KAG Gang: If You Don’t Like This Country, You Can Leave

Lowest Black Unemployment Rate ever!

Taking out Soleimani to liberate homosexuals in Iran!


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  1. I’ve found it tempting to leave the dying empire, for various areas in Latin America. Live where the dollar has more value, and likely will continue to do so. We dissidents aren’t appreciated, so why not have an easier life somewhere else?

    But I won’t be leaving. I love where I am, and I don’t want to live anywhere else. I’m a contrary sort, anyway. Being a dissident appeals to me. And if things turn around, so much the better. I would rather participate, in my limited way, in what’s going on than turn my back on it all.

  2. I guess this country under Trump doesn’t like Southerners, the Spanish of the Southwest, the Cascadian bioregion, American Indians, and us Vinlanders (northern whites) but it’s for a very chosen ethnic elite and whoever they like. Guess we can all leave

  3. “BoomerWaffen is on full Red alert….. “

    People, you NEED to listen to TRS episode 539 !! It is bloody murder…… the “merchant minute” is just perfect

  4. Who does this lying jigaboo think he’s fooling? He drinks cognac. Probably Henessey, but possibly Courvosier or Remy Martin. The only way this MAGA coon drinks vodka is if he were to pour an envelope of grape Kool Aid into the bottle and shake it up, or if there was a flamin’ hot flavored vodka.

    • Cultural appropriation.

      If the Jewish slave traders didn’t bring his ancestors here, he would be living in a mud hut drinking shit infested water right now.

      Thanks Jews!

  5. America is an absolute disgrace….it’s a pity the Jefferson, Adams and Washington weren’t strung up for treason.

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