Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 2


The decline in the exponential growth rate is nothing to celebrate. Wuhan is just overwhelmed by the virus.

Pandemic means it spreads globally.

The latest numbers out if China suggest the outbreak is slowing, but …

Cursed TikToks in 2020:

So, I take it we are giving up on containment.

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    Why isn’t the ‘ open and free press’ giving us any information on this?
    Is the Vdare article absolutely correct, that all new cases outside China are ppl of Chinese race?

    • I wonder if business at Chinee lestalaunt is down? That would be the only time most white people come into contact with Orientals.

      • “BREAKING: 9th case of coronavirus confirmed in the U.S. — an adult female in Santa Clara County, California – KABC”

        Santa Clara County- near SF. Like I said.

        “Census demographics data released in 2019 shows that Asian-Americans have had the plurality of Santa Clara’s population since 2014.”-,_California

        Like I said, when the racial virus of the Asian meets the depleted immune system of the SF fag, we will be able to see what happens in the Bay area….

    • As far as immunity is concerned, you cannot succumb to the SAME flu (influenza) virus or cold (rhinovirus) virus. Your immune system has memory T-cells that will produce the correctly configured antibodies for previous colds and flus before they proliferate to cause clinical signs and symptoms.

      There’s also a hypothesis that if the first flu you ever had for instance was an H3N2, than your immune system will become more vigilant and effective fighting off future influenza strains that begin with H3N?.

      • “As far as immunity is concerned, you cannot succumb to the SAME ”

        Ok, but a virus like dengue fever has multiple strains. If a person is infected with one strain they develop a immunity to it, but become more vulnerable to the other strains with a much increased mortality rate and more long term complications.

        • Dengue Fever has a mortality rate of approximately 3.8% which is lowered to less than 1% with proper medical treatment. So if you survived your hypothetical case of dengue fever, you would have life immunity to that strain but remain as vulnerable to other strains as someone who never had dengue fever at all.

          • I’ve been lead to believe a second attack of dengue is much worse than the first, often with lifetime debilitating problems and a much higher rate of mortality, like 20%.

  2. O/T big time– Could hear caterwaulin’ jiggabette “singing” the Super Bowl Star Spangled Banner from the other end of the house. I’ve got an Excedrin headache now.

  3. Viruses have been with us for over 3 billion years back to the earliest epoch of organic life when Archaic Bacterium waged war against each other.

    A significant portion of the Recombinant DNA revolution during the 1980’s made use of bacteriophages and the restriction endonucleases evolved to defend against phage infection.

    In reality, we wouldn’t exist as a species without viruses. They are integral to the evolution of life.

    JQ analogies??


  4. According to Chinese officials (take or leave it), 2019 nCvV is capable of being transmitted to others during its incubation period, and if that’s true, there’s no possibility of containing this outbreak.

    • I just watched this “highlights ” video of the Event 201 summit held on October 18, 2019 about how to deal with a coronavirus pandemic. The gathering of global capitalists, international organizations, and government leaders did not instill any confidence in their abilities after viewing it.

      George Gao of China’s CDC was in attendance.

      This video demonstrated that they were cognizant of the likelihood of a global pandemic and how sectors of globalized society (e.g., finance, medical, transportation, et cetera) would be affected.

      The video is less than 12 minutes long.

  5. Arian wrote:


    Why isn’t the ‘ open and free press’ giving us any information on this?
    Is the Vdare article absolutely correct, that all new cases outside China are ppl of Chinese race?”

    Hi Arian,

    You may have noted that the first US death is in Santa Clara, CA. For those who don’t know, Santa Clara is in “Silicon Valley”, the birthplace of the microchip revolution.

    I’ve been a process engineer in that industry for 19 years now. It is flooded with foreign nationals, and Chinese and Indians are the most numerous folks of that category. I estimate that in the Process Engineering sector (the inventors of your new microchip technology) the Chinese nationals may be 15%. Indians might be about the same percentage.

    Our US press is neither open, nor free. And they are not at all honest. I gave you statistics that are a best “guestimate” based on my experience with MULTIPLE companies and fabrication sites across the US. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

    • Greetings Kentucky Gent,

      A death ? I didn’t know that. Is that the only death?

      Yes, santa Clara/San Jose has changed a lot.
      It use to be 90% White with a few Chinese and Japanese orchard growers.

      I use to walk to school , past the old Shockley labs on San Antonio rd, Mt. View.

      • Arian,

        Haha. I began elementary school in Sunnyvale before moving to the Midwest .

        Looking at my class photos from that time, almost all of my classmates were White with the exception of a few Orientals and Mexican hybrid.

        One of biggest mistakes my parents ever made was leaving that area. Back in the mid-70s that area was almost had a small town atmosphere .

        My maternal grandfather is buried in Mountain View.

  6. Aye fool- I got the corona virus bad lass weekend ese. I was running to the bathroom Orale! The corona gave me the beer-shits bad! Oracle!

    That’s why I only drink Modello’s Foo!


  7. Funny tik tok of all those women in hijabs being sprayed with disinfectant they look completely clueless, pretty extreme response when they only have a few cases but they are right to stop flights. Indonesia is one of those weird Asian countries still dominated by islam, it use to be mostly Buddhist at one point i think.

    I’ve eaten alot of different Asian foods but I never had Indonesian food before but it looks pretty tasty definitely looks more appetizing then batwing soup haha

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