Steve Bannon: Trump Is Spreading Freedom and Democracy In the Middle East and Asia

Donald Trump isn’t a neocon.

He is a National Populist. He is against the foreign policy of the permanent political class in Washington which is appeasement of evil dictators. There is a huge difference between Trump and George W. Bush’s policies. Trump has taken a Churchillian stand to spread freedom and democracy around the world. It is a new era of bigger tax cuts and bigger wars for Israel.

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  1. By democracy they really mean rule by wealthy oligarchs. It worked out so well for them in Iraq and Libya.As regards freedom I would say freedom without sovereignty is mere illusion. For a people to be sovereign they must be in control of their own destiny and hence their future. So I ask you: do you really think whites are a sovereign people in the United States? Are we in control of our future? Globalists are sovereign, the Deep State is sovereign, we are not! Freedom ought to mean more then merely the absence of overt oppression.

  2. Ha ha and the mask is finally all the way off. The MAGA movement is literally the epicenter of the Jewish neo-liberal world order! Let that sink in. Trump-tards didn’t just get a lack of nationalism, they got the polar opposite! I now consider anyone still advocating for Trump as an enabler of global Zionist tyranny and an enemy, and that includes people like Don Black and Patrick Slatttery and anybody else taking a “neutral” position on this kosher puppet.

    WN 1.0 may have been ineffectual, but at least they actually knew who the enemy was. At least WN 1.0 knew a Christian Zionist like Bannon was traitor and not some hero. The Alt-Right was worse than useless, by getting whites who would otherwise be WN to support Trump it deceived and humiliated us. By cloaking everything with stupid “ironic” humor they made issues that were deadly serious into a joke. It’s no coincidence that the pro “democracy” protesters in Hong Kong have been flashing Pepe images along with the satanic stars and stripes. Their fake populist movement has the same CIA origins as the Alt-Right.

    Never support a Zionist under ANY circumstances. Not for strategic reasons, not for “optics” not because the Dems would be worse (which they would not be). Never support your enemy.

    • The only thing here I would not agree with 100% is that ALL of WN 1.0 was completely woke to how bad conservatives are. The really based people like David Lane and those who followed him were, but there was all along a “gimme your conservative cummies daddy” element. If you read Instauration from the 80s and 90s you’ll see that opinions were divided but there were definitely people arguing that Reagan or Gingrich was /ourguy/ and the GOP is our salvation. It was obviously never as serious as the alt-kike thing with Trump (if it were then leftists would have non-hyperbolically considered them “Nazis” there would have been a mass “Nazi” hysteria like there is now) but it was there.

      It wasn’t until the W. Bush presidency that WN 1.0 really got woke about Neocons and Christian Zionists, and even then they still fell for Ron Paul and his libertarian bullshit. That’s obviously nowhere near as cringe as supporting Trump or Bannon since he was at least not a neocon.

  3. Trump is NOT spreading freedom and democracy in the Middle East. Just ask Iraq, whose democratic government asked the US to leave and were told “no” and that if they pressed the issue their oil revenues would be frozen (i.e. stolen). The Iraqi PM claims that Trump personally threatened him.

    Trump’s policy is the same as his predecessors’ and is the removal of governments disliked by the empire and Israel all over the world. He recognized some clown named Guaido as the president of Venezuela, not the democratically-elected president. In Bolivia Trump supported a military coup which ran off their elected president and installed some nobody as “president.”

    In the Middle East the goal is the spread of chaos and the destruction of countries which would resist Israeli regional dominance and expansionism. Hezbollah is condemned as the world’s worst terrorists for driving Israel out of Lebanon and keeping Israel from annexing south Lebanon for its water resources.

    US policy has nothing to do with spreading freedom or democracy or human rights. If it did Saudi Arabia would be a target and not a good buddy.

  4. Maybe the most important point is that these Washington gangsters, including Trump, have no right to interfere or meddle in other countries or impose their preferences upon them. I respect those countries, like Zambia and Iran, who tell these arrogant bastards to go to hell.

  5. “Freedom and democracy” my tookas, those fake street protesters are being paid by ZOG. Bannon is a just another bullshit artist with zero credibility.

  6. Steve should lay off the carbs.

    Jabba the Bannon has been in the wilderness for too long now. Trump needs to bring him back into the fold, so that he stops pissing himself on that cringey podcast he is doing in the basement.


  7. Along with daffodils and little chickadees singing in the trees. Children are skipping along, holding hands and singing by the lazy, bubbling brooks while citizens gather in the groves feasting on fried chicken and apple pie while drinking cider between choruses of Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes. They’re living the Jihad life in an American made paradise. Just watch. Camp meetings and free elections will break out any minute now…

  8. Steve Bannon on Fox News:

    point 1. Anybody who promotes Winston Churchill as an example to follow, is a rogue. Churchill’s Second World war destroyed Britain; but did miracles for the Globalists.

    Point 2. The revolting “students” waving US flags on the streets of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tehran, etc. all want to abandon their own countries and come to the West. When these masses of young, westernised Third-worlders mouth the slogans of “Freedom and Democracy” , what they mean is that they all want to join the millions of Third-worlders already here and looting the West. They are the cutting edge of the Globalists and Internationalists.

    Point 3. It is clear from this Fox News interview, that Bannon would like to join Donald Trump’s current election team. Should Trump make Bannon’s advocacy of “Freedom and Democracy” for the world his own policy, then it will be a case of Trump campaigning for literally every Third-worlder who wants to come here.

    • Those “young, westernised Third-worlders” belong in a Gulag. I am really disappointed in China and Iran for tolerating them as much as they do. Stalin, Mao or Khomeini would not have put up with this shit.

  9. ” churchillian ” eh? Whatever else blompf is, he doesn’t seem to be a semi-functioning drunk like churchill, or like bannon.

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