Nick Fuentes’s Catboy BFF Mocks His Sexuality

Is Nick Fuentes attracted to women?

If you trusted the plan, you wouldn’t ask such questions.

I will just say that I don’t think this video helps King Nick of the Groypers at the moment. I will also point out that it was the “wignats” who warned him to stay away from these Alt-Lite degenerates like MILO and Baked Alaska. It would have been in his own interest to do so. He had a good thing going trying to promote a more Christian and normal presenting nationalist movement and was gaining a lot of traction until he ruined his image by associating it with this. None of his various enemies did this to him either. He did it entirely to himself.

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  1. For what it’s worth Ralph interviewed the cat boy on killstream and he claims he’s not gay and never has been. That his costume is all a joke. Basically, a typical irl streamer e-beggar who will do anything for donos

    • Cat boy claimed he was not gay? There is a sound bite of cat boy telling fraud Fuentes he reminded him of an X. In your opinion what does an X imply? Also why does fraud Fuentes defend his actions with a supposed sodomite in that very disturbing live stream date?

      All you groypers have been well played again by the only supposed right wing Catholic who’s basically the only personality that hasn’t been thrown off all social media and payment processors.

      Do you really think fraud Fuentes could be playing by fair rules without the help from unknown actors in the higher ups in society?

      Use your brain if you have one, groyper.

    • “Oh it’s all a joke, it’s just ironic tee-hee” Screw that!
      Would you personally be capable of putting on cat ears and prancing around like a faggot on camera for some money? I know I wouldn’t. You’d have to be gay to even think of that idea, let alone actually do it. Likewise, you have to be gay to think hanging out on camera and being all giggly around this homo is a good idea too.

  2. In the first video, the catboy is laughing at the question since he gets asked that so much now. Not because he’s mocking Nick.

    Fake news.

    • Maybe so.

      I don’t really care about this drama. I will just note that nothing about Lolisocks has helped Nick in the slightest and that he really deserves to be taken to his own optics woodshed.

  3. People who promote Talmudic hatred of women, and try to force hypocritical puritanical Judeo-Christian bullshit that is counter to the 14 words, are ALWAYS fags. Often pederasts as well, which is why they like to hide their faggotry by banging Asian girls that look like 12 year old boys. Fuentes trying to turn the alt-right into a Christian holier-than-thou club (most of whom still fap and coom to porn, and probably bugger each other too, while they call people who have Aryan children out of wedlock “degenerates” when they are actually helping the white race, unlike MILO) is FAR worse optics than swastikas and “wignat” stuff. Only jewed bourgeois reatards are actually offended by “Nazis”. You can make unironic Nazism fun and appealing to the youth. Fuentes only appeals to psychopathic incels and queers.

    Fuentes is pretty clearly a Jew – a huge percent of Mexico has converso ancestry, even while a lot of Mexicans hate Israel. Fuentes hates Palestine and favors (((American imperialism))) so that is clearly Sephardic ancestry showing through. And he is also pretty clearly a fag, who looks and acts and sucks MILO’s jewish cock like a fag.

    • Takes one to know one, and you seem pretty at ease with all these buzz words and Christophobia, that are a hallmark of the Sodomite Fringe….Bruce.

  4. The irony to me, is none of this is hard. It’s pretty easy most of the time to see people like this will ruin you, but people just never learn. The internet never forgets. If i had my way, every public member of the dissident right would write on a chalkboard, 1000 times, “ I will not associate with weird people, the internet never forgets “. Maybe it would finally stick in their heads for once.

  5. For years Elton John never admitted he was a homo either. Maybe in their minds they believe they aren’t queer, just “bi-curious”. I think Silverfagg is going through a similar phase of denial. When he condemns “degeneracy” and then engages in naked camping adventures with Anglin, Douglas Mackie and Lee Rogers he rationalizes it as men just being men, you see.

  6. yeah, im not clicking on those videos. nick’s attitude and politics are dogshit retarded, so this is just part and parcel. anyone that says, “wignat” is a traitor

    • Wignat, Amnat and Degeneracy are three words that should be stricken from our lexicon. It was the Anglin-Mackey-Assholemador crowd which came up with those terms, so anyone who uses them is basically admitting to being a flamer.

      • Yeah, i am often called a “wignat” on “pro-white” websites ( including this one) because i constantly remind everyone that there is no peaceful way out of this mess…
        because there isn’t.
        This is why i spend ALL of my spare time getting in shape, shooting, prepping and learning everything i can to be self sufficient and non-dependent of society..
        It would behoove every other smart white person to do this also and teach their kids to get off their fucken phones and their lazy asses and do the same.

  7. I heard a long time ago that Fuentes was a Marrano, not sure if that’s true, but its definitely shaping up to look like that…we have “right wing, nationalist,patriot” social media infiltrators on a grand scale in Canada too..they all start off like normal people, gathering a following and some degree of respectability with their content and topic choices, then, when they are entrenched, they start slowly introducing their globohomo, pro israel agenda in small doses while using their influence to smear, attack, unperson and exclude real patriots from the social circles.
    The easiest way to tell if a person is a real nationalist or patriot is to see whether they are banned from social media and if they are getting harassed and bankrupted by the globohomo establishment… I don’t know of any dedicated, serious nationalists who aren’t getting banned, bankrupted, smeared, slandered and financially deplatformed when they show themselves on any social media or google owned network, the only “nationalists” making money online are controlled opposition IMHO

  8. Red flags were aplenty in regards to Nick Fuentes. I’ve noted them on OD multiple times. Behavioral tics and language both conscious and unconscious are dead giveaways of who that person actually is, no matter how much they attempt to disguise it to the public.These revelations now becoming undeniably obvious where there foe a while.

    Live and learn. Live and learn.

  9. Stormer cope posting.

    What was it a month since the groyper war and Anglin burning every bridge with TRS and the rest of the shambling corpse of the altright, just to virtue signal about how he and King Nick are leading the way?

    Lol. Fuck Anglin. My only solace in this thing is going to be reading every piece he writes along his downward spiral to irrelevance.

    • Exactly. When DS puts down White woman like he’s been doing for a few years now glorifying their murders and rape the questions must be raised. The NazBol must be swallowing black cock in the Congo where’s he allegedly hiding. Him sticking up for fraud closeted homo Fuentes raises many red flags.

      If you’re on the DS comment section GET THE FUCK OFF NOW, ifyou know what’s good for you. You’ve been warned, the faggots jew weev and wanna be Congo cum guzzler azzmador run it.

        • @Jijcf You are dangerously naive or plain stupid. The way Anglin goes off about glorifying Russia, China and N Korea dictatorships. Crucifying White woman and glorifying their murders and rape, encouraging MGTOW instead of trying to fix the problem between men and woman today. IMO Anglin is a full blown homosexual NazBol that’s sucking black Congo cock.

          …and Azzmador who had federal warrants out for his actions in Charlottesville. I’d bet anything that fat pig sold out his loyal fans on DS comment boards to the Feds. Isn’t it strange we heard nothing from those warrants?

          Again, I’d advise anyone on the DS comment boards to get off now. The above paragraph is not fiction.

          • The fact that he doesn’t totally support ZOG propaganda against Israel’s enemies (sometimes he does) doesn’t make him a NazBol. All serious White nationalists would support those “dictatorships” against the Western ZOG.

            MGTOW was literally invented by lolbertarians, it has nothing to do with NazBol. If Anglin is a NazBol why does he still push bourgeois amnat shit and Trump?

    • Yeah there is no good way to spin this thing. He is trying, since apparently:

      an effeminate man that wears cat ears and sucks dildos on live stream is just an “edgy comedian who makes jokes that boomers don’t understand”.

      Also, if we don’t think that is totally fun and ok then we are all literally fat skinheads marching in the streets wearing costumes. There is definitely no in-between there. Pick a side.

      Only a conniving jew liar could come up with this crap, which makes sense because Anglin works for one.

  10. Nothing says “good optics” and “Christian” like hanging out with a crossdresser! Anyone who disagrees is just a wignat fed Boomer.

    We need a normal, non-hispanic guy to take up the mantle of the Nationalistic and Christian cause, and whoever does so must learn from Nick’s mistakes. And learn from the follies of the secular alt-right as well.

    • We don’t need a “come to Jesus ” movement, but unfortunately, religious observance and its companion low IQ seem to be necessary to increase our birth rate, plus more than a dollop of enthocentrism enhancement.

      Again, the Third Reich is the gold standard example of having a sane, healthy, and productive society without having to regress back to Dark Age norms.

      • Cringe atheism or paganism isn’t going to catch on among conservatives. Stop it. It’s never going to happen. Nick may be imploding (and he was questionable to begin with), but the movement of Christianity among the former alt-right and the zoomers is growing and you can either join it, or fall into obscurity like Spencer.

        Germany, contrary to skinhead and liberal propaganda, was a hardcore Christian nation, save for a few leaders who clearly didn’t understand the bible and thought today’s “jews” are the israelites of old.

        • Chuck,

          Putting the word “cringe ” in front of whatever person or thing you disagree with doesn’t make them discredited or irrelevant.

          Also, look into any poll to see how pozzed the average zoomer is regarding politics and morality.

          Yes, National Socialist Germany was a overwhelming Christian, but it didn’t allow religion to dominate their lives or ideology. Again, you’re in error, if you think I get my information about the Third Reich from “skinheads or liberals.”

          Let me know when this nexus of Christianity and racial realism begins to pay dividends, but even the somewhat based Christian men of TruNews aren’t race realists, so I won’t be holding my breath.

          God speed.

      • Yeah, I am finding out the hard way that the best young southern white women are Christian and the secular ones are usually degenerates that don’t want as many kids, if any. They will not date atheists either, let alone a “pagan”. So we can shitpost all day about racial paganism being better but I am realizing that IRL it really doesn’t mean a damn thing.

        • Dr. Dutton has done a few videos about the role religious observance plays in birth rate differentials. He also showed that it walks hand in hand with lower intelligence as well. Being that Christianity is a universalist theology in the West, don’t expect too much ethnocentrism to accompany it.

          Happy hunting on finding your diamond in the rough.

  11. Not saying that Nick is ghey, but that just don’t look right is all I’m gonna say. That would be the equivalent to Dr. Hill or David Duke hanging out with some homo/tranny e-celeb grifter and calling it a “date”.

  12. What the funny part with some people in here are nothing more then fan boys to a cult of personality with …

    The hero the leader i.e. R Spencer for some in here – who clearly are suffering from a form of encephalitis – was born in an ELITE family and from the comfort of his connections to the Bush family and his Elite circles, in rare occasions this “white/American warrior”(major sarcasm) graces us, he shares he’s “pro-white pro American” opinions and ideas about abortion that one would find & read ONLY in Antifa websites.

    Spencer of SUPPORT for state paid abortion

    and some MORONS in here claim to be nationalists……. what a JOKE !!

    Who the F is this J Neal ???? “I consider myself pro-choice & pro-life” WHAT???

    • eksothen,

      Do you have a problem with state funded abortions for POC? Perhaps thot white women who march their knocked up (by who knows what) asses into planned parenthood clinics would be fit parents?

      There’s a difference between being a ideal world and the one that we inhabit. Don’t take that as my endorsement of abortion.

      • “Do you have a problem with state funded abortions for POC? “

        Yes I DO !

        The act of abortion is an abhorrent degenerate soul killing act. And NO nationalist that believes in his people and in a virtuous & principled way of life can in good conciousness support the MURDER of innocence, infants.

        It would be more righteous and fair to do a major sweep pf ALL non whites in America pay their resettlement in Africa or Latin America, with a bonus pf 1 million each and CUT TIES WITH THEM FOR EVER.

        But murder especially of infants is SATANIC & TALMUDIC !!

        I have a theory.
        Behind these pseudo nationalist attempts to get rid of non whites from White nations some liberal/libertarian PIECES OF SHT – we all know whom I’m talking about – hide their real agenda !

        sorry “white” richard … or should I call you Oliver Cromwell no.2 ??????

        • I don’t know. I think if the average black or non-white hispanic female abort their offspring we might consider them crime fighters and eugenicists instead of murders. Just think of all the truly innocent White lives that will not get ruined or extinguished by those POC that were never born and raised to hate “Whitey.”

          • I share the same sentiment with you about these freeloading anti-whites….

            but in real life we cannot become a white version of La razza or white tzihadis.

            the solution is plain and VERY simple….

            SWEEP them ALL in to concentration interment camps and then DEPORT THEM – using the power of the state and making the appropriate laws !


  13. I don’t know. The first two videos are simply incoherent and without any meaning that i can discern. I guess the “catboy” mocked him, whatever. As for Spencer, just the typical mental masturbation, intellectual reach around he’s known for; again irrelevant at best. Whatever Fuentes is or isn’t, his role in calling out the fake conservative inc BS of Kirk and the rest was relevant and important. We keep nitpicking and the Jewish, genocidal train keeps rolling. Makes you wonder who the controlled opposition really is.

    • ” again irrelevant at best. “ that is ALL he is these days, at best…

      We keep nitpicking and the Jewish, genocidal train keeps rolling. Makes you wonder who the controlled opposition really is.

      THAT IS EXACTLY the point, that some people in here CHOOSE to not see.

  14. Thought lolisocks was a brit, Australian black dildo sucking, cross dressing catboy comedian eh? Hmm whatever close enough

  15. Fuentes is suspiciously neat and clean. When will his voice finally change? Very strange for a guy who’s barely five feet tall and who’d be knocked unconscious with one punch from Pete Buttigieg to constantly be calling people faggots, don’t you think?

    Keep in mind that he is still very tight with Baked Alaska. That fact alone should entirely discredit him. Apparently after his marathon date with Cat Boy, Nick paid for the twink to be flown to Arizona to hang out with Baked Alaska, too.

    Search for the picture of Baked Alaska with a dildo in his mouth. Also search for the pictures of Baked Alaska and Milo Yiannopoulos wearing pajamas and snuggling together. Then, every time “Zoomer Clips” (a Twitter account run by Baked Alaska) calls someone a fag, tweet those photos at him.

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