Britain’s Trust In Institutions Falls To Record Low

What do you think could be the cause?


“LONDON (Reuters) – Britons’ mistrust of government, business, the media and charities rose to the highest in at least 20 years last year, with only Russians admitted to less confidence in their country’s institutions, according to a long-running survey. …

Chinese citizens expressed the highest confidence in their country’s institutions, the same as the year before, according to Edelman, which conducted 34,000 online interviews globally. …

Three fifths of Britons said they were losing faith in democracy, and a small majority said capitalism was doing more harm than good. …”

9 in 10 British children believe their lives are meaningless.

The Times:

“A senior police officer admitted that his force ignored the sexual abuse of girls by Pakistani grooming gangs for decades because it was afraid of increasing “racial tensions”, a watchdog has ruled.

After a five-year investigation, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) upheld a complaint that the Rotherham officer told a missing child’s distraught father that the town “would erupt” if it was known that Asian men were routinely having sex with under-age white girls.

The chief inspector is said to have described the abuse as “P*** shagging” and to have said it had been “going on” for 30 years: “With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out.” …”

The police were so afraid of being accused of racism by the media that they allowed tens of thousands of young White girls to be raped by Muslims. It is hard to think of a story that better defines the evil of the postwar Western liberal order.

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  1. And now with Megan Markle and her lapdog, Prince Harry, let loose on the world, the British Royals image is tarnished even further. This comes of miscegenation, and apostasy.

  2. Jews caused this. Jews have used the English as their water carriers for 400 years. They bought off sleazy sociopaths politicians like Churchill (and tons of others. Look at the Murkin political whores), and used them to further their goals. Jews are in complete control of England. Jews imported every dreg from every shithole on Earth, and used the vermin as bio weapons against Whites. that’s the direct cause of the Paki Puke Muslim child rapers.

    There’s a deeper cause though.

    It’s a tragic flaw in Whites, ourselves. We are too individualistic. We won’t take our own side. We are too concerned with being “good” and “law abiding”. We want to be loved by everyone – especially by the Hostile Other – who HATES us and wants us DEAD. We want to be “fair”. We want to trust authority. We WANT to believe in the essential goodness of Humanity. We don’t want to acknowledge the absolutely rotten and EVIL elements of Human Nature.

    All of the [above] genetic traits are wonderful things in White on White societies – but in dealing with VERY different races – it’s pure suicide. We used to be more racial, suspicious, and hostile to The Other – but that’s been bled out of us by decades of Brother Wars, and relentless, 24/7 psy opps of Jew agit-prop spewed against us.

    Some are waking up. WE are the White Blood cells of the White Race. Acknowledging and acting on the information we impart is difficult for Normies. But even Normies are being forced by events to “see”. What happens – who can say? I often wonder is we have a deep seated wish for annihilation. Still…we struggle on..

    I thank Dagda EVERY SINGLE DAY that I am a Celt – because I don’t give a FLYING FUCK about the well being of ANY non-White. I don’t necessarily wish ill on any member of any other Race (excepting kikes of course. They can ALL go back where they came from – Satan’s anus) – but if they pose a threat of any kind to My Race – they can get the FUCK off my planet. We must stop “caring” about the Muds. OUR energies, resources and love must go US. Every-one else can drop dead. The sooner the better.

  3. Each European ethnicity need to form a kind of mafia of their own. Since law enforcement at the behest of their ZOG controlled leaders look the other way to POC atrocities against our seniors, men, women, and children, they’re going to have to build underground ‘protection and retribution’ committees.

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