Airlines Suspend Flights To China As Coronavirus Cases Grow

UPDATE: The Wuhan coronavirus has reached the Philippines and India.

UPDATE: Glenn Beck talks to Dr. Eric Ding who has recently become a Twitter sensation

UPDATE: You’re a racist for noticing!

UPDATE: Monitoring intensifies

UPDATE: Shanghai, Beijing and Wenzhou now all have over 100 infections. So much for containing the virus. It is spreading outside of Hubei now faster than inside the quarantine zone.

UPDATE: The Philippines has stopped issuing visas to Chinese. Papua New Guinea has closed its borders to all of Asia. Malaysia and Singapore have blocked travelers from Wuhan.

UPDATE: Have you ever wondered what would happen if our ruling class had to confront a real crisis? Will there still be Trump rallies in November?

UPDATE: Containment has failed

UPDATE: The president is monitoring the situation.

UPDATE: Are we still on track? Yep.

UPDATE: The daily nationwide update from China is out

UPDATE: Bioweapon?

Are Europeans less susceptible to the virus?

We’re still waiting on the daily national update.

British Airways, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Air Canada and other airlines are pulling out of China. Kazakhstan is shutting down the border. Hong Kong has closed its border with China. Even Russia is limiting rail service with China. Regardless of how this plays out, it is already worse than SARS and will have a larger economic impact.

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  1. If man will not respect the ‘bound of their habitations’ as Scripture says, then God WILL make us aware that we are NOT to ‘mix’ with the pagan nations around us.

  2. Was the release intentional or by accident? There has been friction between Chinese and the Jews for quite some time now. Meng Wanzhou, Hong Kong, the Uighurs, and now this sickness. I would not put it passed the Christ killers. If they can kill the innocent son of God without reason how much harder would it be for them to kill anyone of us, or all of us.

  3. Ho hum…

    Here’s something important – West Virginia trying to peel away counties from Virginia in a microcosm of Partition.

    • Our judeo-globo-homo elite has been resentful towards West VA for a long time because it’s “too white”. Perhaps that state will become the center of a second War Between the States? If there is another “civil war” this Republic would be much too weak and divided to survive it. Wouldn’t that be just the most awful thing?

    • Yee-Haw! Rebel yell. PUNISH Virginia for their anti-American stances. TAKE BACK THE COUNTIES THAT HAVE BEEN BETRAYED, and brought down God’s judgment for their Judaizing submission to the Deicides. Capture every county around the I-81 corridor, and then C’ville, and then, FULL, INEXORABLE, PERFECT JUSTICE! String up the Guilty for their blasphemous actions of 2017, as it is surrounded by NORMAL WHITE AMERICANS who have had ENOUGH.


  4. Definitely needs an updated soundtrack but a great graphical video from Harvard illustrating the complexities of Cellular Biology.

  5. Suspending air travel to China is going to cost the Chinks and their international business partners a fortune. And it will surely have a negative effect on the global economy. If this turns out to be an actual health emergency our fearless ruling elite may prove themselves too weak and incompetent to deal with it. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

  6. These are all variants known to positively influence the amount of ACE2-expressing cells:
    East Asian A=1.00
    African A=0.988
    South Asian A=0.82
    American A=0.79

    Europe A=0.66

    What do you mean, Hunter? Are you saying the virus is racist?

      • GOD is a racist, and HIS creation (Adamic/White) man is ontologically BETTER than all the Mischlings around us. God is judging the corrupt and antichristian races. Deal with it.

        We are not guiltless, for we too, could be brought down just as easily. But it appears that God has favor with His own, even as they have strayed from Him, and His perfect LAW.


  7. We’ve seen this show before. ABC covered this super virus back in 1994 with the TV series version of Stephen King’s book ‘The Stand.’ In the book, the communicability rate of the super virus was over 90%! Be afraid everyone, be very afraid! Fear the Reaper my friends!

    • Ed – get over yourself. You are coming across as a blithering idiot. Pandemics can and DO happen, That’s why a writer like King uses this FACT to create a frightening story.

      As far as the coronavirus – it came out of that lad. That lab exists because the Chinese have NO scruples are ANYTHING and they do naughty things that are prohibited HERE. AND they are apparently blindingly incompetent, to boot. They are nothing but jumped up feral peasants, and there are 1 billion too many of them, and I pray that CoronaChan takes all of them,

  8. How come Battle Beagle and Michael Tracy still have their Twitter accounts? At this point anyone who has not been holocausted by that skinny Irish faggot Jack Dorsey is highly suspect.

  9. I think it’s pathetic that the airlines made to decision to stop flights, while Blompf is too busy sucking Benny Satanyahu’s dick to actually do the job he was hired to do.

  10. I’m listening to the Beck video. (You have no idea how much I hate Beck). I’m at the part where he’s detailing everything made in China – including medicine. He’s like, “What do about the disruption of manufacturing? Wah!”.

    We make our own stuff here.

    He’s still babbling about “free markets”.

  11. You are doing a great job on reporting about the virus, Hw. You are my go to guy on it. It’s interesting and consistently feels updated. The stories and discussions on the virus keep everyone in the loop in a non boring way which is the opposite of a typical snooze media report. Thumbs up!

  12. When I played my numbers yesterday, there was a Chinese/Oriental woman standing in front of me coughing. She probably played numbers for herself and numerous other Chinese at a restaurant or nail salon. I backed away until she finished playing.

    Maybe the state lottery should suspend taking bets from Orientals for awhile?

      • What? The odds are really good to win the lottery, Arian. The odds of winning are about the same as being hit by lightning twice in the same week ( poor soul) or the always easy finding a pot of gold on the street in New York City!. Just remember to always bring your leprechaun when looking for such gold!

  13. That exponential growth curve of the corona virus is terrifying!

    Is it true that the corona virus doesn’t impart future immunity , but future vulnerability, like dengue fever ?

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