VICE: Steve Bannon’s Master Plan for Europe

Steve Bannon is a parasite who has tried to associate himself with the nationalist and populist movements in Europe which he unsuccessfully attempted to hijack and steer down the same conservative Zionist drain that he has here in the United States.

In Europe, Bannon’s master plan was to unite all the European nationalist parties underneath Mischael Modrikamen, an obscure Belgian Jew who is the leader of a small party, who is known only for his fight against anti-Semitism and support for Israel. The goal was to coopt the nationalist movements so that Bannon could play gatekeeper of Europe and marginalize ethnonationalists and anti-Semites for the Jewish billionaires who support him. This is what he did with the MAGA movement in the United States. The plan went nowhere and Bannon was shunned all over Europe and was evicted from that Italian monastery.

In 2015 and 2016, we were duped by Steve Bannon. We naively thought that he was our guy in the White House. We continued to believe that through most of 2017 and even past Charlottesville because Steve Bannon kept his mouth shut while he was working for the Trump administration. After Bannon was dumped from Breitbart in early 2018, we learned a lot more about the real Steve Bannon especially after seeing what he was plainly trying to do in Europe. In retrospect, it painted his activities here in the United States and the MAGA movement in a whole new light. The goal all along had not been to promote an authentic National Populist movement like in Europe, but to hijack the one that already existed, steer it into conservatism and discredit it.

The MAGA movement hijacked nationalism and populism and used it for the ends of normalizing homosexuality on the Right (Steve Bannon used MILO to accomplish this), passing a huge corporate tax cut and empowering militant Zionists who otherwise lacked a mandate. In the fourth year of the Trump presidency, we have been left worse off than before Trump became president. The “alt-right” is now synonymous with Donald Trump and his failures even though it has been largely eradicated on social media and was dropped literally the day after the 2016 election.

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  1. Surface Warfare officer in the Navy should be a red flag. No one leaves Naval Intelligence. And that includes Halberstram.

    • No one leaves any intelligence agency for that matter. And, for those who don’t observe enough of what’s around them, there’s an official story out there to explain it all. And, then there’s the truth.

      Not meaning you, Captain!

      If they do leave on bad terms, their mortality rate either drops unexpectedly or they are surveilled and harassed for life. Just ask former NSA Technical Director William Binney for the details. And, if they talk too much that’s another story. Just ask former CIA Director William Colby. On second thought, ask his widow. Now don’t go believing the stories about his suicide until you listen to his conversations before he took that fateful ride in a canoe down the Potomac. At night.

      All these agencies aren’t there to protect national interests. They’re there to protect the interests of our Administrators. And their control mechanisms.

      PS: Israel is a Proxy State. The bigger question is for who.

      PPS: The USA is one, too.

      We’re not free. It’s not even close.

        • November, I’m glad to see someone is curious. But, I’m not surprised it’s you. It’s there in front of us. Some people and their houses have endured for centuries.

          Let’s start with:

          Single Crown = Monarchs (they must get permission to “rule” from a higher source)

          Triple Crown = ? (Trustees)

          Your turn. I hope it’s not just a random guess.

      • Snowhitey,

        I had to cheat.

        The Dragon is the Vatican.

        The Financial District is London.

        The military might is the United States.

        All three are a part of the Babalyonian Captivity.

        My assumption is that the “Adminstrators” are the jews using the Roman Catholic Church for religious exploitation of the gentiles, Bank of England for economic exploitation, and Washington D.C. for military power to enforce the first two.

        That’s probably incorrect, so provide the revelation (there’s a play on words, huh?).

        • I want to state that what I’m saying here is what I have learned over the past 15-20 years by attempting to seek the answers of who or what controls our world. I have learned from others, to some degree, how to tie pieces together. If we all absorb enough information, we can separate the wheat from the chaff as we go on. I am only telling you my understanding of how things work to a large degree. I am not bogged down by religion (I’m agnostic but adhere to Christian doctrine to some degree because it’s embedded in me) which helps. The first person who made me aware of the way things really are was a gentlemen who was connected to my parents. He was a former military intelligence officer (deceased for many years). I was pointed in the right direction by him. Too many do not observe things with a fresh approach or they don’t observe them at all.

          Symbols are an important element of the control mechanism and would help people connect things. They display messages and have hidden meanings to those in the know. I presume they can reflect ownership of something, instructions, position within the system, etc. Certain people and families are granted permission to perform certain tasks. They either succeed or are replaced by better performers. I believe the time frame is not from days to weeks to years but from decades to centuries or even millennia. I believe some things get out of control and must be reset. Sometimes even back to the stone age which probably explains how civilizations disappear. I do not know if the highest link is good or evil but I presume it is a balance of light and shadow, one of the rules that govern the universe. So, I don’t know if methods are dictated or tolerated or whatever.

          I am going to put this in several posts so it doesn’t show as one big gargantuan thing.

          • This is the foundation of globalism. We are already living in a global society.

            There is a World Trust and as places are conquered, ownership is placed in the Trust. The Trustees for the World Trust (administrative power or the highest authority for the Trust within their respective domains):

            The three popes (The Triple Crown)

            Pope #1 Patriarch of Latin/Roman Church (Western Rite)
            Pope #2 Patriarch of Jerusalem (Eastern Rite)
            Pope #3 ? (don’t know)

            #2 rules over the Eastern religions including Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc., out of Jerusalem (The Church of the Holy Sepulchre). These various religious leaders report to their respective Patriarch. Instructions are followed with force if necessary. Those religious leaders dictate to the next level below. Secular institutions are controlled as well through various agents. So people leaving traditional religions are still controlled. Wars are created to bring people in line or to cull populations when they get out of control. It is decided by whatever level of power has permission over that particular domain.

            It appears that the power closer to the top is through councils or groups, not individuals. I believe this format also occurs the closer to the bottom.

            Perhaps #1 has been saddled with too much shadow which is why there is a battle going on from within.

            Commerce is what connects everything. Contracts is what binds everything.

            Don’t ask me who/what the owners are. I don’t know but there is power above the three popes. The three popes are above all those people you mentioned.

            The British Crown still controls the United States.

            The US is a corporation as outlined in The Organic Act of 1871 (Library of Congress is online).

            Our birth certificates are contracts of our ownership by the system. Our passports provide certain permissions.

            The Constitution of the United States refers only to its signers. Unless you are blood-related to one of them, you are not their posterity.

            This all seems so outlandish because we are trained from cradle to grave. Our beliefs of how things are have been planted in us. It’s why most wouldn’t even entertain such things.

            Yes, bloodlines matter.

            I believe the secret power Woodrow Wilson eluded to below is this power.:

            “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

            No, they don’t create everything but they take control of everything eventually.

            A reset is definitely going on right now but only time will tell where we are all headed.

            Your thoughts?

          • Hmm. Much to consider and take stock of.

            First of all, a conspiracy this enormous and long lasting would have to make its presence felt, observed, or revealed by an insider for a myriad of possible reasons (e.g., guilt, anguish, catharsis, ect.) including death bed confessions

            Even the jews with their talmud have allowed their mask to slip, so wise Gentiles are aware of their plan and agenda for the “goyim.” So then the question becomes who could put together a plot on this scale. My hypothesis is no one or nobody because of scope of the project.

            Because you used commerce as the glue that holds this caper of world domination together, you eliminated opting out of the matrix by rejecting organized religion. Then what purpose do some religions serve, except to provide a gateway to acceptance of a simultaneous authoritative and totalitarian hierarchical establishment.

            So many “secret societies,” which by the way is an oxymoron, because we’re aware of them, and thus they’re not secret. But I digress, and if you think this is bad, you should hear the dialogue going on in my head. Haha

            Let us begin with the usual suspects. Freemasonry, illuminati, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral Commission, Davos world meeting in Switzerland, world jewish congress, skull and bones, Knights of Templar CFR, RCC, World Bank, WTO, the so-called “men in black,” and I am sure I left out others. All of them have correctly been accused of pulling the puppet’s strings in one way or another, and not a one of them isn’t a globalist and/universalist. But again, though these groups/organizations have much in common, the pieces in the puzzle wouldn’t fit, even if you sanded off the rough edges and tried to jam them together.

            That leads me to my conclusion.

            I don’t believe that any combination of families or malevolent organizations could pull this off efficiently without hiccups that would collapse and/or expose their ‘hidden hand.’ There would have to be incredible amounts delegation to bureaucratic underlings whose loyalty and competence would surely not be immune to the second law of thermodynamics aka entropy. Entropy is the catalyst that eventually brings down everything from mountains to empires.

            Whether creationists want to accept it or not, Homo sapiens are in the primate family. Our cultures and societies developed independently of one another. Take for example the pre-contact indigenous peoples of Australia, and North and South America. Their customs, gods, clothing (if any), language, ethics, pigmentation and physiognomy were different from the Europeans settlers, explorers, and conquerers. This is a long way to make my point. What we and they would consider “good and evil” is and was diametrically opposite of each other.

            Okay. Is there a pernicious, seen but unseen bio-spirt in play? Yes, but it’s only capable of exerting its power by Mankind’s weaknesses (think Seven deadly sins released from Pandora’s box) being exploited by those of economic means and access to the powers that be. All of their power and wealth will not prevent them from aging and dying because they are mortal primates with an expiration date like the rest of us.

            We can easily fallback on the oldest story in our lexicon of light versus dark to make sense of the world. Jungian concept of our repressed shadow ” that inevitably escapes and takes a material or behavioral manifestation(s).

            I’ll tell you what. If you were to take the information that you’ve accumulated over the past 15-20 years and combined it with some historical facts and fiction, you’d have a novel on par or even surpasses any of Dan Brown’s in his “Da Vinci Code” series.

          • November, I couldn’t reply to your comments in sequence so this is Part 3. I’ll give you my take on them.

            I don’t have all the answers. Perhaps just a tiny little sliver if what I state is correct.

            A little aside about commerce:


            I have come to the conclusion this power structure has been around for a very long time in some form or another. For eons. I believe our history and our origins are unknown to us. I hope I don’t offend you.

            The formation of the Federal Reserve was a conspiracy. Those men were tasked with the project. They worked for someone who had permission to create such an instrument. That permission was for a goal but I don’t know if exact tasks are dictated or results are dictated. I presume the latter.

            The Jews are a very controlled group. Mayor Amschel Rothschild had permission to create the system he operated and passed down. If you re-read Eustace Mullins statement in his book “The Biological Jew” and understand permissions and privileges, it makes perfect sense: “LaPage states that the dormancy of parasites is a continuously observed phenomenon, retaining their potency during many years of inactivity and isolation. Thus, a community of Jews may live torpidly in its ghetto for centuries, seemingly self-absorbed in its own parochial existence, and having little effect upon its gentile host, until some combination of factors will cause it to become furiously active. In a short time, it permeates every aspect of the host peoples existence, and brings it to the point of destruction. The community of Jews in the Frankfort ghetto of Germany is a good illustration of this type of parasitic dormancy. It remained dormant for three hundred years, and within the span of a single generation, produced a group of bankers and traders who soon won control of the destinies of Western civilization.” Only someone at a high level within the real power structure could be capable of creating, instituting, and securing such a system.

            Individuals can opt out of certain aspects of the matrix but it gets more and more difficult as the world heads into our technological future. Take utility smart meters. You use to be able to have them replaced with the older models if you requested it. In 2019, the utility companies started putting the smart meters back on and they will not remove them again for the old dial models. I personally experienced it. My utility company said it was now a County or State requirement. I got away with it for around 10 years. I’ve heard the same thing from other folks. You don’t have a choice. Those smart meters are not benign.

            The Hidden Hand operates just fine. There are hiccups. They can pull it off and they do. They don’t just control religion, they also create or take over other belief systems. Beliefs are what controls the masses. A person’s defense of their ideology can be a stronger motivator than the belief in their creator. And, people are far more easier to manipulate as has been evident in our lifetimes. They control history. They destroy relics and sites to hide our true past or they spin it into something entirely different. The disinformation is massive. Within the span of something like 20-25 years, the labor camps of Nazi Germany became death camps. No one was gassed. They died of starvation (blockades) or disease. Everything that has any meaningful purpose eventually gets co-opted. After a while, the masses defend the delusion. The Hidden Hand, to some degree, has been exposed many times. There are books and movies and speakers galore. And, still it grows. But, I see entropy all around me. My understand is that these families are middle management. Besides, no one at our level even has a clue of what’s at the top. Perhaps even the Triple Crown does not know. What do you think would be capable of such a plan that could last for millennia or longer? If bloodlines are involved then what does that mean? Could the intelligence and foresight even exist in our species?

            The secret societies are a part of it. The symbolism is all around us. The medals and sceptres and robes and hats….. The Queen of England is the head of The Royal Order of the Garter. That’s not one you hear about much, if ever. I do believe there is malevolence in these societies. Perhaps some benevolence, too. We know there is a lot of deception out there. But wouldn’t that only be used to protect the malevolence?

            From what I understand, part of the conquering of lands brought along the dictate to populate them. Hence the massive miscegenation in the Americas and to a lesser extent what is going on today. What’s one of the first things an invading army does? It rapes the females.

            One last thing to ponder. Supposedly every state government is overseen by an obscure Mason. Above the governor. I live in Florida. For me, it would be John W. Westermann III. To find yours simply Google “The most worshipful grand master [add your state]. They’re all creepy looking on top of it. And the clincher is…. they are supposedly part of the Equestrian Order of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Now this would contradict the domain of the Patriarchs above, right? But, maybe not, I’ve also been told it is a Satanic order. Remember the military intelligence officer I met through my parents? He was the first person who told me that Satanic elements exist in our world and that all the monarchs and aristocrats of Europe are involved. Not every member but the higher ups. I didn’t dismiss it. I didn’t ignore it. I just figured I wasn’t ready for it and stored it for later use. Well, it keeps showing up again and again. Watch the clip below and tell me what you think. Please keep an open mind. Listen to what Kevin says and Google some of the names. I believe Kevin is genuine and truthful. The two popes he is referring to is one that controls the Vatican and the other the Holy See. Then he mentions the power above within the Vatican. There’s lots of people out there like him. They get no attention for many, many reasons but foremost is people just won’t consider the information. Not ever! Despite pedophilia in the Catholic Church being well known at this point. Does it stop with pedophilia or is that just the tip of evil within it? I say it’s just the tip.


            Didn’t the Aztecs have a noble class?


            We don’t have all the pieces. Some things are almost impossible to believe. But, most people will agree that there is something very, very wrong with our world and the management of it.

            I’ll continue my response tomorrow because my eyes are crossing.

            I’m enjoying this conversation and appreciate your engagement.

            I think movies and books like the DaVinci Code may be allegories.

          • Snowhitey,

            I watched the “Two Popes” video. It was mostly background biographical information about Francis’ life in Argentina with the military government in power there during the 80s, and speculation (because no facts/evidence was provided) about anti-pope francis involvement in murder. If Francis was responsible for the liquidation of marxists in Argentina, I’d shake his hand for whatever role he played in it.

            This Kevin fellow almost immediately lost my respect when he virtue signaled against Adolf Hitler in the first minute of the video. He didn’t need to denigrate Hitler to delegitimize Time magazine and their inconsequential “Man/woman/person of the Year ” bona fides. That irritates me every time when someone attempts to make themselves to throw Hitler and the Third Reich ‘under the bus’ in order to make an implicit claim of “I’m no Nazi or racist wackadoodle.”

            Here’s my take. Even if all the circumstantial evidence that you’ve been acquiring led to naming the ‘Grand Poobah or Committee of Poobahs,’ it won’t make a difference in the controlled trajectory mankind is heading in. Normies/NPCs can’t even wrap their heads around the JQ and all that entails, so can you imagine the sheeple being able to connect the dots on something even bigger and with any traces hidden by a Gordian knot of blind alleys, dead ends, conundrums, riddles, enigmas, and a network of plausible deniability that would make anyone pointing a finger at them look like a tin hat lunatic in need of a straitjacket and rubber room.

            You mentioned a reset. Spahnranch 1969 often brings up the Hundu belief in cycles which would fit nicely as a form or reset due to cultural entropy. My own brand of reset is much more harsh and Darwinian. Being that this talmudic roller coaster possibly seems to be on a collision course with Ernst Zündel’s “prophesy,” or the endgame found in the Learned Elders of Zion, I’d prefer a cosmic reset by an asteroid collision about 3/4 that of the the one that struck the Yucatan Peninsula 65 million years ago. Allow whatever ragtag bands of humanity to rebuild from scratch under Darwinian selection pressure to try again. Our sun has 5 billion years left before it becomes a red giant, and we (Homo sapiens) went from an intermediate between ape and human in under 5 million years, so the survivors of a cosmic reset would already be us on the evolutionary timeline (i.e., 4-5 million years ahead of where we began).

            By the way, being an agnostic like yourself, since I haven’t found any convincing evidence of a benevolent Deity, then I certainly do not have any faith or reason to think that a malevolent deity exists either.

            The dust is thick, but I’ll try to recall the Lucifer (Light Bringer) in context to Abrahamic theologies. To me it all goes back to book of Genesis with the serpent tempting Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge that Yahweh forbid. The God of the bible doesn’t appreciate humans turning over rocks to see what’s under them (i.e., stay ignorant and worship me, or the blind obedience of the military creed, “Ours is not to wonder why. Ours is just to do and die.”).

            I am a knowledge seeker t whatever path that leads me on. I’m not so myopic or have horse blinders attached that I am unwilling to cease and desist speeding to a red light. That is where I believe faith and reason take separate roads.

            Time is too finite for me to go down anymore ‘rabbit holes’ of the magnitude of your search for the hidden hand or Three Crowns. I don’t want to expend time or resources looking for a’light at the end of the tunnel, only to find out that it’s a locomotive ready to run me over,’ when the sand in my hourglass is empty.

            Christian’s calendar is at 2020, while to jews it’s the year 5780. The jews have had 2500 more to plot against their hosts than gentile Christianity has existed. Occam’s razor is my hypothesis.

            Addendum: If commerce is what binds all the threads together, who are the eternal merchants?

          • November,

            The Two Popes is another thing altogether. I did not get my information on the Triple Crown from Kevin Annett. It was his references to The Ninth Circle, pedophilia, and human sacrifice which is why I suggested his video. It has similarities to retired NYC “gold shield” detective,James Rothstein (Prussian not Jewish) who talks about Satanic sacrifices, pedophilia, and even how such investigations were often stopped cold by top-down orders within the department. And, yes, the anti-Hitler disclaimer is always a turn off but it does protect people and we have no idea if it is a genuine statement from the people who state it. I’ve never been a focal point of the system but when it comes after you, it must be terrifying. Both Ernst Zundel and Fred Leuchter are good examples. It’s done to Jews, too. It’s protecting the narrative. If your employer came to you and asked you what you thought of Hitler, would you not, at a minimum, soften it? Kevin was recently detained by the Canadian government for his work and that is always an interesting occurrence.

            Yes, Spahn does occasionally mention the Hindu Yugas (Satya, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali Yuga). He has also mentioned the Summerians. Jordan Maxwell states that all three major religions originate from Sanskrit. I have a lot of respect for him so I haven’t forgotten that comment. I do believe there is a Universal Force, so to speak, that balances things out. However, I also believe there is a difference between darkness and shadow.

            As for the control mechanism, I believe we are controlled and all the contradictions, errors, slip-ups are not done by a “higher authority” but by those tasked by the administrators. Everything is compartmentalized when it comes to the power structure. I think a lot of the blind alleys, dead ends, conundrums, riddles, enigmas, and a network of plausible deniability is part of the cover-ups and not the actions themselves. I do believe Jordan Maxwell is 100% correct with the symbolism.

            Being an agnostic, I view all major religions are businesses. I have no idea if this was always the case but “preaching” and “proselytism” are both suspect.

            Did you not find it interesting that Trump threatened to destroy Persian cultural sites?

            The Jews were the merchants of the World. Or, so we are told. Which Jews? I subscribe to these Ashkenazi as not being genuine Jews (outside of miscegenation). But, what does today’s version of Jew really mean? Are they really descended from Israelites and/or Hebrews? If B’nai B’rith is a form of Masonic Order, what does that mean? Has all Masonry been co-opted?

            We have far too many questions and only a sprinkling of answers which are too often extremely confusing and contradictory. Today, our future looks questionable but we’ll survive one way or another.

            Do we know any real truths at all?

  2. Exactly right, Hunter!

    I am so thankful you have the patience to steer your readers toward the uncomfortable truth.

  3. “In 2015 and 2016, we were duped by Steve Bannon.”

    The question is why people like you are so readily duped by frauds like Bannon and Blumpf. Dr. Pierce long ago cautioned against trusting these bogus politicians and their sham elections, but his warnings were ignored.

    • HIndsight does no one any good. Tell us who to trust, and then see if you’re right, three years from now….

  4. The Moshiach, the Jew messiah is coming out of Europe. The man who will build the Jew temple and lead all of the Jews back to the land of Israel is coming. Bannon is working in service of the anti-Christ. Filthy disgusting Irish.

  5. Bannon is a bum, a stereotypically bloated, soused-up MICK. But his condemnation of the alt-kike does partially vindicate him.

    • Bum mick indeed, what does this fat fuck eat to get his skin to look so scaley and gross? Me thinks meat potatos and heavy whisky diet to get that sort of complexion.

      Does it really tho? even if you are a controlled opposition Zionist gop shill like bannon? Doesn’t make any sense man

  6. Don’t forget comet ping-pong pizza promoter jack posobiac, Captain, a lieutenant jg directly in naval intelligence.

    The “alt-wrong” got sorely duped by this whole sad gaggle of con-artists, hustlers, and grifters, which led directly to their demise.

    • People do stupid and crazy things out of desperation. The next stage tends to go in the opposite direction. At least with the intelligent ones.


    It’s astonishing how in denial some people are. We know that was “conceived in Israel.”

    Over the years, as various emails have leaked out, we have seen that the Breitbart operation reached out to various right-wing and ostensibly pro-white bloggers and figures.

    One of the most prolific Alt-Right ‘Tweeters’ called Ricky Vaughn was eventually doxed as a professional Republican party activist.

    When the Alt Right was no longer useful to Israeli interests, it was set up in Charlottesville, the leaders arrested, and the campaign shut down.


  8. Not to mention the alt-right fell for Bannon’s stupid meme tha Based Poland and Hungary were the capitals of white resistance while ignoring Belarus and Pridnestrovie.

  9. Booze does funny things to people but Jews do even funnier things to them. But only other Jews see the humor.

    Boozie Bannon needs to go jump off a cliff. A really high one. In Israel.

  10. “Steve Bannon is a parasite….” If you get close enough and stay there, it is contagious. Kosherizing stem cells are extremely aggressive and there is no cure. They rot from within. Head first.

  11. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but no one should be sucked in by Bannon’s version of Hazony’s nationalism. Let’s hope our European cousins don’t have a taste for the kosher bullshit Bannon tries to serve them. Heaven knows there’s plenty of information floating around about him that should make him persona non-grata.

    • Never worked for Wall ST. Never worked in real estate. I shorted those bastards with my own money from my own account trading from home. I took part in this blog back in 2004 to 2005 and learned about fraud in financial markets way back then. Trump’s representatives were stating “bubbles are for bathtubs”, when we all knew it was a bubble. We all knew Trump University was a scam.

      You’ve made up facts about me because you have a childish ego and cannot learn from experience. You have a low emotional IQ and should be lead by other people.

      The biggest indication that you are a complete and total loser is that you still want to use Hitler as part of a political platform. That about says it all, really.

      • BS_mike,

        Your opinion on Hitler isn’t worth a hill of beans. The fact that you can’t distinguish fact of fiction about the man is indicative of a childish girl in that once her mind is made up, facts become irrelevant like your POV.

        Aren’t you the big heroic leader? Mr. stock market day trader. Yeah, that’s the kind of leaderships we’ve been missing.

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