Coronavirus Death Toll Rises In China

I don’t consider Occidental Dissent a racist blog.

Last year, I predicted that China would surpass the United States in the 2020s. If I was truly a racist, I would have dismissed the possibility of that ever happening with, say, a crude joke about Chinese restaurants. Can a people who eat filthy bats ever lead the world?

New York Post:

“She doesn’t give a flying fox.

revolting viral video has emerged online of a Chinese woman gobbling a bat, which “play a critical role” in transmitting the deadly coronavirus that recently surfaced in the US. A second video features an alleged bowl of bat soup.

The first gag-inducing clip features an unidentified woman at an undisclosed restaurant in the Wuhan province clutching what appears to be a fruit bat with chopsticks while nibbling its wing like chicken.

A man can be heard in the background saying in Chinese, “Eat the meat! [Don’t] eat the skin” and “[You] should eat the meat on its back.” …”

The Washington Post:

“BEIJING — A second case of coronavirus was confirmed Friday in the United States, as China’s efforts to control its outbreak expanded on many fronts. Travel bans were extended in central China to put tens of millions of people effectively on local lockdowns. In Wuhan, where the virus was first detected, workers are racing to build a 1,000-bed hospital to treat victims of the disease.

Authorities around China, including in the capital, Beijing, have canceled the temple fairs and festivals that accompany the Spring Festival to avoid having large public gatherings where the airborne virus could spread.

There are more than 830 confirmed cases of infection, and at least 26 people have died. A total of 8,420 people are reported to be under observation. …”

Your daily reminder that racial stereotypes are based on a grain of truth.

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  1. At least all St. Peter was commanded to eat were four-footed animals that don’t chew the cud, once the Deuteronomic code was relaxed in the book of Acts. Think Pork….

    And this is just one more reason to not consider Asians to be the “Adam” of God’s creation- along with Negroids, Amerindians, etc. Foul food practices.

    “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.”
    Adam and Christ…. were White.

    “Harris proceeds: “The most important theological usage is found in the fourth category. Commencing with Gen. 3:15, the word ‘seed’ is regularly used as a collective noun in the singular (never plural). This technical term is an important aspect of the promise doctrine, for Hebrew never uses the plural of this root to refer to ‘posterity’ or ‘offspring’. The Aramaic targums pluralize the term occasionally, e. g. the Targum of Gen. 4:10, but the Aramaic also limits itself to the singular in the passages dealing with the promised line. Thus the word designates the whole line of descendants as a unit, yet it is deliberately flexible enough to denote either one person who epitomizes the whole group (i.e. the man of promise and ultimately Christ), or the many persons in that whole line of natural and/or spiritual descendants”.”

    • All of these obscure, esoteric observations are lost on the vast majority of believers, many of whom are poorly educated and functionally illiterate.

  2. Sum ting wong wit eating bat. Asian superhero bat woman above likes it apparently. Maybe she gets flying superpowers after eating it?

  3. Ever hear of ” dead baby soup” ?

    Do you want me to explain what Chinese do with aborted fetuses and miscarriages ?

        • True. I was only pointing out their rustic traditional cuisine is nasty af.

          Eating babies is beyond the pale. Not even sure if the headhunter of Borneo would eat the flesh of fetuses.

          • Don’t project your White ethics onto others.

            Remember general Joshua Milton Blahyi of Liberia ?
            Before battle, he and his commanders would drain all the blood of a living toddler and drink it, to give them victory in combat.

          • Arian,

            I never heard about the Liberian warlords drinking the all the blood from a toddler, until he or she died. As disgusting and subhuman as that practice certainly is, it’s not a surprise that the jungle bunnies believe in that kind of superstitious ritual.

            During the World Cup eight or so years ago, Cameroon brought a witch doctor with them.

            In South Africa, blacks were raping virgins because they thought that was the cure for HIV/AIDS. Black healthcare workers in SA couldn’t convince them otherwise. IQ of ~70 in action.

  4. The Chinese have a long tradtion of raising pigs and ducks together.
    This is very dangerous, because avian virii can mutate and vector to a mammal (pig), then on to humans.
    Combine the above with the notorius filth of Chinese ‘wet’ markets and it’s a good incubator for pandemics.

  5. Just reminding ya’ll, the world population will collapse when White civilization is overrun, because there will be not be enough inventive Whites left to find cures for asian and black made pandemics.

    I laugh when Asians talk about their traditons when it comes to food, when they have only one rule when it comes to what they will eat or not eat: If it swims, walks, flies, or grows.

    • “Just reminding ya’ll, the world population will collapse when White civilization is overrun, ”

      Ha ! You’re deluding yourself .
      They will breed at such a rate to replace all the deaths of misery and high mortality.

      ( in one sense you’re right, they will breed to the limits of their food supply and more. The only thing that will limit their population will be crop yields.)

      • Ha! You don’t know anything.

        They exist in vast numbers because Whitey invented the tech that feeds them, sends them food aid, bails them out when their countries go broke, and controls their Ebola and AIDs plagues.

        If Whitey went John Galt tomorrow, the blacks would starve to death in six months. The Chinese would last untill the oil runs out, because without Whitey to copy, they will not discover a new energy source to replace it.

        Asians have high IQ, but they don’t break new ground. They are good at refining what already exists, but they can’t think outside the box. Creativity is a White talent.

      • I did not respond to your bracketed comment, just the joking one.

        “(in one sense you’re right, they will breed to the limits of their food supply and more. The only thing that will limit their population will be crop yields.)”

        I am right about absolutely everything! 🙂

        If Africa, Whites grow their food too. When they kicked Whites out of Zimbawe, their crop yields failed and their economy collapsed. Then White countries saved them from starvation again, by sending them food aid.

        So who will save the third world from starvation, when White countries no longer exist? The answer is no one will, and so the world will empty out.

        Asia will take a little longer as I mentioned above. Either lack of new fuels or plagues will kill most of them off.

    • What the chink girl doesn’t mention in her tweet is that the Far East has been the source of many pandemics over the centuries, as well as the location where countless millions have starved to death. Those Orientals will eat anything, even each other, without giving the matter a second thought.

      • spahnranch1969,

        I believe I read that the Black Plague of the 14th century began in China.

        I just listened to as much of Ramseypaul’s video on the issue that I could stomach. . I found it disappointing and weak. The Chinese girl compared chicken nugget eating to Bat eating and Ramsey was on board with that.

  6. The Dragon, ( Satan, ) is their national symbol. As far as this fake planned ‘virus,’ ( that the deep state planners took right out of Stephen Kings “the Stand,” ) it’s most likely either a distraction OR a brazen move to kill most of us with the “vaccine.”

    Pray. Stay healthy. Don’t be distracted. Don’t fall for it.

    • @ Wavell

      Thanks for the links. I’d missed that episode.
      Pierce was always a wellspring of information and good sense. TY.

  7. We are overdue for a global pandemic that kills millions. The last one occurred one hundred years ago.

    Back in 2009, there was panic about the swine flu. That outbreak was all hype with little morbidity and mortality. I do recall that the USA had very low supplies of the vaccination though. Eleven years later, are we better prepared?

    Unlike the filovirus Ebola, corona virus is spreading by respiratory transmission. Corona virus doesn’t have the same lethality of Ebola, but it will infect more people who will die from it.

    In as little as 12 1/2 hours, someone with the corona virus could travel from Beijing to Washington D.C.

    • I’m no epidemiologist but I suspect the “Spanish flu” outbreak of 1918-1920 was a return in mutated form of the same old plague which devastated the Mediterranean world in late antiquity, as well as Europe during the 14th and 17th Centuries. So yes, I think it’s merely a question of time before another pandemic appears for which hundreds of millions will have no defense. A culling of the herd is definitely long overdue.

      • Because of bourgeoning POC population growth, third worlders are pushing into regions of jungles and rain forests that were never inhabited. It is in these remote locations that they come into contact with unknown pathogenic organisms that find a new host. To compound this problem, we have the neo-liberals erasing borders in the West and encouraging migrants from these areas to come to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

        When the “Spanish Flu” global pandemic broke out, it could only spread at the speed of a passenger liner. Today such a contagion could be anywhere in the world in 24 hours.

  8. The Chinese have a long history of mass starvations.
    As a consequence they have learned to eat anything and everything that provides ANY food value.

  9. If it has 4 legs and is not a chair, if it has wings and is not airplane ornswims and is not a submarine…the Cantonese will eat it!

  10. I’m a little suspicious of those videos. Many years ago there was a picture doing the rounds on all the “racist” blogs of a Chinese man eating what appeared to be a cooked fetus or newborn baby. It turns out it was just some performance artist trying to do some attention-seeking stunt, but it was promoted as gospel and even fooled leading figures in the movement like William Pierce. The sad truth that many of us do not wish to acknowledge is that Chinese society is currently more civilized than the West. They even have a policy of shamming people who go shopping in their pajamas, don’t hold your breath waiting for Walmart to bring in such a policy.

    As for the virus, swine flu, bird flu, horse flu… I’ve seen it all before. Guaranteed nobody under 85 dies from this non-problem. Just the media in cahoots with vaccine manufactures creating another phony “crisis”.

    • Any society or culture that kills/eats dogs or cats is a culture or society that white Europeans should have nothing to do with. Dogs and cats are honorary Europeans and have much more intelligence than the various forms of mud/yellow people around the globe. Also primates fall into this category which is why I strongly disagree when some compare niggers to Apes. Gorillas, Orangutans, Chimpanzees, Baboons, ect are majestic creatures that are able to care for themselves and are peaceful unless provoked. Niggers on the other hand are violent, not capable of caring for themselves, and are a burden on society.

      • CROAT0517,

        One of your best comments ever. I wholeheartedly agree with your words and sentiment.

        All the animals that you mentioned (sans jungles bunnies) are sentient beings capable on the emotional spectrum of grief, love, and happiness to name a few. They also have demonstrated altruism. In the case of dogs, they will literally die protecting their beloved human(s) without hesitation. There are of videos of dogs pulling another dog to safety at risk to themselves. In the case of chimpanzees, they mourn the death of one of their troop members in an almost human display. Elephants when expelled by “humans” will carry the bones of their ancestors to another burial ground. Dolphins and whale mothers will not abandon their still born pups, and their pods will stay with them to care for them through this crisis.

        “Mankind’s in humanity to man is only exceeded by his cruelty to animals.” – Dr. Albert Schweitzer

        “Animals gifted mankind with emotions. Mankind gifted itself with cruelty.” – Unknown

        • @November I agree with your statement as well. In a sane society populated and run by White Europeans cases of animal abuse would be taken seriously. Neglecting an animal dependent on you would lead to hefty fines and prison time while the torture or killing(not talking about lawful hunting of animals like deer, hogs, coyotes, ducks, turkey, ect) of an animal would be punished by caning followed by execution. The same punishment would be applied to rapists, murderers, child molesters, drug traffickers, ect.

    • Ricky Vaughn,

      I do not buy your explanation. The father of one of my friends travels to China on business and he mentioned that yes they really do eat fetuses. He even took part in such a disgusting meal. He is a businessman with no scruples.

      He works for a well known pharmaceutical company.

      • Cristina,

        Did your friend’s father say whether the fetuses they consumed were human? Not that consuming any fetus isn’t revolting to the maximum.

        In a similar vein, isn’t it so that some extremely vain women use the placenta of humans and other animals on their faces to “inhibit ” the aging of their skin? They believe they found the “fountain of youth” in the afterbirth.

        • November,

          Yes. They were human otherwise I would only have been normally disgusted instead of outraged. It is a business there. He said he first went to China in the 1990’s and began eating them then.

          He did not seem ashamed in the slightest. Yes, he is an American. I did not say a word, I just listened. Adults tell me all I need to know when you are a girl and you listen.

          The company name begins with an A.

        • Cristina,

          Thank you for your reply.

          I’ve done some investigation (not for the faint of heart) into human fetus soup, and lo and behold, sure enough the slopes eat in for alleged increased sexual performance. I figured that some bs Chinese folk medicine claim was behind child cannibalism.

          I was aware that the Chinese are the most responsible for the illegal black market trade of ivory (probably in addition to minerals, precious metals, and rare earths that’s another reason they’re so heavily invested in subsaharan Africa). Their desire for ivory for their traditional Chinese medicines play a major role in elephants and rhinoceros’ populations plummeting to vulnerable and extremely critical levels. Of course, black African population explosion has deprived these species of habitat and resources too.

          Repellent behaviors like these and a lot more makes me wish that the Order of the Twelve Monkeys wasn’t fictional.

  11. This is part of the Jew war on China and the Chinese people. The Jews are at war with human kind. Anyone who has a mind of their own and wishes to act in their own best interest instead of doing as the Jew demand is an enemy of the Jews. These people, these Jews are a very very sick people as are anyone and everyone who defends them.

  12. Boomer X,

    A further hint on the company. They have a major headquarters in Texas and they make eye wear also.

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