William the Conquerer’s Speech at Hastings (1066)

Is Christianity for cucks?

Does it require defeat in this world? If that was always the case, then how did Christianity ever spread across Northern Europe? Why did pagans convert to Christianity? Why were Muslims driven out of Europe? How was Spain reconquered? Why were the Moors expelled?

The Viking Age in Britain came to an end with the Norman Conquest of 1066. What would William the Conqueror have thought of this debate? Maybe it is American conservatives who are degenerate cucks, not Alfred the Great or William the Conqueror.

Note: Pope Alexander II blessed William the Conqueror’s invasion of England.

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  1. Yes. The article you link to confirms this with EVERY idiotic word. It’s all about “the next world” and “racism is CRAP blah blah hurr durr Jayzuz was a middle eastern Kike”

    Re: William the Conqueror – the spiritual and mental dissolution had not seeped in to every cell of Europeans a thousand years ago – HOWEVER – the Heebs were following and funding the Normans, and telling them how great they were (isn’t vanity one of the 7 DEADLY sins? hurr durr indeed) – and soon Jooz were collecting “tithes” on the door of (((Christian))) synagogues….

  2. There’s an Anglo Celtic Franco Norman tension in the English culture that is quite unlike anything anywhere else.

  3. William the Conqueror was a Norman – a Germanic White people nominally Christian but nothing like today’s LGBT, MLK Jr. Worshipping, Lutheran immigrant aid society Christians – or Mittens Romney Church of Latter Day Sissies.

    So a Germanic Norman people from across the English channel invaded and conquered Saxon English (Angles and Saxons being another Germanic people that crossed over the English channel a few decades before.

    These are all Germanic White people, converted to some warrior version of Christianity without women priests, queers, race mixers etc.

    Wouldn’t it have been great if another German White people invasion went across the English channel in say 1943 – an invasion FROM Normandy Beach and the invasion, like the William the Conqueror invasion from 1066 was also successful?

    Wouldn’t that have been great?

    Don’t we wish Norman, Normandy Beach Germans still occupied London England, that’s London England, not Londonstan?

    Wouldn’t that have been great?

    Don’t we wish the Grandson of Adolf Hitler was made in charge of this Norman, Normandy Beach German occupation force of London, don’t we wish we could all go lick his boots and tell them how really SORRY we are for all the really stupid things our American and British Grandfathers did way back then.

    What were they thinking?

    Oh well.

    There’s NFL football games on today, what’s going down today in Londonstan?

    • Medieval Europe was not purist. They understood that even the best people have flaws. This system when Europeans kick their most competent leaders out of office for minor incidents, is relatively recent, mostly after French Revolution what made all people “equal” and easily replaceable.

      Medieval people understood that people are not equal, talents are rare and hard to find and because of that we are forced to forget talents some flaws. Or serious flaws, corruption or even murders. Eastern Europe and Russia still understand this. That is why Putin sitting on his chair.

      Average Russian doesn`t understand the 4 years election concept. Great leaders emerge maybe once in the century, not all the time so one great leader must last until we find next one. Statesmanship is an art. There are not Shakespeares and Da Vincis hanging around on the every road corner, so we can have one after every 4 years.

      Pope saw the rare talent who could win and bring Christianity to England. Everything else was irrelevant.

      • Pope saw the rare talent who could win and bring Christianity to England. Everything else was irrelevant.

        England had been Christian for centuries by the time of the Norman invasion.

        Perennially underachieving Russians don’t seem like a model worthy of emulation, if you ask me. Western Europeans would be better served by looking to their own traditions for guidance and inspiration.

      • “Pope Alexander II blessed William the Conqueror’s invasion of England.” – HW

        “Pope saw the rare talent who could win and bring Christianity to England.”

        England already WAS Christian! It had been Orthodox for CENTURIES- it was the Roman CULT that killed Orthodox Britain, and led to the Reformation, not 500 years later.

        There was a brief period where the English almost got their Church back, but THIS TIME,
        Cromwell invited the YIDS in, and they DESTROYED EVERYTHING that was Godly in English Culture, including the Noble Families. There is so much JEWISHNESS in England’s Noble Families, it would take another 500 years, just to purge it out!

        Requiescat in Pace, Ecclesia Anglicanae.

  4. **Is Christianity for cucks?**

    The answer is yes, as Duke William himself was a product of adultery and cuckoldry. His mother was a conniving whore and concubine of several men before and after she gave birth to the Bastard.

    • Then it’s not True Christianity…. as my comments about the Death of Orthodoxy have shown.
      Rome is no true Church. And Bergoglio’s perversion of same, it heresy twice removed…..

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