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      • That has really been true of every election, but this one seems to epitomize the utter absurdity of the dying, pitiful capitalist system like none I have ever seen.

        Inevitably, it will be between the bloviating Zionist orange buffoon and one of the multiple Democrats who are competing to show who will hire the most black female cops, or promote more LGBTQIA2+ corporate managers. Who knows, we could get a disabled Muslim in charge of bombing Venezuela! PROGRESS!

        Whoever “wins” I am predicting a mass abstention by young people and the working class, even more than in a typical election. And I stand with 80% of the global population in hoping this is the last American election.

        • Muh Dow Jones Industrial Average/ Muh lowest black ex-con unemployment rate / Muh free trade agreements to drive down wages…..so much god damn winning….

  1. Is this a joke? New dishwashers? Dios Mio. We wash our dishes by hand. It is faster and better. I never know when Donald Trump is serious or if he is mocking himself.

  2. This has to be a cruel joke on all humanity. But all the Trumpites/Qtards think this is like an all out battle with the progressive left democrats. Little do they know in their simple little minds the game is and has been rigged from the start.

    I read comments from both sides on other platforms, all I do is shake my head and wonder what their IQs are and how fat they are. Especially the ones who protect the jews if like they were gods using scripture in their favor and the 6,000,000 of course.

    What happened to us?

    • @Citizen 0

      But all the Trumpites/Qtards think this is like an all out battle with the progressive left democrats.

      This is Trump appealing to reactionary boomers. “Dem gosh-durn environmentalists are messing up our dishwashers by making them use water efficiently! Damn big government boo-ro-crats in Washington!”

      The Day of the Pillow can’t come soon enough.

      If right-wingers were smart they would be leading the way on conservationism and the environment. But they aren’t smart, they are reactionary cranks, thus, keep losing.

      Trump was the best they could do.

  3. Funny thing is, this is the stuff that wins elections.

    Nothing has angered my elderly FoxNews Mom more than being forced to buy a “Hillary” clothes washing machine that saves so much water she has to wash her clothes twice.

    She actually doesn’t give a flip about airy-fairy esoterica like the National Debt, endless war for ZOG, or cultural subversion. We often forget that most people don’t.

    • Yes, most normies only get angry about things that personally inconvenience them. Myopia like that is endangering us all.

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