degenerated a toothless and possibly a dismembered Iran??

    Now before anyone rushes and claims that I am attempting to be an apologist for President Trump.

    Allow me to remind you of a de-classified operation that was instigated by the then deep state in the Pentagon, in the State Dept, to draw the then US administration of JFK in to a hot war by proxy with the USSR, i.e. Cuba…..

    Has anybody heard of a little operations named …. NORTHWOODS ??

    What I am trying to get across here is simple.
    NEVER EVER BELIEVE ANY NARRATIVE that is being peddled from ANY SIDE….
    We are SOOOOO far removed from the levers of decision making and power that we are like ants in the totem pole of power..

    So, take everything with a grain of salt, and always keep all possibilities in play UNTIL, circumstances and or events eliminate the non relevant narratives.

    CRITICAL THINKING IS A MAST FOR anyone that likes to claim they are a Nationalist !!

    Always DOUBT what you have been told is absolute.

    As a wise men once said …. Just when you think you have figured everything out that is when you are mostly wrong.”

    • 9/11 came off suspiciously like Northwoods. I trust the “intelligence” agencies to protect us as much as I would your average Hollyweird executive to keep their hands off my young nieces.

      • In today’s times we are living in, it is plain to see – for anyone with some semblance of critical independent thought – that trust to any government institution In the US is a fools errand or a moron’s delight. Same goes for most if not all European nations!

        We are living in their world, our mortal enemy’s world.

        The liberal world they have created since 1789, the French “commune’ that was established on the dead people of France in their so called “French revolution”.

        jacobins have NOT GONE AWAY. They are amongst us, living large !!

  9. I know that I shouldn’t be surprised but yet I am. A foreign country has asked that US troops leave and the US refuses. Didn’t those gangsters pride themselves on bringing “democracy” to Iraq? Now that Iraq is exercising that democracy and trying to protect its sovereignty the US shows its disrespect.

    “America is a force for good in the Middle East.” I’m sure that the surviving residents of Mosul and Raqqa, both flattened by this force for good, would disagree with Pompeo, as would the families of those killed by US-supported jihadists. Millions dead and displaced, entire countries turned to rubble by the US. Now that the US has adopted the Israeli tactics of permanent occupation and targeted high-level assassinations it is an even more ridiculous thing to say.

  10. There are absolutely no good reasons for U.S. troops to be in all those bases surrounding Iran, or for that matter, anywhere else in the world, except to threaten and intimidate sovereign nations that aren’t in league with ZOG-USA and it’s parasitic ‘shot caller ‘ in Palestine.

    When ZOG’s empire finally falls, israhell will have to contend with a hostile Shia crescent to their north without goyim golems protecting the cancer of humanity.

    • I remember going to visit family in the U.S. in the 70’s, we’d cross at Windsor or Niagara or Thousand Islands, not once were we asked for ID or subjext to any “security” searches etc. We pretty much had open borders between U.S and Canada…these Middle East wars for israel have also turned our countries into jew police states that are obsessed with controlling what Whitey is doing and restricting the free movement of White men between White countries…that was part of the plan I’m sure.

  11. Here, is a nice exercise that will wake up some people from their slumber…..

    I suggest people go and read the English version of israeli newspapers and articles especially opinion based articles, that have to do with the US and Iran.

    get a taste…..


  12. If Pompous Pompeo isn’t a krypto-kike, a secret sheenie, a meddlesome mischling, I’ll eat my kippah.

  13. I don’t disagree in the least with the “isolationist” position.

    My entire conscious life I have heard about Iraq and everything we have done there. I am just old enough to remember Desert Storm and Kuwait and was politically aware extremely early because my father was always arguing with his dad about being an old union Democrat and that the dems no longer represent working class whites etc…. and grandpa never being willing to vote republican because of the chrysler union, and then of course grandma would get mad at them both and would remind grandpa that she would vote the opposite of whatever he voted to cancel his vote so it didn’t matter anyhow and lol it was quite the upbringing, (set to dueling banjos as a soundtrack for my slapstick childhood).

    I was just young enough during 911 that I couldnt enlist for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of my friends and guys I grew up with in church who were a little older, they did enlist. I lost alot of them. Many were hurt, a few were killed and a couple just never really “came home”. My first real job when I left home (i was only 16, because my family fell apart) was for a big supermarket, and we always had army recruiters around. Some of my buddies there enlisted because they had no other prospects. I never could have because I dropped out of school to work. I remember how scared my friends were about redeploying as that and Afghanistan started to turn sour and drag on.

    I remember everything i was told about the people in those countries. None of them liked us then. None of those people liked us in desert storm. The reality is, nobody there has ever liked us because they rightly see us as imperial adventurers. Before we ever went to dispossess Great Britain of Palestine to give territory to israel, we were hated as functionaries of Sykes picot. We are hated as christians and the ancestors of crusaders. The persians hate us even more, as they have historical and cultural aversion to Europeans dating back to ancient greece and before. The conquest of persia by Alexander etc.

    Whats my point in all of this? Many of you on here think you are politically aligned with iran and have a common enemy in ZOG. You do have a common enemy. But everyone in North Africa and the middle east, including Israel, would kill you or put you in harms way if they could or if it benefited them. You have no allies there.

    Many young and dumb guys just like my friends, like the guys i grew up with, are still there with nobody who cares about them. Young white guys. Christians at least culturally. They are the only people there who would have any regard for you. And yet, in your idealism, you are aligned with Iran, Palestine, Syria and anybody who today is opposed to ZOG. Alliances change over there folks. What will never change is nobody but those young guys will ever care what happenes to people like you or me, because most of them at least still come from the Midwest, Appalachia and the South.

    You all need some perspective on this. Reality isn’t cut and dry.

    We live under an imperial power. That doesn’t make every soldier of the empire our enemy. The people in the middle east do see it that way. All White christian invaders look alike to them. It isn’t true though. Most of these young guys are just like me.

    If I had been just a little older, if I had finished school, I, like everybody else in my family for the last 150 years or more we have been here, would have joined the military. My family sees it as a duty and even though they dont like these wars they still volunteer. But my fate took a turn that saved me from that. It wasn’t prescience it was providence. Dumb luck maybe.

    We have everything in common with the soldiers in ZOG’s army. Yeah they are tools of the enemy and most of them learn it pretty fast, believe me.

    We have NOTHING in common with anybody else over there, Jew, Arab, Kurd, Turk or Persian. Nobody.

    We don’t have control of ZOG or its adventures. We do have control over who we cast our lots with. In the end if someone has to get the shaft because of all of this, I choose the brown people to get the shaft, because they aren’t my people and they would do exactly the same thing.

    Reality is, whether we like it or not. We make our decisions in the context of what is, NOT what ought to be. Alot of things ought not to have been. None of that matters in the end. What matters is who you cast your lot with.

    I cast mine with the young guys who are just like me, for better or worse.

    You make your own decision.

    I have no regrets. Will you?

    • Go right ahead and embrace those white ZOG mercenaries as your friends and racial comrades. You deserve everything they are going to do to you.

    • @ironicsockaccount


      “Many of you on here think you are politically aligned with iran and have a common enemy in ZOG. You do have a common enemy. But everyone in North Africa and the middle east, including Israel, would kill you or put you in harms way if they could or if it benefited them. You have no allies there.”

      This line of thinking is so childish and brain dead. One not all of the countries you mentioned are the same, two and more importantly I would expect any of them to attack us if our interests were in conflict. That is obvious, but also not helpful in our current context. Imaging a scenario where Egypt would kill us is retarded given what Egypt is capable of doing us.

      Iranians threw up roman salutes to the German soccer team when they play iran and sing the German national anthem. Iran funds holocaust revisionism, and holds holocaust revisionist conferences and Iranian leaders have given speeches in German telling them they’re a wonderful people with a great history and should feel no shame about the “holocaust”

      I don’t see any white Christians or cultural Christians doing that.

      All I’ve ever gotten from whites are cold shoulders as they slam their SUV door closed as they go to church.

      Middle class suburban whites are some of shittiest people on earth and are basically high agency white n____rs

      We are going to have to rebuild our people, not merely “protect them”

    • Well I for one, am glad you are not there in harms way been target practice for some low IQ jihadi, for the sake of some one else’s wars, i.e. israel.

      And to be sure, Iranians would like and side with the American people as well as European/Western people if we all left them alone to deal with their own problems they face from the REAL TERRORIST of that region….israHELL.

    • Brown people won’t get the shaft, though. Your white buddies will. Millions more brownies will be allowed into Europe and America as refugees, while your white buddies will get killed, maimed, and psychologically damaged.

    • IronicSockAccount,

      Your White friends and family members in the jewnited states armed forces conduct are partially responsible for the brown and black migrant hordes flooding Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

      Those migrants and refugees fleeing the war zones created by the devastation inflicted on them by our military under the orders of their civilian chain of command in D.C. will be provided gibs and “free” (taxpayers expense) healthcare and housing, and your buddies will have to wait months to see a doctor at a VA hospital or clinic and end up homeless and ignored by ZOG-USA.

      Your rhetoric is reminiscent of the movie “Team America.” USA! Fuck yeah! SMH

  14. An insightful article on Trump phenomenon.

    In my article ‘Clinton vs. Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement’, published before the 2016 election, I warned that Trump’s rhetoric might be a grand show, and that it could be scripted by the establishment to bring conservatives back into the Republican/Neo-Con fold. At the time, leftist media outlet Bloomberg openly reveled in the idea that Trump might absorb and destroy the “Tea Party” and liberty movement and turn them into something far more manageable. The question was whether or not the liberty movement would buy into Trump completely, or remain skeptical.


  15. As I predicted before the US will not leave Iraq until Iran is destroyed. The final aim of the (((neocons))) is the destruction of Iran.

    • They didn’t build 2 trillion dollars of infrastructure improvements to help Iraqis to embrace globohomoschlomo!

      Its a garrison nation just likecall the rest.

  16. It is NOT the State which commands us, but WE, who command the State!

    A quote from that ‘crazy’ Austrian, there somewhere in Europe, in the early part of the 20th century….

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