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  1. Needs to divide, tried to happen back in 1860, too bad it failed. I’m hoping for a collapse like the old USSR, splitting apart peacefully, each section going their way, could end up with several rather nice sized countries.

  2. David Axelrod= JEW
    Obama’s Father= a lying adulterous Nigger, name Frank Davis.
    Wesley Lowery= Nigger Mulatto Mischling, EEOC hire.
    “There is not a black America.” = Baltimore
    There is not a White America.” = Heartland, that Obummer denigrated time and time again.
    Megynecology Kelly= White Ho’
    “The ONE” – false religion and a false Mischling Sodomite Messiah
    Produced by Michael Kirk/Mike Wiser (JEW NAMES)

    This, in just the first FOUR Minutes. And you think this is UNBIASED JOURNALISM?
    Why the Hell even bother, HW?
    Why even bother…..?

    • Fr. John +,

      I agree with you wholeheartedly on your take. I was grinding my teeth throughout this extremely biased PBS (propaganda by semites) ‘documentary.’

      From Sesame Street to the PBS News Hour, it’s all jewish ethos and mythology. They have even allowed zionism to seep into “Nova” the one decent series on that rabbinical network.

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