You Have a Duty

I slightly disagree with Jared Taylor.

We feel a sense of duty to speak out.

We identify with Europe and Western civilization.

We see ourselves as being part of a greater whole with a past, present and future.

We have a strong sense of racial and cultural identity.

We want to preserve our civilization and pass it on to future generations and despise the people who are destroying it.

We are the survivors of a great catastrophe.

As I noted in the previous article, we are in an unprecedented situation. The problem is that we live in a peculiar society in which the present generation has lost its memory and identity. It was condemned as “racism” and systematically erased after World War II.

Why are these people so content to follow their leaders and march off the cliff? It is because they are nothing but a timid mob of deracinated, atomized consumers who get their morals from the mass media and universities. They don’t feel a sense of duty or shame because that presupposes having a traditional sense of identity and morals which have been lost under liberalism. It would require them to feel like being a part of something beyond themselves and willing to sacrifice for it when these natural instincts have been repressed for the past 70 years.

Most of these people are nothing. They don’t have a religion or a strong ethnic or cultural identity. Many of them don’t even have the desire to reproduce themselves and abort their own children. They are just here to work and to pleasure themselves and to consume to the end and go to their graves after dying from diabetes. It is a hypermodern problem. They are Neoliberal Man.

Note: As recently as the 1930s, very few people outside of extreme leftwing circles in Europe had heard of the term “racism.” Most people didn’t watch television or start going to college until after World War II. We are mostly wrestling with very recent problems. I say mostly because while there is nothing new about the Jewish Question the demise of Christianity and the rise of the mass media have made it much worse than it was in the past.

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  1. The Jews have been a thorn in the side of Europeans since they killed Christ. The events(they caused/created) which helped solidify their control in the modern era are as follows: The Bolshevik revolution, the slaughter of 10 million Ukranian Christians, the defeat of Germany in WW2, spread of Communism throughout Eastern Europe, Vatican II, The Civil Rights Movement, The creation of cuck “Evangelical christians”, The drug trade/porn industry pushing drugs and degeneracy into White countries(primarily through funding), and the cherry on top for the kikes was September 11th 2001. They are a necrotic lesion that has been allowed to fester unchecked for 70+ years.

  2. Atomization of people is often mentioned, but the fact is we’re basically hard-wired to want to be a part of something greater than ourselves, whether it’s a tribe, religion, nation, etc. It may seem as if there’s hyperindividualization going on, but people have been successfully programmed to invert their associations with higher causes into lower ones like corporate brands and multicultural ideologies. Instead of associating with the extended family, some now ally themselves with those branding themselves as different and individualistic, but are really just joining a new tribe of, for example, radical feminists or furries. It’s self-indulgence in a group setting, which isn’t individualism so much as it is participating in perversions of human nature. Trying to force acceptance of such activity is a different version of an old Marxist totalitarian tactic, but it is bound to fail just as before. We’ve been created in a certain image, or accidentally have been given certain general characteristics (depending on your beliefs), and that fact cannot and will not be denied by a mere mental construct born out of an ideologue’s perverted wish.

  3. VERY good article ‘Sire.’ “WE,” need a STANDARD TRADITIONAL WHITE SOUTHERN UPBRINGING COURSE, which should be taught to adolescents from age 13 to 19 to prepare them for their 20th birthdays. This is the answer ( solution, ) for that, as A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY, ( wherein said course would be required curriculum, ) is the answer, ( solution, ) for “WE” as well.

    See these YouTube channels, ( since we don’t get any substance from Spencer, ) : John Mark, Robert David Steele, Commonsenseshow, Way Of The World.

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