Gov. Bill Lee Wants To Get Rid of Nathan Bedford Forrest Day

Gov. Bill Lee has a “philosophical belief” that refugees should be resettled in Tennessee. He is also introducing legislation to get rid of Nathan Bedford Forrest Day because he wants Black Lives Matter activists to know that is where his heart is on the issue.


“NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Lee will introduce legislation this year that would amend a law requiring Tennessee to honor Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

Lee’s office confirmed Friday that the Republican, who has previously expressed his displeasure over the honor, was working on the bill. The office did not provide further details. …

Lee received national backlash in July when he not only signed the Nathan Bedford Forrest proclamation, but also declined to answer reporter questions over whether he thought the law should change. Lee later clarified that he didn’t like signing the proclamation and would prefer to see the law changed.

“While it is my job as governor to enforce the law, I want Tennesseans to know where my heart is on this issue,” Lee said at the time. “Our state’s history is rich, complex and in some cases painful. With this in mind, I will be working to change this law.” …”

I will continue to search for Republicans who have any redeeming qualities and who aren’t just con artists who cater to wealthy donors and business lobbyists.

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  1. “They have to vote for us. There’s nowhere else for them to go.”

    Oh, yeah? There are plenty to things to do and places to go on Election Day rather than casting votes for frauds and creeps. Or one can just stay home.

    • Prediction: As election day rolls around the Republicans will get nervous as they realize through opinion polling that there is zero enthusiasm for Trump on the Right, unlike 2016. Fearing a close election that is the mirror image of the last one i.e. Trump losing by a slim margin as Hillary did they will resort to the typical Republican end of campaign tactic: “The other guy is worse!”

      They will be correct but Trump’s entire 2016 campaign was successful because he ran as an atypical Republican who didn’t rely on “the other guy is worse”. At that point the Republicans will have fallen into the trap of relying on the Democrats to lose rather than the Republicans winning. The lowest black/hispanic unemployment rate evah won’t work, the coloreds will never vote Republican in sufficient numbers.


    The foregoing is a speech by Forrest, delivered after the Civil War to a group of black people, in which he proclaimed his good wishes to them and supported their rights to freedom and personal and professional success. His good will toward blacks has bought him nothing with modern liberals or blacks. They hate him as much for his goodwill as if he had refused to speak to them. Forrest was involved in starting a Rail road in the ruins of the post war south and used every opportunity to hire black professionals when he could. He was more open minded and charitiable to blacks than most Northern Whites at the time.

    • Forrest should be judged on his performance as a cavalry leader, the occupation that he is known by. By all accounts he was great at that. By all accounts he was a slave trader too. Can’t you just praise the former and ignore the latter? No one’s perfect. On this day, this glorious day of rejoicing, can’t we FORGET about blacks for once and talk about historical white figures without referencing what they did or did not do to blacks, what they thought or did not think about blacks? As hard as it is to believe, there were and are many white people who have never had any thing to do with blacks and have never thought about them, or had anyone tell them that they should think about them and make those thoughts their intellectual keystones.

  3. Is this Bill Lee really a proper Republican? Has he donned a beanie, wailed at a wall in Jerusalem and pledged allegiance to Israel like fellow Southern governors Abbott (TX) and DeSantis (FL)?

  4. The rotten attitudes and hatred against Forrest the anti-South Yankees had in Forrest’s day has finally been transferred into the blacks of our day. Forrest was a military genius who knew how to win and the anti-South Yankees feared and hated him especially after the Fort Pillow incident which was sensationalized in the Yankee papers..

    Bill Lee is a traitor trying to please people who hate and will always hate him at the expense of those who may have once supported him. He is not alone. Canadian born Ted Cruz has also turned on Forrest.

  5. “I will continue to search for Republicans who have any redeeming qualities and who aren’t just con artists who cater to wealthy donors and business lobbyists.”

    Surely you jest Hunter?

  6. Enslaving Africans and bringing them to America as free labor was probably one of the most disastrous mistakes this country ever made.

    It would have been much better in the long run if they had enslaved their fellow Europeans just like the Norse did with the Gaels, the population which founded Iceland.

    Gov. Bill Lee is doing exactly what a Republican is supposed to do. Republicans freed the slaves and the Democrats are the real racists.

    I was thinking about eventually moving somewhere out towards Idaho, Montana or South Dakota but these Christian Republicans are electing the likes of Kristi Noems.

    There’s simply no escape and the endless blackpill sewage is a crutch and a cancer spreading throughout the Far Right.

    It’s definitely time for new perspectives and new paths without codeine cough syruped effete British homosexuals performing long expositories of Nietzsche…..


  7. Gee whiz…Lee, Northam, Miss Lindsay Graham…so many others…it’s getting a little hard to blame The Yanquis for everything these days, isn’t it?

  8. If the democrats who run for office weren’t so progressively left at the point where you are actually putting yourselves in camps when voting for them they might have a shot. It’s a rigged game from the start democrat or republican they all work for zionist jews. I haven’t heard one politician rebuke Israeli policy except one who’s from a black low IQ country. It’s sad and angering to see these sell outs get voted in time after time who grovel on racism by trying to change history by taking down confederate monuments. In 100 years from now the Mandella affect will completely warp history like it has been doing for millennia.

  9. O.T.

    I saw where Notorious B.I.G. and Whitney Houston were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over Pat Benatar and Judas Priest.

    As a consolation, Pat Priest was inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

    • That’s some pc bs. Biggie Smalls was a rapper, and Whitney Houston a pop star. Neither was a rock n roller, but you don’t have to be, if you’re black in clownworld.

      Pat Benatar was a superstar in the early 80s. Benatar’s multi-octave voice was almost unparalleled among female rock vocalists.

      This just goes to show that the Rock and Roll HOF is/was a sham from day one. Look at long it took Rush to finally get inducted into it. BTW, R.IP. Neal Peart. Peart IMHO was the greatest drummer in rock history. Way better than Moon or Bonham.

  10. White traitors are the worst. They want to destroy their own kind. At least you know and expect a jew to be your enemy.

  11. As a Tennesseean this disgust me. When Lee ran for the governership he had commercials of him welding. Trying to potray himself as a man of the working class. He should of had a commercial with him holding the gate open so the invaders could enter. He has as much said that he knows his constituents dont want him to do this, but his wife is pasionate about the issue so screw you. It reminds me of Trump bombing syria because his daughter wanted him to. I would love to see a recall on this cuck.

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