The Trump Record

Does Donald Trump deserve to be reelected in 2020?

In the 2016 election, I was excited by the prospect of Trump becoming president due to his positions and policies on immigration, trade, taxes, infrastructure, foreign policy, political correctness, culture and because he was self-financing his campaign to assert independence from the donor class. What has Donald Trump’s record been on these issues as president?

In terms of trade policy, the trade deficit with China and Mexico under Donald Trump has only grown over what it was when Barack Obama left office.

U.S. Trade Deficit With China In Millions (Obama’s Second Term)

2013: -318,683.8

2014: -344,817.7

2015: -367,328.3

2016: -346,825.2

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Trade Deficit With China In Millions (Trump’s First Term)

2017: -375,422.6

2018: -419,527.4

2019 (Without December): -320,823.4

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Trade Deficit With Mexico In Millions (Obama’s Second Term)

2013: -54,601.7

2014: -54,722.8

2015: -59,973.2

2016: -63,271.8

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Trade Deficit With Mexico In Millions (Trump’s First Term)

2017: -69,301.2

2018: -80,657.8

2019 (Without December): -93,200.2

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

In terms of tax policy, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was the signature legislative accomplishment of Trump’s first term. He lowered the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. Unlike the drop in corporate tax receipts, the explosion in business investment never materialized.

In terms of legal immigration to the United States, there has been no change between Obama’s second term and the Trump presidency. Trump’s immigration plan also only proposes to change the composition of legal immigration to bring in more high skilled workers.

Legal Immigration To The United States (Obama’s Second Term)

2013: 990,553

2014: 1,016,518

2015: 1,051,031

2016: 1,183,505

Source: DHS

Legal Immigration To The United States (Trump’s First Term)

2017: 1,127,167

2018: 1,096,611

Source: DHS

If we compare the first three years of Obama’s second term to the first three years of Trump’s first term, 1,225,101 illegal aliens were apprehended at the Mexican border (2013, 2014 and 2015) compared to 1,552,003 illegal aliens who were apprehended at the border under Trump (2017, 2018 and 2019). The continuity in illegal immigration is striking.

Illegal Immigration To The United States (Obama’s Second Term)

Illegal Immigration To The United States (Trump’s First Term)

Southwest Border Total Apprehensions

2013: 414,397

2014: 479,371

2015: 331,333

2016: 408,870

2017: 303,916

2018: 396,579

2019: 851,508

In terms of Donald Trump’s promised big beautiful wall, the Trump administration is celebrating the completion of 100 miles of border fence. At least 90 of 93 miles of new border fence replaced existing structures. By comparison, hundreds of miles of the same border fence was built during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations.

How many American troops are in the Middle East in 2020?

I couldn’t find any hard figures, but it appears there are fewer in Syria, more in Iraq and Afghanistan and more in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States than when Donald Trump was elected president in 2016. He is significantly increasing that number in response to the Iran crisis. Trump recently told Laura Ingraham that he has sold our troops to Saudi Arabia.

By far, the most significant foreign policy difference in the Middle East between Obama’s second term and Trump’s first term is the Iran Deal. Whereas Obama deescalated tensions with Iran through diplomacy, Trump has pushed us to the brink of war with Iran. In addition, he also recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. He has also allowed Israel to annex parts of the West Bank. Far from “bringing the troops home” to focus on rebuilding America, Trump has kowtowed to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Elsewhere in the world, Trump has presided over the expansion of NATO and has placed wave after wave of sanctions on Russia. He recently criticized Emmanuel Macron for saying NATO was brain dead. While he has attempted to reduce tensions with North Korea, the negotiations have gone nowhere and Kim Jong Un now claims to have been deceived by Trump.

In spite of pledging to spend $1 trillion dollars on investing in America’s infrastructure in the 2016 campaign, the plan went nowhere in the Republican Congress which chose to pass a massive corporate tax cut and criminal justice reform for the Koch Brothers instead.

Arguably, the biggest joke of the Trump presidency was the Social Media Summit last July. Political correctness has grown by leaps and bounds during the Trump presidency as his supporters have been violently assaulted by an explosion of Antifa in the streets and censored online by Big Tech. Meanwhile, the Orange Buffoon has monitored the situation while issuing executive orders to ban anti-Semitism on college campuses.

How about our culture?

How has Donald Trump fought the culture war?

How has the Trump presidency “moved the Overton Window”? Not only has the Trump presidency mainstreamed homosexuality on the Right in the United States, Donald Trump is waging on global crusade on behalf of homosexuality abroad.

Zion Don has exceeded my worst expectations and has proven to be far more subservient to Jewish donors than either George W. Bush or Barack Obama.

The difference between the vision we were sold in 2016 and the result we got in 2020 or expectations versus reality or Trump’s rhetoric and tweets versus his policies has only grown more staggering over time. This is particularly true of immigration where the rhetoric has been the most intense while being the most disconnected from reality.

In what universe is Trump “strong on the border” when there has been little change to legal and illegal immigration under his presidency over Obama? Kate Steinle’s murderer walked free. Trump has built 2.5 miles of new border fence in the fourth year of his presidency. Trump’s legacy will be his corporate tax cut, mainstreaming homosexuality and Zionism.

Those of us who were labeled blackpillers for criticizing Donald Trump early on and pointing out the divergence between his rhetoric and policies weren’t pessimistic enough.

Note: We were warned by the worst possible messenger.

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      • LOL it was sarcasm…
        Are you saying you’ve never heard some boomer cuck say that?
        The nonstop message of how evil Germans and Germany is ,well its still in everything hebrewwood can sneak their dirty anti white message into!

        I still hear it all the time when WW2 and the Christ murdering ancestors of the Sanhedrin are mentioned.
        Or whenever faggotry , feminism or multiculturalism is pointed out to being the destructive messes they are or whenever the lame talking point of the “lesser of 2 evils” is brought up about our rigged (s)elections that many of our people pretend matter somehow.

        As if to assume Germany was going to subjugate the world and enslave us murikans..
        You know and then we wouldn’t have our wonderful diversity ,pornography ,open borders, feminist dykes and effendi masters running this country and we wouldn’t have embraced our new religion, consumerism.
        Oy vey, those things make us “free”….doesn’t everyone know?

  1. Everything you say here is true.

    And yet for all that, it is also still true that the Democrats would be even worse.

    Anyone who claims that they couldn’t be worse has no imagination. I hate to bring up Cville (not to mention the Yang phase), but it’s pertinent: Failure to anticipate the worst is no excuse later, when the unimagined worst happens. As it always does.

    The border could be even wider open. (Yes, it could — literal open borders are a genuine possibility with the Democrats.) Refugees in particular could be “come one, come all” — it’s a BIT better than that now.

    Actual monetary reparations, whites to blacks is a real possibility with the Dems. Taxation, salary garnishing, whatever form it would take.

    A land war in the Middle East is no less a possibility with them than it is with Trump (e.g., Hillary would certainly have allowed military operations to topple Assad — and yet Trump left Assad in place).

    There could be even more censorship, even more deplatforming, even more curtailment of the 2A, even more legal persecution.

    And those are just the obvious things.

    I won’t try to argue whether or not the foreign-policy disasters of late have been due to Trump being extorted by his party, with impeachment being used as a metaphorical gun to his head, thoughI think that that’s true. It IS also possible that he would have been just as bad on f.p. without the impeachment threat, which now leaves him with no choice but to do everything Bolton and the GOPe want or be convicted and removed from office by the Senate at a moment’s notice.

    But the truth is that because the dissident Right has zero donor power, we can’t expect either party to do anything for us. Any crumbs we get from the GOP are frankly a lucky break. And as bad as Trump is, as disappointing as he’s been, as much as he’s betrayed his 2016 platform . . .

    … it remains true that the Dems could easily be worse. And certainly would be.

    • This is an aspect of political reality that Hunter resolutely refuses to understand.

      It would be one thing if there was a viable pro-white alternative. In that case, it would certainly make sense to dump Trump in favor of that alternative. Unfortunately, that alternative isn’t available.

      So Trump turned out to be a cuck, a political incompetent and a general buffoon. Disappointing? You bet. But allowing a Democrat to be elected just so that you can avoid feeling disappointed is about the height of political immaturity.

      • Joe Walsh is arguably a pro-White candidate & others could have emerged but Trump & the RNC cancelled primaries.

      • so enjoy your slow (((republiscam) extinction. You

        silly cuck. With the (((demoncrats))), at least

        we get acceleration toward CW while

        there’s still enough of us to fight back.

        • Greg Johnson (hit and miss, I know) wrote a good piece recently about the foolishness of wishing for “acceleration.” Acceleration could (and I think certainly would) simply accelerate degeneracy and white dispossession. How can we possibly believe that any CW would go our way? The last one pointedly did not, and made a bad situation infinitely worse.

          “While there’s still enough of us to fight back”? Where is the evidence that we ever, under any circumstances, would fight back? I’d go along with your premise if there were even the slightest indication that we would, and I’m certainly open to seeing any. But I know of none.

    • Karsten,

      Whites will go to sleep again, if Blompf gets reelected. It’s better to face the future in 2021 with a pissed off White majority in America than wait until 2024 when the demoncRats launch their anti-White agendas to a smaller and older White population.

      Bottom line is that either way it will suck like a black hole. All you’re doing is kicking the can for four more years, but often it takes a punch or kick to the head to wake up and fight for your life.

    • You’re not living in reality, you’re living in your own fear.

      You right wingers are the perfect encapsulation of one of my favorite political cartoons that showed three men shackled by their wrists hanging from the wall in a dungeon.

      One of whom was hanging face first in the corner, the other two were chained dangling from wall with their backs against the wall.

      One of the guys who was hanging with has back against the wall said to the other guy “boy he’s being punished” while looking at the guy hanging face first in the corner.

      The joke being they’re all in the same cell chained to the wall but because he sees someone in a slightly worse situation they ignore their own suffering and side with the authorities.

      This is how right wingers think, its boot-licky and driven by fear.

      You have no will, no desires, no identity, no self awareness and are completely spineless subservient cowards.

      Sorry but the squeaky wheel gets the grease and whites like you are the biggest push-overs that’ll get completely rolled and then side with your oppressor.

      Your attitude will guarantee whites never get ANYTHING.

      *also what you’re saying isn’t reality. A democrat will probably be worse in some areas for whites and better for whites in others. Democrats never go as hard as their base wants them to go, largely because when republicans are out of power they suddenly become based. GOP congressmen who will gladly sign an amnesty from a republican administration will vote/campgain against a democrat amnesty. Criminal justice reform wouldn’t of been passed if not for trump, republicans would’ve used it as a campaign issues and positioned themselves as the law & order party vs soft on crime democrats, but because it was trump, they had the cover needed to pass it.

      In reality the best thing for whites would be to have a republican controlled senate with a democrat President.

      • “You right wingers”

        What the hell are you doing here, then, if you disagree with us? We DON’T WANT THE J-LEFT ASSHOLES LIKE YOU ON THIS PLATFORM.

    • As we’re not represented by either wing of the Zionist uniparty, and as no US politician subscribes to the “national populism” of left-wing economics and social conservatism, it’s pointless to support anyone on either cosmopolitan side. Both uniparty wings are anti-white and for the destruction of Western civilization. The best way forward is to develop our own parallel institutions; build our own alternative from the ground up. Do our own “long march through the institutions,” if you will.

    • “We get the government we deserve.” What have WE done to change anything besides vote and bitch ? 🙂 We HAVE TO vote for him again AND campaign HARD for him to buy time while we restructure America into 4 or 5 new Republics, ours being A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITES ONLY.

      Spencer was on the right track for awhile, then … he went center left, caring more about CNN Oprah and The View “liking him,” than leading the white nationalist movement. Who do we have ? NO ONE !!! So OF COURSE we have to keep electing the Trumps as long as WE aren’t doing a thing. There’s a YouTube channel : John Mark. He’s “trying,” which is more than anyone else is doing.

      • Grey Ghost,

        There has been discussions on this blog of creating an nascent community utilizing elements of South Africa’s Orangia district and “The Benedict Option.”

        Why don’t you spend your energy recruiting our Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to finance your concept, instead of complaining that we’re not all going full speed ahead on confederacy 2.0?

        BTW, you know that the first William Bradford to step forward is going to get the ‘Solemani ‘ treatment from a circling Reaper drone, or falsely charged, prosecuted, and inprisoned by ZOG’s alphabet soup of federal, state, and local agencies.

        Before any plans can go forward, we need to polygraph everyone to ferret out the bad actors and government infiltrators, and lines of communication like the samizdat in the former Soviet Union.

  2. Second terms of presidents are almost always disappointing. If you didn’t get anything you want in the first 3 years of Trump’s presidency you won’t get anything in a possible 2nd term.

    I also think that the re-election of Trump means war with Iran, and possibly with others joining in to make it WWIII.

  3. My opinion is this.

    There is NO dilemma ! Because there is NO ONE else to vote for – NO ONE !

    No matter how we feel about this US President, and how justified we are.

    To select anyone else for a President, would be an utter disaster manifesting in complete dominance in terms of oppression and suppression in ALL aspects of identity and lifestyle towards the White/traditional American people.

    I believe that wholeheartedly.

    • Okay fag.

      Here’s my view, in the spirit of Methnostate Mel’s tweet above.


    • Bro, your take is the literally pleb tier. I don’t mean that in a snobby way but in the most earnest way possible.

      The gop only does anything decent when they’re out of power.

      They’ll block gun control and amnesty while out of power but pass both gun control and amnesty when in power.

      The gop is our enemy and they hate us, giving them full control is a losing recipe. You have to keep them working for you, once they have power and don’t need to appeal to us they do everything they campaigned against.

      The best situation is to have a dem president and a republican controlled senate.

  4. One of the few good reviews about Trump.

    “””…Like most businessmen, Trump hates banks, for the formidable power that they have over the economy. Just take a peek at Henry Ford’s only book, «The International Jew» to find out how deep was his distrust and hatred of international banks. By the year 2000, these nation looters were only a few steps away from their planetary totalitarian dream, but a couple of details stood still: Vladimir Putin and 393 million American weapons. Then came along orange-faced Donald, the last piece in the puzzle that we the people, needed to terminate 250 years of the banking empire….”””

    • actually, Drumpf loves the Jew-banksters that kept/keep him in business by warehousing c. $400,000,000 of his debt: he pays them c. $16,000,000 in interest each year, and each year

      writes that 16 mil off his other taxes, and ends up paying nothing. Which

      is why he refuses to release his taxes. It would show

      how completely Jew-owned he is.

  5. Even if you’re right, eksothen, a Trump win in November gives White Americans four years before “complete dominance in terms of oppression and suppression” of the White/traditional Americans — but that’s if you’re right. If you’re right complete dominance and suppression will start in 2025, not 2021. 4 years go by very fast.

    Maybe you’re right but Trump really hasn’t gone to bat for us White Americans in his presidency [ like he implied he would during the presidential campaign ] . He goes to bat for the Jews, the blacks, the immigrants
    [ all of the immigrants from NON-White third worlders ] and he’s not the least bit opposed to the displacement of White Americans by NON-White third worlders [ who don’t like us White Americans very much ]. Trump wants a USA owned and ruled by Jews, a country where Jews rule over a third world population.

    Trump is not going to do anything to help or save White Americans. Trump is now is saying good things about Pat Buchanan but 20 years ago Trump was badmouthing Buchanan and called Buchanan “an Anti-Semite, a racist, and a homophobe”. What Trump said about Par Buchanan 20 years ago is what Trump REALLY thinks about White/traditional Americans. Trump is saying good things about Buchanan now and saying things Pat Buchanan says because he knows that’s what White Americans want to hear and he’s up for election again in November.

    Trump has done nothing to help the Whites in South Africa. And as far as I know, he hasn’t offered the Australians any help in battling the massive fires there. If Jews anywhere were getting killed the way the Whites in South Africa are getting killed, Trump would definitely let the Jews immigrate to the USA. If there was massive fires in Israel Trump would definitely offer Israel all kinds of assistance to help the Jews put out the fires.

    The Democrats : an ardent overt in-your-face Leftist domestic agenda, covert support for wars in the Middle East for Israel/oded yinon

    The Republicans, including Trump : an ardent overt in-your-face Zionist support for wars in the Middle East for Israel/oded yinon, covert support for the Leftist domestic agenda

    Trump is a little bit better than the Democrat contenders for the presidency but that does NOT mean he’s Pro-White, he is NOT pro-White and he couldn’t care less about White Americans. He looks White as if he belongs to the White Race but he is really a Jew and Jews are NOT of the White Race. His actions in Syria, for example, he brags about how he’s stealing oil from the Syrians, he sounds a lot more like a neanderthal apiru Arab Jew sagiz-habiru or a mischlinge than, let’s say, a White yeoman farmer.

    Except for every-once-in-awhile parroting Pat Buchanan — who he doesn’t agree with and doesn’t respect and can’t stand — in order to win over White Americans for the November election in 10 months, he hasn’t done anything in his first term to indicate he cares for us White Americans. I voted for him in 2016. I’ll be staying home on election day this November. Let the jews and blacks and the legal immigrants vote for him, he loves them so much.

    Trump is a Jew Chabad Lubavitcher at-heart, and there is NOTHING about the Jew Chabad Lubavitchers even remotely Pro White Race. Everything about the Jew Chabad Lubavitchers is deeply ANTI-WHITE. Trump at-heart IS A CHABAD LUBAVITCHER. Jew Chabad Lubavitchers are JEW SUPREMACISTS ; JEW SUPREMACISTS are NOT Pro-White Race. Trump is at-heart a JEW CHABAD LUBAVITCHER JEW SUPREMACIST.

    I’m sure Trump will see to it that the Jews are made an EXCEPTION in any government gun grab. The Jews will have guns, the blacks will have guns [ especially the black street criminals ] , the illegal and legal immigrants will have guns, ONLY White Americans will not have guns, and so far Trump hasn’t shown any opposition to the JEWS’ plan to take guns away from law-abiding White Americans.

    White Americans can only have guns if they join Uncle Sam’s military and go fight for Jew Israel in the Middle East, but Whites are not to have guns to protect themselves here in the USA. And Trump is on-board with that JEW agenda/goal of taking guns away from law-abiding White Americans. But Trump’s precious and sacred beloved JEW SUPREMACIST JEW CHABAD LUBAVITCHERS will be allowed to keep their guns, ALL JEWS will be allowed to keep their guns, Jews and blacks and NON-White immigrants will be allowed to keep their guns, THAT IS DAMN SURE. Anyone who doubts that is severely naive.

  6. To be clear, he promised jobs for all americans, not just white americans. But the h-1b visa thing is a sellout and something I’ve posted about on my own.

  7. I live in Florida USA and somehow speaking spanglish and black haitian bastard french and black amerikwan street gang hip-hop/rap/jive-talk and barely-literate-white-American-style-English-language is more appropriate here in Sunny & Warm Florida USA than speaking German. One associates the German language with cold climates and snow and ice and Florida USA is such a sunny & warm place. It’s really wonderful our American ancestors of The Greatest Generation destroyed Germany because how out-of-place it would be if we spoke German here in sunny & warm Florida USA. I mean sunny & warm places should have sunny and warm languages, not languages meant for cold places with a lot of snow duh.

    • As I said in a previous post, I was in Orlando (for the obvious Mouse Reasons…) over the Holidays, and was APPALLED at how many people spoke SPANISH. I felt like a FOREIGNER in my own country. If this is not a takeover by assimilation of the ‘Xenos’ against the White Native, I don’t know what it is…. and the Jew is to blame for it all.


      • Fr. John,

        Every time you use the noun “Xenos,” I’m not sure if you’re referring to some Scientology alien or a make believe planet in the science-fiction cannon.

        Fancy way of saying ‘the other.’

        • November,

          That was pretty good. I did have to look up the official definition of the word even though I was fairly certain what it meant.

          By the way, I did get an A in Algebra. It was close however. No way next year if it is up to me will I take Trigonometry. Give me History, Russian language class, English grammar. etc.

          Math is tough.

      • Fr. John,

        My amusement at November’s wit on the word Xenos was not intended disrespect toward you. I am just hearing words I have never encountered before.

  8. I’m no fan of either party, but what I won’t do is vote FOR more of the same under Trump. I’m voting for Bernie because we are currently corporate & Israel socialists. Since we are redistributing money like this already, it may as well be for the people. Debt be damned, because no one cares about that anymore, including republicans who have lied about it for decades. Nothing of consequence to working people has been accomplished by SCOTUS.

  9. White Americans put Zlimpf into the White House. Yes, we did that and defied the entire establishment. It’s a testament to what potentialities are still possible in the future given the right conditions.

    Unfortunately, Zlimpf and MAGA, Inc. are now completely corrupted vessels which no self-respecting White man or woman should give one ounce of support to any longer. The racial revenge and racial victory of White America (Whitelash) against the Obama era and compliant Lugenpresse using Zlimpf as the tool has now long faded into the distance.

    We, White Americans, chose Zlimpf as that tool and we (Dissident Right) now have discarded and abandoned it.

    We scored a major victory against the Kosher Sandwich on November, 8th, 2016 and since then we have experienced a major society-wide Jewlash. We dissidents all understand what this means. Those who are in prison, lost their jobs, suffered divorces, estrangements, violence, lawsuits, censorship, deplatforming, and doxings understand it even better.

    Zlimpf and his family have no loyalty to anyone but Israel and Jews and those who give them money and uncritical and unquestioning support. They especially don’t have any respect for White middle class or working class Americans. Zero respect to be precise.

    Zlimpfs daughter married into Wealthy NYC Jewry for status and changed her name and had plastic surgery done to change her Eastern European phenotype. That’s who the Zlimpf family is. That is their nature, their culture, and their morality.

    We used them and they used us. The positive returns have long since expired. The Tangerine billionaire and his heirs will live very well while surrounded by Secret Service when they are removed from office this coming November.

    For those with Stockholm Syndrome who can’t see the obvious by now…….


  10. It’s too early to speak with certainty, but it isnt looking good for Trump.

    It is probable that on Nov 4th folks will have to face the fact that America is dead, and a new political order is needed.

    This is not going to be a blank canvas upon which any bizzaire vision can be painted, but a crisis in which wise men must determine what can be accomplished and impose it: a well ordered Republic where the thumb is on the scale for traditional/ healthy living, but otherwise free.

    • I’d be willing to bet you good money Trump wins re-election by an (electoral) landslide. We’ll see, though. I’m hopinghe gets slaughtered. I’m betting he won’t.

  11. I dunno hunter… did you even listen to the Laura interview???


  12. Imagine actually voting. Imagine actually believe that this bourgeois, capitalist, corrupt, anti-White disaster of a system that is the mortal enemy of our existence can actually be reformed, and isn’t THAT bad. It’s like people think it’s just a slightly corrupted system that can be easily taken back if we finally the right BASED WHITE CONSERVATIVE to take over or something.

    It is time to retreat from (((electoral politics))) entirely and stop even worrying about it.

    • Yes. Prepare for what comes next as the country passes the tipping point and the gradual slip changes into an avalanche. Another analogy is when water makes a phase change from liquid to ice at 32 deg. F., the phase change happens immediately. Voting to change the freezing point of water from 32 deg. F. to 40 deg. may be satisfying but it doesn’t do any good.

      The issue facing the entireWhite world was laid out in The camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail in 1973. The invasion from the Global South has been going on since 1948 when The Empire Windrush landed about 500 West Indians on the docks of London to provide cheap labor (sound familiar?). The future be damned, the businessman wants to make money now and buying politicians is just part of the cost of doing business.

      From that day in 1948 to this the invasion has continued unabated with the cooperation and approval of different factions of the ruling class for their own selfish reasons. For some it’s ideological warfare against the First World, others are religious nuts who see poor people as living saints, some see a chance to make a lot money now, the future be damned, and the loudest faction now is ethnic hatred of the European Gentile population of the world. The last is the ultimate unifying principle of our enemies and is thousands of years old.

      Right now our enemies have the upper hand but their ultimate motivation is hatred of White people and hatred is a very bad counselor, their victory is far from certain.

  13. You have nailed it, HW. Great job! The Dems will no doubt be using all this against him as the months move forward. Trump has betrayed those who seek real results and not Twitter noise. If he gets away with his treachery then all the politicos who come after him will try the same tricks.

    The White South needs to form its own political party and block vote for their interests like the blacks, Jews and other demographics do (95-100 percent). These hypocritical trite charges of racism/antisemitism are worn out and we need leaders who totally ignore these Marxist games.

    But above all we need to turn to God and pray for His deliverance as we have never prayed before.

    God Save the South!

  14. karsten:

    “And yet for all that, it is also still true that the Democrats would be even worse.”

    They would, but guess what? People would know they’re the enemy. They wouldn’t be placated or deluded into thinking they won and have someone fighting for them and defending them. That’s what you have with Trump. Huge swaths of the Republican base/the white population are slaves to his personality cult that thinks he’s truly done anything for him or ever will. He’s able to turn around and sell them on the very things he campaigned against like increased legal immigration or Middle East intervention. He’s a false hope, a trojan horse for Zionism. That’s what he really feels like at this point. A psy-op meant to galvanize and invigorate the “dissident right” or anything resembling it, then crush them after they surface and sell the rest of the white population on more globalism and Zionism, leading them to believe this is what’s good for them and what they wanted.

    If Hillary won the Republicans would probably be very much the same, but we would have a definable enemy and people would be driven to action. We wouldn’t have this comically narcissistic, Jew-worshipping retard fucking his base over at almost every turn while they sit back and take it and love it. We (probably) wouldn’t have all the schizo Qanon retards either.

  15. When the Confederate memorial know as Silent Sam was being ripped down by Antifa radicals on the UNC campus in Chapel Hill the police just timidly looked on and did absolutely nothing to stop them. Law enforcement just stood down and watched it happen.

    Trump once in a while will tweet some tidbit on how it is such a shame what is being done in the South and that’s about it. He does absolutely nothing to help the South in this ongoing culture war which was triggered by another Repub — Nikki Haley. No, he should use his position to force legislation to come into being on every level of government to make it a hate crime to even suggest destroying/removing any historical item in any part of the country. But for a man who just threatened to destroy Iran’s cultural sites, like he was now the Antifa-in-Chief, makes it very clear how he is truly against the South’s position in this cultural war being waged against them.

    God Save the South!

  16. I don’t see anything Democrats offer. When a Democrat says they want higher taxes, open borders, more trannies, take away guns, I believe them.

  17. If we reelect Trump, what we are saying is that it is OK for him and the Republicans to promise us policies and then not deliver them. This is what Trump is counting on. I, for one, will not be reelecting him. I will simply sit at home and watch the results online. The country is gone no matter who wins.

    • I agree. I teach my children not to reward bad behavior. Why would I reward Trump with my vote? I’ve never sat out an election so I thought about Bernie but that’s not right either. I’ll cook a great meal & watch the returns.

  18. I’m disappointed that most of the people here still believe voting changes anything. This is why we are not making any progress. Why give legitimacy to a system that hates you and is actively trying to replace you, Whitey?

    • The truth of what you say has finally sunk in, thanks in part also to Trump.

      I think that pressing the button to vote for Trump would make me think I just voted for Netanyahu.

      I’m done with this quadrennial farce. As that Ivy League study concluded, this is an oligarchy. I would add that it’s an oligarchy with a jewish ruling class. The average voters have zero influence upon policy-making.

  19. Trump doesn’t deserve to win, it’s really that simple.

    Having a Dem president and GOP Senate might be the best thing to wake us from our complacency.

  20. You left out his promise to investigate the Clinton Library and the Clinton Global Initiative. Regardless I have accepted America is terminal and we cannot vote our way out of this. Regardless of who we elect the Depp State reigns forever. The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution. Separation or extinction! The only good result of the Trump presidency is that history has afforded us a golden opportunity to ascertain the toxins that are killing-and will kill-America so that said toxins do not take root and grow in the White Republic.

    • Be mad all you want…and then vote for Trump and the Republicans. America has an awful, truly undemocratic election system. Winner take all is absurd. A parliamentary system is far better and your vote means much more so if you vote for say, a party represented by David Duke and it gets 15% of the vote, you get 15% of your share in parliament. In this country you get the goose egg.

      It’s not even close. Vote for Trump and Republicans. Otherwise the Democrats will give us muh reparations, goodbye any hints of a wall, tons more money for Hud, huge increase in refugees, illegals become legal, attacks on second amendment and the first. I can go on forever

      Trump is a wildcard. I say his second term is far more alt right than his first. But in the Democrats you literally have nothing but aging, dying white representatives being replaced by communist non whites who will give us Africa and Central America. It’s not even close who you vote for. Trump 2020!

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