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  1. More bible barf.

    End of the world,End of the world,End of the world,End of the world, etc.
    End of the world,End of the world,End of the world,End of the world, etc.
    End of the world,End of the world,End of the world,End of the world, etc.

    Good for scaring the rubes and filling the collection plate.

    • The book Never said end of the Cosmos/World, it inly mentioned the end of the Aeon (ie with destruction of Idumean Herod’s temple)

      …again translation bias to forge the lie of global “messianic” Monarchy contra sovereign kin nations!

      • Jesus talked about returning at the end of the age, as in the Age of Pisces. Christianity is partially based on astrology.

    • I rejoice at your judgment at the End of Time, or sooner, should God have mercy on you.
      God is not mocked, and you and your blasphemers WILL see the Son of God, coming on the right hand of power. Repent or perish.


        • Gee, I’m glad atheism brings such love and togetherness like the untold millions killed by atheist regimes under Stalin, Mao and others. Atheists or extremely fair weather believers have killed many millions in the womb, too.

          Now we get the whole homosexual thing promoted as normal by those same atheists. Yeah, let’s look at their Hiv rates along with other diseases. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom as stated in the Bible.

        • November, there was no place to respond under your name so I will do it here. Atheists are always pretending religion is the ultimate cause of misery. First, I do agree Islam and some other religions can be a cause of misery.

          Christianity is in a different boat due it promoting faith and redemption in JESUS CHRIST. Untold millions living miserable lives radically improved their lives due to a desire to follow CHRIST.

          Atheism offers selfishness and cheap gratification that ends in death on several levels.

          Christians far and away give more money to various good causes that no other religion- and certainly not atheism- can touch.

          I never said religion used wrong cannot bring misery- it can. But atheism is simply living out your whims usually in drugs, booze and prostitution..and selfishness. It promotes mass abortions and gov’t murder. It’s a trip to nowhere and yes, I certainly believe those whom reject JESUS CHRIST shall not go to Heaven on death.

          Check out a video by a guy who was a former atheist and went to hell. His name is Ronald Reagan…not the ex president. Put in his name and nde after it and watch for yourself. Take care.

          • Jeff,

            Murder is murder, whether it’s done my muslims, jews, Christians, Shintos , Buddhists, et cetera.

            You’re making a fantastic generalization about atheists and atheism. Not all atheists, desists or agnostics live lives of hedonism or nihilism. I’d venture a guess that most of the researchers looking for a vaccine for nCoV fall into one of those three catagories, as well as the physicians treating the sick. I am not just referring to communist China either.

            Of course, there are those that partake in such lifestyles, and some are “believers.”

            If you and other pro-Whites find solace in Christianity, fine by me, but from all empirical evidence, you’re speeding to a stop light.

            By the way, a murderer was was dead and brought back. He said that he didn’t see or go to hell. That’s a real bummer.

  2. In a round about way the following is completely relevant to the theme of this article.

    This is how Populism is gained this is how to move forward nationalism.
    Speak TRUTH, that simple !

    NO apologists NO “if’s & buts” NO compromise on national values and social Values.

    And remember those who are offended by Truth are so offended because they live in lies!

    The following is a short speech by the Italian national parliamentarian G Melloni, on the World Congress of Families, held in Italy early last year.
    (enjoy a remarkable speech)

    • Eksothen,

      I watched this video. Mrs. Melloni isn’t an amazing woman. Her Mediterranean passion and fearlessness was on full display. She even named the (((financial speculators))).

      It’s nice to know that Southern Europe still can produce women like Melloni and Mussolini.

  3. Balderdash… based on biased translations to forge a lie for global monarchy contra sovereign nationhood!

    Who’s telling the truth? Those that forged the lie? … “sola scriptura”? … by whose biased translation for a desired outcome? … Global messianic monarchy… there is no second coming… it is impossible to prove any “second coming” is actually Jesus !! Read 1 Cor 15:45-48 carefully
    and Numbers 23:19 and 2 Cor 3:17 with John 4:24

    • It is not a matter of “proof” it is a matter of personal Faith.

      There are no contracts, no manifestos no archived schedules to adhere by, on what Christians call Second Coming of Christ.

      Either you have faith or you don’t. That simple !!

      By the way.
      NO ONE IS FORCING anyone to either believe or not believe Christian eschatalogy and Christianity – personal choice – it is called Free Will !

    • That may or may not be. But merely quoting bible verses like some fetishist with an amulet, doesn’t help the situation. What is your position? Orthodox, Protestant, RC, Hindoo?

      Define your parameters and then we can talk…..

      • During the time of Saul aka Paul, it was a time of immense animosity and tension between the jews and Romans. Between 5-67 CE, Rome was the jews biggest enemy.

        The great historian Edward Gibbons put forward in his epic work The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire the ideas that Christianity was used by the Saul and the jews in Judaea as a weapon to aid bringing down the empire by getting its citizens to focus much more on the hereafter rather than the here and now.

        • November,

          it wasn’t Christianity that brought about the fall of Rome.

          It was their liberal ideals of allowing ex slaves to become Roman citizens and to populate Rome with their families from across the world….

          Sound’s familiar doesn’t it ??

  4. Sorry, but Jesus isn’t coming back. Your God gave us reason not religion. We are in this alone. But you’re all free to pray the coronavirus away.

    • It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God. – Book of Hebrews.

      November, see my comment to Arian, above.

      • Mark Twain’s definition of faith: “Faith is being convinced that what you don’t believe is true.”

        Faith is the opposite of reason. Faith-based beliefs are designed to make one happy, not to know the most of the universe as possible. Faith-based religions usually originated from some ancient authority and then uncritically believed by the believer.

        • Questioning is a part of faith. You are being one-dimensional and just plain wrong here. Also, when I (or most people) study a text they see as holy, there is always analysis of that text. So reason is applied. Because we’re examining something beyond the physical world doesn’t mean we’ve ceased using thought or logic. It also doesn’t mean we’re trapped in a merely materialist paradigm.

          • What exactly do Christians “question?” It sure appears that they put blind faith into whatever bible they chose to use. Sure, Luther changed some RCC dogma, but then his dogma became the dogma of Lutherans.

            Just consider me a “doubting Thomas,” until there’s more proof than the testimony of the original Christian followers.

            There’s are valid reasons that in 1925 Mr. Scopes won the so-called “Monkey Trial ” against the creationist Tennessee Board of Education.

    • Christ is reason and truth. And how could he not comeback when reason and the love of truth are what define human beings? Those who oppose Christ, those who think they should rule over us in place of Christ can not explain with reason why they should rule over us or why they reject Christ and his teachings…..or even why they hate him and killed him. Why did they kill him?

      How can those without reason, rule over us?

      Understanding these things brings us into understanding Jewish racial inferiority. Jews are inferior to us, they can not explain themselves to us with reason, so they call us names because they know in their hearts God made us racially superior to them. God gave us the ability to reason and denied such gifts to the Jews. We are Gods chosen people. The Jews are jealous of us and hate us because we are favored over them by God. Reason will always rule civilized man and only with the destruction of civilized man and Christ will the Jews be able to rule over us.

      • …but according to the jews, they are the chosen ones and god made them superior. That is why they behave the way that they do….even the “secular” ones have it ingrained. When you are the chosen ones, you don’t have to have a reason and you never have to say you’re sorry.

  5. The two lists are terrifying, outpacing the predicted results.
    The ‘actual’ list may be worse, pending revisions.
    I’d like to know what the predictions are beyond that date shown.

    Stay healthy.

  6. Considering two factors, the greater speed of transportation over longer distances and the much higher population density, this could grow faster and reach more ppl than any previous pandemic. Something that could be far larger than 1918. Also giving the virus a larger population to mutate in and resulting reinfection with mutations. Maybe multiple waves , as in 1918 ( at least two major recurring outbreaks).

  7. Embarrassing. White people should look to science for answers to our universe not some crazed Jew walking around the desert.

    You can believe in family and nationalism and NOT be a religious rube. Happens every day.

    • If you still believe Jesus was a Jew, you probably also believe that Germans gassed millions of prisoners to death in chambers built with wooden doors. Probably also believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, etc.

      Some people have trouble unplugging from what they hear on tv. It doesn’t mean you are bad people people, but the words naive and gullible do come to mind. And it does mean your opinions should be taken with a very small grain of salt.

  8. Didn’t Jesus predict all his prophesies would be fulfilled before everyone in his own generation was dead? Why on earth do you people still believe this shit? Somewhere, a Jew is laughing his ass of at all of you.

    • “Generation” in the Bible means a genetic line. Not an age group.

      It’s not rational to apply modern meanings to words found in an old book.

  9. Only the white race matters to YHWH God, for only the White Race incarnated the Saviour. Don’t make the JEWISH fallacy of thinking that all hominids are equal. If you don’t believe Jefferson’s comment that suffused the latter half of the XXth century, don’t think the Bible supports it, either.

    Universalism is a Heresy.

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