Inside China’s Filthy Wet Markets

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UPDATE: Is it racist to criticize these people? If so, why?

Who knows if this is real? I keep seeing these videos about the government covering up the scale of the disease. If the videos coming out of Wuhan are even partially true, the right thing to do is to criticize China until it bans the sale of these wild animals at wet markets.

UPDATE: This blog is generally pro-China but we reserve the right to tell the truth and make fun of anyone including the Chinese who eat dogs and bats and who keep breeding deadly viruses at these filthy wet markets. If a bunch of hillbillies in Arkansas had started a global pandemic by eating a possum, we would never hear the end of it.

No one is dying from global viral pandemics in Germany from eating sausage, Scotland from haggis or France from cheese though.

Imagine what it must be like to wake up one day and find yourself and your family locked down in this f***ed situation. The SARS virus was deadlier, but the Wuhan coronavirus is 1.) spreading much faster and 2.) is gestating longer which is why people who don’t appear to have any symptoms are just dropping in public places.

UPDATE: It looks like this coronavirus was transmitted to humans from bats through snakes.


UPDATE: This was so predictable that there was even a 2011 movie about it.

UPDATE: They won’t stop!

UPDATE: Trump’s fault?

UPDATE: Is this nurse telling the truth?

The Wuhan coronavirus genome has been sequenced. It jumped from bats to humans through a third incubator species likely at the Wuhan wet market last November. This isn’t the first coronavirus outbreak in China. SARS originated in bats in China in 2002. Ignore the conspiracy theorists on the internet who are suggesting that it is a biological weapon.

Stat News:

“The progenitor virus itself was almost certainly one that circulates harmlessly in bats (as SARS does) but has an “intermediate reservoir” in one or more animals that come into contact with people, Andersen said. Presumably, that reservoir is one of the species of animals at the Wuhan market thought to be ground zero for the outbreak. The ancestor of 2019-nCoV existed in that species for some unknown time, never infecting people, until by chance a single virus acquired a mutation that made it capable of jumping into and infecting humans.

The genome sequences suggest that was a one-time-only jump. “The genomes [from the 24 samples] are very uniform,” Andersen said. “If there had been multiple introductions,” including from many different animals, “there would be more genomic diversity. This was a single introduction.” …

Unfortunately, genetic analysis can’t identify what animal species the coronavirus jumped from into humans. But an analysis by a team from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, posted to the preprint server bioRxiv, determined that the genome of this coronavirus (the seventh known to infect humans) is 96% identical to that of a bat coronavirus, suggesting that species is the original source. (Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine on Friday, another team of scientists in China reported that the new coronavirus is 86.9% identical to the bat SARS-like coronavirus.) …”

Chinese wet markets have always been incubators of these diseases. Specifically, this is the second coming of SARS. Apparently, nothing was learned from that episode.

New York Post:

“You can usually smell the markets before you see them.

Especially if you’re downwind.

It’s a sickly, almost sweet and nauseating smell of death. Once inside, the fetid stench — made worse by blistering temperatures and zero refrigeration — is overwhelming, and it is places like this where the deadly coronavirus originated.

In stall after stall, a mix of live and dead animals, which run the gamut from the known (pig, ox, duck, chicken) to the rare or unknown due to the condition of the carcass — stare back at you. In the wet areas of the market — usually reserved for fish and sea creatures and where the ground is slick with water and often blood — the stink is worse. The animals that have not yet been dispatched by the butcher’s knife make desperate bids to escape by climbing on top of each other and flopping or jumping out of their containers (to no avail). At least in the wet areas, the animals don’t make a sound. The screams from mammals and fowl are unbearable and heartbreaking.

These unregulated and usually filthy markets are found all over Asia and Africa. …

A few years ago, a Chinese friend of a friend, Jon Hsia, went with me on a tour of the real Chinatown in Queens and quipped, “Listen, in China, anything with four legs but a table, and anything with two legs and not a person — we’ll eat it.” “

For once, wypipo aren’t to blame.

BTW, Ebola in Africa also originated in bats shitting all over persimmons which was consumed by gorillas and chimps and was transmitted to humans by Africans eating bushmeat at a wet market. Third World eating habits and sanitation practices are the cause of these epidemics.

New York Times:

“LANGFANG, China — The typical market in China has fruits and vegetables, butchered beef, pork and lamb, whole plucked chickens — with heads and beaks attached — and live crabs and fish, spewing water out of churning tanks. Some sell more unusual fare, including live snakes, turtles and cicadas, guinea pigs, bamboo rats, badgers, hedgehogs, otters, palm civets, even wolf cubs.

The markets are fixtures in scores of Chinese cities, and now, for at least the second time in two decades, they are the source of an epidemic that has spread fear, taxed the Communist Party bureaucracy and exposed the epidemiological risks that can spawn in places where humans and wildlife converge. …”

Can we joke about Chinese restaurants now or must we continue to pretend that all cultures are exactly the same? The jokes are based on the grain of truth that Chinese people really do eat weird shit like bats, dogs and guinea pigs. It is absurd to deny this.

Note: Muslims and Hindus feel the same way about Europeans who eat pork and beef. White Americans also eat pork and chicken from animals which are raised in filthy and crowded conditions. A major difference is that these species are at least kept separate in the United States. It is the mixture of species at these filthy wet markets that is the problem.

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    • My dad told me this evening that some of the local farmers around here have told him that Mexicans in the area are trapping raccoons and armadillos to earn money on the side which they sell to the Chinese restaurants.

        • Let’s hope the Mexicans catching these raccoons and armadillos for a quick buck are not the ones who were crapping in the lettuce when Taco Smell, er, Bell, had its infamous sickness spreading from its food. Cinco de Crappo everyone!

      • Mr. Wallace,

        In certain parts of Mexico armadillos are regularly eaten. They are a substitute for pork in general. Sometimes they are raised in armadillo farms.

        I have never eaten one myself.

          • November,

            Sounds repulsive of course. I have never heard of Mexicans getting leprosy from armadillos. I am not interested in eating armadillos. I think the normal, beef, chicken, lamb, goat, and pork is enough. I ate venison once. I thought it was tasty.

          • Cristina,

            I stopped eating venison, after chronic wasting disease (CWD) was found in white tail deer in my region.

            It appears that the earth’s fauna are fighting back.

          • November,

            So now even deer is tainted? The Earth is becoming like a Science fiction movie or Apocalyptic.

            Mexico, California, and Texas all have the white tailed deer I think. My father and uncles once said the deer in the Southwest are scrawny compared to up north. I guess there are different types of deer in the northern USA.

          • November,

            That deer knows how to fight. Not interested in a victory he wanted complete devastation of his human enemy. It was kicking him when down.

          • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

            Well, I prowl or lurk around here because this is a far more interesting news site than Yahoo. Yahoo News might as well be called Pravda. I also can bite back on here when I disagree or give my approval when I agree. A person can not really debate teachers or parents.

            I hope you are not going to conduct your own Inquisition on me. I went through that a lot this past summer and fall from many people.

            Surely, some of the things I say you must agree with.

          • Flaxen,

            When you said “I am”. Did you mean you are on my side or you were perplexed why I am here?

    • The only Asian food I have tried in the West that I liked is Thai. Chinese is gross. Japanese is bland. Korean is just burnt flesh.

      • Japanese food bland? I’d say salty always some variation of noodles rice and seafood is your basic japanese meal, not sure where you ate Korean food but if it tasted like burnt flesh maybe you were eating soylent green…

  1. White ppl are stupid.
    They don’t realize the very high value of their genetics and the resultant culture.


    “Gimme sum sportsball . Did you see dem Dodgers last night”

    • Yes, we are stupid. Our own inventions and productivity and the lifestyles they have afforded made us weak and stupid.

      • We have become the victims of our own success. And in our weakened condition we have allowed hostile, parasitic aliens to take advantage of us.

  2. If the Chinese don’t adopt European sanitation practices and eating customs, their prophesized rule might not be happening as scheduled. They eat disease-ridden rats? Mmmm, one big helping of black death, coming up!

    • Bubonic Plague, which devastated Europe several times, came out of China. Chinese merchants were trapping sickley marmots, which should have been left alone. The fleas , which carried the plague, came along with the pelts. Millions of Europeans died in repeated outbreaks. In one outbreak alone about 25% of all Europeans died.

          • The Mongols employed Persian engineers for their siegecraft. I’m sure the murder and raping came later.

            (There’s a lot of Greek blood in upper caste Persians.)

      • It didn’t help that the Roman Catholic Church decreed cats to be the “familiars” of supposed witches, so cats throughout Europe were killed allowing the rat population to soar, and thus aided in spreading the Bubonic plague.

        • @ nov

          Didn’t you know, mice bring prosperity. Each time there are lots of mice there’s a big grain harvest.

          Cats eat mice, therefore they ruin prosperity.

          Don’t you know your church dogma ? They are all knowing, vicars of god.

        • November,

          I had to go far afield to find a reply button to respond to your fantastic generous response below. No. I do not consider myself a hostile outsider here anymore. I am not sure when I went from somewhat hostile to a cautious neutral to being more supportive than not.

          It took steps. I always thought White advocacy was more right than wrong. And then even before the Civility Law I was mostly treated well. After the Civility Law and all the nice responses from almost everyone even when you and others did not agree with some of my views, then I was sold.

          I have dark brown hair not black. Naturally it is long. I have the blue veins. I am definitely pretty though skinny up top. Outside of one of my cousins and myself my family all have black hair.

          It is the supreme flattery that some white nationalists would consider me for a girl friend or bride. Sweet and kind words I have no defense for. I am not unique among girls on this.

          Thank you.

          • Christina,

            Looks will fade with age, it’s your intellect, morals, ethics, and personally that makes you unique, especially among young women in your generation.

            As I am probably your father’s age, I wasn’t speaking for myself, but for some of the single men in their early to mid-twenties.

            Of course, if I was in that age group…

        • November,

          Not wishing to sail under false colors it must be admitted that white nationalists have some views that I do not understand.

          Like the firearms issue. 1. The march in Virginia I really did not grasp. Men with guns I understand but the USA is unusual to this extent.

          2. The concern for animals is beyond me. I do like canines however.

          3. Of course forming an ethnic State from a country that is a United Nations in minature seems strange. Obviously, an impossibility and not even thought of by Mexicans.

          4, The continuing love affair that many WN’s have for Trump even when he betrayed you.

  3. Lets talk about evil White men and how they ruin the world.

    In China, in the 1600s, there was massive hunger. Chinese crop yields were collapsing. Over years the harvests were getting worse and worse, people were going hungry and mass starvation was imminent.

    A Belgian missionary to China, Father Ferdinand Verbiest, noticed the Chinese Calendar was ‘drifting’ , it was inaccurate. The Chinese were planting later and later in the seasons and crop yields were commensurately falling. By his knowledge of astronomy and advanced math Father Verbiest corrected the calendar and showed the Chinese Emperor the errors and corrections of seasons. The corrections were implemented by imperial decree and Chinese crop yields shot up, making China prosperous and well fed.

    Singlehandedly, Father Ferdinand Verbiest, had saved 10s of millions Chinese and 100s of millions of their descendents.

    White men are so stupid and evil.

      • Nonetheless, it shows how a single White man’s knowledge has the capacity to save millions and an entire nation. Saving a nation, that in its own right, was highly advanced.

        It shows the value of our culture, that of higher sciences, and genetics, that produce that culture, are of amazing value.

      • I know. It’s CRAZY. Christians are EVIL. This stupid deranged Kristard “saved” something that should not exist.

        By the by – much is made of the alleged 106 point IQ “average” of the Yellow Insects – but my stupid peasant Welsh ancestors know enough to COOK THIER FOOD and not eat things like bats and live mice!

        China needs to have a wild spread nuclear “accident”.

        • People always assume China is some sort of high intelligence, advanced society…a deeper look shows most of them are illiterate agrarians and any advancements they appear to have made is via technology and research they stole from Europeans and the Japanese.
          The Chinese intelligentsia do believe however, they are the supreme peoples of this earth (they’re like jews that way).
          They name all their civic buildings with the prefix “The supreme peoples” but they live in filth and haven’t grasped the concept of meat and refrigeration… Several people I know who’ve traveled to China say Beijing is one of the dirtiest cities on earth, where its residents engage in public defecation as a matter of regular city life..a city of street shitters running neck and neck with New Delhi for the top spot of most disgusting cities and residents on earth.

          • The chinks and wogs breed like mice, so if they get hit with a pandemic that kills off 50 million of ’em who’s going to even notice, let alone care?

          • Much of China is engineers by Europeans.
            The Shanghai maglev is a Siemens project . many things are.

            ‘Red pill germany’ on youtube, does much of his work in China, along with many other Germans.

            The Chinese know where to go for brains.( they are using their massive wealth to buy many german companies, all high tech).

            The Chinese space missions just use Vostok rockets.

    • Arian,

      That was extremely valuable information to know. The Chinese should be very grateful but then gratitude is the most fleeting of all human emotions.

      • jews should publish and extoll all the sacrifice and amazing contributions that Whites have given the world.

        Don’t hold your breath.

        • Arian,

          As a general rule I knew that due to the White race’s medicine and technology that there are hundreds of millions or more non whites in the world than otherwise. Africa alone has only increased their population recently because of White help.

          There is no doubt that Whites have done way more good than all of the other races put together. Huge populations can only be supported by modern knowledge.

          Since outside of White Nationalist circles I am considered White I take a bow myself.

          • Cristina,

            I think you’re making a large generalization by writing that, “outside of White Nationalist circles I am considered White.” You’d be surprised at how many people believe you to be White in WN circles. And don’t even me get me started about how many WNs would desire you as a girlfriend or wife. Do you still feel like you’re being treated as a hostile outsider here!

    • Norman Borlaug. Look him up if you don’t know the name. Saved millions upon millions of 3rd world eaters with his wheat. Thanks, Norm. The Planet is so grateful.

      • He is nicknamed “the man who saved a billion lives”.
        His cultivars of cereal grains feed much of the world.

        It is another illustration of how our innovations are given away, to our detriment.

        Do you think the Chinese or other Asians would hand out such priceless weath?

        • If the chinx had invented the incandescent bulb or the internal combustion engine they would have guarded that technology the way cloistered priests guard sacred texts, so that only their aristocracy and imperial families would have benefited from it.

          • “would have guarded that technology the way cloistered priests guard sacred texts”

            You nailed it.
            The jwz would be even more covetous.

  4. The history of Father Ferdinand Verbiest also puts the lie to the jewish narrative of Whites only doing harm. Whites have given far more to humanity than any other race.

    Just a couple of Whites have saved more humanity than all the slaves that ever lived times 1000.

  5. I don’t even really like Chinese food that much not to mention the westernized version of chinese food isn’t as tasty as authentic chinese cuisine this eating bats and snakes is messed up tho we could have a full blown contagion on our hand now

  6. The corona virus may be the black swan that collapses financial markets, they have been setting up for an historic fall for years. Quarantines and other travel restrictions; anti-globalism, will be necessary to try to limit the spread of the disease. This will necessarily affect the travel of people and goods. Stock up now on that cheap Chinese bullshit at Wal-Mart.

    One problem is that supply chains are thousands of miles long, all interconnected and rely on just in time inventory to function. The whole financial ponzi scheme requires unlimited trade, travel and growth to function, or else it collapses. The miles high mountain of debt underpins everything, especially the U.S. dollar. The main concern of the ruling oligarchs is their wealth and privilege, they would choose to have millions die rather restrict trade and collapse financial markets but the decision may be out of their hands already.

    I guess DJT won’t be able to campaign of the bestest stock market evah, lowest black/hispanic unemployment evah when the markets are in the gutter.

  7. We should’ve allowed Imperial Japan to maintain their control of the South Pacific and Far East. Now we have to deal with the Red Chinese, who are much worse.

  8. Looks like I won’t be able to hoist a glass of Three Penis Wine in celebration anymore, or Snake Wine.

    Nothing beats the smooth, refreshing taste of cobra or Russell’s viper!

    • This is one of the reasons I stay away from almost ALL Asian cuisine. That includes south west asia, i.e. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

      Is these people that live in these regions had a healthy and wholesome food/cuisine, then they would be healthier and normal thinking human beings that would include a humane culture.
      But they are SICK in body & in spirit !!

  9. For cooking, one needs “Gutter Oil”. Raw sewage can be heated to destroy all bacteria and the toxins they produced, so there is no danger of food poisoning. The oil separates and is filtered out. The problem is the heavy metals and the like which remain.

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