Catboy Kami vs. Richard Spencer

I apologize for inflicting this individual on your eyes.

As we approach the 2020 election, it saddens me to say that this is currently the debate going on in the remnants of what used to be the Alt-Right. In one corner, you have Nick Fuentes and his BFF Catboy Kami who believe in winning over the normies through good optics and American Nationalism. In the other corner, you have Richard Spencer and the wignats who hate America and Trump and who want to march through the streets and start the Boogaloo.

I’m joking of course.

Most of us want nothing to do with fed honeypots like The Base or the homosexuals and incel weirdos who have a bizarre hatred of women. Interesting way to frame the debate.

What do you think? How do you think the normies in your community would react to Catboy Kami? I’m fairly confident that they wouldn’t be impressed around here.

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  1. Thanks for the Guardian link – I’d skimmed it earlier, but now read the whole thing. Yes, it does appear that “The Base” was a blatant Fed job. But maybe that kind of thing is needed in order to thin out the suckers and liabilities. Whatever happens, true leadership is going to be needed in the future, and methinks the rash, reckless and imprudent are best weeded out before submitting their candidacies.

  2. Read the comments. Fuentes’ groypers are coping hard. They are rolling out every zoomer excuse in the book. Nick’s going to have an extremely difficult job trying to spin his catboi fiasco inside his optics and traditional catholic boundaries.

    Spencer was way too polite with that Australian butt hole surfer.

    • Spencer didn’t think it was even really him at first. Also there’s zero upside to seriously engaging with a clown this.

      When I lived in SF there was a simply rule when dealing with tranny prostitutes that hang out on Polk Street.


      It doesn’t matter if they talk shit to you, if you end up beating up the tranny you’ll still end up the loser to be seen in a fight with a tranny.

      I do wish spencer or somebody would call out the obvious. Loli only had 850 subs when nick hung out with him, even after his nick stream still only has 1200 subs. Who is red pilling? What normies is he winning over?

      I usually don’t care what someone sub count is but when you claim to have mass appeal, it becomes relevant

      It’s even funnier for Nick because he openly states hes all about the clout.

      He has refused to streams with people with 10-30k followers for not having enough clout to do a stream with Nick

      But an obscure unheard of cross dresser with 850 subs and nick does a 10 hour stream with them

  3. Serious people have lost interest in all of these clowns.

    Richard Spencer doesn’t even have the agency to publish a podcast or write on his websites anymore.

      • How do you youngsters DEAL with all this perversion? And know all the ‘terms’ and ‘buzz words’? The sheer multiplicity of weirdnesses and fetishes out there, is just retching.

        It’s akin/like trying to decipher the position and color of paisley hankies hanging from the back pockets of faggots in a gay bar, in the disco 1970’s……

        • lol that’s a great analogy

          I only know enough to know who to stay away from

          I’m not against anime in theory and I know there’s some good anime out there but everyone that’s *in* to anime are freaking weirdos that hide behind respectable animes like akira when really they’re probably into tenth/loli/catboys or some even more awful perverted niche fetish

          Zoomers don’t even know what normal is. Most are emotional stunted babies. Zoomers are one of the first generations to watch children cartoons into highschool. Highschool gen z kids were literally watching spongebob in highschool…

          Teenagers today are told extremely schizophrenic messages. On hand teenagers are told that they’re free to do drugs and sex but they’re also only kids. Gen X parents (the parents of zoomers) want to baby their kids and treat them as children until they’re in their mid 20’s but also encourage and/or excuse their child’s degeneracy

          That’s why people like nick refer to himself as a “kid.” Older millennials and gen x never would’ve thought of themselves as a kid at 20/21 years old. Older generations teenagers wanted to think of themselves as an adult.

          But gen x and millennials are also obsessed with youth and were held as “not those old racist white people” now as they age they’re doubling down on their cool. So they either outright encourage or simply excuse their kids drug usage while also babying them.

          The based zoomer meme is something I never bought

          • “I only know enough to know who to stay away from”

            ONLY. ????

            That’s a major principle of life.

            Wish I knew as much.

          • “The based zoomer meme is something I never bought”

            And with good reason—it’s statistically inaccurate. These “based zoomers” live in a bubble. Statistically, zoomers are everything that the “America First” crowd hates—anti-racist, pro-gay, pro-open borders, anti-religion, etc.

            Don’t try telling any of them this, though. Their behavior is extremely cult-like.

          • In my experience, the things you say about zoomers are also true of all but the oldest millennials who were born in the early 80’s, who many consider to be the tail end of gen X.

            “Older generations teenagers wanted to think of themselves as an adult.”

            That’s one of the core components of millennial identity. They love media directed at children much younger than them. I remember high school kids watching TV shows for 6-10 years olds, college “kids” reading Harry Potter, this creepy obsession with comic books, anime, toys etc. Then you have the tight yet poorly fitting and androgynous clothing, the lisping “Valley Girl” uptalk that most millennials males speak with etc.

            It’s opposite of how gen X youth were, we were always trying to look, act and be accepted as older by older people themselves.

            Young men in our movement need to experience pressure to look, dress and speak like a traditional man. Having a beard does not make you look masculine, everyone has a beard now and it has no significance at all. Have properly fitting clothing(not tight or stretchy or trendy), good posture, confident body langue and speak clearly with a masculine intonation(not sing song or gay sounding).

  4. Despite all these clown world theatrics millions of normal people are longing for a restoration of order and sanity. They are tired of liberal democracy, tolerance and diversity. All they need is a charismatic hero like Col. Lindbergh or Commander Rockwell to rally around. But where is that man?

    • The media is totally controlled by jews and if you step out of line they will crush you. We need an environment where dissenters can flourish first. Maybe if things get bad enough in a few years it’ll happen.

  5. Hate women… The problem IS women and if you try to point out the problem you get called an incel and accused of hate.
    Here is the problem, summed up by Dr Ed Dutton on how women change the institutions they colonize due to women having different values and predispositions than men.

    “The universities used to be about nurturing genius. You’d get these, who is it that is geniuses, who is it that solves these amazing problems, people who have outlier high IQ plus moderately anti-social personality. People like James Watson, those people will tend to do what they do because they are highly intelligent so they can really conceive of these difficult problems. They’re moderately low in conscientiousness so that means can sort of think outside the box so they’re not bound by rules traditions or conformity. They’re moderately low in agreeableness so they either don’t care that they offend people or they’re kinda autistic or a bit spergy and they couldn’t conceive that they would offend people even if they didn’t want to. New ideas will always offend so they don’t care about that so they come up with brilliant ideas. Now women are the opposite of that. Women are the exact opposite of that, they are the opposite of genius. Well, A because women don’t have outlier high IQ; the female IQ is bunched towards the mean. And B they tend to be higher in conscientiousness than men and higher in agreeableness than men, so you just DON’T GET many female geniuses. So when they take over university which is happening they will come across as the MUCH better candidate for the job than this kinda autistic wierdo who might if you leave him alone for ten years might come up with something brilliant. Who are you going to employ? Him or this girl who is positive, confident, outgoing… OBVIOUSLY you’re going to employ her. So it changes the whole nature of academia. So academia doesn’t become about the cut and thrust of debate and harsh disputation to get to the truth, it becomes about cooperating and being kind and creating a bureaucracy where you make incremental steps and publish every so often and this is A anathema to genius types and B very difficult for genius, because they are a bit autistic and will offend people so they get pushed out of uni. and this is happening. ” because of women in university they have changed the WHOLE CULTURE of university to make it where TRUTH is plays second fiddle to Cooperating and everyone feeling good and happy and getting along. whereas truth is amoral of course and doesn’t care…”

    “Female empowerment will make you less harsh to outsiders, more cooperative to outsiders, it will take the institutions of society which have adapted to and elivated the (masculine) martial values which help us survive and it will make those more feminin and kind and loving, and therefor it wont prepare people for the battle that is group selection.”

        • What happened to all the “good” homosexuals like Gore Vidal, Truman Capote and Paul Lynde? Now they are all hideous and hateful FREAKS.

    • yeah , i would agree with your point on how feminism has destroyed academia.
      Specifically the collegiate world.
      They belong as nurses, mothers and maybe as teachers to young children only.

      “Women are suited to being the nurses and teachers of our earliest childhood precisely because they themselves are childish, silly and short-sighted, in a word big children, their whole lives long…”

      -Arthur Schopenhauer

  6. Only a matter of time before Cat Boy Cami is reading to elementary children in the public school system. And that therein is New America!

  7. I’m starting to wonder if the Fuentes and cat boy stunt was a freemasonic or other death cult secret society initiation stunt for Fuentes to move up in degrees in these Kabbalist circles. It doesn’t make sense why a right wing Catholic would do that, it’s everything against the religion.

    • Are you kidding? Its trad to be a Catholic pervert. Just look at all the kiddy fiddler Catholic priests that have been caught over the years, and they were all protected by the highest ranking members of the Church so they could do it again and again. Jeffrey Epstein was a rank amateur compared to these people.

      • Fuentes comes off as a clean cut morally right good ole Catholic boy and this bizarre stunt is suspect. Why would he want to damage his reputation? His handlers probably wanted to humiliate him with the cat boy faggot stunt. Maybe Its all just a Babylonian majik mystery religion stunt from his handlers to let Fuentes know who’s really in charge. Unless Fuentes is just a full blown sodomite faggot revealing his true colors. Who knows?

  8. This is the toxic legacy of the 4chan troll culture infecting the alt-right. The alt-right was fully formed years before those kinds of people starting glomming into us. I was disappointed to see people from the old days using all these 4chan memes, let’s get away from that whole culture.

    • ATBOTL:

      Unfortunately, it was the Alt Right who explicitly courted 4chan troll culture and made an alliance with it. The way it developed was this:

      In the summer of 2015, right after Trump announced his campaign to the world on June 16, there was a rejuvenation of spirits within the Alt Right. We were content to sit back and watch the boring, irrelevant spectacle of an election between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. Trump changed all that. We falsely convinced ourselves that he was “Our Guy” because all the regular Whites we’ve been trying to win over for decades were immediately enthralled with him.

      So then, in late July and early August of 2015, the Alt Right, led by Richard Spencer, launched a massively successful campaign on twitter in which we called all of our political enemies on the right “Cuckservatives,” named after an obscure twitter account that had been around for a year at the time. Long story short, the “cuckservative” twitter campaign went viral, and it was the intitial snowball that descended down the hill that became the avalanche of meme culture that introduced the Alt Right to the nation. By September 2015, Youtube channels like “Uncuck the Right” and “Shiksa Goddess” were making pop culture parodies. Shortly after that, household names like Millenial Woes burst onto the scene. It was a veritable eco-system by the end of 2015, and the media noticed it.

      Long story short, we made the huge mistake of thinking that 4chan culture was a good way to look “hip” and “cool” amoung the youngins, especially since some of us – myself included – were in that age group anyway and had experience with that culture. Bad move. We became too bold, created our own echo chamber, vastly overestimated our own influence and likability, and the result was marching to Charlottesville, where we were set up from the start.

      In hindsight, we never should have marched on Charlottesville. I do not believe we would have experienced deplatforming if we hadn’t poked the bear and kept our mouths shut on social media with all the trolling campaigns. We kicked a giant hornets nest and got stung. Now, we’re licking our wounds.

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