Three More White Nationalists Arrested Before Virginia Gun Rights Rally

Yesterday, three White Nationalists were arrested in Maryland who were allegedly planning to attend this gun rally in Richmond.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. has arrested three men suspected of being members of a neo-Nazi hate group, including a former reservist in the Canadian Army, who had weapons and discussed traveling to a pro-gun rally next week in Richmond, Va., in anticipation of a possible race war.

The men were taken into custody on Thursday morning as part of a long-running investigation into the group, known as The Base. The men were charged with various federal crimes in Maryland, according to the Justice Department. They were scheduled to appear in federal court before a judge on Thursday afternoon. …”

Today, three more White Nationalists were arrested in Georgia who were also allegedly planning to attend this gun rally in Richmond. All of these people were allegedly members of an accelerationist group called “The Base” which is being targeted by the FBI and DOJ.

USA Today:

“Three more suspected neo-Nazis connected to a white nationalist group that reportedly planned to have members at a gun rights rally in Virginia have been arrested, authorities say.

Three Georgia men were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and participating in a criminal street gang as part of the hate group, The Base, according to the Floyd County Police Department …

According to an arrest affidavit, the Georgia men were arrested in connection with an undercover FBI operation during which an agent was accepted into the group and gained access to its encrypted online messaging applications.

The three men allegedly planned to murder a couple they believed to members of Antifa, the anti-fascist group. According to an arrest affidavit, Lane spearheaded the plot to kill the couple with the help of Kaderli and Helterbrand, however, the operation was delayed, in part because Helterbrand said he had a bad back. …”

How many White Nationalists have been arrested in this DOJ and FBI dragnet?

This brings the total up to six over this Richmond rally alone which is going down next Monday. Dozens have been arrested and these are just the ones we have heard about in the news. If Donald Trump loses in 2020, the Democrats are going to put us all in FEMA camps.

Seriously though, I trust the FBI after the Russian piss dossier and I am sure that all these various plots were entirely real and the charges were completely justified. It’s not like the FBI in this country under Trump has become the equivalent of the Stasi or NKVD. There is also plenty of room for all the White Nationalists in prison who are being sent there to replace all the blacks who have been released early due to Trump delivering on criminal justice reform.

KAG 2020

Note: Trump did say he was going to be the “law and order” president. By that he meant that White Nationalists and black criminals would trade places in prison. That’s why he plays the Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” at his campaign rallies.

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  1. I’ve never even heard of “The Base” (the CIA base?) but according to one of these articles they fought with the Zionist “Nazis” in Ukraine.

    So whatever they are fuck them

    • Stinks of a deep state set up.

      Al-Qaeda which the CIA created in Afghanistan during the 80s is also known as the “Base.” What a cohensidence.

  2. Both left and right are going all-in on prosecuting thoughtcrimes. Daring to not genuflect to the multicultural gods makes one an apostate that must be punished. When the inevitable historical reversal to this sick trend occurs, I hope the warped ideology is ruthlessly repressed.

    • Yet a ‘gang’ dedicated to upheaval and ‘crimes against the nation (MS-13) is NOT treated in a similar fashion,

  3. And if the government can’t find WN dumb enough to walk into that killbox they’ve made in Richmond, the FBI will provide their own clowns and parade them before the mass media.

    • After the JFK administration and especially after the JE Hoover, the FBI ceased to be an American government institution – especially a pro-European government institution – and it become a tool like the CIA & NSA for the mossad !

  4. Hitler and Mussolini took power with little if any bloodshed. But ZOG is going to make damn sure there will be lots of carnage if anyone challenges its control.

  5. This is why I view everyone, especially whites, who wear a ZOG uniform as the enemy. I don’t want to hear about how great the pigs are, nor do I wish to thank a vet for his service. They would all shoot me dead without giving it a second thought if ordered to do so.

  6. actually, Monday 20 January 2020

    coud be a real good day for

    accelerationists. At a minimum, the

    muh Konstitution crowd

    will get a sudden education

    in the realties of the Jewpower.

  7. Interesting the fbi finds all these “white nationalist notsee” just before their giant killing sprees…but never stop the 6gorrilian nigger murders a year in the united states.

    The most dangerous muffagas in the country are notsees in chat rooms.

    Stay away from chat rooms!

  8. They are closing the roads and all the parking garages, parking spaces, and parking lots around the Capitol in Richmond, so people will have to walk in.
    Boomercons who attend will learn how badly their First Amendment rights have already been lost.

  9. a direct question to all the accelerationists – what I like to call the MORONS & FBI AGENTS – that comment in here:

    What happened in Charlottesville to the pro White history/nationalist gathering???

    Who was controlling the Governorship, the Mayorship and the police department in that State and that City, there???

    Was it liberals/socialists/democrats & pro BLM terrorists – Yes or No ?????????????

    Can anyone FKN Answer me ?????

    So what do you think will happen when the democrats come back in ????

    Who didn’t vote for President Trump in the mid term elections 2018 and what was the PRICE Americans are paying now for that F UP ??????

    Answers to my above questions is plain for ALL to see in here, EVEN for the MORONS & FBI AGENTS who want President Trump out off office !!!!

    The DUMBEST swamp scum dwellers are these MORONS that want accelerationisim, in the midst of a liberal/socialist Federal government with a Liberal/communist State Department and a Justice Department that is well turned over to the socialists & SJW’s……

    You FKN accelerecionists deserve to be burned at the stake !!!

  10. You wrote…….
    ” It’s not like the FBI in this country under Trump has become the equivalent of the Stasi or NKVD. “

    Rhetorical question to you HW.

    Was the FBI anything less, but a stasi/NKVD like institution, before the Trump administration ????

  11. ” All of these people were allegedly members of an accelerationist group called “The Base” which is being targeted by the FBI and DOJ.”

    Allow me to offer another theory, an more PROBABLE in the current political climate.

    These three “white nationalists” were NOT targeted by the FBI & DOJ, I strongly believe they were PLACED there to create the negative narrative against Whites by the FBI & DOJ.

    A warning to all who promote accelerationsim.
    Keep on supporting accelerationists and you become part of the problem for your own nationalist movement.

    Over in Europe we treat accelerationists in decisive way – a deep hole and never to be seen!!

    • You are either a 15 year old nobody or a well paid provocateur…..

      Do everyone a favor, including yourself, go and play with your playstation – that’s where your mind lives anyway !!

  12. HW why aren’t you covering the new ‘project veratas’ videos? It seems even MSM is silent on this issue.

  13. Vet, vet, vet! It is time to require all perspective members to pass a lie detector test in order to weed out informants. The Base is a stupid name for a group because-if I understand correctly-al-Qaeda is Arabic for the base also. Do background checks also. If a person is a failure in life he would be a failure and a divisive force in any group he joined.

  14. They could be plants or just very stupid. If you’re a group of the ‘resistance’ advertising on the internet and posing for pictures, you’re not really very good underground warriors, are you?
    I hate to think some well-meaning but thoughtless people who shot off their mouths and didn’t check who comes to their meetings are now going to be in the slammer for a long time.

    Like Harold Covington said, the feds live for catching groups like this. Feds are a bunch of tarantulas.

    The best resistance is always silent.

    Like someone said, the KKK has 1200 members, 600 of them undercover agents.

    • Anyone dumb enough to join the (non) Invisible Empire of the KKK , after 1965 would have to suffer from more inbreeding defects than 19th Century British Royalty.

  15. Meanwhile, The Clinton Crime Cartel still roams free because the FBI is too chicken shit to arrest them for their numerous felonies. Also, Antifa can dox,harass,and physically assault people on the right and the FBI are nowhere to be found. The FBI has committed acts of Domestic Terrorism against US citizens i.e. Ruby Ridge and Waco. Former FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot and murdered Vicki Weaver as she held a baby. It’s a ok to murder people when you work for the Kritarchy. The Democrats have no moral high ground to condemn White Nationalists when they support abortion which is a eu·phe·mism for the murder of innocent babies. I rest my case…..

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