Ireland’s First Viking Age (800-875)

In this video, we recall how the Viking sea king Thorgest arrived in Ireland:

“In the year of 836, Thorgest, a notorious Viking pirate, boarded the stage of history. In Ireland, his name Thorgest was derived from the Gaelic. Thorgest led a large number of ships and landed in Ireland, they are even called the “Royal Fleet” in the Irish annals. Thorgest seemed to be heavily linked with the royal families in Scandinavia, and thus was elected as the leader of Vikings in Ireland.

In the year of 839, Thorgest personally led the attack on the shrine of Ireland, which was located in County Armagh of Northern Ireland. The monks and seminarists failed to escape were all slaughtered. The Viking pirates overturned altar, dug the tomb, cracked the Holy Box, poured the Saint’s remains on the ground and picked out the valuable. Besides, Thorgest also broke into the St Patrick’s Cathedral, worshipped Odin with the remains on the altar.

Thorgest’s atrocity made him the most hated person to Irish people. They regarded this Viking pirate as Satan’s disciple who was cruel and evil and showed no respect to the God, and therefore must be stopped at all costs. However, Thorgest was totally different from those Vikings they had ever met. He was not content with killing and looting, because he had a bigger plan and attempted to conquer and control the whole island. He also had the most favorable opportunity. The king of the Kingdom of Munster challenged the High King, leading to a chaos in Ireland. With the abundant materials he got in County Armagh, Thorgest advanced inland. …”

It was the Vikings who created the Kingdom of Dublin which for hundreds of years was the largest slave market in Western Europe.

Note: I wonder if Hrafna is descended from an Irish slave. It is highly likely. I’ve read that Norwegians have something like 10% to 20% British ancestry. The British have on average like 10% Scandinavian ancestry although it is unclear where that comes from.

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  1. HW! It’s cliche we hear about the Viking conquest of The British Isles, exploitation of Iceland, Green Land, and Vinland (North America).

    Did the Vikings occupy Modern day Finland, Northern western Russia, and make it to Istanbul?

    Heck, what was the culture impact on modern day the Baltic States, Kaliningrad, and Poland?

    The Vikings, Celts, and Slavic folks still can’t get along today!

    Red Ice Radio and gay black fags can fix the fiasco!

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