Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Visits Israel

A few days ago, I had considered writing an article about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent decision to become the first Republican governor in the United States to turn down refugee resettlement, but something came up and I never got around to it.

New York Post:

“No mas!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, blaming Congress for “a broken federal immigration system,” took President Trump up on his offer allowing states to bar refugees — making Texas the first to do so.

The Lone Star State has been the nation’s top destination for refugee resettlement for more than a decade, Abbott said Friday in a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“Since FY2010 … roughly 10% of all refugees resettled in the United States have been placed in Texas,” Abbott complained. “Texas continues to have to deal with the consequences of an immigration system that Congress has failed to fix.” …”

Maybe not all Republicans are so bad.

Maybe we can vote for the GOP to reform the system.

If the Trump administration’s policy on refugee resettlement that made Gov. Abbott’s decision possible hadn’t just been struck down by a federal judge, 3.5% of Republican governors would have broken with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the issue.

Texas Tribune:

“A federal judge temporarily blocked a Trump administration policy that would have allowed governors, like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and other local leaders to prevent refugees from resettling in those areas.

The Wednesday decision from Maryland-based Judge Peter J. Messitte comes just days after Abbott became the first and only state leader to opt out of the program. Officials had until Jan. 21 to inform the State Department whether they would participate in the program after the Trump administration imposed the deadline in a September executive order. At least 42 governors, including Republicans, said they would accept refugees.

“By giving States and Local governments the power to veto where refugees maybe settled — in the face of clear statutory text and structure, purpose, Congressional intent, executive practice, judicial holdings, and Constitutional doctrine to the contrary — [the order] does not appear to serve the overall public interest,” Messitte said in his ruling. …

Asked Monday about Abbott’s decision, the state’s senior senator, Republican John Cornyn, said he may have a “private conversation with the governor on that.” While he said he can understand why Abbott made the decision, he also said that “legal immigration is a good thing.” …”

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas who is up for reelection in 2020 supports refugee resettlement.

Huffington Post:

“WASHINGTON – Texas Sen. John Cornyn on Wednesday gingerly broke with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a fellow Republican, after the governor rejected the official resettlement of refugees in their state under a new Trump administration option. …

“I think I understand what his concern is,” Cornyn said. “We’ve got this flood of asylees coming into Texas, which has burdened our public education and health care and law enforcement institutions. So I think he feels we’ve borne the brunt of that and so he’s unwilling to take on additional burden.”

“But I think refugees are different than asylees,” Texas’ senior senator added. “That’s something I’ll have an opportunity to have a conversation with him about. But I think it’s his call.” …”

Gov. Greg Abbott couldn’t be reached for comment. Following up on the anti-BDS bill he signed in Texas last May, he is currently out of the country on important business in Israel:

If the polls are to believed, he is one of the most popular politicians in Texas. Like George W. Bush and Rick Perry, he is doing a heckuva job presiding over the demographic transformation of Texas. When Texas goes blue in the 2020s, the whole country goes blue.

Note: Mainstream conservatives in Texas are so utterly subservient to the donors and business lobbyists who control the Texas GOP that they never lifted so much as a finger to stop this.

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  1. What a strange and disgusting spectacle. He calls himself a Christian yet worships those who say Jesus is in hell boiling in excrement.

  2. This is so sad yet typical. Abbott has added his name to a list of traitors who will watch whites in their own countries being replaced all while kissing the ring of the Jews and defending them till the day he dies.

  3. Before i came to Texas I was warned that Texans loved Jews and hated Catholics. My grandmother was right. For a Christian to grovel before the Synagogue is disgusting. Do these fundamentalists even realize that Jews do not believe in God?

    When even governors travel to Israel to grovel says a lot. Until recently I used to groan at those who blamed Jews for everything. Now I am not so sure. Jewish power is incredible. And Christian self debasement is also incredible.

    I have to grudgingly admit that i sometimes understand why pagans despise modern christianity.

    • @Cristina Romana Alva. H Protestants particularly Southern Baptists and Evangelicals have always hated Catholics but yet have no problem getting on their knees for the killers of Christ.

    • For 300 years pagans and Catholics lived more or less peacefully together in the Roman Empire, miss. Perhaps we can do so again? It was the jews, not us ” heathens”, who were constantly pressuring Roman authorities to persecute the Christians.

      • Spahnranch1969,

        I would like to think so. I actually never knew there were modern white pagans until I looked at white nationalist websites. The one pagan I have met in real life at school is intelligent. I am not sure what he is doing at a school like ours but then there are a few Baptist girls there as well.

        It is possible they go to our school to avoid non whites. My school is in or near a large city. I do not want to give away too much information on the net.

  4. They probably have him on video raping or killing a kid or something. At some point Whites are going to have to accept that politicians aren’t going to save them, then we can get busy planning, preparing and organizing for the coming war.

  5. once gave some thought to Tejas when relocating from Mexifornia. Until I checked out the demography of Amarillo in the north panhandle: more than 60% spics. And, to get a state job or contract, you literally have to sign a loyalty oath….to Israhell. At this point I’m not sure who is more satanic:

    the Jew, or

    the shabbatz goy.

  6. You just know that Bibi wanted to push that goy, Abbott, into the pool to show his utter contempt for all of the sniveling lackey US politicians like him.

  7. I’m always reassured the minute I see a usa pol standing at the wailing wall wearing a kippah.

    Hoi Ioudaioi are slowly killing us and we cant stop it.

    Pray Jesus for strength!

  8. Jews don’t lower themselves to don Christian regalia. No white man needs to lower themselves to wear a yarmulke.

  9. Do like me. Visit the next meeting of our local County Republican Party. They have one every month. The date is on their website.

    Stand up at the meeting and suggest we run a Conservative against a sitting Republican Senator like Cornyn. Watch the reaction.

    Then you will fully comprehend why civil war and secession is the only solution.

  10. Has he visited Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island?”

    Any time I see some politician sucking up to the Zionist entity, my immediate assumption is that Ghislaine Maxwell has them on video raping little kids.

    Occam’s razor.

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