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  1. The Indian population of South Africa, mostly concentrated in the city of Durban (largest population in a urban area outside of India ) is a similar situation compared to Uganda.

    The Indians own most of the business and property.

    The EFF Marxist ( Economic Freedom Fighter’s party) have boasted after they cut the throats of white’s they are coming for the Indians possessions.

    The EFF have made similar mild threats to the (((oligarchs who control South Africa’s big money))) however back tracked and apologized for their criticism.

    • Sunburn,

      I wonder if the “chosenites ” have passed out Schofield bible in comic book form to the EFF savages, or just ‘greased their palms’ with shekels and shiny objects to save their shapeshifter skins?

  2. True enough, but what he leaves out is the sine qua non in the advancement of the particular minorities mentioned, which is ethnic collusion. He’s also an academic, I believe, who almost assuredly has no firsthand experience in an area dominated by a minority outside the university setting, such as Wall Street, where Jews are over-represented something like thirty-five times, as much as for ability as for ethnicity. I’ve dealt with a fair number of Indian “quants” in banking, who you’d think represent the apex of Indian business acumen, and yet their chief trait isn’t genius at all, but an almost preternatural lack of everyday judgment. Ethnic collusion covers a multitude of individual weaknesses and the fact remains that you’re guaranteed to lose big time even in games of cards where two of the players are colluding against the others.

  3. The “Indian Miracle” in Africa might be largely explainable by the following personal anecdote of a retired multi-national corporate auditor who had had done an extensive corporate residency in apartheid South Africa in the late 1970s. He said that Indians were quite strong in the merchant class there and that South Africa had a system of retail price controls over a rather wide swath of market basket consumer items. He characterized the Indian merchant class as one of rather astute and shameless cheats in the conduct of their transactions with the public. He had already warned one particular corner grocer in his neighborhood about his capricious pricing, shortchanging etc. and thought he had broken him of his habit of cheating him. Then one day he sent his black domestic help to run errands and pick up some groceries. The Indian then had to be physically “tuned up” by my friend and warned that his mandate extended to everyone.

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