Kingdom of the War God: Evangelicals Betray Jesus Christ For Israel

“Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?”

Ezekiel 33:11

This is a great episode of TruNews.

In the first half, Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart methodically breakdown the assassination of Qasem Soleimani and cover how there was a plot in the Trump administration to take out Soleimani for years. Israel had spies at the airports in Baghdad and Damascus and on the plane that brought him to Iraq. There was no “imminent threat” to four American embassies. Instead, Soleimani was lured to Iraq on a diplomatic mission to deescalate tensions with Saudi Arabia and was taken out in a mafia-style assassination for Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu was kept in the loop by Mike Pompeo. There was a second attack on an Iranian official that failed in Yemen. Now that Iraq has democratically voted to expel U.S. troops, Trump is threatening Iraq with mafia-style retaliation to destroy the Iraqi economy by having the Federal Reserve Bank block their account which processes the oil revenue in dollars which makes up 90 percent of their national budget.

In the second half (skip ahead to 48:00), the discussion turns to the negative impact that Trump’s character is having on evangelical Christians. Trump is murdering foreign leaders for Israel now and is trying to justify it by labeling them evil doers. Christian Zionists who worship Israel and who know virtually nothing about their own religion are cheering him on.

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  1. TruNews is of course correct, but the evangelical ziotards aren’t going to change the heretical ways because of it. Evangelicals are slaves to zionism.

  2. HW;

    Any comments on St. John Chrystosam? He is a Doctor of the Church for the Catholic Church and also a saint amongst the Orthodox and Anglican. He preached against the judaizers of his time and against homos, too. I guess he wouldn’t have voted for The Buttplug.

    • Denise- you’ve confessed you were raised a Methodist. Even if your baptism was only a Prot. ‘bare ritual,’ God acknowledges it. And you aren’t a pagan, you are merely a lapsed Christian. Of course, if you persist, God WILL damn you, but there is always a way back… even acknowledging this from someone who is not a fan your intemperateness…

      • @John … well when your in idolatry of worshipping a jew man as creator of the universe what do expect but for the Christian to do as he is told by his “god” …cuck

        • the christian is told to go and lill millions more for his idol’s political zionism and global despotic messianic monarchy so he can build a temple for more Shiva-Moloch-YHWH (Jahovah, the god of destruction.calamity) sacrifices!

    • Wow. I haven’t watched the film in decades. I thought it was all absurd at the time. That clip, and the trajectory of the film, neatly delineates the fundamental HORROR of Christinsanity. Saul – one of the Earth’s BEST/WORST marketing geniuses, doesn’t care about truth. He tells Willem as Blonde Jayzuz that “…people need God” – which is true – but then he talks about how unhappy the people are. So instead of analyzing why people are miserable, and attempting to create policies that may actually help people improve their lives – he tells them, “Never mind this life. Just suffer. Just wait til you die. Heaven’s gonna be GREAT!”. There’s the essential nugget of the slave mentality.

      Then there’s Brooklyn Jeezuz. ( The accents were ridiculous!) I liked Dafoe’s overall performance. The trajectory of the Last Temptation is SICK AND EVIL. The beautiful little blond girl, who save Brooklyn J from a grotesque death is really Satan. Uh huh. She sets him on a path to what most Humans would consider to be a long, rewarding life. Brooklyn J has wives, and children, meaningful work, and a long and happy life. BUT THAT’S ALL WRONG! Nah. Harvey Keitel bursts into Dafoe’s house, and orders Dafoe to “GIT BACK ONNA CROSS AND DIE!!!!” Because having a long happy life, and a family, and children, WON’T save Humanity. CruciFICTION and telling people that this world doesn’t matter at all will.

      I do recall that I really liked David Bowie, as Pontius Pilate. (Bowie turned out to be a major ahole, IRL) Pilae was calm, sympathetic to a point, and very honest. I liked the …orderliness…of that scene. The quiet, honest real politik. The Romans loathed the kikes, by the way. They thought they were obnoxious, crazy, and annoying beyond comprehension. Roman administrators served in Judea as a jump start to political careers. The concept was that if you could deal with Heebs – you could deal with ANYTHING. A certain strain of Kristards insist that “The Jews of today are not the Jews of the Bible”. But that’s not true.

      I stand with Pontius Pilate. Pilate did nothing wrong.

    • Here’s an insight that possibly needs to be understood. Jews (Khazars, the “AshkeNAZI’s) believe (due to the Talmud, a false ‘interpretation of the O.T. Scriptures) believe that they, and THEY ALONE, are the ‘IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD.’ They consider all other hominids (Persians, Palestinians, Moslems, but especially White Christians) to be nothing more than ‘beasts’ – and therefore, killing such ‘beasts’ is no more than killing a cow or a dog, or a horse. Different degrees of importance on an animal hierarchy of USE/NEED, surely, but NOT THE SAME AS KILLING A HUMAN.

      Now, having said that, there is a thread in Scripture that clearly points out that there is a Difference of Ontology between Christians and the non-Christian (or, the ‘goyim’ to borrow from Hebrew- but NOT from ‘Judaism’ so-called). But Jews, BECAUSE THEY DENY CHRIST AS MESSIAH, do not have the tempering effect of God’s spirit on them, as Christians do- Zionism is the secular perversion of the Talmudic pseudo-religious aspect of the Jews’ MISAPPROPRIATION of Divine Ontology. So it’s an error wrapped in a ‘cloke of righteousness’ that is worse than the Hypocrisy of the Pharisees, whom Christ denounced as ’empty sepulchres, full of dead men’s bones.’

      So, as the ‘shabbas goyim’ (the working beasts Jews have always used among the ‘Gentiles’ -so THEY think) are nothing more than ‘useful idiots’ to do [sic] ‘G-d’s work’ among the ‘nations,’ while the [sic] “Jews” pretend to be ‘holier than thou’- even as they are guilty of murder, JUST AS THEY ARE GUILTY OF DEICIDE. It’s the same old trick of USING the ‘goyim’ (Romans or Americans) to do their dirty work for them!

      Christian Zionists/Dispensationalism is thus a DOUBLE HERESY- denying their own ontological difference as Baptized Christians, they also serve the Antichristian Jews, in their FACADE OF LEGITIMACY, by carrying out their ‘murder orders.’

      This man/TRU News is correct. Modern Evan-jelly-goo Xtians who believe in the heresy of Dispensationalism, are TWICE CURSED.

        • Fr. John subscribes to a rather peculiar version of Christianity, miss. It would seem to be of a pre-Great Schism / Council of Chalcedon variety. As for myself I just believe whatever Charles Manson says.

      • @John It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when you’re not the chosen people of your own religion. … as well when your in idolatry of worshipping a jew man as creator of the universe what do expect but for the Christian to do as he is told by his “god” kill millions for a temple for more burnt offering holocaust sacrifices and political zionist global messianic monarchy of tyranny and despotism (Rev 12:5)…cuck

    • “It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when you’re not the chosen people of your own religion”

      That’s because it is designed to be the doctrine for SLAVES”

    • If I were to vote for someone for POTUS this November, I’d seriously consider writing in Rick Wiles.

      Perhaps, we can show our disaffection with the system by writing in Mr. Wiles. I’m just throwing that out there.

  3. The modern Church cares nothing about the White Race. It’s nothing but a tool in keeping the Jews in power and White Republicans run around thinking and acting like Jews. All about that Jew Money and keeping the giant gap between the Rich vs Poor. Well we have a solution. The AltRight has made it known that our Identity is important not only in our survival but prosperity in the World. Many in the AltRight / Nationalist community are Christians and realize these facts. We realize that a tax cut or some stupid War for Israel does nothing for White People. A job making Jew Money means nothing in the end. The list goes on and on because none of it matters when this country turns Brown. The White Race in America will be in the same shape as White Farmers in South Africa. We realize that our Identity and working together in Unity is our only hope in White Survival and Prosperity in the World. Deo Vindice !

  4. You are spot on. The Dispensationalism that has overwhelmed Conservative Protestantism in the US was fringe territory until Hal Lindsey’s LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH. More geopolitical fantasy than sound theology, Lindsey’s fever dream set the stage for the rejection of historical approaches the Eschatology.

    Who benefits? Israel benefits.

  5. Aside from his accidental misspelling of the word “Cloak”, Fr. John’s 7:09 reply is 100% correct.

    (He of the former and sorely missed “White Christ” web blog)

    • believing any man is creator of the universe is shear delusional … and why yer all insane… the jews love it… easier to manipulate you for whatever they desire of you… casue you think one of their kin is God or One of you kin is God… Wake up no man created the universe

  6. Denise and others. We try not to fall down in Christian sectarian, theological hair splitting and finger pointing. Most all of us come from some type of once White, European American Christian church denominations that have mostly all gone bad, traitor, anti white, or Christian Zionist at the top. I support mostly positive Christianity with race realism. I generally like the views presented in Monty Python’s the Life of Brian. Jesus is presented(very briefly about 20 seconds) in a positive way, otherwise the surrounding Jews at the time were all either idiots, crazy or were plotting, anti White, anti Roman Jewish terrorists. Monty Python’s the Life of Brian supported White Roman colonialism, White European civilization bringing needed things like clean water, good roads to backward, barbaric superstitious and ungrateful people.

  7. For all you pagans out there…
    In hell you could have Adam Schiff and all his tribesmen for your neighbours… for all eternity. Think about that for awhile.

  8. There was once a famous French mathematician and physicist called Blaise Pascal. He was so well thought of that the SI unit of pressure was named after him, the Pascal (Pa, one Newton per square metre).

    Every day, millions of scientists, engineers, students and teachers incidentally write his name down hundreds of millions of times doing their calculations. His name has been written down billions, even trillions of times perhaps.

    His friend at the time asked him, “Why are you such a devout Catholic?”

    Pascal replied, “Well, if I die and there is ‘nothing’, I have lost nothing; but if I die, and I am right, I gain everything!”

    Now that was a smart man. Why not be like Monsieur Pascal?

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