Media Spins Lega Victory In Italy As Devastating Setback

This is how the American media is portraying the Italian regional elections that took place yesterday in Calabria and Emilia-Romagna:

The Atlantic – An Italian Flash Mob Pushed Back Europe’s Populist Tide

New York Times – Italy Election Deals Blow to Nationalist Leader Salvini

The British press has a more accurate take:

The Guardian view on Italy’s red wall region: saved by the Sardines

Salvini and Lega narrowly failed to win the regional election in the American equivalent of California due to record turnout in Berkeley and San Francisco and this is being spun as a huge defeat for populism and nationalism!

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  1. Yep and no matter what when white people remotely identify with a party to preserve heritage, the label far right is used. Far left is virtually never used even for outright communist parties.

    It makes me want to vomit when I see a cucked white male reporter doing the snooze next to a bitter liberal waaamenzz like a Nora O’Donnell type next to black affirmative action person shaking their heads about Russia yet literally 90% or so of the stories on Trump are negative or positive things are simply not mixed in.

    I always knew American media was liberal since Jewish individuals own most media. But the total push over the mountain for me was when Romney ran, ironically. The avalanche of anti Romney hysteria was everywhere to protect Queen Obama. Now it’s ratcheted up even more for Trump to the point no sane person would trust American media. Heck, the media even went after their favorite Republican John McCain in 2008 to preserve Obama.

  2. Salvini is nothing more than controlled opposition. Forza Nuova are the true Patriots fighting for the Italian people.

      • No FN has their own official flag with the colors black, red, and white. They also will fly Celtic cross flags at their events and rallies.

    • Casa Pound & Fratelli d’ Italia are the true Nationalist parties in Italy today.

      In fact Fratelli d’ Italia claim unofficially the follow Italian Fascism.
      Casa Pound are an italian version of Greece’s Golden Dawn.

      I disagree that M Salvini is controlled opposition.

      But he is DEFINITELY not a Nationalist. He is however the right man for his time.
      Let’s not forget boomers outnumber Nationalists almost 4 to 1 and boomers vote !!

      Casa Pound is formed after the writings of Ezra Pound an American writer/poet and a devout American nationalist.

      • @eksothen CasaPound is nothing like Golden Dawn. Casa Pound voted in favor for same-sex marriage rights in Italy and also is known to kick out members who are “anti-semitic”. CasaPound will talk about the evils of immigration and non-whites in Italy but as soon as you bring up the Jewish role they will kick you out. They are cucks.

        • Are you sure?? Because I never heard anything like that from them.

          I don’t doubt you, but it is news to me….

          I’ll look in to it.

  3. the Jews will no more permit the western European Whites

    to vote their way out of Judeo-globalist extinction

    then they will the ‘Murkans. And all the so-called Euro-populists –

    Salvini, (((BJ))), Le Pen, Wilders et al. – are thick as thieves with the Jews. So,

    HW, I wouldn’t get too excited by election results here or there.

  4. Salvina et al ‘thick as thieves with the Jews.’ Well, Salvini, Orban, and the Visegrad countries are the only ones actively repelling the invasion of Third World detritus. He’s no friend of Soros either from his comments about him or the Hollywood Glitzerati who he despises. There’s no-one in the Anglosphere remotely able to touch these guys. Yes I would prefer Forza Nuva or Fratelli d’Italia. And the Italians make the best ice cream.

        • I like Pavarotti or is it Pavlova? I’m sure you can eat one of them. Seriously, I do like Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli, and other Italian(American) singers. I always recall a quote by Orson Welles in ‘The Third Man.’ which I think sums up Italian politics.

          “In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed. Yet hey produced Michaelangelo, da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock.”

          Bring back the Borgias.

      • I have to agree completely about their gelato, (Itralian Ice cream). Love it.
        Much more healthier as it has almost no dairy products in it, less then 3% dairy.

    • I’ve done work with Forza Nuova and they by far are the only political party/movement that is fighting for the Italian people and Traditional Catholicism.

  5. Nationalism IS the one true ANTIDOTE for almost ALL ailments in today’s Western & European WHITE Nations !!

    The recipe is simple it is in front of us.

    The road to “baking” this recipe is a difficult one, a PERPETUAL one !!

  6. Here is a small example why nationalism & Italian Fascism is been accepted with open arms in Italy and in most of the Southern European Nations.

    Italian federal national parliamentarian, Georgia Melloni of the “Fratelli D’Italia” – received just under 2 million votes last national elections – makes a speech against the UN and their “migration” policy”:

    Extraordinary speech by Giorgia Meloni on UN Global Compact in Italian parliament, English subtitles
    (English subs)

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