Make Iran Great Again: Neocon David Wurmser Is Advising Trump On Iran

Donald Trump IS NOT a neocon.

He just put Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley in charge of our foreign policy. He just brought back Elliot Abrams, John Bolton and David Wurmser for their advice.

The Intercept:

“DAVID WURMSER WAS a longtime advocate of war with Iraq in the Bush administration. Eventually, he got what he wanted, and it was a total disaster. Now, Wurmser again has the ear of a president — this time, Donald Trump — and his sights are set firmly on Iran.

An influential neoconservative in President George W. Bush’s White House who became a significant force behind the push for war with Iraq in 2003, Wurmser has recently been serving as an informal adviser to the Trump administration, according to new reporting from Bloomberg News. In that capacity, Wurmser helped make the case for the recent drone strike that assassinated Iranian Gen. Qassim Suleimani. …

In 1999, Wurmser wrote a book titled “Tyranny’s Ally: America’s Failure to Defeat Saddam Hussein,” which was pretty much what it sounds like. “Chemical, biological, and even nuclear weapons are the pillars of Saddam’s regime,” Wurmser said, adding that “the menace from Saddam’s Iraq will continue to grow” if the U.S. did not remove him from power. …”

Wurmser is advising Trump on who needs to be taken out in the Middle East.

Donald Trump didn’t know the difference between the Kurds and the Quds Force and had never heard of Qasem Soleimani in 2015. He knows we need regime change in Iran though.

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  1. Why do (((neocons))) always seek to have the goyim make blood sacrifices for their causes? Is it for Greater Israel, or is it the standard hatred of those not in one’s tribe? Is it perhaps a deep-seated need to appease the old gods, like Moloch?

    • Boomer X,

      That’s just their nature. We know and understand it. Why do European Gentiles still donate their lives, limbs, minds, blood, and children to do the jew’s bidding is the more important question to address, so we can prevent this cycle from continuing ad nauseum.

      • Not allowing criticism of (((special people))) is awakening people not in my age group, I think. Young people don’t seem to care about the Shoah like my peers and I were programmed to do. The endless wars fought on behalf of Israeli and Saudi interests aren’t popular anymore. There’s hope that the younger generations will be more aware of certain pernicious influences than we were. The blasé attitude towards jooish causes, and the hostility I’ve seen towards pisslam, are signs that some people are waking up.

  2. It should not concern or bother us in the least if any (all) neocons like this Wurmser murderer end up getting whacked by Iran.

  3. Can DJT hold off on his war against Iran until after the November election? His (((advisers))) are full of hubris and probably don’t want to risk a Democrat victory, no matter how remote the chance, and go with a sure thing. BHO not only did not attack Iran as his (((handlers))) expected, he signed a deal putting to bed the danger of a U.S. attack against Iran because of their nukes. They won’t make that mistake twice, that’s why scum like Wurmser are “advising” Trump, he’s a sure thing.

    I wonder what advice this Wurmser POS could be giving DJT?

  4. A false flag nuclear bombing on NYC blamed on Iran and carried out by the chosen will get WW3 going. It is in the cards.

    • NYC is the Jews home base, and no one really likes it. If they do sacrifice a big city, it will have to be one that hurts and motivates Yee-haw Whites to go die in Iran for them. So perhaps they will choose a city of the South this time.

    • Not an actual nuclear bombing. Too many precious Special People live there. Maybe a plot stopped just in time.

  5. Hunter, Kurds are a Persian tribe, the only difference between them and the rest of their Iranian brothers being that they remained Sunni while their brethen went Shiite. So in other words, in his own idiotic way the orange clown almost nailed it.

  6. Looks like Trump is setting things up so if he wins The Election on Tuesday November 3rd, 2020 he can start the war against Iran on Wednesday November 4th, 2020. He’s getting all his ducks in a row so he can start the war against Iran immediately after Election Day.

  7. Seems like most of the worst Neo Conservative war mongers from the 1990s sort of got pushed aside, maybe they died.

    David Frum
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Richard Pearle
    William Kristol
    David Podhoretz

    So Bolton and this Wurmser are sort of back in the saddle.

    On the plus side, Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Assad’s Syria and now Turkey seem to really know what they are doing vis-a-vie the JQ.

  8. Mestigoit | January 17, 2020 at 8:14 pm | Reply
    It should not concern or bother us in the least if any (all) neocons like this Wurmser murderer end up getting whacked by Iran.

    I respond:

    Well we can wish for such things, but it never seems to happen. Instead these angry, violent Sunni Islamists (ISIS and Al Qaeda) and now Iranian Shiite Islamists always seem to target just regular White Westerners, European tourists at the Egyptian pyramids, some British teens going to a pop music concert or else office workers in the World Trade Center.

    I know of pretty much no – ZERO Arab, Persian or Islamic terrorists attacks against specifically Jewish Zionists, Jewish Neo Conservatives since the 1972 Summer Olympics in Germany where PLO terrorists killed Israeli athletes.

    So all the work, talk the David Duke and the likes have done with nationalists Arabs, Persians/Iranians had hasn’t resulted in much except for a some Holocaust Revisionist conferences in Iran. That short, hairy Iranian dwarf leader of Iran about 15 years ago made some sensible interviews, but it seems like we’re almost back to ~ 1979 with mobs of dark, hairy unwashed Iranian 8th century Islamists taking to the streets called for “Death to America” – and that just is really tough sell for us to try to convince Red State Southern Good Ol’ Boys that these people are the good guys, our natural allies and the entire American media has been taking over by lying anti Christ, anti White Zionist, Neo Conservative Jews. Their Christian pastors always tell them that we have to do everything for Israel and bless everything Jewish and mostly the only ones opposing this are White people who can’t hold a job, can’t get elected to anything and are perceived as being Hollywood Nazis, crazy people, terrorists etc.

    We had some sensible anti war activists about 20 years ago, but now it seems like it’s back to Lib Leftist Communists that just hate the White military, blame Trump and Trump supporters for starting another War for Oil, stealing brown people’s oil.

    • Jaye Ryan,

      Before you begin to provide redpills on who are “the good guys” to those muh evangelical christianity southern good ol’ boys in Dixie, your first task will be to detoxify them from their Darby and Scofield intoxication. Good luck. You’re going to need it.

  9. There’s gold in them thar people being dead and us being poorer!
    Thanks greatest ally, make it the last target!
    One gigantic explosion of peace!
    We will have no peace when stealing and death are a faith, millennia’s of slaughter are my witness.

  10. Seems like most of the worst Neo Conservative war mongers from the 1990s sort of got pushed aside, maybe they died.

    David Frum
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Richard Pearle
    William Kristo
    John Podhoretz

    American is not that blessed or fortunate. The neocon scumbags fail up. They can be found at various magazines and think tanks.

  11. @Snow – thanks! That twitter feed very entertaining. And grotesque. Jews must be totally crazy due to the cosmic level of cognitive disconnect. They tout their alleged glories achievements stolen from others) while can the most vile ways.ting against others.

    I was Hell banned on Twitter 2 days after Trump won. I got into a spat with a Soros Negress “acktivuss ‘n sheeyit. “. I never bothered to get back on.

  12. Nothing to see here, except history repeating itself in the jewnited states of israel.

    Onwards goyim soldiers (looking at you IronicSockAccount). Fight for ZOG’s Ashkenazi elite. Don’t question why. Your duty is to fight and die like your pappy, uncles, cousins, nephews, and brothers, and then be discarded as chaff, but hey, you’re killing brown people. No doubt y’all will listening to rap and hip hop while employed as mercenaries of ZOG’s empire. SMH.

    Who can’t smell the depleted uranium artillery shells and white phosphorus of the upcoming USA/Israel versus Iran war?

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