Donald Trump Addresses The March for Life

Was the Virginia gun rights rally a huge victory for mainstream conservatism?

The NRA is based in Virginia where Democrats now control all three branches of the state government for the first time in 30 years. Conservatives did nothing to slash the growth of “big government” in the Beltway or to curtail legal and illegal immigration. They did nothing to preserve the family or marriage either. More than any other factor, it is single, college educated, brainwashed suburban White women who have killed the GOP in the state.

The New York Times, The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times have all crowed about how Democrats conquered Virginia through changing its demographics. In response, the Republican minority in the Virginia state legislature railed against white supremacist garbage before the big gun rally in Richmond. It was ignored by the Democrats who have since killed several gun rights bills and pushed the red flag law through the state senate.

I was reminded of this while watching the March for Life spectacle below. This is the 47th annual March for Life. Two years ago, I wrote an article about the 2018 March for Life in which I said that I would be willing to bet a million dollars that Roe v. Wade would still stand in 2020. Every year tens of thousands of conservatives rally in Washington against abortion and nothing ever happens even though the GOP has controlled the presidency for 32 out of the last 52 years, the Senate for 15 of the last 25 years, the House for 20 of the last 25 years and have appointed 15 of the last 19 Supreme Court justices. Contrast the inaction on abortion with the speed with which the Democrats moved on gun control in Virginia or how they pushed both sodomy and gay marriage through the Republican-controlled Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas and Obergefell v. Hodges. Even after losing the White House, Senate and House of Representatives in the 2016 election, the Democrats still managed to score a big victory on criminal justice reform.

This is the first time in 47 years that a Republican president has ever personally been present to address the March for Life and give lip service to their cause. After half a century, their ideas are making headway and there is a pro-life majority on the Supreme Court. I’m confident that one day very soon we all wake up to the news that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have paid off for the pro-life movement and that the Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade.

Note: Now that the demographics of Virginia have changed, Democrats are working on transforming the state into an abortion safe haven.

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  1. Let us not forget Trump is just an actor just throwing used bones at his base. Rode vs. Wade will never be overturned while jews remain in power.

    What really has me concerned is his ‘entitlement’ reformation. It should be a concern to everybody who paid into the system all these years and be left out in the cold when retirement age comes around.

    • PLEASE: Who mentioned the book, ‘At our Wit’s End’ by Edward Dutton, and linked some reviews/interviews here on OD? I wanted to learn more….

  2. The best stand up comedy line is white conservatives saying blacks will vote in droves for Republicans….one day. Then the usual black vote of 4 to 8 percent drops like a hammer every year…But I have a dream that one day!!

  3. silly white cosmics attempting

    to stop the abortion of niglets.

    until the Jew/Black problem gets resolved,

    abortion is on balance a good thing. Without it,

    there’d be a 50,000,000+ more niggers sitting on our necks.

    • The older I get and the more untermensch scum (unfortunately – including much White Trash) I encounter in everyday life the less I find myself opposed to abortion.

      • Yes, abort all the white trash goyim! They are untermensch scum unlike the superior Jewish race! Only jewish billionaire lives matter not the white trash untermenschen! Oy vey!

    • Think of all the white people who weren’t raped, robbed or murdered because the nigglets who would’ve committed those crimes were aborted! The colored women who get abortions deserve our thanks, not our scorn.

  4. Abortion will forever be legal in the American Empire. Democrats love the thought of Abortion. However Republicans have done nothing about it for Years. Christians have been brainwashed about Republicans for Years. The Republicans are the party of the Necons and Right Wing Libertarians who get rich polluting the environment. Christian Conservatives have zero representation in the Republican Party. Trump is an open supporter of Gay Marriage! How much more socially liberal can sonebody get? Deo Vindice !

  5. Blompf is ratcheting up the (((war machine))). He wants to make the world safe for sodomy. He’s looking to unravel the safety nets the poor and vulnerable depend on. Those aren’t the actions of someone that gives a damn about the lives of others.

    • Conservatism is a profoundly anti-life philosophy. At the heart of it is the notion that the only lives that matter are bosses, billionaires and Jews. The lives of workers, poor people, Muslims, Palestinians are completely expendable. The only thing that matters is profit, and your life only matters if you are considered “productive” in terms of the kike capitalist system. If you are forced into low wage slavery or unemployment by social conditions you are considered an expendable “parasite” and your life doesn’t matter.

      Conservative leaders are ALL secretly pro-abortion because it goes along perfectly with their anti-life, anti-socialism philosophy. This “pro-life” crap is a lie, intended to keep evangelical retards voting Republican. In Europe where evangelicals aren’t a thing the conservatives are openly pro-choice.

  6. No more Constitution, no more Supreme Court, no more Third Bank of the United States and no more representative democracy. It all has to be put in a shoebox and buried in the backyard.

  7. I said it before, I’ll say it again. A. Anglin called it out 110% correct, when he wrote on Monday’s 1/19/20 ‘March’-

    “What we are dealing with at this rally however is people who will not protest transsexual story time at the library. They won’t protest that – just like they won’t protest against the destruction of the white race – because they have no clear conception of anything which is sacred and thus in need of defending. Protecting. Conserving.
    Their souls are as ravaged by modernity as their repulsive fat bodies.
    So they have fetishized guns, to replace a belief in something sacred.”

    Unless and until J-Left people fall down as ‘collateral damage’ from a revolution instigated by the Masses, (whoever those people are) NOTHING is going to change. Because the J-Left controls the entire discourse, they don’t CARE what we Founding Stock Americans think, believe. The stakes are not high enough for either side, yet, to ‘effect change.’

  8. I’m just wondering how many abortions Trump has had to pay for after screwing around with beauty pageant contestants, secretaries, mistresses, cocktail waitresses, Playboy bunnies, etc?

    • Just goes to show you what a true moron trump is. What wealthy man in their right mind goes “bareback” with floozies? Drumpf should take a page out if Elvis’ book and only get “Lewinskys” from thots.

      • What man wealthy or otherwise would go raw dog in today’s world of dumb sluts who think nothing of bedding negroids and other orcs

    • Think of the STDs!

      Trump said, “The secret of a good marriage is separate bedrooms.”, because his wife won’t sleep in the same room with him.

  9. I don’t know where to post this, but on the Amazon site, in a review for ANOTHER book of Edward Dutton’s [Churchill’s Headmaster] I read this astounding comment. It bears a great deal of serious introspection from the believers on this site, why we are the way we are, in the Anglo West… and why revolutionary groups devoid of faith (one thinks of Czarist Russia and the Jewish Bolsheviks- 100 Million dead) should be put down, immediately:

    “Dutton describes virtue signaling in the Victorian age. The nonconformist religious sects – Unitarians, evangelical Christians and the like – embraced prison reform and other such issues of the day in order to signal their virtue. Of course, corporal punishment was on their agenda. More significantly, so was the end of colonialism and the assumption that every member of the human species was equal in ability and rights. This was the beginning of the undoing of the British Empire, and the multiculturalism movement that has so incapacitated Great Britain in the decades since World War II.” –

    One of the reasons a unified Church (i.e., a State Church) in ‘Symphony’ with the ruling class (i,e, Monarchy) can control elements of subversion, and false piety- unlike the morass of America, today…

  10. The republican party is not interested in outlawing abortion because too many of their mistresses get them. Any tangential interest in more babies (of all races) born is to ensure a steady supply of poor/middle class replacement workers for their 1% donors (their REAL base). As the middle & poor die off due to poor nutrition, lack of healthcare, filthy water and air & gun violence, we’ve got to keep these companies flush with slave wage workers.

  11. The Roe vs. Wade Decision was one of the worst things to happen for Whites as a whole. One of the many factors of why the Democrat Party became divorced from Labor, was the exodus of White Ethnic Catholics from the Midwest/North East and White Southern Protestants. These two groups would be put into the Republican Reservation, and get nothing in return but a vague promise of “Saving Babies”. The Termites and The WASPs couldn’t believe they got away with doing it.

  12. Statistics show Whites get more abortions than Non- Whites.

    Non-Whites breed like rabbits for welfare benefits.

    The abortion movement scam was aimed at Ethnic-Europeans not to have many children and over populate the planet for environmental reasons.

    Now that Ethnic-Europeans are becoming a minority in America they will overturn Roe since it did its job in helping make European Americans a minority in their own country.

    Ethnic- Europeans, the real endangered species. Where are the environmentalists???

  13. I have no love for the evangelicals, but watching life-long pro-choicer Trump cynically pretend to have a miraculous Paul-like conversion and become pro-life to manipulate them makes me sick.

  14. The pro-life crowd, like the pro-gun crowd, make up a good part of Trump’s and the Republican party’s constituency. GOP hasn’t stopped a single abortion or halted the gun grabbers one inch but you’ll never convince these folks of that. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  15. This is, of course, just more Republican election-year pandering to the single-issue pro-life crowd. These people are even less likely to see abortion proscribed than those who want to stop illegal immigration will see the Wall.

    I see Trump as the “Israel President.” Serving Israel is his main focus.

  16. I kind of sympathize with the pro-life cause but then I sort of think the best thing you can do is cut down on poverty. I’m not sure punitive measures would be effective unless we created a police state. Just like I don’t want police officers watching every driver because a few are drunk.

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