Leif Erikson Discovers America (999 AD)

We now know for certain that the Vikings reached North America in the Early Middle Ages and established at least one settlement in Newfoundland.

Where was Vinland though which was said to have been a land of wheat and grapes that was heavily populated by skraelings? It wasn’t Helluland (Baffin Island) or Markland (Labrador). It had to have been further south and was likely in New Brunswick.

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  1. In Newport, RI is a small, round tower of stone that was built by the Vikings around 1300. Most likely it was used as an observation post, as it is situated on the side of a hill overlooking the harbor. Interestingly, across the street from the tower park is where the US Naval Academy was located during the Civil War.

    • The Vikings could not have built that tower. The Viking era was over by 1066. However, it was probably built by Nordics who came later on. BTW, if any of the readers are ever in New Hampshire, visit America’s Stonehenge. It’s a temple built by Celtic people who were here in ancient times. Also, thoughout New England, there are many buildings of obvisious Celtic origin. StonehengeUSA.com is their website.

      • Have you heard of Dighton Rock? It’s located in SE Massachusetts, where the Taunton River becomes too narrow and shallow to be navigable any further inland. There’s all kinds of mysterious, indecipherable writing etched into the rock, possibly from Viking or Celtic explorers. New England was visited by many different groups of people long before the Pilgrims showed up. It’s all very Lovecraftian!

  2. Not only did the norsemen explore and settle on the east coast of Vinland, they explored and possibly settled the interior heartland of Vinland. Many generations later in the late 19th and early 20th century nationalists in the US and Canada used this to revive the idea of a Vinnic nation to unite Northern Euro-Americans as Southerners had in the mid 19th century. Statues were built, stories were written, which today they try to destroy and bury.
    Long live free Vinland! Long live free Dixie!

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