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  1. Great work by ‘Way Of The World.’ Here’s some great work by someone DOING something while others try to get the world to like them by showing they now like football 🙂

    • Gray Ghost,

      I listened to this video. Some of his points were repetitive. I do not believe in his civic nationalist ideas. Nor do I equate “western” values with the USA. However, his obvious conclusion is that we are different than you and those differences are not going away.

      The idea that what government you are under defines who you are is bizarre. Citizenship does not negate race and religion. It just defines what mutual rights and obligations govt. and people owe each other.

      I do not understand the mentality of the video and it’s ideas. Individuality, military weapons in civilian hands, limited governmnent etc. are foreign to me. None of those ideas are traditonally “Western”. They only exploded after American/French Revolutions. Traditionally speaking monarchy has been the most prevalent form of govt. in Christian history not radical equality.

      My world is the Traditional Latin Catholic world with Church and State united, centralized government, etc. My views are and have to remain in strong opposition to much of what he believes in. I agree with him on some points.

      • “My world is the Traditional Latin Catholic world with Church and State united, centralized government, etc. M”

        All Catholic made countries are poor brown shitholes. Everyone in your country is poor except for a small White elite. The only way anyone can better themselves in a South American Catholic shithole is to become a drug lord.

        Soon North America will be a third world shithole like where you are from Cristina, and you will feel right at home, because there will be no gun rights, no free speech, poverty everywhere, and sorry Yang Gang, there will be no socialism, because poor brown countries can’t afford it. Only rich White countries can afford socialism of any kind.

        • Don’t presume that a “Church and State united world” is foreign to the West, or to White nations. Whites invented this construct, which was the NORM from roughly 325AD – 1920AD, until the Enlighten/Endarkenment began its traitorous propaganda war against all valid governance.

          Indeed, Church and State conjoined in ‘symphony’ is the ONLY valid form of government, and was promulgated by YHWH in the Pentateuch, which is the foundational schema for all Christian nations. Indeed, the Symphony of the Orthodox was regnant until the jewish Bolsheviks martyred the Royal Family of Nicholas II in 1917.

          Lastly, the ONLY race that desires a ‘secular’ gov’t (for there is no neutrality- you either serve one religion or another- the question is always WHICH religion?!) for Whites, at any rate (for what they do in their own land, is another matter) ARE THE JEWS, and THEIR SHABBAS GOYIM.

          ….of which you are one.

          • Father John,

            Well I came home for lunch and saw your comment. Thank you for your comment. Well said. Back to school but like always I thank you for your expertise.

            As always I am Cristy Romana Alvarez H.

          • Cathokike Countries are ALWAYS ruled by Jews. And Christard social order IS. Why didn’t Kristardism same the Romanovs?

            Yahweh is volcano demon. WHY do you worship a semite volcano demon?

        • Chan,

          You conveniently forgot European Catholic countries in your tirade. Quite a rich history. Protestantism is no protection against what is happening in the white world any more than modern Catholicism is.

          Also, Argentina, Chili etc. are majority white. The life expectancy in Argentina is 77 years and in Chile is 80 years old. More than in the USA. Brazil is 76 years old and they have a lot of blacks. Saying you have to be a drug dealer to succeed in life in South America was kind of funny.

          By the way the life expectancy in Mexico is around the same as the USA. 75 years compared to 78 years. Mexico is a socialist country.

          As for guns? Guns do not have rights, only people. Have all those AR/AK’s stopped homosexual marriages, integration, illegal immigration, transgenderism,abortions, bombing in the Middle East etc? By the way every white country in the world has stricter gun laws than the USA including Switzerland and they have low crime rates. Nothing wrong with hunting weapons and pistols of course. But the worship of firearms in the USA is a form of idolatry when carried to such extremes.

          I do not believe in free speech as an absolute right and neither does this website. I saw what this site was like before the Civility Law and it was a mess.

          As for poverty? If the USA paid it’s debt of 24 Trillion dollars it would fall apart. The USA is living in a house of cards.

          As for feeling at home? I feel quite at home at the American or Mexican private schools I got to. My family even employs Anglos in the USA in our businesses. If you are lucky we might even let you work for us someday.

          As for Yang Gang? I am not eligible for his thousand dollars. Nor would I accept it if I was eligible. I am well taken care of.

          You should write your letters to American politicians not me. It will have the same effect but it would be an official protest.

          • “As for guns? Guns do not have rights, only people. Have all those AR/AK’s stopped homosexual marriages, integration, illegal immigration, transgenderism, abortions, bombing in the Middle East etc? By the way every white country in the world has stricter gun laws than the USA including Switzerland and they have low crime rates. Nothing wrong with hunting weapons and pistols of course. But the worship of firearms in the USA is a form of idolatry when carried to such extremes.”


            As the saying goes….. guns don’t kill people, people kill people. So, although guns themselves are incapable of doing anything to protect us or preserve the social order, it has been the cowardice and brainwashing of the white race that missed the opportunity to straighten things out in the earlier of stages. Our government has outpaced us in the arms race but the destruction that can still be caused by the 2nd Amendment should not be ignored. It is often said that, at a minimum, there are more than 400,000,000 private weapons in the US and 200,000,000 people who know how to use them. I think those figures may be underestimated. But, regardless, these figures truly show the remarkable restraint of ordinary white people. I, personally, believe many of the recent mass shootings are highly suspect and I tend to not believe the official story on any of them. So, for me, they have no bearing on my feelings one way or another.

            A document like the Constitution could only be written by white minds because non-white minds simply don’t get it. They don’t truly understand the concepts of genuine freedom. In fact, many can’t seem to differentiate between inalienable human rights and bestowed civil rights.

            Our nations and our houses of worship have been commandeered by aliens with the help of numerous traitors from within. However, I have not given up on the white race. We are a very patient people. The real meaningful changes will only occur when we run out of patience.

      • “My world is the Traditional Latin Catholic world with Church and State united, centralized government, etc.”– Hmmm, I’m not sure what you mean by that.

        Mexico may have a Catholic Church on the east side of every town’s central plaza, but the government of Mexico told the Catholic Church to go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine a long time ago.

        • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

          I am a Catholic before I am Mexican. Mexico was pro Catholic until the Mexican Revolution that ended in 1921. Then it became anti Catholic like all Marxist revolutions.

          Slowly it has gotten better. A priest can now wear his garb in public. I go by Catholic defined dogmas not the secular. No government north or south of the border determines my belief.

          Some States in Mexico do not allow abortion regardless of the Federal law. Mexico is more Catholic than the USA.

          • Mexico is more Indio syncretic Catholic than the USA, but we’re getting there with all of your surplus vatos y narcotraficantes de poco monto con sus mierditas de Jesus Malverde. But really all bets are off with this globo-pan-sexual Pope y’all have.

        • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

          What you said about Francis is true of course. Most Catholics in Mexico as well as the USA are Catholic in name only.

          • The practice of Catholicism in Mexico (and many other parts of Latin America) has always been corrupted by syncretism of indigenous heathen religions. It was the only way the conquistadores could con the locals into “conversion”.

          • Murder is already illegal, guns don’t cause crime but niggers sure do.

            Why does Mexico have so many killings if all guns are illegal?
            Jamaica too.

            The church and state are united today, anything Harvard/Yale says becomes global philosophy.

            Your cuckolic church lost to the church of globohomo.


            Guns are the only way to take it back.

          • This is to Saka – because the “replies” run out at a certain point in a thread.

            Thank you for your intelligent and practical REAL WORLD observations. Observable patterns, IN THE REAL 3D WORLD, should be the SOLE criteria for policy. Alas, demented ideologies of all striped pay attention to everything and anything ELSE besides the real world.

            You are correct about guns. Widespread gun ownership is the ONLY thing that will save the lives and property of functional, honorable people. ANYONE who advocates for “gun control” are spiritual, mental, and emotional CRIMINALS, solely interested in maintaining power for the ruthless and EVIL. The Founders implemented the 2nd Amendment to PROTECT ordinary, decent folk.

            Third World Orcs cannot comprehend this. This mental, emotional, and spiritual deficiency is one of the many elements that make Third World types “This World”. “Gun control” protects CRIMINALS. Which is what Thirdie Orcs LOVE.

            Due to mass Jewing of once-White lands, the big problem with Whites is that they don’t know who to….use the tools on. It’s our job to set them straight.

            And YES YES YES – the KikeChurch is dedicated to destroying everything decent, sane, wholesome, intelligent, and WHITE. KikeChurch drop DEAD.

  2. It would be great if Corona-chan not only wiped out the excess chink population but also exposed what cruel, dirty savages they are. The Koreans and Japanese are much more desirable to do business with.

  3. Thank you for the interesting reporting. Between machines looking to take everyone’s jobs, a nation that is multi trillions in debt and now viruses spreading thanks to ” muh one world” economy, maybe there is hope. Next up has to be limiting all welfare people to two kids tops. Right now the dumb and the scammers have all the kids!

  4. Am I the only one that feels that2019 nCoV has put a chink (pun intended and not intended) into the cult of globalism? Open borders and cultural relativism are even going to be a more difficult sell now.

    • My thoughts exactly and if were able to read minds, the thoughts of the ruling class, too. The difference is I will celebrate the end of globalism while the ruling class is terrified of globalism coming to an end. The whole rotten edifice of American “culture” (e.g. Superbowl spectacles) will come to an end when globalism ends, they are joined at the hip.

      • It seems every group of yoofs across the world has been infected by American ghetto “culture”…the baggy, low hanging pants, the sideways LA or NY ball cap, the bling, the ho’s…what self-respecting teenaged Arab or Chinaman would want to emulate any of that shit? They don’t even like our Negroes!

        “America is the only empire in the history of the world that will have a rise and fall without any great civilization in between.”

        – That old colored guy at the bus station

  5. Snowhitey,

    I did not see a Reply button next to your comment so I will reply here. I thank you for your detailed response. I do not however believe in the US 1775 Revolution of Freemasons. It was immoral and does not reflect my religion. Nor do I believe in the US constitution. Your Revolution was not based on Christian principles. Look at the Treaty of Tripoli in 1796 signed by President Washington and passed by the Senate.

    The Treaty of Tripoli quite clearly stated that the USA was not founded on christian principles and that the US is not inherently against Islam.

    The 1775 Revolution believed in –Freedom or Religion, Individuality, Freedom of Speech, No taxation without Representation, Separation of Church and State, revolt against lawful authority etc. All those Revolutionary ideas are mortal sins and violate basic Catholic principles. No Catholic can believe in that and remain Catholic.

    I am white and I do not believe in the Constitution of the usa or your founding fathers. Men that owned white indentured servants and slaves are no one to speak of freedom. Did not the USA give negroes more rights in 1870 than they gave their own women until 1920?

    Your Revolution caused the French Revolution and all that came afterwards. Once the USA started practicing what it preached on freedom and equality you were bound to end up just where you are and you have dragged the world with you.

    Your firearms are no deterrent to anything. You would need tanks, missiles, etc. to keep up with technology. Government and people should be one in spirit not at each other’s throat. So I do grant that a homogenous society would be more at peace with or without millions of weapons.

    • Snowhitey,

      I wrote my comment to you with all respect. It is just that I have a different morality and mentality than yourself. The USA was created for WASP’s by WASP’s that is true. I do not fit in your society any more than you would fit in my world.

      There is no harm in that. Different people’s work best in societies of their own making which reflects them not someone else.

      • “The USA was created for WASP’s by WASP’s that is true. I do not fit in your society any more than you would fit in my world.”

        That is really the bottom line. If we had maintained that, we would still have a functional nation. But they were fools and let people in who were fundamentally different from themselves. It was a recipe for dysfunction and eventual downfall.

        • Powell,

          I agree with that completely. I was trying to get to that conclusion which I did after spilling hundreds of extra words. The only way for others to fit in your society is for them to give away what they are. In the process they will change you and society as well.

          The black influence in the USA speaks for itself.

        • Powell,

          Don’t forget or forgive the two (brother) world wars WASPS fought for international jewry. There is plenty of reasons and faults for the downfall of WASPS and their nations. Even the war between the states was a WASP vs WASP bloodbath. I lay the king’s share of our current situation at the door of the WASPS

      • Christina,

        Thank you for the response. I appreciate your candor and respect your opinions. I did not take offense to anything. I understand you now and where you are coming from. And, you are better at the fine points of history than I am. I believe you stated you were a history major, correct?

        Personally, I am one who believes we are still connected to the Crown in more than just being “Allies” and that the Crown has always been connected to the Vatican. Your commitment to Catholicism has weathered many storms. I am not anti-Catholic but the Catholic Church of today is pretty unrecognizable. At least the ones in the US. Perhaps they are different in the Southwest and Mexico. I don’t think any organized religion would be aligned with our Constitution. I didn’t intend to convey that all whites would align with it but they certainly understand its intentions. And, yes, I agree with you. Our history looks like a blueprint intended to bring us to the point we are at today. Of course, that’s only if it was relayed honestly.

        As for guns, I think it’s a culture thing. And, they’ve become even more common with white Americans as diversity has increased. And, especially since the rule of law often appears obsolete.

        All revolutions and wars are immoral. I think the real goals behind them are never completely revealed to the people who participate in them on the mid to lower levels. And certainly never revealed to the people who read about them long after they’ve ended. I honestly don’t believe that real history is ever recorded precisely how it occurs. How do we really know what occurred 300 years or even 200 years ago? We are told what happened and we must believe the storytellers. And, I am referring to everywhere not just here.

        As for the Founding Fathers owning indentured servants and slaves, do you not see that people today are owned as well? It’s just done differently. Besides, should we constantly judge those who came before us when we know we will be judged unfairly by those who come behind us? Do we have complete freedom today or is that something else we are fooled into believing? Is registering for Selective Service a freedom? Is having to get a permit to put a well on land you own freedom? I don’t think so but we rationalize why we have laws and rules and why they must be followed. But we also know that not everyone follows them. We know some people are above those laws and rules. I have become of the opinion that the whole system is a sham – including our history. When I so often question the times we live in, how can I believe the stories of our past?

        I think the havoc that ails us has origins that are far beyond our understanding.

        • Well, Snow – as the country Browns out, you’ll get a 24/7 taste of Lateen-O “culture”. How will you enjoy having your right to defend yourself against Orcs stripped away? At least now, the Jews and their minions are having problems removing the right to self-defense. That will cease to be an issue once the Indio mongrels take over. Legal rights mean nothing in in Orc world.

          At least you’ll have the consolation of watching “hot” Mestiza mongrel “singers” shake their crotches on TalmudVision, for “entertainment”. It’s gonna be GREAT! I’m certain all the White Nationalist commenters her can’t wait!

        • Snowhitey,

          While I will no longer participate on this site, I will respond to a reasoned comment such as yours.

          As far as firearms go I have stated repeatedly that for the USA I support the idea of having hunting long arms and pistols. I am dubious on military rifles but the burden of proof on banning them is up to the gun control people to proof their case.

          As for Mexico? If latin americans in the USA with American gun laws commit lots more crime than self defense which we all believe to be true then why would Mexicans in Mexico with American gun laws be any different?

          Standards that make one society habitable do not necessarily work in other societies. 95-98% of murders by the Cartels are against other Cartel members and soldiers and police making more firearms in civilian hands for that purpose irrelevant.

          I know what Mexico is like. If I thought American style gun laws would help Mexico then of course I would be for that. It is possible that a little loosening of the laws might benefit. Or make it worse. Mexico has lots of wild people. I do not wish the Mexican corruption/crime rate on any people. I have also stated repeatedly my opposition to illegal immigration everywhere.

          Before the gun laws went into effect in the 1960/1970’s Mexico’s murder rate was higher. Even now with the Cartels it is around 22 murders for every 100,000 people. In the 1980’s it varied between 17-21 murders per 100,000 people.

          The problems Mexico has can only be solved by a strict and moral government. Mexico generally has neither. That means the Army.

          It does not bother me in the slightest that the Founding Fathers of the USA had indentured and slaves but when you promote universal standards of freedom/equality then it stands out.
          They should have made the US republic like the Roman one.
          Which it sort of like it was until the War between the States.

          Unless I missed something I agreed with all your comment and I appreciate that someone can disagree with me and remain dignified and decent.

          Here and there I will look at comments of people I like/respect and respond but I will not go beyond that.

          As for the Catholic Church in Mexico? I believe it suffers from most of the ailments as in the USA. But I have always been taken to conservative/traditional churches so I am not contaminated. I wear a mantilla in church as well.

          I am not a history major as I am not in the university. I am still in school. I love history and my families have good libraries as well. Also private schools educate better.

    • Look at how long the Bourbons, Hohenzollerns and Habsburgs ruled their respective countries, miss. That is because they did so with the best interests of their royal subjects in mind (aka, enlightened self interest). This year I plan on visiting Huis Doorn in the Netherlands to pay my respects to Kaiser Wilhelm II, as well as the Capuchin Crypt in Wein for Empress Maria Theresa.

      • Spahnranch1969,

        Yes. That is true. The USA is unraveling fast. Combining an universalist philosophy with rulers who do not care for their own kind has produced this mess.

        I also see no way out without an economic/war collapse. If that Chinese virus takes a zombie movie direction then that might make people serious about solving real problems instead of being concerned over football etc.

        Enjoy your trip. It should be very fascinating.

      • Spahn,

        Empress Maria Theresa’s burial vault is one scary looking sarcophagus. It easily could be in Hill House.

        • November,

          I remember you showing me a link and it did look like a scene in a horror movie. You got me at times looking at that website Blackpilled.

          Are you that man who narrates it? These types of sites are way more interesting than Yahoo news. I almost never watch television.

          • Devon Stack and his channel Blackpilled is fantastic.

            Bravo to you November, and querida señorita Cristina.

      • This year I plan on visiting Huis Doorn in the Netherlands to pay my respects to Kaiser Wilhelm II


        Gott segne seine Majestät Kaiser Wilhelm der Zweite

        Enjoy the Huis Doorn, and the crypt in Wien for die Kaiserin

      • Virtus,

        You have been very kind. I am exiting from this website. I am tired of being insulted by demented people. You have been wonderful. I leave this website as an enemy of white natiionalism. They are crazy.

        • Cristina dear, like I told you when we first talked, you have been an extremely intelligent and insightful commentator on this blog.

          I, and I’m sure many others (whether they actively commented or not), have enjoyed and profited from your unique style, and thoughtful perspectives. You, most importantly, have always been kind and respectful, and very considerate.

          I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am that Hunter did not police his blog a little better, at least calling out such trashy and evil comments that you have been subject to recently. For that I sincerely apologise to you, on behalf of the “White Advocate” community, if you will (I’m not a White ‘nationalist’ — have nothing against the concept, just that too many who identify with it are very troubled, broken individuals, many of whom do not have an ounce of character or morality).

          I really hope you reconsider staying, since you bring a valued perspective.

          Dios te bendiga Cristina, mi alma esta contigo.

          • Hunter, like Cristina has said in her previous comments before, the needless and gratuitously evil invective that have been directed at Cristina by a particular commentator or two really was profoundly uncalled for. Please, as a Christian, encourage more respectful dialogue between the guests of your very good blog.

          • Virtus,

            I also owe you because of your sweetness a response. I think you for all your kind comments. You have been unfailingly smart and kind.

            I am just tired of always week after week and month after month being non stopped personally, religiously, and racially attacked. Would you put up with what I have had to put up with here? I am not sure if I deserve a medal for patience or a slap for being a chump. My grandmother said I should be slapped for taking up for people who hate me. She is probably correct.

            I gave a partial list of the insults I have been subjected to by the freaks on this website in my response to November—and I believe most of them are from WN’s not agent provocateurs.

            I do copy/print out the insults I have been subjected to and show them to family and friends both in the States and Mexico. They are appalled. Both the Anglos and the Latins.

            Anyway, thank you for your non stop kindness and writing to me in Spanish. A beautiful, and thoughtful way of doing things.

            So I blow you my kisses.

        • Cristina dear, you are beautiful beyond words,. You have a sterling character, and a strength of your convictions, that is simply unimaginable in this ‘modern’ mundo,s especially for such a mujer joven like yourself.

          You emphatically are a chosen member of God’s Faithful Remnant, and you indeed have a calling, a mission in this life. It was such a pleasure getting to know you, and always looked forward to your very intelligent and thoughtful perspectives. (Malachi 3:16-18)

          Please continue your love of learning the Truth, and share your wisdom on other blogs, and in other endeavors in life (and perhaps hope to see you back here again sometime).

          Abrazos y besos para ti Cristina, y un cordial saludo y respeto a su familia.

          • Virtus,

            As I have mentioned I will occasionally say hello and respond to those I much appreciate with out being active on here. But I will not initiate/respond to others or comment on articles. I doubt if I will read hardly any of them anymore. So I will only use this site for chats with friends. Kind of like having email or facebook. Using them while not agreeing with their policies.

            I once again have no words for your compliments and I am known among friends/family for being talkative. Men like you and November are rare.

            By the way November’s comment was for someone else below you not yourself of course even though it looks like he is responding to you.

            The Catholic hater on here quite clearly says Catholics are worse than Jews. I would think most White Nationalists would disagree but then one never knows.

  6. Snowhitey,

    I was just about to go to bed when I reread your main comment. I liked your last paragraph. I also do not think Whites are going to be destroyed. Nor do I wish for your destruction or anybody else’s either.

  7. saka sher,

    Mexican cartels get most of their guns from the United States. Also guns are not illegal in Mexico. Please do basic research before making such an asinine statement. There are plenty of illegal and legal guns in Mexico.

    • Practical self-defense guns for (law abiding) civilians might as well be illegal in Mexico. , .22 caliber max., specially licensed hunting clubs, no public carry, and the whole package of statutory restrictions are constructively equivalent to NYC or Chicago. But nobody is law abiding in Mexico anyway and it’s coming to that here.

      • Flax,

        Your gun laws do not make you safer but if you wish to believe that…
        More guns in Mexican hands means more dead Mexicans overall. The exact gun laws of Mexico may be looked up. They are no secret.

  8. Denise,

    You are one demented cyka. You make white nationalists look like sick fools. The very fact that Hunter Wallace allows you on this site is to his shame.

    • By the by – you are replying to my ACCURATE comment about Thirdes and gun control, power and criminality. . You have proven my point, you indio parasite.

  9. November,

    You are fantastic. But I am sick and tired of dealing with the people here. Thank you for your fantastic comments.


    • Cristina,

      What happened? I missed this latest blowup. Virtus, myself, and the majority of those here on OD look forward to your polite and well reasoned comments.

      You’re correct. As a Mexican of European lineage, you bring (brought?) a perspective unique and of value. You know that I’ve been a friend and respect your POV, even when we held differing opinions on issues.

      Lately, you’ve mentioned “the civility law” often, but stated that it was making OD a more positive and congenial place.

      Hopefully, your Latin blood will cool, and you’ll grace us with your presence again.

      • November,

        I consider that I owe you out of respect and strong liking a response. I have been on this website for 7 months I think. I have been more than polite no matter what the insults to myself, my religion, and my people. I only have 4 cheeks and I have turned them too much.

        I have been called a whore twice, a shiksa, a transvestite twice, an animal, a roach, and told I should sexually service a donkey in Tijuana. The insults never stop. Most of the time no one can refute what I say or even civilly address the issues. The insults have not just been from your embedded mental case either.

        I have grown too tired of it. Hunter Wallace does not care. It is a pretense on his part. Can anyone imagine Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson running a newspaper and allowing the garbage by some of the people here?

        Why the hell should I take up for your people when I am allowed to be treated like caca? You would not. No one would. My family and friends have wondered what took me so long to say to hell with it. But then I am known for patience and calm nerves. Enough is enough however.

        I might comment on Blackpilled sometime. I might even respond to one of your comments on here someday. But only really to say hello and not be a participant here. A fun possible fact. Since my grandfather is 3/4th German and yet I am only 18 3/4 % German it is still half and half that I have a German last name.

        • “Well… Byeeeee!”

          No one on a Mexican Nationalist website would want Southern Nationalists posting there, and we’d have no interest either, because we aren’t Mexicans.

          You clearly like how poor brown Catholic countries are run and want to sell that way of life too us, which which not even your fellow Mexicans want to live in, so you have no good faith reason to be here at all.

          • Job,

            Thanks to the jews and their shabbos goy useful idiots like the Koch Brothers, it won’t be long before Dixie and the rest of the USA is one big brown third world shithole. Mestizos are only here at the bequest of corporation’s hunger for cheap labor, public school teacher’s unions needing asses in the classroom, and misguided humanitarianism by White liberals secular and non-secular.

      • November,

        You mentioned that my view of my girl friends was merely subjective and that they might not be as wonderful as I think.

        Well, I think the following old USA song would apply to us. I am in love with old American music.


    • November,

      I will stay in touch with you on this website. Since I will read few articles and fewer comments I might miss a comment by you that warrants a response. I will not be ignoring you just that I could just miss what you wrote.

      Stay wonderful.

      I also give you my kisses and sweetness.

      • Cristina,

        No problem. I understand.

        Do young folks still learn this old saying?

        Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

        Also, consider the source(s) of insults hurled at you. When you devalue their opinion(s), their name calling and belittling will not bother you one iota. It will be like water off a duck’s back.

        • November,

          I do not recall ever hearing that saying. I believe I have taken more caca off of this website than anyone else on here would have or could have.

          I will not forget. Neither will my family forget. We are now strong enemies of white nationalism.

        • November,

          Slight clarification. When I said I am now the enemy of White Nationalism that does not mean the enemy of White Advocacy. I support the latter.

          I define White Nationalism as more hatred of others than love of one’s own kind as well as it including many deranged individuals.

      • Cristina,

        You’re well within your prerogative to feel insulted, but in my opinion, your letting your anger overwhelm your common sense. I sense that you are lashing out and are disappointed in HW for not censuring certain comments and commentators.

        Whatever views you have on WNs, they aren’t anything like their opposition in regards to political policy objectives and international finance/jewry. I do not believe that you, your church, or family will be in league with our adversaries because they’re your enemies too. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

        Some of the demented people who comment on OD aren’t well like or have any influence on the thinking of others here. If they fall in with such “caca,” they’re no better than they are. Being uncouth, mean-spirited, and blindly hateful only seems to work for jews. Those voices do not represent me nor the White positive sphere as a whole.

        Remember, you wouldn’t want others to judge all Mexicans by the malicious actions of bandits and cholos.

        Until next time, be well.

        • November,

          As always you are a calming voice of reason. I can easily admit when I am wrong when dealing with someone who uses logic and is friendly.

          So, yes you are correct and I thank you for pointing out my over reaction to the extent I was carrying it. For you to take your time in doing so is admirable.

          My father told me the same thing. Unlike modern movies where teenage daughters run the family, my father is/should be in command. He told me if I aspire to be more than a dutiful wife someday that you just ignore the demented. No one can ever really win an internet fight anyway.

        • November,

          I forgot to give you my kisses. Well you definitely practiced the christian virtue of patience and gentle rebuking. I am powerless before such virtues.

          • Cristina,

            Are you trying to make me blush? If I have any bone deep virtues, I’ve picked them up by my four legged ‘Angels with tails.”

        • November,

          I forgot to tell you how I happen to be on here. It was my older sister that was supposed to look at this site to gather information and see what WN’s are like. This site was considered very interesting.

          Well my sister took a look at this website last year around the time of the New Zealand shootings saw all the crazy comments and said —–“No way I am going to read what these lunatics were saying much less comment”. At that time there were a lot of comments about attacking moslems, Jews, and others. It was a complete mess.

          Since I had briefly been on this site for around a month in 2018 I was asked to go back in summer 2019. My older brother originally did not want me to comment here just observe. But I can not resist giving out what I believe and think.

          The site is addictive. Just witness how many former comments I have made.

          • Cristina,

            Okay, this question begs to be asked : Why did you older sister want to seek information on a pro-White and Pro-Southern Nationalist blog? It sort of feels like opposition research. It seems that your siblings are concerned with a pro-White uprising.

          • Cristina:

            I just got wind of this problem a couple hours ago, then got distracted by a neighbor who came by to visit before I got a chance to respond. In any case, it seems like you are having second thoughts about permanently leaving, and I for one am very glad to hear it.

            I have been spending less time here lately as well, and a big part of the reason for that is that I cannot tolerate or abide the likes of Denise and her infidel crassness. She doesn’t like me either, if that is any consolation. Ha, ha. I’m too old to give a hoot whether she likes me or insults me for the most part, however, so there ya go. I have four daughters and I can assure you not one of them would ever even think of expressing herself the way Denise habitually does at this site (and I assume elsewhere); if ever one of them did I might give her a direct warning or two before I disowned her, but it would be one or two warnings at most. They all know this, but they wouldn’t do it anyway because, they simply come from better stock than that. Bottom line.

            I’m one of those who know you make a valuable contribution to these threads.

          • Cristina,

            If I recall correctly, that song is one of your grandmother’s favorite tunes.

            Are you familiar with the actress Zooey Deschanel? She also sings retro songs in the band called She & Him. This song is similar to her style.

        • November,

          This is in response to one of your comments below. I do not even calculate a white uprising. No. Your cause is not powerful in the slightest. The interest in white nationalism was based on it being an interesting side show. And the fact that your enemies are strongly against you.

          It was curiosity not fear that led us here. My brother does not even pay attention to white nationalist web sites any more. I only stayed because I find it interesting. None of my class mates have heard of white nationalism if it was not for me.

          The general consensus is that if white nationalists had power they would drive all non Anglo people living in the USA including citizens out of the country.

          You have to admit that is your ultimate goal. If not then what is your ultimate goal?

          • Pan European Ethnic homeland is my own ultimate goal, but religious schisms and old feuds make that unlikely.

            Your take on what’s referred to as “white nationalism ” is skewed. Why would I be associated with anything Anglo-centric? WASPs have demonstrated that they shouldn’t be ever allowed at the helm of Western Civilization by their resume.

            As you are a Catholic first and foremost, I am an advocate for the survival of European kind and the 14 Words. My hope was a eugenic GATTICA-type future.

            Our cause might not be powerful today, but when the White race has its back up against the wall, time will tell, if the European race survives or perishes. As a people, we are force multipliers. We are the proverbial Golden Goose of Mankind. Without us, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will reign. My only empathy will be towards the innocent creatures left to the non-white’s stewardship.

            Quality of people, your friends included is subjective. I won’t argue the point that there are some here that make pro-White advocacy repellent and play into our opposition’s stereotype unfortunately. If we were to judge Catholicism on the centuries of pedophilia by its clergy, the RCC would more radioactive than the Bikini Island Atolls.

            Not to be rude, but I really don’t care what your high school friends thinks about White Nationalists. What do they know, except what the jewsmedia and deracinated Whites secular and non-secular excrete.

        • November,

          On that song Johnny Get Angry my grandmother is only marginally aware of it. She introduced me to American music of the 1950’s and I found it on my own.

          As for southern nationalism? I can not predict the future but that seems very unlikely.

          When this article thread plays out my presence will be sparse. If you were to meet my friends and myself you would find us of much higher quality than many of the people here. And none of us are white nationalists.

          None of us running a website would tolerate the insanity of many of the commenters and their statements.

          There does not seem to be much moral restraint on here and what little there is only exists because of fear that the site will get shut down.

          • I generally let people participate so long as they 1.) steer clear of talking about violence and 2.) try to be civil and get along with other commentators. The result of those two rules is the comment section which includes people like you and Kevin and all sorts of people who don’t like each other. There is far more free speech here than most other websites.

        • November,

          I had to search to find a Reply tab for your latest comment. The one on what is your final goal. You wrote a lot. I like that since I like to analyze.

          Your first paragraph is interesting. I have no problem with that.

          Second paragraph–As you might guess. I really liked that.

          Third Paragraph–Seems reasonable. I do not know what 14 words mean. Maybe I could look it up but I am feeling lazy right now

          Fourth paragraph—Yes. That is a reasonable comment

          Fifth paragraph—-Yes. We Catholics have had a lot of bad actors in history as have all religions/groups etc. Which of course was your point.

          Sixth paragraph—–Actually my friends and myself are head and shoulders above what you might think. We are definitely not deracinated. All of us have strong sense of race. Even the anglo girls I know are not like girls on Television.

          None of us have that nauseating teenage attitude. I think my friends and myself consider being pro white different than white nationalism. Our education is not main stream.

          On another comment you mentioned Zooey Duschanel. Never heard of her.

          Anyway nice analysis. I appreciate the mental jousting.

        • November,

          Your last letter was very detailed and complicated. I had to copy and paste some to an online translator though those are frequently not precise and I also had to ask my brother on certain terms. I am referring of course about your comment on women.

          There are always subtleties to languages. I believe your bottom line on women is that we are dismal.

      • Cristina dear, I was trying to respond to another comment of yours on this thread,this but their is no reply button for it, so I’ll respond here (and hope you see it).

        Like I told you before, you are a phenomenol young lady, of sterling Christian character. Please don’t let the bad experiences you had here with a few of the commentators jade you towards the love and understanding of higher, Godly Truth.

        Many White nationalists are indeed bad people, morally and spiritually broken and exhausted. A HUGE part of the reason for this is that they are so utterly powerless and marginalized, especially in America (not as much in Europe or other White countries, including the Whites of Latin America, many of whom, like you said of your own family, are wealthy, and respected members of their culture and society.) In this understanding and spirit, White nation-alism, like all other nationalisms, is still, (or at least can be) a good concept at heart, because it is God-ordained (Acts, 17-26).

        America, for better or worse, was settled by Anglo-Protestant, northern European Celtic and Germanic folk … just like Mexico, and Latin America, was settled, and created by southern European, Spanish and Portuguese Catholics.

        Realistically, “White nationalism” as well as historic generic American nationalism, was/is essentially Anglo-Celtic nation-alism (cultural as well as racial/genetic), just like much of Mexican, or other forms of Latin American nationalism, is strongly based on a cultural, and in many instances, a racial connection to Spain … at the very least, a strong identification with Ibero-Catholic values and identity (if in spirit if not always in direct form or expression).

        Both examples of these kinds of nationalisms (or ANY nationalism) –both the Anglo-Protestant north American, and the Ibero-Catholic, south American — versions are fundamentally wholesome and righteous, if done and expressed in a Godly, humble way.

        In this way, and only in this way, can there be genuine respect and good-will between the men and women of the nations of God’s Creation; and not just between individuals, for we are all members of our nation-al, respective families of the world.

        Bendiciones para ti, Cristina.

        • Virtus,

          As I wrote to November who essentially told me the same thing. I very much appreciate your kind and wise letter and I agree with your comment completely.

          So, I agree that there is no reason to be against the whole website because of some deranged individuals. I would always have been pro white. I just do not necessarily equate all forms of white nationalism with what is best for whites.

          I do not know if I would have gone through with funding the enemies of WN. Last year when I was on here I almost did and then I stopped. So even without my father saying not to fund anyone I think I would have come to my senses.

          I fantastically appreciate your kind letter. You can rebuke me in such a wise and benevolent manner than me being wrong does not sting my pride at all. With kind guidance from such as yourself and November I cannot go wrong.

          As always my love to you.

        • T Morris and the rest of those trashng me – NONE of you commented on the REASON for the Mestiza’s meltdown – my commentary on the evils of gun control. You are pathetic traitors.

  10. Mr. Wallace,

    I am just fed up with the non stop insults you have allowed my religion and my people to suffer on here. You obviously prefer a demented psycho bitch called Denise to get away with anything. She is the face of White Nationalism. You people are going nowhere with such representation.

    I was the only Mexican I have ever known to support you people. But enough is enough. I am now a life long enemy of everything you stand for. You will find me very formidable as an enemy I can assure you.

      • Spahnranch1969,

        That was nice of you to write. However HW as you call him has known about the demented people on this website and has done nothing about it. He supports it or he would have gotten rid of such immoral liabilities.

        Everyone who is not insane recognizes the sick mentality of some on this site especially your psycho friend Denise.

        I will miss you though.

          • Spahnranch1969,

            It has been the non stop insults month after month. If you just look at the insults on this thread you would think that is not so bad but it is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

            It is partly Denise and partly others. Either way I have gone from being sympathetic to your people to now being an enemy. HW has not censured her or others in the slightest. So he agrees with them.

            How can I hurt your cause? My family is very well off. We can and will give money to your enemies. I have written an article in my school’s newsletter on how sick White Nationalist are. I have lots of friends and family. I have and will continue to condemn your cause to others. I have talked to my priest and hope to have him condemn White Nationalism from the altar.

            So, yes I will have an effect. As I have mentioned before I have been called a whore twice, a Shiksa, an animal, a roach, a transvestite twice, that I should sexually service a donkey, my race and religion has been constantly insulted—so that is just part of my complaints.

            My family is considering giving a large donation to USunidos. They used to be called La Raza until 2017 I think. So yes, I will have an effect.

            I like you. You are the funniest person on this website. I will here and there give responses to people like yourself on various threads and on rare occasions might even give an original comment but I will no longer be active here.

            In conclusion, I would never allow my worse enemies to be insulted in the same manner as I have been. White Nationalist lack decency and dignity. You are no better than your enemies. Your future looks dim to me.

          • Spahnranch1969,

            Clarification and update. My father has a dim view of Mexican-American organizations and will not fund them or any of your other enemies.

            Also, when I said I am the enemy of your people that means that I am the enemy of White Nationalists as represented by many on this website.

            I obviously am and will remain Pro-White since that is what I am.

    • I can’t speak for everyone else regarding their off the wall insults. I may have not cut you slack on several of your observations, but I have endeavored to keep it civil and within the bounds of plausible debate. And (assuming you’re not some kind of troll/implant) I consider your contributions here to be valuable. Sometimes life can be a rough-ass sandbox.

      • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

        Courtesy suggests I reply to your comment before leaving. Outside of the troll comment and your last sentence your response was decent.

  11. Well…’Bye. This blog will survive without you, or me, for that matter. What matters is the writing by HW, not the comments, although those help us stay interested and involved. This drama over a teenager leaving a website is ridiculous, imo.

  12. T. Morris,

    I could not find the Reply tab so I hope you see this. I very much appreciate your kind, sweet, and thoughtful letter.

    I have been ordered however to be way less active than before on this site. So I will here and there comment. But my presence will not be as before.

    I in theory am still subject to family corporal punishment like kneeling on rice if I misbehave so I understand parental discipline. With four daughters you should have an excellent grasp on what girls are like.

    Therefore you know that when treated nicely and with a firm hand we are happy and that philosophy is less important to us than relationships. So you like some others on here know how to handle us. If you ever think I am wrong on an issue let me know in your usual sweet way. That will not bother me in the slightest.

    Many white nationalists on here tread with a heavy hand. No girl will put up with that. Be sweet to us and we are puppies.

    Are some white nationalists inept with females?

  13. Mr. Wallace,

    You cannot by any stretch of the imagination try to claim that Denise gets along with people and is not continuously insulting to the point of being sickening. Do you remember the donkey sex reference?

    I have been more than polite on here. Free speech is supposed to be about the civil exchange of ideas not non stop hatred.

    I am not sure if you could find anyone on this site more polite than myself.

      • Hunter – If you do catch a toxic, cursing, vulger, and gratuitously insulting comment, from ANY commentator towards another, you should immediately DELETE IT

        You’re a Christian Hunter, and you have a great site, so let your values reflect that.

        • Virtus,

          Well said as always.

          spaceba.—Thank you in Russian. Sorry no cyrillic keyboard.


      • Mr. Wallace,

        I just really caught your comparison up above to kevin and me. Surely you can not compare me to Kevin. He does not even thinks whites exist. While I am pro white. He called you a racist fuck–. Have I ever insulted you?

        Please do not compare me to the worse on this site., Thank you.

        • Pozhaluysta, moya dorogaya.

          Spokoynoy nochi, dorogaya Cristina.

          (mantén tu amor por los idiomas, querida senorita:)

          • Virtus,

            As always you leave me speechless with your kindness. I am studying Russian. A hard language but I speak it better than Tarzan speaks English.

            For those for me or against me here is what I would do if I was the Queen of America. I have written this before.

            No illegal immigration
            Almost no legal immigration
            The UN building is gone
            All military troops with rare exceptions back in the USA
            Homosexual marriages forbidden
            Abortion forbidden
            Peace with Russia, Iran etc.
            More money for old people —-Social Security etc
            Less for military
            Death for murderers and rapists
            No interference in European affairs or elsewhere
            Hollywood controlled
            More infrastructure
            More money to health issues
            Way less foreign aid
            More money to the poor, veterans etc.
            No Negative Action (Affirmative action)
            People hire who they want-it is their business

            There might be more but that is a good start. Surely that is better than any President Americans are likely to ever have.

        • Spahnranch1969,

          I think the situation is winding down. It has probably been handled about as much as it is going to.

          • Cristina,

            I’m glad you made that list of all of your policy positions. Though you’ve written it several times, you also consider yourself White as do your Anglo school chums.

            But at this point, I would just let it go. Women as a gender are an one entire standard deviation above men on both neuroticism and agreeableness. Neuroticism Is defined as a heightened sensitivity to negative feedback, and agreeableness is obvious.

            For how many years have colleges been pumping out women BY THE THOUSANDS absolutely brain rotted by feminism. Women who unironically buy into male privilege, toxic masculinity, and patriarchy. Spouting their belief in equality while naming everything they don’t like after men. Killing their babies and Filling up the HR departments of every institution and corporation in the country. Women who are so neurotic, so sensitive to their own negative emotion which they project onto others, hunting through each word you say for secret sexism, misogyny, racism, or biggotry. Chasing out any men capable of disagreeing with them.

            Women are one standard deviation higher in trait neuroticism and trait agreeableness. Neuroticism is defined as sensitivity to negative emotion. Women literally feel more negative emotion at lower thresholds than men. Highly agreeable people do not like discord. They want everyone To get along. If people aren’t getting along they feel negative emotion. highly agreeable people only like being around other highly agreeable people. Women being on average higher in agreeableness and neuroticism create and enforce agreeableness group think social bubbles.

            Women self segregate themselves into feminine agreeableness bubbles. It’s no wonder things like women’s studies devolved into a positive feedback spiral of idiotic man hating ideology. What else could happen when you pack a class with overly agreeable females who aren’t willing to rock the boat. High agreeableness people only like being around other high agreeableness people.

            What has happened is that these institutions have been selecting for people with high agreeableness, and people with high agreeableness self select into the institutions. This creates agreeableness bubbles. this is group think. Women’s studies suffers from this bias more because women are one standard deviation higher in agreeableness than men. Women’s studies classes filled with women who aren’t willing to rock the boat, of course they’re going to spiral into a positive reinforcement loop into insanity and ideology. no one is willing to stand up and point out how dumb this shit is. HIGH AGREEABLENESS.

            Every major world religion has serious prescriptions on women’s behavior, why? Well, Women have different values drives ethics and psychology than men. What is happening is the fruits of women colonizing all the male created and male maintained hierarchies. They’re smashing the patriarchy. Women move into the institutions like wives move in with husband’s. They take over the whole house, put up their live laugh love wall ornament and religate the man to his man cave. Women have overtaken the institutions and are warping the telos of those institutions.

            This same pathological over selection for agreeableness that women create and enforce (unconsciously through their sensitivity to negative emotion) has spread to almost every institution in our society. These agreeableness bubbles are an OBVIOUS side effect of empowering women who are one standard deviation higher in agreeableness than men. Here is a quote from Dr. Ed Dutton on how women change the institutions they colonize due to women having different values and predispositions than men. How they warp the telos of the university. This is just one example of a phenomenon that is occurring society wide.

            For better or worse, going forward you now know the parameters of dialogue on OD.

    • Soon, there will be Asian and Jewish teenage female commenters on this blog, real or pretended, demanding us be polite about Asiatics and Jews. And there will be beta White cucks applauding and agreeing with them too.

  14. Cristina – I love all your policy recommendations (especially Dixie as the national anthem!)

    You really are a phenomenol young lady – tienes una misiĂłn y un llamado en la vida – a mission and calling in life.

    Bozh’i blagosloveniya tebe vsegda, dorogaya Crristina

    • Virtus,

      I once again thank you for such a statement. Your Russian statement was easy to translate—-God always bless you dear Cristina.

      And no I did not try to use an internet translation device.

      • I totally believe you!

        Crristina, I highly recommend an exceptionally interesting book for you to read by Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky, titled The Possessed. It really explains, and gives tremendous clarity, to how our world evolved the way it did .. most especially in Russia, particularly with the influence and impact that secret societies, such as the Masons, had on subverting and overthrowing the Christian Russian empire, and the tragic murders of Tsar Alexander II, and of course, Tsar Nicholas II.

        *If you haven’t already, I highly recommend seeing the 1971 movie Nicholas & Alexandra, a beautiful story about the last Tsar, and his family, and the struggles they endured, to the very end, on account of their Christian faith. (They have all been canonized as martyrs in the Russian Orthodox Church.)

        • Virtus,

          I will put the book The Possessed on my list to read. I always thought it was a shame that Great Britain would not give the Tsar and his family sanctuary, especially after so much Russian blood was spilled fighting for the Allies in WW1.

          I will watch the movie Nicholas and Alexandra. If only Russia would have stayed out of the war. But then the Serbs were their allies.

          • Between the British and RCC 20th Century popes, it’s a photo finish as to who are the bigger backstabbing SOBs, but I’d have to hand the trophy to the British for they are most responsible for this hellish timeline.

          • Indeed Crristina, you hit the nail on the head with how Britain betrayed Russia and the Tsar to Bolshevism — in spite of the fact that Nicholas was the first cousin of the British king, George V — andboth, ironically enough, were cousins of German Kaiser Wilhelm.

            The cousins were all deceived by the evil occult forces in the world, evil most exemplified by the international banking cartels that controlled the economic destinies of their realms.

            No better Bible verse is more fitting than from Ephesians 6:

            The Armor of God

            Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

            Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

            For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

            ~Ephesians 6:10-12

        • Virtus,

          Every member of the German armed forces during WWII and their allies who died defending the Christian West from the jewish scourges of communism, capitalism, and liberal democracy should be look on as martyrs.

          • November,

            I consider the 20th century Popes to be worse. They are sworn and Confirmed like myself to die for the Faith. Not only did they not die for the Faith but they betrayed it at a time when the eternal Enemy was reeling.

            The British? I have expected nothing of them for a long time. Therefore they are no surprise.

            I recently tested out in official exams online as having a high school proficiency in Russian Language. Meaning I could attend a Russian High School and be comfortable. Of course there are subtleties and some grammar I am still lacking.

            So now I know 3 languages and I still am not able to vote. While dummies in both Mexico and the USA can vote.

          • November (& addressing Crristina’s previous comment regarding the Tsar and Russia)

            Britain, ESPECIALLY thru the abominable King Edward VII, did everything it could to hamper, and ultimately destroy the newly reunited German empire of 1871, in all manner possible.

            The British were insanely jealous of des Deutschen Zweiten Reich, who in less than thirty years, by 1900, were rivaling, and exceeding, Britain by every human measure and metric.

            For this reason, Britain, and the revanchist French, whose (very false) pride was still stinging after their humiliating, catastrophic loss in the Franco-Prussian war (a war that THE FRENCH STARTED, who then cowardly tried to blame Prussia for), cooked up the whole, stupid alliance system (the Entente), a system so designed that is was GUARANTEED to start a war with Germany and/or Austria-Hungary.

            A great article explaining the macabre and occult-like machinations of perfidious Albion (Britain), and the tyrant Edward VII, against their cousins in Germany:

            King Edward VII of Great Britain: Evil Demiurge of the Triple Entente and World War I


          • Cristina,

            Dummies voting in Mexico and the USA are part of the illusion of having a say in governance. It’s all deception of course, but it keeps the sheep corralled in their pens.

            Congratulations on your efficacy in the Russian language. That’s not an easy language to learn.

            Honestly, my papal knowledge isn’t wide. I know of the horrible 20th century popes and the famous and infamous ones in history, but it’s been the ones in the last 100 years that the previous ones would have considered blasphemous.

          • Virtus,

            I don’t know how long that you’ve been read OD, but I wrote extensively about the British war guarantee given to Poland, before the Second World War in Europe commenced. It was the ONLY TIME in British history that the kingdom or empire EVER allowed another nation dictate when it would go to war.

          • Virtus and Christina,

            I’m not sure if my other post made it through moderation, but this is the 75 anniversary of the real Holocaust during WWII. Of course, I am referring to the three days of unrelenting high explosive and fire bombing of the Dresden which was known as “The Florence on the Elbe.”

            Beginning on the evening at about 9:30 local Dresden time, the first wave of RAF bombers began to drop their lethal payloads on the defenseless citizens of Dresden, who by then we’re just senior citizens, women, and children.

            The Americans came the next day with waves of B-17 bombers dropping incendiaries that caused tornadoes of hell fire that burned at 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. The horrendous fire storm suffocated many and incinerated most. Not even the zoo animals were spared being turned to ash.

            Nothing NS Germany done during the war even comes close to this monstrous crime against innocent people. It was done to terrorize and demoralize an already defeated country.

            I will never forgive nor forget what those WASP aircrews and leaders did to their helpless European cousins.

            Where was the war crimes tribunal for this act of barbarity? I forgot that when you or your country commits heinous acts in advancing international jewry’s agenda that there is no penalty to pay. America learned that lesson well.

          • November,

            Yes. The firebombing of Dresden was mass murder by any sane standard. When I hear the term ” The greatest Generation” or that Americans are an “exceptional people” or “God Bless America” I feel like it is blasphemy.

            Popes throughout history would have considered the popes of the last century varied from dismal to being anti-Popes.

            I feel the language testing is somewhat generous. I consider that I have a working knowledge of Russian but the results of several tests saying I could attend a Russian high school seem excessive.

            For instance, most 10th grade students could compile my current response in their native language but I could not write this comment in Russian and sound anywhere near an accomplished student.

          • November,

            I should have also mentioned that one of the reasons my family found this white nationalist website so interesting is that my family and friends are against modern USA.

            Since the modern America is so evil and the WN’s are also against it there was some common ground. Of course I see now that I have little common ground with most WN’s outside of that.

            This particular thread has 130 comments. I will probably find a more recent thread when I write to Virtus and yourself. This thread will be on the 3rd page soon.

            I am forbidden to be active here for now but am allowed to write to internet friends in response. I also can have an original comment on an exceptionally important topic. I say this because those are the conditions my father has imposed on me.

        • Virtus,

          I am reading that link on King Edward VII down below. Very fascinating. I may have to read it several times to soak it in. Thank you for the information.

          • Cristina,

            I read it last night. I didn’t like the anti-NS parts of course, and there wasn’t enough highlighting the kosher Gordian knot between the British elite and jewish bankers.

          • Crristina,

            Yes, it’s a pretty complex article, and, as November said, it doesn’t address the kosher Gordian knot between the Anglo-zionists all that well, but definitely does a good job at least highlighting the occult, and Freemasonic roots of much of the British establishment and empire.

            November – I utterly and completely agree with you that the aerial bombing of Germany was a most evil, despicable act, a heinous war crime committed against millions of innocent Germans, and their irreplaceable cultural and architectural heritage, by the Anglo-American air pirates – not pilots – of that horrible war.

            I recommend the movie Hellstorm to you both, if you haven’t already seen it, about the subject.

          • The greatest Generation” or that Americans are an “exceptional people” or “God Bless America” I feel like it is blasphemy. ~Cristina


            Crristina dear, it is indeed blasphemy.

            It is certainly not based on biblical Christianity -this vile narcissisism masquerading as patriotism – it is a religion unto itself … the Religion of Americanism, and its most sacred sacrament, it’s Gospel of American €x¢eptionali$m.

            I found this outstanding article by Traditionalist Catholic scholar Dr. John Rao, addressing the very same points and criticisms of “Americanism” that most any right-winger on this site, Catholic, Protestant, or “pagan” alike, would highly agree with:

            Americanism and the Collapse of the Church in the United States


        • Virtus,

          I was given excerpts from Hellstorm. I could not handle it. The massive rapes and brutality especially against females made me physically sick. Not just by the Soviets but also by the Americans, French, and British.

          It was the only time I have cried reading/watching history. Communists are savages but I guess so were the other Allies.

          I am not as fond of Putin as most on here. He is ex-KGB. He protects the memory of the Red Army. He is against homosexuality. Okay. That is good. But so what? So are Moslems and others.

          Modern Russia is less evil than the West but still nothing to write home about. The current West is so twisted that any half way sane society is better than the West.

          So, I am a mild/moderate supporter of current Russia not a strong supporter.

          • Crristina,

            I highly agree with you on modern-day Russia, and Putin — as always, a very nuanced and thoughtful perspective. Bravo!

            Poor Russia, a wonderful people, with a phenomenal culture and storied history, whom, like Germany, has come closest to seeing Golgotha, and not merely in the just in the twentieth century, but all of recorded history.

            The saddest part of what happened in Germany and Russia in the XXth century – especially the devastating tragedy of cousins Willy & Nicky having their respective empires at war with each other – goes back to the fact that in the XIX century Russia, Prussia, and Austria-Hungary were all allies with each other.

            After the defeat of the tyrant Napoleon, and with it, the wonderful defeat of revolutionary, freemasonic France by Prussia and Russia, the Christian monarchs created a coalition in 1815 to prevent revolutionary influences in Europe and serve as a bastion against de-mock-racy (plutocracy), revolution, and secularism (and by extension, Freemasonry).

            202 years ago: Russia, Austria, and Prussia created the Holy Alliance


          • As per my previous comment to you, because of the Holy Alliance in the 19th century against liberalism, secularism, and Masonry – Britain and France, the two major Masonic, occult powers of Europe – did everything they could to destroy the alliance, and any other form of Russian-German collaboration and common interests by attempting to peel Russia away from their historic and vital friendship with Prussia & the German states.

            They really hit paydirt in the late 19th century with Tsar Alexander III, the emperor of the most Christian monarchy and realm in the world, being wooed by republican, liberal, and secular France, being deceived into a stupid and extremely short-sighted alliance with the very occult nation that his grandfather Tsar Alexander I had soundly beaten with Prussia in 1815.

            Even Anglo-American historian, scholar, and State Department diplomatic official George F. Kennan, someone hardly sympathetic to monarchy, and Christian Tsarist Russia, thought the alliance was foolish, and, ultimately, paved the way for the utter destructiveness of the 20th century (and of the destruction of Western Civilization, and by extension, of all Christendom).

            How an ill-considered pact brought war, dictatorship, and the bomb; The Fateful Alliance: France, Russia, and the Coming of the First World War – Christian Science Monitor


            *The Tsars (and all good people) would have profited greatly by remembering Ephesians 6:10-18

        • Virtus,

          I thank you for the historical information on how and why Russia would form an alliance with Republican France instead of being allied with Prussia and Austria.

          The 2 Germanic powers based on their politics and governments would have been their natural allies and would have either prevented WWI or guaranteed a Russian/Germanic victory.

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