Honor and Shame In Norse Society

Very interesting.

If you wanted to insult a man in pre-Christian Norse culture, you called him weak, compared him to a woman or to a slave. Shame was about loss of will and agency. It was an honor-based collectivist culture. At least in that respect, it was similar to Southern culture.

Jackson Crawford briefly laughs at the thought of comparing Norse culture to modern progressive liberal culture. “I don’t even know what to call it” is an appropriate response. What can you compare it to? Is there any precedent for the degenerate culture that we have today? Has any culture in history ever been so overwhelmed by self hatred and enthusiastically heaped up its own funeral pyre and celebrated its own demise and replacement?

Contrast the Viking Age with our own times. In those days, Britain was Christian and the English and the Scots fought back against the Norse. Both England and Scotland were created in the process of fighting off the Vikings. Norway and Denmark became unified Christian kingdoms. The Northern Crusades were later waged against the Finns and Balts. Otto the Great defeated the Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld. The Hungarians converted to Christianity. It took the Spanish centuries to reconquer Iberia from the Muslims and to expel them. Would any of this have ever happened if they had just rolled over and died like the modern liberal West?

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  1. I often wonder if jews, niggers and boomers are acquainted with the concepts of honor and shame. Doesn’t seem like it.

    • honor and shame are the same as virtue and sin. you are deeply ashamed, because you lack virtue. virtuous people are close to God.

  2. The topic of Christianity is always going to cause conflict and disagreement within the broader Far Right and for good reason. I can truly see both sides and there really is no solution to it except to try to bridge the gaps where they can be bridged. Lately, after attending some church services and seeing Zlimpf go full neocon with the full embrace of Republican Christians and MAGAtards, it’s clear that Christianity (at least in its present form) is highly problematic.

    Particularly, in a highly diverse region, Christianity will break down natural barriers against race-mixing and defeat healthy racialism. In fact, many evangelical forms are destructive to the human spirit with their toxic endless guilt and shame added to the already nonsensical metaphysics and historicity. But, there are also good aspects which can be healthy for families and homogeneous communities such as forgiveness, humility, sacrifice, gratitude, etc. Trying to parse this in an honest and rational way can induce some insanity. But, it’s religion so that’s natural.

    It’s easy for those who already hate Christianity and aren’t serious about finding any unity within the Far Right to trash and mock it. That’s the cowards approach. What we can all agree on is that Christian Zionism must be stamped out among the European diaspora. I fully support all White Christians moving to whatever form of Christianity TruNews, Michael Jones, and Occidental Dissent believe in.

    Finally, there are plenty of real masculine men in the GOP, MAGA, and Republican camps. Do they not mind being ruled over by Jews? Do they not mind that Zlimpf is a complete fraud who has violated many of his promises numerous times? Zioclops and Cotton are masculine but are complete Zio-shills. They also would label themselves Christians. Is that just a label or are they fully corrupted, ignorant, uninformed, suffering IQ problems, deluded, vainglorious, self-deceived, culted, or blind-coping for a career?

    Jewish power knows how to co-opt and usurp anyone no matter how masculine or honorable. Also, there are plenty of great guys still in MAGA, like Owen Shroyer, who are going to remain on that train no matter what due to his hatred of antifa, leftists, and the mainstream media. Zlimpf still remains a potent symbol not only to the anti-white left but to many white American males. To many MAGA white men, honor means continuing to vote for and support Zlimpf. Nothing that anyone in the Alt-Right or Dissident Right says or does is going to change that.

    There is plenty of high testosterone patriotic white masculinity out there in America with revolutionary potential and 6 million ways a second to divert it towards the Tribes ends. This tiny Tribe of mostly wimps, sociopaths, and psychopaths with massive mountains of money and absolutely zero moral Christian constraints.

    • Christian Zionism is the only alternative to Boomerism and Romanism. Gather in ye Tribes and Wake Up the Old Faith! Learn Torah

      All of you will have to pick a side soon

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