Richmond Lobby Day Gun Rally Concludes Without Incident

UPDATE: I may have spoken too soon. This rally was full of conservative liberal cringe. I’m banned from Twitter though so I didn’t see it in real time.

It was hyped by the media as a “white supremacist” rally even though White Nationalists were afraid this was a false flag event. They said that the Lobby Day Gun Rally in Richmond could be the next Charlottesville and that Richmond was “bracing for hate.”

In the end, thousands of peaceful conservative gunowners rallied in Richmond on a January morning and defied Gov. Ralph Northam’s “State of Emergency” by openly carrying firearms. Both the Alt-Lite and Antifa were present on the ground and were sprinkled among the crowd. After years of violent street brawls between the Proud Boys and Antifa, nothing jumped off this morning because of the sheer size of the crowd and the fact that it was so heavily armed.

The whole thing was over by noon. It was a dismal day for the nutpickers on the ground. While there was a lot of militia LARPing going on in Richmond, they obviously don’t have much to work with and so this event will be quickly sent down the memory hole.

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  1. The tactics of the Left WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, and NEVER BE FORGIVEN. When the Restoration comes, the streets (I somehow get the feeling) will run red…..and God’s people will be avenged.

    “Do I not hate those who hate you, LORD, and abhor those who are in rebellion against you?
    Yes, I hate them with total hatred, for your enemies are my enemies.” – Ps. 139:21-22

  2. The Richmond Rally isn’t some sort of “unite the right” fiasco—it’s about the “Second Amendment” and the “Right” to own weapons.

    I’m sure there will be lots of pants pissing on TV by Jew politicians, and Catholic politicians.

    • lotsa cucks, yes, but on balance a plus for the hardRight too….if they go back to their home counties and get down to the business of seceding from VA and joining W. VA. Because next legl session, and the next and the next, (((Bloomberg)))’s stooges will pass ever tightening packages of gun grab.

  3. The “voices of moderation” are advising everyone to keep away from this event. Someone might get hurt! Or doxxed! Someone might even go to jail! So what do we do instead, remain anonymous behind the keyboard and post funny memes until the pigs drag us out of our beds in the middle of the night? If I lived in that area I would show up and let my elected officials know how I feel. I wouldn’t bring any guns or try to provoke anyone but I sure wouldn’t allow myself to be threatened or intimidated either. Save that kid stuff for middle school gym class – it does not work on me.

    • Spawn, until the masses arise, these sorts of ‘planned ambushes’ are merely doing the work of the Enemy for them. MAKE THE LEFT WORK TO TAKE OUR LAND FROM US. MAKE THEM WORK, hard. Damned sneaking Jew bastards.

        • Yup. Total brain-dead schmuck. Jesus was not a “jew” as it is defined today. Get a clue. Grow up. Read a book.

      • The “masses” will NEVER “arise”. The masses sit and do nothing, and want someone else to “do something”. And the masses are being systematically slaughtered because of it. This is why White Genocide is happening, and Western Civilization is being destroyed.

        • the hand rubber’s are loving it, a well planned dialectic to keep the usurer’s in power … just keep voting MIGA, err …MAGA …

        • rob157 – your ignorance is astounding. Please, go back to your maysoballs and enjoy the weather in tel aviv. Fr John – nor I – do not worship a dead anybody nor a jew. Jesus is neither. But then , you know that.

          I do disagree tho that we should not give a show of strength and arms to these bastards; make em think a bit. I was not able to attend due to circumstance and distance, but applaud those who did. (((they))) undoubtedly had nefarious plans, but fear of reprisal, and the prayers of many for our peoples safety, held them back. Thankfully. I realise tho that itys probably just a stall – this will go ‘hot’. Ammo up my folk, remember II Chronicles 7:14 and understand that Deuteronomy 28 is written to you.

  4. Trump with boob bait for the bubbas, silent on the demographic changes that are cause of the democrat party assault on second amendment.

    Donald J. Trump
    The Democrat Party in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia are working hard to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. This is just the beginning. Don’t let it happen, VOTE REPUBLICAN in 2020!

    • Exactly right. It is all about massive demographic change. No matter how much bragging of Allen West or Sheriff Clarke types being Republicans and truly being for the Constitution, they are rare birds among blacks. Blacks shall never ever remotely give Republicans anywhere close to a majority vote. Throw in Hispanics, mixed race types, Asians, Jews and brainwashed liberal whites and it all equals diversity not just being a disaster but a brand new communist Constitution to boot.

      The attack on the second amendment shall be followed with more attacks on the first and others. Hate crime laws alone are the most blatant violation of the equal protection clause since anyone with a brain cell knows white victims in hate crimes are rarely given the hate crime victim status. It is used instead to placate growing non white hordes in their never ending game of pretend victims and the vile and coward district attorneys who pander to them but do nothing when whites are the victims. Race is truly changing our Constitution.

      Look at how every Democrat running for president speaks before the ultimate racketeer in the fake reverend Al Sharpton’s organization? Notice the Jews media and their ” just pay me” goy hacks treat it like it’s totally normal?

      The entire Democrat Party relies on sucking up to blacks. Whitey never tied welfare to limiting how many kids they can have and now the dumb have too many of the kids. Thus, at this rate the Constitution is in major peril and heading to be more like Guatemala or South Africa in the near future.

  5. The whole thing is coming off like a big boomer / MAGA / TPUSA rally with pro homosexual and multicultural themes being coupled with Constitutional rights blah blah blah. It needed a racial/cultural (if not “supremacist”) perspective in reality, at least with a focus on refugees and immigration; otherwise the core source of our misfortune is missed entirely. Soon our conquerors will simply rewrite the Constitution(s) altogether.

    • Exactly and they will have the numbers to do so.

      Boomercons have their head so far up Israel’s ass they can’t see that though

  6. What almost no one seems to appreciate is that the US Constitution was written to define and enumerate the specific powers given over to the new federal government by the States and the people. It was not intended to limit the powers of the States in any way whatsoever. The so called Bill of Rights were only a “doubling down” in writing to get the thing ratified; it added nothing new of substance, including any “rights”. That it was the Nation wrecking 14th amendment which was erroneously interpreted to make the Constitutional restrictions apply to the States is ironic if not tragic. The fact is, the State of Virginia has every right to restrict, even ban, all gun ownership. The problem is that we’ve allowed Virginia, and just about every other State, to be turned in to a multiracial, multicultural mess. Those chickens are coming home to roost in spades and all the rallies in the World won’t fix things absent a clear, unambiguous racial consciousness on the part of the people. From what I’ve seen today, I’m not holding my breath in that regard.

  7. For the most part the “gun nuts” are Politically Incorrect White anti-Whites. Pry my gun from my dead fingers but I’m totally indifferent about my children and grandchildren facing minority status in a White hating majority brown country.

  8. Everything is going to work out hunky dory for us White Americans who are opposed to the New World Order, that’s because Alex Jones is currently driving around Richmond, Virginia in a tank, a military tank. His fat head is sticking out of the hatch of a military tank and he’s bloviating thru his bull horn while driving around Richmond, Virginia. Washington is running scared! Alex Jones is driving around in a tank shooting off his big mouth! Washington is clown world and the opposition or so-called “opposition” to Washington is another clown world.

  9. It’s worse than forgettable, if only. This multicultural boomer-fest has done more harm than good. That antifa didn’t even show tells you that the real fix was in, just another case of Jewish agitprop. The end result is we love our black, homosexual, and immigrant brothers. Together we will work to secure equal rights with commonsense restrictions as needed. Oh, and down with white-nationalism and antisemitism! We’re fucked as a people I’m afraid.

  10. Liberals believe the presence of firearms in White hands is always about committing violence.
    They never consider the presence of firearms in White hands is a deterrence to violence.

  11. I just got home from the rally. Antifa stood down for several reasons- 1. They were afraid. The media hype over ‘neo-Nazi ‘sharpshooters or drone bombs etc. made their knees weak. Their twitter told the story- last three days they told each the to stay away, that it was unsafe. 2. The sheer size of the rally deterred the SJW’s etc.
    I could not recognize a single person as being antifa ,they just were not there, but a few people here and there did strike me as possibly quasi- disguised commies, they kinda blended in.

    If only 300 people had attended, antifa would had swarmed all over them, there would have been violence. Valuable lessons here.

    My overall impression of the rally was that is was a success yet it was intensely crowded, it was not pleasant to be there . Often I could not move at all, rubbing shoulders with everyone, movement was a snails pace or not at all. But this could not be helped when so many show up to an event…

    This is how Charlottesville should have been – overwhelming numbers, deterring the opposition.

    • It was a total waste of time for our people. Anti-fa stood down because we did ourselves in (as planned). How long until you collect your FBI pension?

    • Successful in accomplishing what exactly?

      Had Charlottesville not been a trap by the feds, we would be in a lot stronger position as a movement because it’s original goal was to Unite the Right. People would have networked instead of fractured. This rally has done nothing to stop Northam and those marshalls and sheriff who said they won’t enforce it will move on and someone will move in that will enforce it best case scenario.

      If this is the “win” you envisioned then I’m sorry to break it to you but you wasted your time and money.

      • If you think about it, this was probably ZOG saying “Let them blow off some steam. They will just go home and go back to business and nothing further will come of it.

        Puts them back to sleep and not woke.

        Mission accomplished.

        • SC Rebel,

          ZOG got the narrative they wanted.

          Armed boomercon constitutionalists and (((antifa))) could coexist peacefully at a rally. It was those “evil Southern Nationalists, White Supremacists, and neo-Nazis” that caused all the violence and chaos in Charlottesville. You’ll notice that no fed planted amongst the protesters was waving a brand new “Nazi flag.”

    • All of the points made here — that Cville faced opposition that this rally did not — may or may not be true.

      But I think that it does also need to be pointed out that this event was very clearly better planned than Cville, and that the planners of this event were competent in a way that the Cville planners were not, and the latter need to wear some of that.

      If there’s a lesson here, it is that while the Dissident Right alone has sound politics, ideals, etc., it very clearly is deficient in real-world organizing power, tactical ability, or as a general term sheer competence.

      This is abundantly true in event planning, but it extends to just about every enterprise in which we are involved.

      I suppose it’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem: how does one get experience without the attempt, but how does one pull off a successful attempt without the experience? No easy answers.

      • Karsten

        UTR in Cville wasn’t improperly planned. UTR was so planned that they even went to court for a permit and everything. UTR not being planned properly is either a myth you misheard or poor perception of what went down.

        Cville was a hatchet job by the government. Cops controlled the entire area and forced rally goers to walk to and from hordes of Antifa. The rally was called off once everyone got there by the police because of the antics of Antifa. The only one who planned poorly in Cville were the police or perhaps they planned it too well…

        These Boomer cons were put almost in a similar situation but there was no Antifa present to attack them (they were on the same side roughly) and the police didn’t end up calling off the event and start arresting random individuals. The 2nd amendment conservatives need to be seen as impotent as possible while still being allowed to blow off steam.

        If anything, the lesson here is that these people at this rally represent no threat to the system, otherwise they would have been cracked down on HARD. In 2017 the Alt-right even under light assault from the system had plenty mobilizing capabilities irl for rallies and protests such as the Battle of Sacramento or Spencer’s University tours. It’s when everyone’s paypal processers, patreons and other ways to get funded were shut down and the government started arresting people for saying they’d punch back if Antifa attacked them at a protest in private chats that people stopped going out in public.

        Hell fucking Oathkeepers attacked some random alt-right dude before minding his own business

        It’s easy to mobilize in public if you’re fake opposition. Not so much if you’re a genuine dissident.

    • @Dave Tell me how was it a success? .gov is going do what ever the hell they want and you’re not going to stop them.

      Isn’t it obvious now @Dave we lost that kind of battle? What’s next for the fat lazy Amerikans defending their rights? Keep voting in the same ole same ole whilst getting fatter and stupider?

      Great success? Ask my dead relatives who fought and died for this BS!

    • Overwhelming numbers definitely deters commies being violent, but they still pitched their fudge packing rainbow migrant agenda as evidenced in several photos.
      I think it was a success in the show of quiet force, the American giant is awakening!

  12. This is the most centrist event I have ever seen. Boomercons, Magapedes, Oathkeepers, Based Black Guys, LARPers, Libertarians, Homosexuals, Antifa, Transexuals, all coming together as AMERICANS to rally for their 2nd amendment rights at government that doesn’t care.

    I can’t think of a collection of individuals that moreso represents the approved rebellious mileu of America than the groups and identities that attended this event. No one who attended this event challenged the status quo on any meaningful level, especially intellectually, and there was nothing to be learned or gained from it in any sense. In imagining some alternate world where their enemies are secret Nazis in power, the various identities attending this event have become the most politically correct politically incorrect people they could possibly be.

    The future is not only gay, but it’s boring too.

      • Oh, I forgot to mention the pesky fact that these useless dirt eaters mulatto grand children will gladly hand their guns over…

    • @Outlander my thoughts exactly. All those rejects are sitting in a bar right now slapping eachother on the back like they accomplished something. It’s comical how the fat lazy retarded people think these days. Not so long ago they would of taken that ziomaniac Amerikan hating governor and all his cronies out of their office’s with noose’s around their necks.

      What happened to us and our European spirit? ZOG has infiltrated not only our .gov but also our minds. Throughout history acceleration was the only cure for traitors.

      • Y’all worship a dead one of them…and more concern over protecting that bs religion than protecting their own kin… what y’all expecting? This is all I see with so called Southern Nationalism as they promote a umiversalist culture destroying ‘religion … ain’t noting ‘National’ about it!

        • Bunch of brainwashed doublethinker’s in cognitive dissonance … oh but itll be Southern Nationalism just like Yankeedom use to be …

  13. “Richmond Lobby Day Gun Rally Concludes Without Incident”

    Than’t because the people they’re really after never showed up.

    • True. The Left doesn’t care about boomers — it recognizes their impotence. It cares about shutting down dissidents.

  14. This fits well with my hypothesis that the movement was doing well until hijacked by Enoch Anglin and Spencer, back when we were a a Ron Paul – Gold movement.

    Big day for Alex Jones.

    The real danger is the alt right looking at this success and thing about “getting the band back together” that should be resisted by every voice in the movement.

    • Doing well? Doing well at doing what? Existing unmolested but being irrelevant? Existing unmolested BECAUSE it was irrelevant.

      A “Ron Paul – Gold” movement is as useless as mainstream conservatism, perhaps even more useless.

      The only issues that matter are restricting immigration and related Identitarian concerns. I don’t recall any Ron Paul movement taking on those topics.

    • the movement was doing well until hijacked by Enoch Anglin and Spencer, back when we were a a Ron Paul – Gold movement.

      These people were useful for growing the snowball… unfortunately people started taking them as serious leaders… that’s when everything that was built between 2014–2017 was pissed away due to endless splintering…

  15. Glenn Beck had several hundred thousand in D.C. when he felt an anointing from on high to lead his people through the wilderness to the land of milk and honey.

    I still remember his networked chalkboards and…….

    It’s PIVEN!!


    If we could teach these imp brained Boomercons that it’s Jews like Bloomberg who want to take their guns we would be making significant progress.

    But, I think that Q-MAGA has the right to celebrate a victory today. Nothing cringe about admitting it and good for them.

    This seems like a serious defeat for Antifa, regardless of their or anyone’s spin. They’ve either won or stalemated the majority of the street demos since Charlottesville.

    Smart decision for movementarians to disavow going while I’m sure many still went. There’s no need to differentiate or make identitarian islands because simply adding to a mass like this does send an identitarian message which is a positive overall.

    • @Dissente,

      I attended a Beck rally in DC, in what seems like a million years ago, back in the thrilling days of the Tea Party, long before we knew it was compromised. Almost every speaker was a Jew, or a Shabby Goy drooling over Jooz. That’ the moment I knew the Tea Party was (((screwed))).

      Some people seem to be disappointed by the peacefulness of the rally. This is wrong. There is an optics issue. This was a good day. Americans saw thousands and thousand of Americans, being lovely, intelligent, law abiding, Muh Constitution Loving for Real Americans.

      Americans are far far better than ZOG, and ZOG’s golem.

      ZOG Delenda Est.

  16. Maybe in the next few weeks or some time later the anti-gun people will have their rally at the same place and they show up with over a million. Might have to do this all over again — this next time everybody and his brother will have to show up.

    • TPTB are very good at picking their battles – today they just let the BoomerMAGApedeLARPers aimlessly traipse around the cold streets of Richmond.

  17. No matter the importance of the cause, most people won’t show up. As the cuckservative gun fags are fond of reminding us, only 3% of the population fought in the American Revolution. Those few willing to make a stand will have to do so without much actual hands-on help.

    As most gun owners are obsessed with doing everything the legal way — transporting their guns in the trunk in the approved case, not taking their weapon into establishments asking you not to, etc. — when things get nasty they won’t be ready or able to fight back, anyway. Remember, when you’re seconds from trouble, the pigs are minutes away. Plus, they might end up shooting you instead of the perp. Always be prepared to protect yourself and yours.

  18. If people on the dissident right payed attention to how the gun lobby organized this, rather than comment how much “cuckyness” “boomertard” etc, there is much to learn here. This is the only part of the Right that actually functions as a credible political threat to the Left. And that’s because they have spent years building investing in political action, lobbies, and actual organizations. They spend much less time attacking each other than the Dissident Right does. Yes, they have a lot of patriot tard Stuff, but they know how to organize. They know how to push ideas important to them. And they know how to work the halls of power. There are things here to learn, if we pay attention.

    • Sad but true. For the most part, us “neon not-see’s” excel at anonymous shitposting, infighting, and
      “kvetching” (excuse the jew-word).

  19. Is there anything else Boomercons are willing to stand up for other than muh guns, muh tax cuts and muh Israel?

    Many of the signs I saw posted were so cringeworthy. LBGTQSTFU flags, quoting Martin Lucifer and the ever dreaded nazi comparisons.

    These are not the people that are going to save the day.

    I’m not saying the 2nd amendment isn’t important, but there is a bigger more looming threat than just that. And these larpers still don’t see it.

    It’s pathetic actually.

      • It’s funny. I visited the Reagan library 2 years ago and at the beginning there is a film you can watch. I sat down on the bench and waited for the film when I noticed in front of me was a 40ish looking white couple with 2 black as can be kids with them.

        For some reason my filter wasn’t working that day and I blurted out WTF. The mother turned around and I immediately looked down at my phone pretending I was reacting to a text.

  20. As a clarification, when I wrote Martin Lucifer, I was referring to the plagiarist and philanderer, not the honorable Catholic priest.

  21. I saw thousands of people there and I saw zero blacks, zero Latinos, zero Asians, zero Antifa, zero trannies…If they were there, they were very few and far between.

  22. Fake, phony and gay boomer boogaloo civil war didn’t happen imagine my complete shock. It was just a psy op for normies, boomers, alt lite and qtards No wonder antifa didn’t show there was no threat to them

    I hardly even go on twitter anymore after you, and sam hyde got purged from twatter Hunter

  23. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it, but I did…I looked at “Western Rifle Shooters”. It’s just fuckin’ over the top.
    Over the moon boomer cringe. Fuck em’. They deserve the disarmament that’s surely coming.

    • Somebody on Daily Stormer wrote today that maybe they should have their guns taken away due to how gay this protest was. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  24. Went to the rally today police say 22,000, in some cities not a big crowd but for Richmond, VA it was huge. A number of people on our side were there. Antis were there too but stayed low key. 99% White crowd well behaved very conservative bunch.

  25. Since the fags and negroes were in attendance I guess the rally was permissible. What if there had been signs that said “deport illegals” or “Trump; stop lying and build the wall: every inch, every foot, every yard and every mile of it” or “Islam is the enemy”?

    I imagine the police would have had their clubs out right away.

  26. Well, one positive thing — at least Commie MLK had to play second fiddle to a bunch of white guys at a gun rally. (Of course the M$M didn’t see it that way.) Best MLK day I have seen in decades — translation — like before there was such a day.

    Maybe on every MLK day there should be scheduled a Yuge pro-white event to take the focus off the Commie worshippers …

  27. I think it was a public relations victory for our people, the negative and sour grapes expressed by so many to the contrary notwithstanding. It gave pro-gunners the experience of organizing…actually doing something besides posting on line and voting. The Governor declared a “state of emergency” and reacted with hysteria…and 25,000 (estimated) pro-gun WHITES showed up armed to the teeth and there was not a single arrest, not a single store looted, not a single police officer attacked and not any violence at all. I think the contrast between WHITE gun owners and MUDS will be obvious to many WHITE people. It was a victory even if less of one than we’d like. These people were on our side. Be grateful for that.

    • Thank you, Don. I don’t know why so many here are having a nervous breakdown, The event was a success because TalmudVision are blaring “White SuprEEEMACISS/KNAAAAZEEEZ/WHIIIIIIIITE PEEPUL” – and it was fine. Just fine.

      White People are lovely!

  28. Counter Currents Mild Rich thinks this was a very poor showing. Almost every white male there was more of a man than this wimp. It’s time to keep it real. Mild Rich thinks he’s going to lead us to victory……


    Antifa is crying over what happened today. Jared Holt and Trans Eyes on the Right are fretting. Just because the Alt Right or Dissident Right weren’t directing it or organizing it doesn’t mean that beta wimps need to counter-signal.

    Those who live in foreign countries and obsess 24/7 about what’s happening in American politics and then try to dictate to us what we should be doing or thinking should get a life also. We have to deal with Antifa not you. I’m happy Antifa is nursing their wounds today. I could care less that Jack Posobiec and the Alt-Lite feel victorious. Good for them.

    I don’t want to have anything to do with beta wimps like Mild Rich who need to counter signal white men with guns over running the Virginia Capitol about 50 miles away from the Charlottesville catastrophe. How are you going to build the ‘White ADL’ when you mock white men willing to put themselves out there like you won’t?

    May 2020 be the year that Zlimpf is defeated and we find out what happens to the Alt-Right and Dissident Right when this paradigm dissolves permanently.

  29. Yeah so there are some homos and race-mixers at the event and the race war didn’t kick off. Boo hoo!

    Consider that a major right wing rally was held and so many people showed up with guns that ZOG couldn’t do shit, and it didn’t end in a total disaster for the right. This whole event is, at the very least, a sign that right wing ideas are becoming increasingly popular among whites and that we are rejecting liberalism.

    • Agreed. The blackpillers need to turn off cable TV and get their minds out of their regular rut. I really don’t mind being in the minority on this. Most white people when interrogated in public are going to say they’re ‘not racist’ and don’t ‘hate homosexuals’. Even movementarians would likely do the same. Peter denied Christ three times. These public denials are human.

      This was clearly a white identitarian phenomena whether the attendees will consciously even acknowledge it to themselves and it doesn’t matter if blacks and hispanics were there also. It was majority white.

      It was a whitepilling event for me and the only blackpill was to see so many movementarians in a mental rut. It’s a clear lack of strong leadership due to the natural de-radicalization of the Kaplan lawsuits, the mass censorship/deplatforming, and the extremely online nature of the present course.

      The betas have taken over…….

      Check out Greg Conte’s article on Russia Insider for a different perspective. I personally hope that a more mentally stable Patrick Little eventually re-emerges.

      What we need is for alpha leadership unencumbered by Kaplan to return. Hopefully, 2020 and beyond will produce some amazing and inspiring breakthroughs.

  30. Antifa did not show up because they knew any violent escalation would likely see them pumped full of bullets.

  31. Well, its obvious that the 2nd Amendment is much more popular than ‘white nationalism.’ Over 20,000 showed up, I was there, 99.9 % of the crowd was white and basically traditional/ conservative. Sure, many of them were infected with some dose of liberalism, some I’m sure were cucks etc. But they were the tiny minority, some cameras zoomed in on them. Politics is about fashioning and refashioning coalitions. Unite the Right could have benefited from such, if 20,000 went to Charlottesville, antifa would not have counter demo-ed like they did. We have a lot of work to do if we are going to avoid a global white South African scenario, which is rushing towards us fast. First, let’s stop the childish ‘boomer’ meme. ‘ Dividing whites according to age is similar to dividing us by Slav vs. Nordic Vs Mediterranean. Or dividing us by class. That is the purpose of the Boomer meme, as it does not accurately reflect blame since every generation has its share of blame , its stupid and a Jew trick.

    • WRONG! You lose, as do all of you who think that the Richmond Shit Show was a “win”.
      Prepare to turn in your pricey range toys. It’s all over, time to find a new hobby.
      Maybe they’ll cut you a check for a couple hundred bucks…maybe not.
      In any case, amuse yourself with your new hobby, while waiting for the South Africa Scenario to unfold. Pathetic. Loser.

  32. What difference does this 2A LARPfest make while Trump and his kike son-in-law are letting 1M+ legal immigrants in per year and God knows how many illegals?

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