The Dissident Right Should Be Neutral In The 2020 Election

Nick Fuentes shared his thoughts on the 2020 election tonight on his show and argued that the Dissident Right should reelect Donald Trump and the GOP.

Here’s why I strongly disagree:

1.) I don’t recall free speech on the internet being a major issue in the 2016 election. The Alt-Right was running wild on social media in the last year of the Obama administration. It went ALL IN for Donald Trump and demolished the Left in the meme war in the online space. This is why the Alt-Right became identified with Trump and was blamed by the Democrats who control Silicon Valley as one of the major reasons that Hillary Clinton lost in the 2016 election.

2.) Donald Trump and the GOP had no use for the Alt-Right the day after the 2016 election was over and rapidly clamped down on the movement. After the election, Trump disavowed the Alt-Right in November 2016, sold out to the Republican donor class and staffed his administration with conservatives. The Alt-Right had been a Trump online cheerleading squad, a political weapon and had voted en masse for Trump in 2016, but subsequently had ZERO representation in the Republican coalition. Thus, no one came to its defense when Silicon Valley began the mass censorship campaign that has intensified down to the present day. The Alt-Right picked a huge fight on Trump’s behalf and the only prize it won in 2016 was mass deplatforming.

3.) The Alt-Right was wiped off social media because it was identified with Trump in 2016 and there was no pushback from its “representatives.” This is because mainstream conservatives actually supported deplatforming the Alt-Right while giving lip service to “free speech.” If there is nothing to gain, why should anyone today continue to fight their battles?

4.) The Dissident Right has already lost the 2020 election. Regardless of who wins in November, we have already lost because we won’t be “represented” by either the Democrats or Republicans. We are stigmatized like the untouchable caste in India. We have no dog in this fight between two sides who agree on holding us down.

5.) Donald Trump and the GOP have presided over the demise of free speech on the internet, the effective nullification of free assembly due to police stand down orders, a massive spike in Antifa violence and the criminalization of the White Nationalist movement. Far more people have gone to prison under Donald Trump than Barack Obama. When Barack Obama was president, Antifa was tiny and there was still free speech on the internet. The Trump administration has been a wash on immigration and trade, but has been a major setback on those fronts.

6.) By the 2018 midterms, Antifa violence and internet censorship had become major issues on the Right. Donald Trump and the GOP exploited the anger, resentment and anxiety over both of these issues and did absolutely nothing about either problem. Instead, Donald Trump issued an executive order to further repress free speech in order to ban anti-Semitism on college campuses. If Donald Trump and the GOP win in November, they will continue to go on ignoring the problem because conservatives want the Dissident Right to be deplatformed. They have already deplatformed Michelle Malkin for being associated with Nick Fuentes.

7.) As I have explained, the Dissident Right has already lost the 2020 election. The only question is whether we are going to once again waste our time lying to ourselves, cheerleading and getting out the vote for Donald Trump so that Sheldon Adelson and all the other wealthy donors who have bought the GOP Congress and the Trump administration will continue their current winning streak. After the 2018 midterms, the Trump administration pivoted to criminal justice reform, overthrowing the governments of Venezuela and Iran and passing anti-BDS legislation. The GOP spent all of 2019 doing nothing but “fighting anti-Semitism.”

8.) Having lived through the George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations, I can definitively say that those who predicted that a Trump victory would put the Republican base to sleep were correct. It’s true that there was no outcry when MILO was destroyed or when Alex Jones was deplatformed. There was no outcry when illegal immigration more than doubled under Donald Trump in FY 2019. As far as Trump’s cult of personality is concerned, they are “winning” solely because a Republican is in office. They are content to trust the plan and swallow anything he does and interpret it as a victory even including going to war with Iran. BTW, did you know the black unemployment rate is at record lows and Trump will win 44% of the black vote?

9.) As with DACA when Obama was president, there is no reason to believe that the GOP will fight harder on an issue when it has a majority. Just the opposite is true. It puts up more resistance on the issues its base cares about when it is in the minority. When it has a majority in Congress, it squanders its political capital on passing tax cuts and fighting anti-Semitism. The GOP hated DACA until it controlled all three branches of the federal government and now promises to pass an amnesty to protect DREAMers from a Supreme Court ruling.

10.) Negative voting for mainstream conservatives isn’t going to get us anywhere. Donald Trump and the GOP believe we are predictable and easy to manipulate and there is solid data to support that theory. The Trump administration can promise to INCREASE legal immigration. It thinks it can get away with increasing guest worker programs and presiding over the collapse of the border because we have nowhere else to go. Bernie Sanders proposes to abolish the border and to ban free speech on the internet. The rational choice is to vote for the lesser of two evils. Most people will be rational and continue to vote for conservatives as the country sinks while Trump and the GOP focus on the fight against anti-Semitism.

11.) Is it better for a dissident movement of marginalized people to be rational, predictable and easily manipulated by conservatives, OR, irrational, unpredictable and difficult to manipulate? Maybe we should attack Donald Trump and promote and vote for Bernie Sanders? We’ve tried voting for Trump and the GOP in the last two elections.

12.) As with Obama and Trump’s campaign promises, there is little chance of anything getting done after the dust settles from the 2020 election. The next president might get ONE THING done. If Bernie Sanders is elected president, he will have to choose and he will spend his political capital on health care or student loans and delivering on soaking the rich.

13.) Sheldon Adelson’s money and the ability of his fellow oligarchs to buy our elections is the biggest problem in American politics. If Bernie soaked the rich and tried to impose communism on the Boomers, it might not be a bad thing. It is doubtful he will make much progress on guns or free speech given the composition of the federal courts and Congress.

14.) Immigration declined when Obama was president mainly because the economy was dismal. It has stayed at about the same level through the Obama and Trump administrations. It is little more than a partisan issue. Neither side ever makes any big change to immigration levels.

15.) Finally, I just don’t see how voting for the GOP and getting nothing in return except for being socially and politically marginalized as “racists” gets us anywhere. I don’t see it helping us in any meaningful way. I do see our votes as having a meaningful impact on the corporate tax rate, health care and our foreign policy toward Israel. Those are the things that the GOP truly cares about and which everyone should know by now will use power to advance while in office.

16.) After Donald Trump was elected president, the Overton Window moved in the sense that conservatives rebranded as nationalists, homosexuality became respectable on the Right and the window of acceptable discourse online for actual dissidents was drastically narrowed from what it had been under Obama. Spare me another four years of this “winning.”

I’m tired of all the conservative and libertarian grifters of the Trump era like MILO and Mike Cernovich and Baked Alaska and Scott “The Persistence” Presler and Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys and Diamond and Silk and Charlie Kirk and Seb Gorka and the Deplorable Choir. Along with John Bolton and Jared Kushner, those are the sort of people who have defined the Trump administration. The last four years have been a setback and catastrophe for the Dissident Right and another four years of Trump could discredit nationalism for good.

Is the Dissident Right better off than we were four years ago? The answer is “no” across the board. Antifa violence has gotten many times worse. Censorship has gone through the roof. Political correctness is worse than ever before. The FBI is worse than ever before. The culture is more degenerate. The oligarchy is wealthier and has a tighter grip over our politics than at any point since the Gilded Age. There are millions of more illegal aliens and legal immigrants in the country. There is no imaginary border wall only a very real corporate tax cut. The trade deficits with China and Mexico have reached record highs. Jewish power over our government is at a record high. The Alt-Right brand was wrecked under Trump who associated nationalism with idiots and grifters and overall those who have survived this calamity still haven’t recovered.

The skeptics of Donald Trump who Nick Fuentes dismissed as “blackpillers” were right. Period.

Note: Baked Alaska and his fellow Trump e-celebs do have a plan. Their plan is to grift off MAGA for the next four years until it goes the way of the Tea Party.

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    • Rod Dreher is not a Christian. A Christian does not persecute and torment the weak and the innocent or give aid and comfort to those would do. A Christian defends the weak and the innocent. Rod Dreher is a cheap dirty whore who sold out Christ and Christianity and Rod Dreher is going to hell.

      • To be fair you are describing the vast majority of American Christianists here. Most of them shit on the poor, support endless wars for Israel in the Middle East and genocide of Israel’s enemies, support overthrowing popular socialist governments in Latin America and replacing them with neoliberal terror states, and other positions that would supposedly be against their religion – Dreher is no worse than your typical suburban evangelical who worships the (((rich))) and (((powerful))).

      • “A Christian does not persecute and torment the weak and the innocent or give aid and comfort to those would do. A Christian defends the weak and the innocent. ”

        Oh, this sounds so ‘pious’ so ‘christ like’ and so much part of the Gospel…. until you realize that the ENTIRETY of the Western CULT that claims it is Christianity (and is naught but the Synagogue of Satan, or on the way there), is a COMPLETE SHAM.

        Fr. Seraphim Rose said in the 1980’s, ‘In the end, ALL THE CHURCHES will serve ANTICHRIST.”

        Let’s ask the question that remains unanswered in Brownnose’s comment: “A Christian does not persecute and torment the weak and the innocent or give aid and comfort to those would do. A Christian defends the weak and the innocent. ”

        WHOSE WEAK? the black nigger welfare mother, who has fornicated her way into being littel more than a ‘baby momma’? The ‘weak’ drug addict (Heroin or Opioid, it matters little) who are drains on the system, not working, nor taking care of themselves or their families? should we not be worried about OUR OWN RACE, and not the vast hordes of “Xenoi” that are here, illegally? Are such not thieves, murderers, and outside the zone of God’s covenantal grace?
        WHO DID Christ preach to- ONLY to the ‘Lost sheep of the House (Gr. ‘oikos’ race, clan, family- of ISRAEL.

        “He who does not work, shall not eat.” – St. Paul
        “Show me your faith, and I’ll show you my works.”
        ” Work out your salvation in fear and trembling.”

        “Live in peace with your enemies, but only your PERSONAL Enemies, and NOT the Enemies of God.” – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

        WHO is this entire world, is ‘Innocent’? “ALL ARE GUILTY, “says Scripture.

        A CHRISTIAN defends his RACE, keeps his daughters from marriage to the Pagan savages, has his wife be silent when needed, and rules his household as a King rules his Kingdom.

        Try reading all ten posts from this old F&H blog, before you start blathering your blasphemy, again.

        “How does one raise a White Christian family to perpetuate the image mandate given of God amongst other peoples who consider your continued existence the epitome of all evil?”

  1. YES!

    I miss HW doing his own op-ed’s

    I like Occidental dissent highlighting certain stories without much editorializing but HW’s writing style really shines when he’s simply writing what he believes. Mixing it up is good but reading this article reminded me of when I first found HW and he really challenged the way I think.

    This is a great article and excellent points all way around. I would push people to vote for Bernie but that’s me, and I understand why some people wouldn’t.

  2. Excellent commentary as always. Democracy in America, 2020 and beyond, is a sham until the Oligarchs are once and for all neutered. BTW, Hunter, I would love to see a review by yourself of “The New Class War.” I saw a long interview in the American Interest online site of the author, Michael Lind. He is down on UBI and/or antitrust as viable solutions (I disagree as to UBI, based on my USA Sovereign Wealth Fund/ Social Security for All proposal on these pages, but that is just me. I am flexible on mechanisms for destroying the Evil Ones). However, he does agree with some posters here as to the need for local solutions, to act as a catalyst to change, and his description of the takeover of civil society by professional class phonies and selfish parasites seems accurate (that the controllers of the propaganda machinery are almost exclusively jewish cannot be denied, although I view them as tools for the Oligarchs, not the controllers themselves. But others disagree here, and they may be right).
    Anyway Brad/ Hunter, check out the book for yourself. I am interested in your take.

      • Hey whatever you are presenting with that handle HA, not all the bad guys are Jews. Some are, but so are many others, of varying shades, beliefs, and genetic stock. Even white Europeans Imagine.
        If you want to win, you must join others who agree with you, even if they are different. Even jews can be allies Fight alone with your pale clan and you will lose. Accept help and you might win, then you can go your own way, live life peacefully after the boogaloo is over and Evil is finally destroyed. I assume you have enough experience in life to understand this concept of collective action. White Euros disagree about many things, too. That’s the way it is, we are both the same and different at the same time. Life is a duality, embrace it, sir.

  3. Events are taking on a momentum of their own that is independent of whatever the political Establishment has in mind. This Republic has lost much of its internal cohesion. Like Unser Fuhrer said America is half judaized and half Africanized. How can such a state hold together?

  4. For all his smugness and superficial knowledge Castizo Nick remains a callow, half-educated twerp. And as someone who is originally from NYC I find his wildly inaccurate Manhattan backdrop supremely annoying.

  5. I don’t plan to vote, but I think that Bernie Sanders is far less likely than Trump to start a war against Iran or Russia or anyone else and also less likely to try to overthrow governments that the CIA and Israel dislike.

    If you think student loan forgiveness is more important than sending cash to Goldman Sachs you might prefer Sanders.

    Trump really offers us nothing.

    There will be no wall.

    • The USA has been a state of semi-war ever since the end of WWII. It doesn’t matter who sits in the Oval Office, as the military-industrial-complex, and the empire’s oligarchs both goys and jews control all the pawns on the board. Presidents are just transients of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but the deep state, Wall Street, and ZOG sit in the chair behind the Resolute desk.

    • Sanders offers us 100 percent no wall expansion, reparations for blacks, millions more illegals become legal, all enforcement agencies get chopped, an expansion of Hud to destroy white areas, a massive increase in refugees, slobbering to every black communist the way he was led around like a dog by Al Sharpton in 2016. I can go on forever.

      Just because he will bring in healthcare for everyone which won’t even happen because Republicans will stop him on a 30 or 40 trillion dollar plan, or student loan forgiveness costing what billions or trillions?

      America is broke now. A communist like Sanders will make sure it’s permanent. It’s not even close. Vote Trump by a mile over these anti white Democrats!

      • Oh so you say that GOP will stop him with Medicare for All or student loan forgiveness? Perhaps they can also vote against amnesty or reparations, too.
        Another Trump term means more illegal immigration, “greatest numbers ever”, war with Iran and another round of tax-cuts. No, thanks.

        • I can tell you want some Bernie gibs but you are making a deal with the devil. Sanders has no clue what things will even remotely cost. I guess you also want more communist Jews and blacks on the court and far more refugees and more millions of illegals?

          If Trump is so bad on immigration now why does the border patrol totally support him? Why does Tom Holman who is basically everywhere on Fox and worked for Trump regarding immigration, love the guy? Is he a cuck, too? Why does the immigration restriction organization Fair, love Trump? In fact they put up a long list of Trump’s immigration accomplishments on their site. Why would an organization dedicated for decades to a sane immigration system do that? Let me guess? More cucks, right?

          I agree Trump was late to the agenda. He stupidly listened to the true cucks in his party who asked him to wait on the wall until after the 18 election. A dumb thing to do and tons of those so called moderates went down to defeat, anyway.

          Just because Sanders says a couple of good things does not change the fact his batting average stinks and will have his nose up Al Sharpton’s butt again along with every other treason, anti white Democrat. You have zero chance with any Democrat.

    • Trump….more neo-con chicanery.

      Undetermined Demoncrat….another jew on the Supreme Court and wealth transfers to brown people.

      It’s lose…lose.

  6. If Trump is reelected he will double down on his betrayals. The so-called wall on the southern border will be abandoned, there will be a legalization of the wogs and Trump will start a war with Iran for “our greatest ally.” Trump’s plan relies upon getting more black/hispanic support and the same white turnout as last time. He is taking the white vote for granted the way the Republicans always do and pining away for the minority vote the way the Republicans always do.

    The minorities will not vote for Trump in the numbers he needs, that strategy is a tired old chestnut that never works and Trump has alienated his most fervent supporters from 2016, he may lose. His rallies still emphasize building the wall and deportations and the MAGA types still cheer wildly. BTW, part of the wall, such as there is, blew down recently, an apt metaphor for the biggest windbag of them all, Trump.

    • One of the many reasons I stopped reading normie blogs is because of the wall. Coulter would say Blompf hasn’t built any new wall sections, Blompf would say he had. That’s all the cuckservative normies would need; after those lies by Bad Orange Man, the idiots just put up memes of Coulter saying that she would shut up now. When I countered with gov’t stats showing Coulter was right, nothing was said. The normies so desperately want to believe that Rabbi Cheeto has their back, it’s pathetic.

  7. HW’s point on the alt right will be pumped & dumped is spot on. HW was also echoing spencer when he said allowing ourselves to pump & dumped will prematurely kill the movement is also completely spot on (HW could’ve easily came to this conclusion separately from Spencer, but it was similar to what spencer said yesterday on JF)

    Proof of empty trump cheerleading will prematurely kill the movement is just how low quality the grifting has become. 2016 alt right had jontron (YouTuber with 5 million subs) grifting off of us, now the 2020 alt right has catboys with less then 1k subs grifting off of us.

    I’m not saying jontron is great or we should encourage grifting at all but the fact is at least jontron is a talented & successful content creator. Now the alt right grifters aren’t even talented in anyway. Lil Jesus who made the groyper anthem is a terrible rapper who also admitted to being attracted to traps, catboys and loli porn (animated child porn).

    Baked Alaska was always cringe but the build the wall video was at least redeemable even if in a patronizing “bless his heart” sort of way… trump is my president on the other hand is cringe in a I’m embarrassed I know what this is sort of way

    The quality of people involved in the amnats circles is so bad they’re having to suck JLP’s lil wanna-be (the hake report) cock for exposure. Azzmador (read ds staff) is throwing huge super chats to hake for exposure (even though hakes YouTube channel only has 6k subs). Much like how halsey English tried to buy his way in with JF by constantly sending in superchats (jf destroyed halsey English today on TPS, and was surprised by how hard he went on him).

    The amnats have no talent outside of left over talent from 2016. The daily stormer community hasn’t been able to find any new talent with their HUGE (read bot traffic) zoomer readership. Anglin supposedly has a MASSIVE zoomer audience but not a single one of them is talented enough to gave old azz a break and create some radio or streaming content???


    They’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel, and after this election Fuentes will be gone.


    This GOP anti-pc movements HAS to cannibalise themselves. Because these movements are outside the Overton window the establishment GOP can only look the other way for so long before the blowback is too much. At which point the face of said anti-pc movement will have to be decapitated. The GOP will either invent or help foster another anti-pc crusader. The new anti-pc crusader will denounce the previous anti-pc crusader and swear up and down they’re new, different and totally not capitalizing on white anxiety/race baiting.

    then when they become too toxic they’ll be cast aside as well, and the cycle will repeat itself.

    The GOP approved anti-pc movement leaders have two choices as they start too become toxic, a) completely cuck and become another standard gop establishment shill and fade away into irrelevancy (think Glenn beck)

    or b) continue to be edgy (the basis of their fame) and get decapitated and replaced

    Because white politics are so toxic the pump & dump cycle is now shorter than ever. After the election EVERYONE connected to nick fuentes will bail on him and give the old “I didn’t know how bad he was until just now” articles and twitter posts apologizing for looking the other way.

    With Nick this got turned up early, and they’re itching to make nick completely radioactive.

    The edgy gop surrogate turn-n-burn will continue with faster and faster turn over

  8. This was a dramatically under reported story on pro-white circles

    During the 2016 election if the gop had to pay us to post during the meme war the bill would’ve been over 2 billion dollars.

    The GOP sees [pro] white americans as such suckers that they can get billions of dollars in free media from their white base posting online and not only do they not have to do anything for us- THEY WILL GIVE MONEY AWAY TO PEOPLE WHO WONT EVEN SHOW UP TO VOTE FOR THEM


    Sorry white guy, I know you spent hundreds of hours making meme videos but you can’t have a youtube channel anymore, and oh by the way can you donate? We’re giving away cash prizes to any random black guy that walks in off the street and PS4’s are expensive.

  9. This is an excellently written piece, HW. Unless and until politicians see our views as electorally viable, we’ll get nothing but their contempt.

  10. I’m for whichever side that will maximize anti-white vitriol. White advocates benefit when normie whites are made to feel their race like they never have before. They need to feel hated, and they need to understand that the only people that care about them are other whites. We seem to be getting plenty of that with Trump in office right now, and if he got reelected, I guarantee the hate would be off the charts. But a Bernie presidency will probably also embolden the anti-white coalition and lead to more persecution. Hard to say which would be best, but I think I’m leaning towards Trump now. Ultimately, increasing white racial consciousness is all that matters, not student loans or tax rates or foreign policy or whatever. What are we actually trying to accomplish here? Do we want an ethnostate that will secure our future forever or do we only want to ease our economic suffering as we slowly fade into oblivion?

  11. After all the betrayals can’t believe nick the Italian afro latino spic would be this sunken headed, guess all that superchat money went to his head Or is he even getting hush money from the Gop themselves now? It wouldn’t be so far fetched to think that. Can’t believe hes shilling this hard for a blumpf reelection would have more respect for him if he said vote for no one

  12. Wow, I’m so shocked that the “dissident right” which in the case of Fuentes is nothing more than a gay edgy paleoconservative would want us to get back on board for Trump in 2020. Really shocking. No thanks.

    As a populist, I have moved to the populist left for the time being. Right now they are the only ones who have anything to say about big finance, big military, foreign policy, healthcare and other issues (especially in economics) important to my family. All the “right” does is have an unhealthy cult-like devotion to Trump, kiss the ring of Netanyahu and Israel, cheer for war with Iran, cheer for more bad trade deals, praise banks, big AG and big corporations and have stupid immature child “leaders” like Catboi and Fuentes as people they listen to.

    They are completely irrelevant anyway. The mainstream conservatives are running the show in 2020. The “dissident right” is nothing but a sideshow. Besides, most of the real energy that made it what it was is gone. They are either staying home in 2020 or supporting Yang, Tulsi or Bernie. Trump 2020 offers us nothing.

    What I would say to my populist White brothers is vote for who offers you the best deal for your families economic interests because all these other issues the GOP pretends to care about – that is all it is, pretend. Don’t let the GOP machine and their operatives like Fuentes gaslight you into supporting another round of policies for Jeff Bezos and the Davos crowd.

    • The problem with the Democrats is they will just act like they are anti war or pro middle-class, etc. Then they will drop the hammer further on whitey with tons more refugees, tons more illegals, the wall goes nowhere, cuts to enforcement, going after whites for bogus hate crimes, more discrimination against whites in schools and hiring.

      The Democrats suck up to Israel all the time outside of literally a few members. What Democrat running for president doesn’t suck up to Israel?

      Democrats are the ones who chase people out. Most of the states taxed to death or turning into a mess are Democrat run.

      They give a lot of hot air on bread and butter issues but undermine it by pandering to illegals, blacks and Jews. Plus big money donors give to Democrats all the time; not just Republicans.

      Trump has been mild on the war front. Hillary is a war monger. Do you doubt Biden would be? Bloomberg? Bernie is a wildcard. He was pimped out by Sharpton and those black chicks who stole his Mic. He comes across as a weakling at times. And at nearly 80 coming off a heart attack I can see that pattern continue quietly. Plus promoting abortion and gay crap sickens me. But I understand your frustration.

      • That’s why it’s better to support a non anti-white Democrat (relatively speaking) such as Yang or Bernie that has credibility when it comes to economic populism.

        If it really turns out that economic populism is a complete and utter fraud on the left, this is actually still a good reason to support such a candidate. One of the benefits of Trump is that his election has shown that the GOP will do absolutely nothing in regards to immigration. But we already know that Trump is a complete fraud, so there’s no benefit to voting for him again.

        On the other hand, if, say, Andrew Yang was elected and completely “forgot” about his freedom dividend, or banned white people from receiving it, or if Bernie got elected and only focused on reparations for black people, this would redpill a tremendous number of people who previously belonged to the mainstream left and further delegitimize the establishment and reveal the oligarchic system for the scam that it truly is. And contrary to what right-wingers believe, this would probably benefit the dissident movement, since no one can pretend that they’re on our side because they’re “conservative,” whatever that means.

    • I’m similarly completely through with the “dissident right.” For whatever reason, I’ve come to conclude that something about being on the right renders one completely incompetent at politics, political strategy, and any understanding of how power actual works.

      Although the memes associated with the whole Yang Gang idea may have been too enthusiastic at the time, Hunter Wallace’s original arguments for supporting Yang’s UBI are sound. I plan to punish Trump by supporting Yang, and then Bernie if he’s the nominee.

  13. Nick Fuentes isn’t really the Dissident Right anyway. He’s shilling hard for Trump to draw more people into his grifting operation, and to divert attention from his catboy antics. Very Trumpian indeed.

  14. I’ll play the role of the contrarian here. The idea that Bernie Sanders would be able to accomplish anything that is contrary to the will of the ruling class is absolutely unbelievable. We have to get beyond this kind of naive thinking about the president’s power (that applies to Trump also). Any solution that Sanders could put into law regarding student loans, healthcare, “soaking the rich” and the like would be 100% designed to benefit the ruling elite. Anybody who doesn’t understand that isn’t living in the real world. The things that Sanders would be able to accomplish with ease are those that are congruent with the will of the ruling class — including those listed in the Sanders statement that Nick read on his show. I highly recommend that everyone go to 1:00:00 in the video and listen to what Bernie Sanders said and consider that those prescriptions are CONGRUENT with what the ruling elite wants right now, and therefore are very much possible.

    In the comments, Mestigoit considers that Sanders is less likely to start a war in Iran. To what degree is this believable? Recall that Bernie Sanders allowed a group of people to take over his own microphone and his own rally and stood there in the background like an impotent cuck while this group bashed him on his own microphone in front of his own supporters at his own rally. And we’re to believe that he’ll magically have the inner strength to not be bullied by the CIA? He doesn’t have the personality. For all his faults, at least Trump is pig-headed, stubborn and arrogant as hell. He can tell the generals to their faces that they’re a bunch of dopes and babies, and to some degree this has probably limited our involvement in Syria, etc.

    Now to his credit, Nick has said that Trump hasn’t been great and has admitted that Trump won’t play the role of savior (as opposed to, e.g., the Vox Day position), but it really does come down to the lesser of two evils at this point. We can’t discount the very real asymmetrical nature of power in the country (i.e., we have practically none).

    • I don’t see your comments as at all contrarian. They represent simple reality. A president has limited power to act on his or her own, except in military matters, which I think is why all presidents, whatever their formal party affiliations, love making war on random darker skinned persons around the world. The feeling of actual potency, as compared to the Gulliver existence in relation to Congress, the Courts, the Administrative State, etc., must be exhilarating.
      I agree that Bernie showed enough weakness in the Black Lives Matter situation and in letting Hillary Clinton steal his 2016 nomination without a whimper to suggest he is no more able then Trump, or anyone else, to change things in a material way. Only citizens united in a goal to thwart the Oligarchs can do anything. Some say withdraw, form local self-sufficient societies within the outer core USA Empire. Others say observe the carnage and mock the participants. Some say wait for the right Huey Long clone to come along. I say use a General Strike to force a modus vivendi between Oligarchs and the rest. Whatever choices each of us make, there are no guarantees because other people will react to those choices, supporting or resisting as they feel necessary for their own conception of the good life. Personally, I’d give Andrew Yang a chance. But I respect those who dissent. I could be wrong.

  15. Fuentes is a faggot who has gay sex with little boys in cat costumes. Why on earth would anyone listen to this individual? A vote for trump is a vote for Israel. Don’t vote or vote against him out of spite. Denounce Nick Fuentes. Nick Fuentes is not third position / dissident right, he is a homosexual conservative and conservatism is cancer.

  16. The conspiracy theorists are right, it doesn’t matter who gets in. They all kneel to the satanic globalist plan. No relief will ever come for working and middle class whites because they want us gone.

  17. Fortunately, I saw through Trump from day 1. I knew he was conning the masses and now you reap what you sow. I’m glad many on the right have finally seen through his con and are moving on but waiting for another “based” candidate to come around is futile. Nick the spic is as phony as Trump. They all are.

  18. Only two choices are implicitly white party that often disappoints versus the openly white eliminationist party… and you suggest neutrality?

    Dumb stuff like this is why we always lose.

    • Yes, there is nothing at stake in the election because both parties agree that we should be marginalized and denied representation. Also, none of the touted benefits of the GOP controlling the government ever materialized. We would just be writing another blank check for its donors to cash.

  19. The dissident right should not be neutral, it should be openly hostile to both Jewish controlled parties and to the whole corrupt Jewish system in general. If the dissident right thinks the current system is legit then they are part of it.

    Continued support of Trump is guaranteed evidence controlled opposition/paid shills. It’s so easy to imagine those Zionists in their smoke-filled rooms laughing it up at how they got so many retarded “Nazis” to support their boy.

    • Your summation is PERFECT. Absolutely correct from start to finish. I will not vote for Trump the Jew. I won’t vote for Bernie the Jew either. I do almost hope Bernie gets in; the Kikedy kike Bernie Admin will be hilarious! Trump is kinds sorta keeping things going…barely….but Sanders – HAHAHA! Behold the JEW un-masked.

  20. I don’t understand why people who want to hold down whites aren’t ecstatic about Republicans because if Whites actually started to stand up for each other in the labor force, that would majorly remove their ability to divide and conquer by using employers as the black mail quid pro quo agents. And as long as whites think like Republicans it will never happen. I’m by the way not saying that whites should never stand up for non-whites, but first they need to stop throwing each other under the bus.

    • Same, but I’m supporting Yang’s freedom dividend as much as possible, but I’ll support Bernie if he’s the nominee.

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