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  1. “Oceania, ’tis for Thee…” It’s clear now that Bojo the clown has lashed Airstrip One to ZOG. Problem is the demographic worm is turning in ZOG. The brown horde doesn’t care for “free trade”, just gibs. It’ll be pretty much the same for his own “country”. Not a good omen for Tory-dom.

  2. Dark immigrants always land on welfare and exponentially raise the violent crime stats. They also vote for the left offering them Whitey’s money. One would think that having a smaller indigenous population concerned about preserving the culture and improving employment trends would benefit a conservative party, but they’re not trying to conserve the people or their nation. Their paymasters come first, last and always.

  3. The Tory Party can’t hide their genocidal intent behind the EU anymore.

    Should be very interesting couple of years. BOJO is not as immune as he thinks he is.

  4. Harry and Meghan were repulsed by all the African tush kissing they were being asked to do. Boris is a born tush kisser and has no such revulsion.

  5. Brexit was supposed to be a victory to preserve Cuck Island. But the ones in charge just want to bring in more replacement demographics to jump on their welfare systems and drain the life out of them. They are suicidal and rotten to the core.

    If Hitler had won the war he would probably have preserved Cuck Island in spite of their obsession to destroy themselves. Crazy people.

    Pray that God will open their eyes to comprehend what they are doing to themselves, their heritage and their very existence.

  6. Brexit is still good and overall a victory for our people. It removed the shackles of the EU, making it easier to get an actual nationalist in power when the time comes. There is good reason the jews didn’t want it to happen.

    • I don’t believe it’s possible for whites to take back control of their own lands without the formation of legitimate political parties. But ZOG won’t allow that. An impossible situation that I fear won’t be resolved peacefully.

  7. For those who don’t know who Boris is, it would be like if Jeb Bush started pretending to be a populist. Boris has a long history of being on the left side of the Tory party on issues like immigration and national identity. He only started supporting Brexit around the time of the referendum. He has a long history of extreme pro-immigration sentiment.


    • BJ would fit in well as Blompf’s national security adviser because he’s a neoconservative chicken hawk zionist. Boris wanted trump to go to war with Iran last summer.

  8. Right wing economics and social liberalism is literally the worst combination. No relief for working and middle class whites but plenty of room for immigrants and degenerates!

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