Coronavirus and Identity

A panicked opinion:

A contrary opinion:


Who knows?

When I first heard about this coronavirus outbreak in China, I dismissed it because we have had so many of these scares over the years. Could it be different this time?

I see a lot of people downplaying this by comparing it to how many people die of the flu every year. The difference here is that humans have no immunity to this virus which jumped from bats to humans via the filth of a Chinese wet market in October or November.

Note: This particular coronavirus didn’t come from bat soup. It jumped from bats to humans via a third species.

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  1. Before condemning the Chinese for eating bats, dogs, etc., our inhuman “elites” have some pretty sick delicacies themselves. Whether it’s served on a silver platter or not does not diminish its revolting nature. Ortolans may be a tier or two above bats but I still wouldn’t f*cking eat one.

    And the ortolan “ritual” sneakingly referenced at the Golden Globes:

    From Hollywood to European rulers, the ritual exposes some very sick participants.

    • @Snowhitey The Chinese are shitbags. Anyone who kills/eats dogs and cats are a group white Europeans should have nothing to do with.

      • I know the Chinese are horrible with their treatment of animals. They often show no conscience even with fellow Chinese. But, my point is that we need to be as just as outraged with our own who violate our beliefs. But, we often don’t even know what’s really going on.

        • Snowwhitey, you are absolutely correct. The Chinese are a different sort – I do not understand their culture whatsoever especially as it relates to their inhumanity towards animals that we have domesticated as pets/family members. At the same time, we are in no position to judge because our cruelty to animals that other cultures consider sacred is judged the same way. Hunting for Trophies was unheard of. Not to mention the garbage Frankenfood we poison our people with every day, from fast food to snacks to even the pesticide laden, cross-pollinated & mixed breed vegetables that we feed ourselves, and worse – our children. “Judge not, that ye be not judged” Matthew 7:1-3

    • Snowhitey,

      It is not so much what other races eat as it is if it is likely to develop into sickness and plague that threaten other societies.

      • Christina,

        I see far too many recalls with our food production. In my youth, it was so rare it practically didn’t occur. You could eat rare meat and there wasn’t a concern. Of course my parents also only bought their meat from two German brothers who owned a local butcher. Supermarket meat was not allowed in our house!

    • Snowhitey,

      Have you ever seen the film “The Freshman?” Well, the story revolves around a cabal of wealthy people coming together to eat either the last of a species or one of less than ten remaining for 20K a plate. It’s a dark comedy.

      Here’s the scene where the filthy (in more than one way) rich are shown their ‘delicacy,’ before the chef prepares it.

      It’s not difficult to imagine Saudi princes being given White teenage female virgins to defile in a sexual manner. Like a sexual auction.

      • No, never saw it but watched your link. At least it was a multicultural feast.

        No, it isn’t difficult to imagine but I suspect that the Saudis wouldn’t necessarily be alone.

  2. If you’re concerned about catching something there’s yet no vaccine , stock up on viruskillers like iodine, colloidal silver, selenium, etc. I’m not an Alex Jones fan, but his Survival Shield X-3 (the two ingestible forms of iodine plus a nascent form) is awesome, and his Silver Bullet colloidal formula’s pretty good, too. He often has specials on his supplements.

  3. Ed here smells a rat! The ol’ global virus pandemic in the Orient psyop! SARS, Ebola, now the big, bad Coronavirus! Yaaaawwwn! These virus psyops reveal just how dangerous the media is because they SET THE NARRATIVE and the rest of the sheep follow Many like Jon Rappoport have been trying to educate the public about the whole HIV/AIDS scam for years; here:

    More on HIV/AIDS scam here:

    Here is Rappoport addressing is current Coronavirus:

    Ed at Outer Light always does excellent work here:

    • Much of Africa and the Mideast depend upon supply chains literally for their daily bread, they are huge food importers. This is also true of many other things besides food. An interruption in these long supply chains will lead to havoc in these countries.

      We’re not there yet but if this virus mutates to a more lethal form and continues to spread it’s back to the dark ages for these shit hole countries and shit hole cities in the U.S. (Baltimore, Detroit etc.)

      • The Chinese have screwed up their ecosystems to the extent that they have to individually pollinate fruit and nut trees by using a small fine bristled paintbrush while on top of a ladder. The natural pollinators (bees and birds) have gone extinct due to habitat loss and chemical pollution.

        Drumpf with his deregulation of the EPA and department of the interior will put us on the same trajectory as China.

  4. My brothers and sisters love watching Zombie movies. This is unraveling like one except the dead are not coming back.

    • And, people better have a good supply of food and bottled water. At all times. Otherwise, your risk of infection with any outbreak could jump 100%. And, if it’s dehydrated food, you’ll need additional water to re-hydrate it.

      I’d rather be prepared and wrong than unprepared and wrong.

      • Snowhitey,

        Good advice. We always have a lot of sacks of beans, rice etc. just for normal eating. Except for our country houses we have swimming pools for water. Just boil it. My grandmother has a portable water filter she has owned for years. She went through the great depression and never trusts people, government, or situations.

        She believes people and reality are usually worse than they appear.

      • This. If you have not learned the art of canning, watch a video and start now. It’s never too late until it’s too late.

    • Depends on the animal and the contagion.

      TB transmits from pigs to humans very easily. Feral spanish pigs killed much of the American Indian population by TB transmission.

      • lol, oy vey….but we all know if it did spread to the muthafuckalanz the ZOG governments of the west would run right to their aid and bend over backwards for these simian rape apes to continue breeding uncontrollably and populating our world further with more and more useless wogs

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