Stone Age Scandinavia: First People In the North

After watching this video, I wonder how many people who ended up in Britain and Scandinavia were refugees from Doggerland and to what extent the memory of that Stone Age flood survived in their cultures. Imagine what it must have been like to live through that tsunami. It must have undoubtedly been interpreted as the wrath of the gods.

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  1. The oldest wooden sculpture the Shigir Idol, discovered in western Siberia of Europe is dated at 11,000 years old. It’s extremely sophisticated with cravings of faces and symbols.

    I believe those people who made this sculpture were the first civilized inhabitants of Northeastern Europe, what contact and similarities did they share with the first people of northwest Europe (high lighted in this video) their BC time lines match up living next to the other. The area now Modern day Finland To Yekaterinburg Russia.

  2. Really cool topic and link. Thanks for posting recently about Doggerland. Please post any additional articles pertaining to this.

  3. Reading Graham Hancock’s “Magicians of the Gods”- light ‘fluff’ reading. But much of what is discussed in your recent geological posts, is mentioned/corroborated herein. I would advise as well, reading some of Brian Godawa’s research into biblical topics, memory, and the Book of Enoch, as it pertains to this time frame. “When Giants were upon the Earth.”

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